Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.

I’m at my gynecologist’s office for my regular pelvic exam. This is my first visit with this doctor – she was recommended to me by my regular doctor last month when he announced that he was leaving his practice.

The nurse ushers me into the examination room, takes my temperature, blood pressure, all the usual stuff. Then she tells me to undress and put on the typical backless hospital gown. When she’s done, she turns to leave, saying that the doctor will be right in. I do as I’m told, looking around the office at the miscellaneous magazines and posters. I notice a peculiar odor in the room, but it’s faint, and I can’t place it.

After awhile, the doctor enters, followed by the nurse, and smiles warmly. She’s a young woman of about 35, with bobbed brunette hair and large, full breasts that thrust out aggressively against her low-cut pink top, not concealed very much by her unbuttoned white lab coat.

“Good morning, Kimiko,” she says. “I’m Doctor Dinsmore. Now, if you’ll get up on the bed and put your feet in the stirrups, we’ll have a look.”

I climb up on the bed and raise my legs, parting them and bending my knees, resting my feet in the stirrups. I’ve never been very embarrassed about doing this, even with male gynecologists. I guess I’ve got a little bit of an exhibitionist streak.

She’s about to begin her examination when the receptionist pokes her head in and tells the doctor that she has an important phone call. The doctor apologizes and tells me she’ll be right back. She leaves, again followed by the nurse. They close the door behind them.

I lie there for a few minutes, suddenly beginning to feel a little bit self-conscious. I begin to wonder if something is wrong here. Just as this thought crosses my mind, two thick, green tentacles suddenly slither from beneath the bed and twine themselves several times around my ankles, holding my feet in the stirrups! I scream in fright and struggle against them, but they are powerful and I can’t escape them. Seconds later, two more tentacles rise from beneath the bed, hover in the air as if searching for something, and then grab at me! I wave my arms in a vain effort to fight them off, but soon one of them wraps itself around my wrist and yanks it violently down to my side. I try to grab the tentacle with my other hand to free myself, but it’s too strong. Soon the other tentacle finds my wrist and slithers around it, too, and pulls my hand violently away. I’m still screaming in fear and panic as I’m held tightly by this other-worldly creature. I can only hope that the nurse or the doctor will return and do something to help me.

Finally, after struggling for several minutes, I fall back, exhausted and gasping for breath. And then, raising my head and looking between my legs, I see it. It appears to be the head of a giant mollusk, like a huge squid, but of a species unknown on Earth. The head is spade-like, coming to a point, with two eyes on long stalks, both staring at me, unblinking. I scream again, fearing for my life.

A fifth tentacle, similar to the others, has risen from beneath the creature, slithering up between my legs. I’m shaking with fear as the tip of it reaches the top of the gown. It curls around the top of the gown, and then suddenly, violently, lurches backward. The cloth rips and is torn away from my naked body as I scream again, to no avail. I am helpless and utterly at the mercy of this horrible entity.

Another appendage, a different one, emerges between my spread legs, as the first four continue to hold me in an iron grip. It’s almost like a large, eyeless snake as it moves upward, a forked tongue slithering out periodically. After a moment, it slides up my body, leaving a trail of greenish slime as it moves up my body. I’m sobbing and trembling as the reptilian appendage explores my body. The creature continues to stare at me with those malevolent, unblinking, baleful eyes. I feel the snake-like appendage against my skin now as it slithers, wet and slimy, up over my stomach and between my breasts. Sensing the rise of my left breast, it slowly encircles it, tightening in a coil around it, squeezing it tightly, causing my nipple to distend. The snake-head rises above my breast, like a cobra about to strike, and I see it’s jaws slowly open, revealing two needle-like fangs. With a sudden powerful movement, it strikes, driving the twin fangs directly into my nipple. I scream in pain and fear as the fangs sink into my tender flesh, my muscles tensing convulsively. The pain is intense for a moment, and I sense that some kind of venom is being pumped into my blood stream. After a moment, the snake-head releases my nipple and slithers back downward the way it came.

The venom, whatever it is, quickly begins to take effect. I feel my muscles relax, so much so that I begin to wonder if I could even move, even if the encircling tentacles were to release their grip on me. I go limp, all resistance gone. And then I feel something else: a sudden warm flush enveloping my body, and a kind of euphoric lassitude. My skin is tingling, as if every nerve ending in my body is on edge, sending frantic, urgent messages to my brain. My nipples have become erect, and I suddenly feel wet between my legs. Very wet. I realize suddenly, unbelievably, that I’m becoming aroused. I feel an insistent throbbing in my clitoris, and an empty feeling in my vagina that yearns to be filled, begs to be filled. My mind swirls, trying to understand what’s happening to me. The monster’s venom must be having a powerful aphrodisiac effect on my body. I struggle weakly against the tentacles, but now, instead of wanting to free myself, I find myself wanting, more than anything else in the world, to be fucked.

And then another sensation makes itself known, something in my brain. It’s as if the creature is trying to make contact with me telepathically. I feel its tendrils of thought as they seem to thrust into my brain, twining around and through my neural pathways.

A new appendage now appears from beneath the creature, not a tentacle at all, and bearing no resemblance to the snake-like one that injected me with venom. This one is thick, as thick as my arm, with a flared, bulbous head and an opening at the tip. It is like a penis, I think to myself, a very large penis, throbbing and swelling as it searches the air, sensing. It is dripping hideously with the same greenish slime that the snake-like tentacle left on my body, and thick white fluid oozes from the opening at the tip. Suddenly, it turns toward me, and slowly approaches the cleft of my nakedly exposed pussy, seeming to hesitate. Then it moves closer, slowly easing between the parted, wet folds, and slowly forces it’s way inside my vagina. It’s huge, and it stretches me beyond anything I’ve ever known, swelling further once it’s deep inside me. I am powerless to resist its invasion, and I realize suddenly that it feels good inside me, throbbing and pulsating. Then it begins to move slowly inside me, and I know my wish has been granted by this malevolent alien monster: incredibly, inexplicably, it is fucking me. I can feel its thoughts, somehow, and I know it is experiencing pleasure, just as I am. My fear has vanished, replaced by a desperate need. This monster does not seek to kill me, it only wants to fuck me. And I want it to.

After a few moments, during which the penis-like appendage thrusts in and out of my obscenely penetrated vagina, a second appendage appears, then a third, both of them slowly and blindly exploring, slithering along my bare skin. They both drool gooey white slime from their tips. One of them slides down and insinuates itself between the cheeks of my ass, and soon I feel its slippery head pressing wetly against my anus. Slowly, it forces it’s way inside me, stretching the tight ring of muscle inexorably until it gives way and allows the obscene penetration of my asshole. The pain is intense as it stretches me beyond anything I’ve ever endured in my life. And yet, I realize, this is what my body is craving. Soon it is embedded deep inside my rectum. The twin appendages begin to slowly thrust simultaneously in and out of my pussy and my asshole. My screams have ebbed, and I begin to moan as my arousal soars. God forgive me, it feels so GOOD!

Soon, the third appendage slithers up my body. I know, somehow, that it is seeking my mouth. It’s the only remaining hole in my body that isn’t stuffed completely full. The thought of it in my mouth is repulsive, and I know I’m going to vomit if I’m forced to taste the oozing white slime. Before long, the penis-like appendage thrusts itself into my mouth, and I find, to my surprise, that the taste is not as foul as I anticipated. I find myself sucking eagerly on the thick phallus in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, tasting the oozing fluid as the other two continue to slowly fuck me.

By now, other, lesser tentacles have appeared from out of nowhere, and are slithering over my body. One of them seeks out my clit and fastens itself to it like a suction cup. Two more have captured my nipples. It feels as if tongues have emerged beneath the suction cups and are lapping at my sensitive flesh, causing my arousal to surge ever higher. I feel as if my body may explode from the stimulation it’s receiving.

Relentlessly, the monster fucks in and out of my holes, and I feel my arousal cresting, completely out of control. My first orgasm suddenly slams through me, causing my body to convulse violently upward. Were it not for the appendage stuck in my throat, I would scream – scream and beg to be fucked harder, faster.

The monster seems to read my thoughts, my needs. It glows vividly, like an octopus, an almost iridescent red and purple, and I wonder if it the creature feeds off of my burgeoning sexual arousal. The tentacles holding my wrists and ankles suddenly lift me from the hospital bed, and I’m suspended in the air by their powerful grip. The obscene phallic appendages swell inside me, stretching me until I begin to fear that they’ll tear me apart. But they are slippery and they piston in and out of me with surprising ease. The alien fucks me like a rag doll, skewering into me in midair.

My first orgasm is followed by second, even more powerful climax. And then a third, and a fourth, and soon it’s as if they are flowing continuously into one another, my body wrenched again and again, coming and coming and coming and COMING and COMING!!!! I can’t stop the intense waves of pleasure as they smash through me, and I don’t want to stop it, not ever! My mind is screaming “FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!!” and I feel the answering throb of the creature’s other-wordly thoughts. It’s as if its thoughts are tendrils wrapping around my brain, penetrating it, massaging it, FUCKING it with its alien mind.

The monster’s cock-like appendages thrust harder, pulsating and fucking me relentlessly, it’s tentacles sucking and licking at my nipples and my clit, until my body is nearing exhaustion from my endless, continuous orgasms. I lose track of time, lose track of everything, conscious of nothing except the ecstatic convulsions of my body. I don’t know how long the implacable, obscene fucking goes on. Maybe for hours. I don’t care anymore, I want it to continue until I die.

Finally, the penile appendages give a final heave, burying themselves deep in my violated pussy, my ass, my throat, swelling and throbbing ominously. And then, I feel an eruption of fluid from all three, as they pump me full of a thick, gooey fluid, like water from a hydrant surging through a firehose. It pulses into me in hot, thick spurts, flooding my pussy and ass to overflowing. It fills my throat, and I swallow again and again to keep from drowning, even as my body continues to steadily convulse from my own ongoing, never-ending climax.

Whatever it is that the inhuman monster has spurted into my body, it has flooded me to the point that it is pouring out of me and bathing my body with it. I feel as if I’m lying in a big puddle of it, collecting under my ass, as the hot pulses continue. I’m still swallowing frantically as the thick, syrupy fluid fills my belly. I sense the being’s thoughts, sense its pleasure, its orgasmic fulfillment. Its brain waves continue to massage my pleasure centers, and my body erupts for a final time in a shattering orgasm. At last, the spurts begin to ebb. The tentacles bring me gently down to the bed and unwind from my wrists and ankles, releasing me, and the three appendages and slowly slip out of me, still spurting and drooling ropy strands of the thick white stuff all over my face and body. I tremble with exhaustion, gasping for breath, unable to move as I lie in a warm pool of glistening white fluid. As I feel myself begin to pass out from exhaustion, I find myself thinking that it tastes and feels just like come.


When I awaken, I find myself lying in a hospital bed, confined by leather straps. My mind quickly recalls the savage triple fucking I have received by the alien entity in the examination room.

As I look around, I see that there are at least a dozen other beds in the room similar to mine, arranged as in a dormitory. There are young women in each of them, ranging in age from about 15 to 30, all asleep or drugged. I wonder if they have all been fucked by the alien being. I call to them but they don’t awaken.

A few moments later the doctor appears, still in her little pink top and white lab coat. She checks her clipboard, smiles, and reaches for my wrist, checking my pulse.

“Good afternoon, Kimiko. Are you feeling all right?”

I shake my head violently. “Let me out of here! What have you DONE to me??”

The doctor laughs. “I’m sorry, my dear, but there’s really nothing you can do. You must stay with us. You may as well accept things as they are.”

I glare at her angrily, but she remains cheerful. “Who are you?” I demand. “What is that THING in there?”

She continues to smile impassively. “Perhaps I should explain. Kimiko, you and these other girls are part of an experiment. I’m sorry you weren’t given the choice of participating voluntarily, but that really couldn’t be helped.”

“Voluntarily?!!” I shout. “You think I’d volunteer for what just happened to me??”

“No, I suppose not. As I said, it couldn’t be helped.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

The Doctor continued mildly. “I’m getting to that. You will be kept here, Kimiko, and from time to time, we will arrange for you to have sexual intercourse with The Entity, whom you…uhhhh… became acquainted with earlier. It is an alien life form, stranded here a month ago when its spacecraft developed a malfunction. As luck would have it, I was the first life form on Earth it came into contact with. The Entity will not harm you. In fact, as you’ve already experienced, it’s probable that you will enjoy the process immensely. This will continue until we are sure that you have been impregnated. And when you are, we will monitor you until you give birth. If we are successful, your offspring, and those of these other girls, will form the nucleus of an entirely new species, which will quickly take control of and dominate the Earth.”

I stare at her in disbelief, my eyes wide. This is insane! “You can’t…!!”

“Oh, I assure you, Kimiko, it’s quite true. But you needn’t worry. You will not be harmed. My impression, in fact, is that The Entity has already taken quite a liking to you, to the extent that it’s capable of such emotions. You’re body is really extraordinarily responsive. The Entity receives strength from sexual arousal, and it would seem that you have more than your share of that. You may find yourself very much in demand.”

I find myself wondering if the doctor has also been fucked by the monster, and how many times. Is she under its mind control? Is that why she is doing its bidding?

“Why are you doing this?” I ask.

“Well, I could say it’s for science,” said the doctor. “But of course, that would only be part of the answer. There are many other reasons. My…arrangement…with The Entity is, shall we say, mutually beneficial. It receives what it needs, the ability to procreate. And, as you may have observed, it has a virtually inexhaustible sexual appetite of its own. And we, of course, receive an extreme form of sexual gratification. Oh yes, I’ve personally been fucked many times by the entity, as has the nurse and the receptionist. You might say we’ve become quite addicted to it. I’m sure you will as well. And when the time comes, you and I will become the mothers of the master race, with all of the benefits that entails.

I shake my head in confusion. “I don’t understand…”

She becomes more earnest now, more intense, her voice rising as she gazes into my eyes. “Kimiko, we’re like queen bees, you and I. The creature and its offspring will serve us, nurture us, attend to ALL of our needs. That includes our sexual needs. The entire human race will be at our service too. The Entity can exert control over human minds. It chooses not to do so when mating, because it feeds off our natural responses. Did you feel The Entity reaching your mind telepathically? Was it as if it were fucking your brain as it fucked your body? That intense sensation, that unbridled ecstasy can be yours forever.”

“You’re insane!” I cry. “I won’t do it.”

“I think you will,” says Doctor Dinsmore, quietly. “Power like I just described is a wonderfully powerful aphrodisiac, just like the venom The Entity secretes. You will find it intoxicating, just as I do, just as you did earlier. I will let your body persuade you. Rest for now. You are scheduled for another session with The Entity in a few days.” She extracts a hypo from her lab coat, and sticks the needle in my arm. Immediately I begin to drift off, as she turns and departs. My last thoughts, as I drift off into sleep, are of the powerful thrusts of alien appendages as they fuck into my body, of the hot, thick pulses of alien come inside me.

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