Revenge is pain

Revenge is pain

About 4 months previously my wife jenni had cheated with a friend of mine Markus, obviously not being happy about this and the fact HE told me and not her i decided we needed time away if we were ever going to reconcile.

I have quite a substantial bank account and so own a few foreign properties we decided to go to our home on the spanish coast (the costa lotta ;).
Its a really nice place with its own cove type beach/suntrap with worn steps leading down from the villa. Its was my wifes favourite.

We'd been there for quite a while trying to rediscover each other and i was starting to enjoy it as jenni was doing things she never used to, we had plenty of toys and some GHB, she even started swallowing. But in the back of my mind always was her betrayal.

It was sunday morning and jenni said she was going down to the beach to sunbathe before it got to hot too, I put some lotion on her back and off she went.
As she did i couldn't help but look at her tight arse in that black bikini, now bear in mind my wife is 22 5'11" long tanned legs a fresh peach for an arse a slim waist accompanied by BIG natural breasts she looks kind of like cam diaz with long dark hair but her lips were made by god himself to suck cock and she loved doing it, her walk was an exactly the same as her attitude DOMINANT.
As she walked down the steps i sat on the rocks to perv over her for a while.
About half an hour later i decided to go in for a beer, when i came back out i saw a smallish powerboat coming to shore. Jenni must have fallen asleep because she didn't hear it. As it came closer to shore i could see two spanish guys and 7 black men, i reasoned they were illegal immigrants coming over from africa for a better life, not an unusual thing for the south coast of spain but its the first time i've seen it for myself.
I called down to jenni and pointed out to them and she put her bikini top on and walked over to them as they hit the beach, one of the spaniards jumped out put a small pistol to her head and shouted up to me not to move (i was so close to just leaving her there).
I reasoned they just didn't want to get caught, 5 of the africans ran up the steps past me and they were gone.
The remaining 4 walked jenni up the steps and grabbed me taking us both into the kitchen, the tall spaniard with the gun looked at me looked at his friend and said something in spanish, his mate went back to the boat and came back with a length of rope and proceeded to tie my hands behind me.
He then said something i'd secretly hoped he would, "where's your bedroom"?. Jenni's face turn pale white in great contrast to her tan, she started to scream and fight only to be easily subdued by the two black men. I stayed silent and was pistol whipped, then told them where our room was.
The africans each with an arm dragged her up the wide staircase with her letting fearful wails roar from her lips, and she kicked like a cheerleader on speed. As i was pushed up the stairs behind her i caught her eye, i shook my head and lowered my eyes from hers.
We entered the bedroom and they immediately saw our sex swing attached to the ceiling and our toys strewn across the bed, the walls painted deep maroon with all black furniture(our little fuck dungeon), it suddenly seemed darker and deeply intimidating with the curtains drawn and only one bedside lamp left on. The two black men literally threw jenni onto the bed kicking and screaming, she picked up a big dildo as if to use it as some kind of defence. The spaniards then proceeded put me in the next room and tie me up when out of nowhere i plucked up the courage and asked if i could watch, they looked at me and smiled then said "why"? i then told them what she had done and i wanted my revenge.
The tall guy smiled and shook my hand and i walked back into the bedroom as ONE of them.
The moment jenni saw my face she knew, she knew justice was about to be served and it was gonna hurt.
There we stood all five of us looking down on her like ravenous lions eyeing their prey, i whispered an idea to the tall spaniard, he smiled and nodded so i went downstairs and brought a crate of beers back up, when i came back in the two blacks had her bikini off and her pinned on the bed face down while they fingered her holes, jenni's long tanned legs spread wide KY jelly lubricating her holes, big black fingers slipping in and out of her, her muffled screams into the pillow, damn if i didn't have a hardon there and then.
I opened a beer and put some GHB into it without jenni seeing, handed it to my new friend and they turned her over and he poured it down her throat. I'd only put enough ghb in to make her horny and willing, we groped and stuffed dildoes in her and started drinking the beers waiting for the drug to take effect.
After a few beers and some laughs jenni had stopped f-ing and blinding and something was starting to stir, as those thick black fingers slipped in and out of her she started to relax and breath deeply, deep breaths in through the nose and out through her mouth. As a finger slipped into her arse she gave a hardly audible whimper, she flipped out when i tried it(even with ghb), it was working better than i thought.
Out came the video camera, i put it on its tripod with a side view of the bed.
By this time there were two big hard cocks in the room, i say two because the two spaniards and one of the black guys were average at best, but the other black guy was 10" and thick with it and not too blow my own but mine is 9 and half but not as thick.
Jenni's holes were warmed up and so was she.
The gun man ordered the "big" black guy to fuck her pussy, so with her pinned face down he straddles her' legs closed, puts his big black hands on her soft arse cheeks and spreads them to reveal her holes, then they noticed her bleached arsehole(vanity), the perfect accompaniment to those cheeks.
He placed his cock on her anus, and she gasps expectantly, but then the gunman shouted "thats mine", fuck her pussy boy.
He then went on to slip his cock between jenni's holes giving himself a bum wank, and enjoying it immensely, as was she, his girth stopped at her cunt, he slid his fingers in along side his cock for an inch and it was like a revelation for her, a thick cock in her state of mind made her arch her back raising her peaches for more.
You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it, that fat shaft didn't move at all, she pushed herself onto it as much as she could with a couple of inches left which he obligingly stuffed into her as she giggled, i'd at least expected a moan if not a scream.
With that thick nob in her she looked wonderful, then not unexpectedly she moved herself back and forth on it, without making a sound she swung from side to side back and forth eyes closed,
The gunman said to the penetrator get off her "NOW", I want that arsehole.
He removed his cock much to jenni's disappointment, and the gunman handed his gun to his spanish friend but as he did i leaped between them grabbing the gun, rolling military style standing up and pointing it at them (in my dreams, more of a grab/fumble in reality) but i had the gun. Now it's my game i said, they looked at me expecting to die but i had my own plans.
Jenni didn't care, her arse was still proudly up and waiting. I walked over to the drawer and got the cuffs, then locked up the three midget dicks in the wardrobe, i looked at the hung black guy(here on known as BOB) and said "lie down" (turns out he's from ghana and spoke good english), jenni without hesitation mounted him and stuffed his thick cock into her with only a sigh of satisfaction to be heard.
She proceeded to build into a ferocious fuck on his cock, moaning loudly as she ground her clit against him.
I wasn't going to let her cum, there's no punishment in that so i signalled to bob to stop and grab her arms, she still tried to fuck him but i pushed her down onto him. Then i positioned myself behind her, she'd never let me fuck her arse before so i was going to split her in two, i pulled his cock out of her and stuck my fingers into the forbidden land followed by the head of my cock, she didn't make a sound. Not happy about this i rammed it in up to the hilt smacking my balls against her pussy inducing a scream of pain, fuck her i thought and carried on pulling it out to the head and ramming it back in as hard as i could listening to her NOISE.
I did this for about five minutes not even close to climax, and then thought, i pulled her down the bed and she started sucking bob's nob like she'd produce gold, when he was solid again i pushed her forward onto his fat one(much to her enjoyment) and she rode away, then without warning i pushed her flat to his chest and stuffed my cock up her arse, ghb or not she didn't like that and tried to get up, bob held her and i pushed her down(she had no chance) both of us pumping and pounding in time one in one out one in one out, i don't think she'd ever imagined herself so battered even in her wildest fantasies.
Her arse was so tight and even after a pounding it seemed as tight as ever, it was gripping my cock on every out stroke no matter how hard i rammed it back in it pulled me harder.
I then pulled out and left her fucking the shit out of bob.
This wasn't going to plan, i had to think. Should i stuff a bottle up her? whip her? beat the shit out of her? It all seemed so tame for revenge. I think the ghb was a mistake, then i suddenly had a moment of genius. A black african man i thought, i walk over to them and stopped bob as he reemed her arse, i got a pair of cuffs and cuffed her face up to the head board, i approached her, her face with a wry smile. I whispered i her left ear "have you ever been fucked to death" she turned to look me in the eye, i backed of and shouted "BOB HAS AIDS". She absolutely flipped, like a banshee screaming in the throws of death, tears streaming down her face.
Now this felt like revenge, i walked to the wardrobe and put the key through the door, a minute later i said "do you want to fuck her or not?", with this the door flung open and in an instant jenni had cocks in her on her up her and down her. I knew the mental aswell as physical pain she was in and forced myself to let it continue so she could feel the pain i had for so long.
Occasionally i would catch her eye before she had another cock rammed down her throat. These guys were animals, her body red raw from being slapped and clawed, the further they went without being stopped the worse it got.
Until she flopped down out cold, no more could she take but they carried on, i had seen enough.
They four of them ended up locked in my cellar. I carried jenni to the bathroom where i laid her down in the shower and covered her with cold water till she awoke, she looked at me scared, i held her hand and said " it's all over now babe".
After i had cleaned her up i put her in one of the spare beds to sleep.
While she slept i took four mens down to their boat.
The next day jenni and i spoke for hours, i explained i had lied about the aids jibe and why i had done what i had. We fought and fought but in the end we decided we were now even. She wanted to know where they had gone but i just said they're free.
A week later jenn handed me the newspaper opened to page 11 with the headline Bodies Bullets and Boats, the paper had a lot to say but nothing i didn't already know.
I gave jenni a kiss on the cheek and she just smiled.

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