The New Girl & The Arts of Love Pt.2

The New Girl & The Arts of Love Pt.2


Leaving Willow panting and sweaty, Henry moved off her. He got out of the bed and, seemingly not at all exhausted by the intensive sexual act, got back to his armchair. He watched her closely, his eyes obscured by the shadows in the room. She looked at him and she knew that her lessons were not over for the night. He motioned for her to come to his side, which she did quickly. She came to him and sat by his side, on the carpeted floor by his armchair. He put his hand on her head and stroked her hair. Again he motioned her towards him until she sat on her knees between his legs. He whispered to her;
-Give me oral sex. Take it in your mouth like the vixen you are.
Again, this was unexplored territory for Willow. She hardly knew where to begin. His penis looked soft and harmless right now, but when it was erect she wasn’t sure if she could take it in her mouth, not like an experienced girl could at least. She had heard from her classmates; whispered gossip and shocked giggles drifting from shower rooms, dining halls and dressing rooms, of how they had engaged in fellatio with their boyfriends and other males. Of how it tasted before and after he came, how enlarged it became in their mouths, how deep they took it and whether they swallowed the load, spat it out or had it blasted onto their faces. Willow made a quick decision. The best way to learn was by experience, so she went to work. Without further coaxing she put her lips around his again stiffening limb and began to suck him. As she went along the motions came almost natural to her, as she teased him with tongue and teeth and pleased with lips and fingers. He tasted of male, sweat and pheromones. She felt Henry’s hand at the back of her head, pushing her to take it deeper into her throat, and while she sucked him hard and long she would eye him closely for signs of pleasure and appreciation. He met her hungry eyes and with a pleased grin he ensured his wholesale appreciation of her efforts. She continued her ministrations until Henry groaned and Willow could sense a noticeable tightening of his scrotum. With a roar Henry released his hot flood of seeds into Willow’s anticipating mouth. Willow was surprised to receive such a torrent of cum as he nearly filled her mouth with sperm. It tasted hot and sweet, and was so slick yet coherent that she could almost shape all of it into a ball on her tongue. He let go of her head and leaned back in the armchair. Again he seemed to regain his composure unnaturally quick as he without even a heavy breath asked her if she had swallowed or not. Willow could not answer directly as her mouth was still full of warm semen, and a trickle was finding its way down the corner of her lips as she shook her head slightly. Henry watched her with anticipation for a moment until Willow understood his meaning. With a gulp she let his cum slide down her throat, finally settling itself in her stomach. She smiled warmly at her new lover. With a smile and a nod he noted her success at yet another stage of his tutelage.
He leaned towards her and again he whispered;
– Now I will teach you of the other end of the perspective. Go and lie down on the bed and spread your thighs.


Willow hurried to abide. She laid down on her back and spread her milky white legs as far apart as she could. Henry came upon her and started licking his way down from her throat, brushing over her pink nipples and her belly button and trough her shaven pubic hair. Willow giggled as she trembled from his delicate touch, and when he got to her pussy she was almost shaking with excitement. For a moment he toyed with her, flicking his tongue round the external parts of her labia, caressing the delicate, smooth shaved skin of her pussy. Then, as fast as a cobra, he flicked his tongue into her pink slash. Willow’s body reacted to the intimate sensation faster than her mind could. She let out a low moan of lust and pleasure without even meaning to. Henry only allowed her a second to actually register his actions before he began his relentless pleasing of her teen pussy. He flipped his tongue in and out, over and under her hot hole and he licked and sucked on her clitoris, varying it with long soft strokes with his tongue.
Now Willow finally let herself go entirely and surrendered to the burning passion. She took his slender hand and placed on her left breast and urged him to massage it. As he licked her he rubbed her breast, pinched her nipple and traced fine circular patterns on the milky white flesh of her breast with his fingernails. This contributed to the constant upbuild Willow was again sensing behind her belly button. It continued until Willow again could not hold the flood of orgasm back. Again she howled in passion as she dug her fingernails deep into the silken covers.
When she collapsed into a panting heap on the bed, Henry was finishing her off by licking up all of her female juices from her pussy and thighs. Henry got up and sat down into his armchair again. He quietly observed her as she regained her breath. He witnessed all her rosy mortal glory, from her slightly curly deep red hair to the flexing muscles of her feet. She was indeed a beauty, one that deserved to be preserved indefinitely trough immortality. But it was not time for that yet. First more lessons worth to learn while she was still breathing. By now her breathing had calmed, and even more, she was lying on her stomach on the bed with her young face resting on the backs of her hands, watching him in return with open and hungry eyes. Henry smiled half to himself and half to her. The flame of passion in her eyes was unmistakeable. She had fully accepted her tutelage, and was urging him to teach her more.
He got over to the bed and sat next to her. He could smell her, a crude but delightful musk of sweat, pheromones and female secretes. He rested his eyes on her firm buttocks, which bore a slightly rosy hue of her hot blood coursing through her young body. It was as if she felt his lingering gaze, or maybe she saw his eyes wander trough the dusk of the room, but she asked him gently;
– What’s the next lesson you will teach me, Lover?
– Can you not guess? Which part of the sexual basics have we not covered?
Willow raised up her head, again anticipation was mixing with doubt in her mind. She looked at him with wide open eyes.
– Do you mean anal sex? But I…
Henry looked deeply into her green eyes.
– Yes I do. Do not worry; I will see to it that it will be as enjoyable as the rest. Do not look at this as something degrading and uncomfortable. I will prove to you that it is not so if you let me.
Willow was unsure, but again her primal urge gained the upper hand.
– I trust you, Lover. I accept your teachings without remorse. Penetrate me rectally and teach me to love it.
She smiled at him. Henry smiled back and Willow saw what seemed like a menacingly animalistic, unnatural gleam in his eyes. A cold shiver went down Willow’s spine.


Henry went over to the nightstand and retrieved a tube of lubricate. With the tube in hand, Henry began to manoeuvre them both into position. He stood on his knees on the bed behind Willow and urged her to raise herself onto all fours. She obeyed and Henry shifted her slightly and spread her cheeks so that he could clearly see her pink sphincter. He opened the tube and squirted a generous portion of lube onto her anus. Willow flinched from the cold sensation in her behind. With his hand Henry applied the lube to her entire rectal area and used his index finger to prime the immediate inside of her canal. Finally he slipped his hand up and down his shaft. He was quite confident in his own ability to perform the act, as his penis was already stiff and primed with both lube and Willow’s own fluids, again ready to penetrate Willow’s young body. Without further ado, he gently pushed his dick against her asshole. Willow inhaled sharply at the unfamiliar sensation as she felt his hard and slick member push against her closed orifice. He pushed harder, and his penis head negotiated itself through the sphincter and into the first inch of her rectal canal. For Willow if first felt cold as a foreign object entered her body, and then it felt hot as his hard dick moved deeper into her. She bit her lip. For Henry the act was pure bliss. The girl’s tight rectum was rapidly clenching and unclenching as her body struggled with the sensations she was experiencing for the first time, and the motion served only to further the pleasure he took from sodomizing her. They both struggled as Henry plunged deeper and deeper until he was pumping into her all the way down to his balls. Willow tried to open herself up to his thrusts and moaned and wailed as he took her virginity for the second time that night. She put her hands on her cheeks in an attempt to alleviate the sensation by stretching herself more widely open and it helped her slightly. Henry, meanwhile, pumped like a machine, plunging his hard pecker in and out of Willow’s hot, tight hole. Willow felt him thicken inside her as his tension built up, and shortly after, in a roar of passion he spewed his semen into her guts. Willow felt the hot explosion in her innards as he filled her with his man-juice. Panting he withdrew his stiff member from her rectum and admired his handiwork. Her butthole was no longer pink; it had taken on a nearly wine red tone from his gentle abuse. It flinched once before she came to rest, leaving a pearly white trickle of sperm seeping out of her orifice. Willow stretched out her legs on the bed and rested on her stomach. Henry’s firm grip on her hips had left broad reddish marks on her pale skin. Henry sat down on the bedside, again observing her.
The last few hours of tutelage seemed to have spurred a fantastic growth in the girl. She seemed much more like an adult woman and less like a quivering teen. He prodded her gently and stroke his hand down from her shoulders over the beautiful curve of her back to the small of her back. She purred quietly with satisfaction, from the lessons, the relaxing rest and his kind touch. Henry bent down over her head and with a whisper directed her to the bathroom and the closet where she could find some relaxed clothes. With a satisfied but exhausted smile she rose from the bed and sought the amenities.


She took a long, hot bath in the spacious bathroom and dried herself carefully with thick warm towels. Afterwards she looked into the closet and found a lovely, if somewhat oversized flannel pyjamas and a pair of slippers. Willow snuck back to the bedroom and found Henry already sleeping. She crept down beside him and rested her head on his chest. She was almost startled by how infrequent and shallow his chest rose when he breathed. His skin also seemed to have cooled down considerably since their acts of carnal pleasure and was almost chilly and seemed pulled taut over his muscles. Once when she thought he hadn’t drawn breath for over a minute she shook his briskly, almost paralyzed with fear from the thought what would happen if her newfound lover would suddenly die here in his sleep. To her great relief he opened his eyes and asked her what the matter was.
– Nothing, I just got worried. Your breath is so faint and your skin is so cold.
Henry locked her eyes with his own sparkling bluish grey ones and responded
– You mustn’t worry about that. I…have an illness. It is not contagious, but rather…genetically inherited. In layman’s terms, it means that my vital functions operate on a much lower level than on an average person. I don’t suffer from it, but it means that I operate at somewhat different levels than most. As an unfortunate side effect, my entire body is also very sensitive to sunlight, so when I venture outdoors it must be at night. Even the faintest sunlight brings me harm.
Willow could see something else beyond his prosaic words, a pain that his itself behind what he told. Perhaps he missed the sun, she thought.
– Regardless, you mustn’t worry. I am not in any notable danger from my condition and it’s only contagious under very… special circumstances of which there is no risk of them arising at the time. So please, go to sleep and think no more of it, my dear young mistress.
With that he placed a brief kiss on her forehead and turned back to his side of the bed and into the world of dreams again. Willow lay awake for a bit longer, thinking of how strange her Friday evening turned out, and of the prospect of being the mistress to a much older wealthy man and for a moment she wondered if she wasn’t actually asleep with her nose in one of the musty old books at the library. She touched her slightly throbbing anus with a finger and the smouldering discomfort seemed real enough. Eventually she fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

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