Sunset on Pony Beach

Sunset on Pony Beach

[22:33] pedro_puku: still have the horse?

[22:33] gypsy2jingles: yeah, still boardingher

[22:33] pedro_puku: good to hear….

gypsy2jingles: you wanna play don't ya?

pedro_puku: do you?

gypsy2jingles: giggles – depends – set me a scene and I'll think about it…

pedro_puku: hummmm………..

pedro_puku: I think it will have to be a tack (sp?) shop….lots of things to tie each other up with… 🙂

gypsy2jingles: giggles – go on…

pedro_puku: hummm, well you will have to "help" me a bit as well…. no onesided stuff here…

pedro_puku: What would you be wearing to this tack shop….:D

gypsy2jingles: actually, lets be somewhere that the horse can run – like a beach or a meadow

pedro_puku: I like the beach……

pedro_puku: just behind the tack shop…lol

pedro_puku: The beach…. I am wearing very little…..

gypsy2jingles: he he, good idea

pedro_puku: a pair of old scrubs… tops

pedro_puku: nice and comfortable….

pedro_puku: Don't want to burn my legs in the setting sun…lol

gypsy2jingles: I'm wearing a two peice bikini, with a filmy white skirt that wraps around my waist

gypsy2jingles: and a sun hat

gypsy2jingles: walking my horse peaches down the beach as I feel the sand between my toes

pedro_puku: I am coming from the opposite direction…..the setting sun is off over the ocean….

pedro_puku: I having watching you and peaches from a distance and at first can barely make you out…wondering what you look like…looking forward to each step we take towards each other…

gypsy2jingles: I've been watching the water as it crosses over my feet, but as we get closer, peaches nuzzles my shoulder and I look up at her, and see you comming close

pedro_puku: It is a very secluded beach…you have ridden awhile to get here…I have sailed my boat…you see it anchored just off shore….

pedro_puku: I was suprised to see another human on this beach…a bit upset that someone else knows about it…but once I get closer and see you….I begin to inwardly smile….

gypsy2jingles: I am glad to see someone on the beach – I had just moved to the area and had been finding the place lonely, so I had taken peaches out for a ride and found the beach – I am eager for some human companionship though, after weeks of being alone at my own place

pedro_puku: We are on a similiar path…seeking another humans touch…. I have been circumnavigating the globe…. my trip is framed by long periods of solo sailing….with short, intense visits to exotic places and people….and I find myself at yet another potentially wonderful encounter…

pedro_puku: I approach you and without a word….I place my hand softly on your cheek…..and look deep into your eyes to try and read your soul….

gypsy2jingles: the caress takes me by surprise, but I find I like it and smile a bit

pedro_puku: I only say one word "welcome".

pedro_puku: It softly flows over to your ears….it means welcome to this place, this beach, this passion…

gypsy2jingles: I am caught up in the atmosphere, and I lower my eyelids in contentment – "hi" I say

pedro_puku: I pull my hand away from your cheek and slowly take your hand…..I lead you and peaches down the beach to a blanket I had been eating dinner on…there is wine, fruit, cheese, nuts….i ask if I can give peaches an apple…

gypsy2jingles: I nod "she would like that" I take her to a stand of palm trees and tie her there

pedro_puku: I welcome you back to the blanket and ask you to sit down…."Do you drink wine", I ask

gypsy2jingles: "not usually, but today I will" I sit and take the offered wine

pedro_puku: i pour you a small glass…and also have water to sip from…. I start a small fire by our feet to keep us warm from the night ocean breeze….The light of the fire dances on your soft skin and I slowly take my hand and trace it down your shoulders….my intentions are perfectly clear by the growing excitement you see happening between my thighs…

gypsy2jingles: I sip my wine, debating on wether I dared to answer your intentions the way you want. Then, feeling like we are the only two people in the world – I scoot closer to you, and place my hand on your thigh

pedro_puku: I lay you down on your stomach…….

pedro_puku: and slowly run my hands down your back….my fingers dance along your upper back….down your spine….over your nice butt and down your legs……..I slowly untie your wrap and the top of your bathing suit….a kiss on the back of your neck accents my passion

gypsy2jingles: I shiver when your fingers untie my suit, and then shiver again with your lips on my neck – but not with cold. I look back at you over my shoulder, a sensuous smile on my lips and a moistness already starting between my legs

pedro_puku: I softly kiss your lips….my tongue moves, dances and bounces softly down your neck……i follow a similiar path my hand has just taken….my teeth grab the sexy bottoms of your suit…I pull them off….my tongue contiues to dance around your toes…I playfully suck on one…then run my kiss back up the path I just took….my tongue dances over your butt…a sign of exotic and interesting things to come….my kisses return to your neck and lips….my cock is now hard and you can feel it thru the thin fabric of the scrubs…I wear no underwear…

gypsy2jingles: I push up from the blanket, place a hand on your shoulder, and push gently, until you are leaning back on your hands. I run my own fingers down from your shoulder, lightly skimming my nails across your chest, where my other hand joins the first and they both travel to your sides, and down to your scrubs. Then they go inside the waistband and dip them low on your hips, helping your cock join us in the firelight. I place one hand on your cock and press, and rub up and down a bit, while my other hand goes behind you to brace me as I lean into you, and place a kiss on your lips, and then follow it with a more passionate one

pedro_puku: I take your kiss and give you a soft bit on your lower lip….my tongue slowly feels for yours…a deep kiss….my hand traces around your nipples…and one hand and fingers weaves into your thick hair…holding you to the passionate kiss….. I tell you that we are going to make passionate love, that we are going to fuck hard, that we are going to explore each others bodies and make ourselves cum until we pass out from excitement…..

gypsy2jingles: I quiver with excitement when you nip my lip and return the kiss with more enthusiasm, while I press more on your cock, then wrap my fingers around you and begin real strokes up and down your length, while I moan as you tease my nipples and drown in your deep kiss

pedro_puku: Your hands feel so good they pull a moan from my lips…..I firmly spin you around….you now face my cock…but most importantly your moist pussy faces me….I drink in the smell of your essence…your excitement. I slowly slide your body down mine….your hips are now in front of my face…..I kiss your pussy…running my tongue softly at your outter lips….running from your clit and playfully run my tongue all the way to your ass……it dances around back and forth……just bring you to the first rise of excitement… hips rise, instinctivel upward…

gypsy2jingles: I feel your hips buck against my hand and moan at your tongue on my pussy – my hand grips your cock a little tighter and I move it up and down with firmer strokes, while trailing my other hand along your chest and shoulders, around to the back of your neck, and then – with a mischeivous wink at you, I begin to play with your ear

pedro_puku: My hand runs the length of your left leg….I slowly move it close to your outer lips…..I do not touch you…but you feel my hand is close….My lips make contact with your clit….I softly suck on it and it swells… hand caresses your butt cheeks…a finger brushes past your asshole…. My hips search for your touch…with my hard cock bouncing….. I begin to think of sliding my shaft into your wet pussy….but I am enjoying the taste of you too much at the moment.

gypsy2jingles: I moan and my head falls back and I widen my legs to give you better access, and run my finger around the outer edges of your ear, and then down to your earlobe, and then behind ear and I tickle you there a minute, before doing it all over again, while I pull my hand away from your cock long enough to dip my fingers in the wine glass, and then take my wet fingers back to your cock and stroke you with wet, firm strokes

pedro_puku: …a bit of pre-cum flows from my cock…coupled with the wine…my shaft is slippery…the blood pulsates thru it. My kisses focus on your clit…flicking it softly,,,sucking it….my hands reach to your hair….It feels so soft as it cascades over our bodies….I tell you that I want to fuck you…..that I need to fuck you!

gypsy2jingles: "can you ride, my love? I find I would like a strong steed beneath me, and inside me…"

pedro_puku: yes,,,I can ride…..but I admit I have never made love while doing it….

gypsy2jingles: I grin, and pinch you just above the base of your cock – "then come with me – and we will ride together…" I lead you to peaches, and untie her, and watch your butt muscles ripple as you mount her saddle naked. I take your hand mount facing you, and take your cock and place it at the opening of my pussy, then sink down onto you, my pussy stretching to take you in, until I am sitting completly on your cock. I lean forward – " Guide her to the beach, and face her toward the shoreline – she knows what to do – when you need to fuck me harder – make her go faster…"

pedro_puku: I slowly gyrate my hips…my pelves bone rubs your clit….we kiss… hands run down your back….I am thankful that you have a western saddle….better to grip…I spur peaches with my bare feet and start to fuck you….

pedro_puku: My lips kiss your nipples

pedro_puku: your hair falls over us…

pedro_puku: I spur peaches to run faster….she knows that we want speed and can sense our pure xtc!

pedro_puku: the beach runs for miles and miles….we fuck harder

pedro_puku: my left hand slides near your ass….a finger covers your asshole and I look into your eyes for approval….

gypsy2jingles: I grin and nod to you, enjoying the feel of your cock pumping in and out of my pussy with every step the horse takes. I squeel in delight as you kick her into a trot and then a canter, loving how your cock goes deeper inside me as we ride faster – I press my breasts into your chest and grip your shoulders and grind my hips with yours every time we rock with the horse's movements

pedro_puku: the horses movements melt into ours….I am completely in a haze of enjoyment…I kiss you deeply not caring where the horse takes us….I drive my cock deep into you and slowly allow my finger to enter your ass….you can feel my finger as it pushes against my cock which is stroking in and out of your pussy…..

gypsy2jingles: Peaches rockets down the beach – sending us rocking at a fast pace that matches – I moan as your finger enters my ass and can feel the tighter friction and can feel the feelings building within me, knowing I am comming close – reveling in sensations, I return your kiss deeply and passionately, then pull away from you just enough to allow my nipples to rub your chest with every rocking movement, sending my pleasure even higher

pedro_puku: I am almost beyond the point of no return…I insert a final second finger into your ass to increase the wonder friction of my cock as it pounds inside and out of you….Peaches makes you bounce high and hard on my cock….I watch your wonder breasts as they bounce from the movement of the horse, but also the deep breathing…. I begin to hold you tight…my body quivers….I hold my xtc until you are ready to explode…..

gypsy2jingles: I moan when you insert your second finger into my ass, the action giving me new waves of pleasure, and I can feel my pussy starting tiny convulsions already. I lean into you so you can hear me " I'm almost there, lover. When you are ready, nod at me, and I will command peaches to halt – when she does, she will throw us together hard, and your cock will be as deep inside me as it will go" I lean away to watch you as we rock with the horse, your cock fucking my pussy and your fingers fucking my ass and my breasts and nipples rubbing your chest – my breathing is hard and my pussy tight and juicy on your hard cock

pedro_puku: We are one….I do not want this pleasure to end….but it cannot go on….I must climax, I have to feel your body quiver and hear your moans and shouts…I nod and dig my hand into your hips my fingers in your ass rub the walls of your pussy against my shaft.. I start to yell that I am cumming!

gypsy2jingles: I call for Peaches to halt, and she throws us hard into each other as I feel your hot cum shoot inside me, and my pussy convulses around your hot cock and I scream in xtc – while peaches slows down, she pits us hard into each other again and again before she stops

pedro_puku: I buck into you and just hold you, pull you into me…my muscles melt with your body…we are one… takes peaches and us a while to cool down… I just drink in the smell of ocean, sand, sweat and sex…. I smile at you and ask if you have ever fucked on a sailboat? But that is for another night or may be morning my Gypsy! Night

gypsy2jingles: I grin, "I haven't fucked on a sailboat before, but I think that if you can ride like that Off a horse, it should be fun LOL! Night

pedro_puku: sweet dreams….I know I will!

gypsy2jingles: sweet dreams….until next time

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