The Letter

The Letter

The Letter
By lastone222

A teenage boy vividly recounts the sex with his girlfriend in a letter breaking off the relationship, whom has turned to the slutty side. But he has unknown issues to address about himself, like the fact he enjoys fucking her after some else has, and the truth he was actually getting off on watching her.

Dear Kathy,

First off I have to tell you how much I love you; I don’t think you understand what you have done to me.

I really dread doing this but after Saturday night I must. I am sure you found the present left on your pillow while you showered. I hated to leave but was too emotionally upset to stay.

You know I still love you as I have since meeting you. We have shared so much during this time. You were the first girl I ever loved.

I remember the tingles as we kissed on your living room sofa, the same afternoon my hand passed under your blouse roaming over your titties. It took a long time before you allowed me this pleasure. We always went slow, never pushing either’s boundaries.

Then the time while your parents ate at that fancy restaurant we lit candles and began a journey. Slowly pieces of clothing came off. Before the next we took pleasure in savoring that exposed piece of skin. It took over an hour before our bodies were free from clothes. To my surprise I kissed down your torso.

Your legs spread as kisses extended over your body. My tongue darted from the spot above your brown puckered pooper into your meager bush. Back and forth it went causing your slit to drool coating my face. You bucked upwards when I slid my tongue past the slit. The taste of your cunt was so sweat.

Then it was your turn, I thought my load would burst into you mouth as you held the tip of my dick between your lips while your tongue swirled around it. After two long agonizing hours my body managed to slip between your legs. My dick probed your wet crease finding the small opening pressing in until it would not go any further. I let it rest just inside your folds; gently I worked my dick around the edges of your cherry till you reached for my ass pulling me inward. As my dick shredded your hymen my eyes started to water watching your tears roll down over your cheeks. Later you would tell me the tears were as much from joy as pain.

Together we made love that night giving each other comfort that we were truly one, not two. Although it was short, after all I was so worked up for the previous hour I just had to cum. And cum I did. Remember how you watched in awe when I pulled out straddling your slim hips as my dick quivered shooting out heavy globs of spunk landing on your tits. I love you so much Kathy it hurts to tell you again. We would make love when ever we could after that.

We were inseparable. Then that unfortunate incidence in my back yard changed things forever.

I never meant to unload in you, but both of us so horny we made that mistake. Naked we kissed under the stars as we played with each others sexes. The picnic table was just the right height to bend you over. It was the first time I had entered you from the rear like that. You were extremely wet that night. My hardened dick slipped out of sight with ease.

It was like time was standing still, I kept up the slow and steady rhythm plunging into your depths continuously. I never remember of lasting that long before. Your moans of approval were getting louder as we fucked. On and on I went till I couldn’t take it no more, my balls were hurting for relief, my dick was stretching its skin as it swelled. I meant to pull out I swear Kathy, I did. It came on too suddenly, I was too worked up, and the pleasure was too intense.

I went over the edge pumping all of the sperm I had stored deep into your cunt. My high was still there although my orgasm was over, the tautness was receding. When you finally got your wish of feeling your cunt filled with seed that it was your turn, my hands still on the sides of your belly felt it first as the muscle in them began to shake. Your pussy began to tighten around me; I felt ripples of flesh quiver deep in your depths that I had never felt before as your whole body began to shudder in orgasm. I was glad that you too could enjoy what I had been already felt.

Unfortunately that was the beginning of the downslide. I tried unsuccessfully to give you that same peak after that. Although you begged me to cum inside you I didn’t dare, once was enough fear for me. When you were ready to bleed that month the lure of feeling my seed empting in your cunt was to great to pass up. Even your cramps couldn’t stop you. It took no time at all to reach my limit. Looking deeply into your eyes, by design I began to drain my ball bag of its content. Then like that night on the picnic table only after I creamed, when you felt how wet you had become, cum collecting around my pubes, cum dribbling down past your asshole did you begin to enjoy it. It began with the same intensity; I felt the ripples begin as you tightened around my failing erection. Your breathing was in short gasps to start then mellowed out as your climax began to recede.

After that evening I became nervous, I figured you would want more, more risky sex which I wasn’t comfortable with. Than that night you asked me to come over, your parents would be out for the evening. I can be a slow learner sometimes; it didn’t dawn on me why you asked me to come over after eight o’clock.

At first you didn’t want me to eat your pussy, you always loved that. Your mind changed begging for it, I started to lick your gash. Then there was that odd taste from you, like a combination of copper mixed with salt. And how wet you were that night. My face was layered.

I looked down between us as you straddled me watching the pasty wetness collecting at the base of my hard-on. Your slippery cunt rode me for a whole five minutes before I was ready to cum. I warned you not once but three times to get off, but you didn’t. Even after I filled your cunt you continued your ride. As I went soft you crammed hard down on me. Once very erect I was now almost useless as a fuck stick. But again I felt your cunt muscles ride a wave into orgasm.

It was weird; you could only orgasm after you had your fill of sperm. We talked about the risks of continuing, you may have already been knocked up, if not I was sure you would end up that way.

I tried hard to make you cum but to no avail. You had to feel a dick squirt into you first. My suspicions continued to grow something was going on. You became evasive when I asked where you were. We stopped seeing each other everyday. But you still loved to fuck when we were together.

Then that Friday night after the dance. You asked me to sneak over. Sneaking in through the bulkhead I met you in the basement. Waiting for me in that purple bathrobe you seemed flustered, like you were trying to hide something. There was that slight odor of sex in the air; I didn’t dare confront you on it, afraid of what you might answer. Quick to get me naked I screwed the hell out of you. Your cunt was sloppy, wet and stretched. I didn’t care if I fertilized you; I filled your cunt full and kept fucking you until you came before rolling off your slim body.

It was coming to a head, I couldn’t prove it but I was sure you were fucking someone else. After school just last week you took forever to answer the door. Anxious and jumpy when I knocked at your bedroom door. You didn’t want to fuck at first but caved in to my pressure. While I fucked you I couldn’t help but wonder if someone else was between your legs before I arrived.

Yet again your cunt was too wet for me. Then it dawned on me that you were not as tight, not sure if it was from the wetness of maybe another guy who was bigger than I. I sensed that we were being watched causing me to look around the room for a set of eyes. Every sound caused tension, was it the other guy hiding? But my mind began to soothe after dumping my load, and my fears were gone after your cunt tightened around my almost flaccid dick as you went into your sperm induced orgasm. While getting dressed I noticed the wet spot on the bed spread, it seemed too large to be just from me.

Saturday morning I decided that I would break off our relationship, I was sure you were cheating on me. Who knows how many times you fucked someone else, once, twice, no likely way more than that. The most disgusting part was that you allowed me; even coaxed me to eat you after having been fucked earlier. I was munching on some other guys jism, lapping it up, swirling my tongue around in it, hell I was swallowing it thinking it was your nectar.

You were one sick bitch to do that to me. And to top it off I hate to admit I was enjoying it. If I had only known I probably would have puked on the spot.

Your parents were out as usual Saturday night. I waited in the bushes of you house to see if someone would show up. No, no one showed up, it was two. My best friends, Rob and David threw pebbles at your window. You beckoned them in through the open window. I waited ten minutes before I got the courage to confront all three of you.

At the bottom of the staircase I listened to the giggles coming from the open door of your bedroom. It seemed from the talk you had been fucking David for awhile. He had been your secret lover the past month, it was his cum I was plowing, his cum I slurped up.

I listened as the two boys admired your body as you stripped and danced around the room. With the door open I watched as your figure would briefly pass it. My heart sunk hard as you asked who was going to be first. What a slut you were, you were actually going to fuck both of them.

I didn’t want to see this but my mind wanted proof. The plan was to wait till David was fucking you, I would wait in hiding until he was about to cum then I would barge in the room. But it was Rob who pushed you hard on the bed crawling between your legs to lap your pussy.

Kathy I loved you even as his tongue buried into your folds. Just to watch the joy in your face was beautiful. Your legs waving high in the air, your hands gripping the bedspread tightly while David stripped out of his clothes before pushing Rob aside scurrying up onto your body. With his boxers still on you pulled them down over his ass cheeks while he managed to get them to his knees.

With your legs pushed up tightly against your chest I watched in awe as his dick penetrated your crack. The smile on your face reminded me of all the times I fucked you, the look of pure pleasure you took from him.

Then from the shadows Rob appeared naked. I watched your eyes grow large as he held his dick close to you face. His dick was a whole lot bigger than mine or David’s and I could tell you were excited. Rob pushed at the two of you rolling both of you over. At first I thought he wanted to do a sandwich fuck but he told David he wanted a turn before she got filled with cum.

Rob pushed your legs high up in the air rolling your ass upwards off the bed as he held tightly onto your ankles. A grimace came to your lips as you gritted you teeth when his dick slid up your cunt. From my view outside the door I was amazed it fit, your asshole wrinkled inward as his first thrust disappeared into you. Over and over he pushed into you before giving in to David’s pleads of another turn.

David lay still as you mounted him letting you do all the work. He never thrusted upward at all, it was you who made him cum. As you slid upwards I watched his dick grow slightly in girth, the big vein bulging outward then it happened, it started to pulse. I knew he unloading his semen inside you

But like the slut you were you kept riding him. I knew what you wanted. A few minutes later I watched as his dick was bending as you sat on it over and over then you were rewarded at last, and it was just in time, another thirty seconds he would have fallen out. I was hurt Kathy when you started, not that you were orgasming but the sounds that escaped you throat, the sounds of ecstasy, the thrill you were receiving that I never heard you do. I almost gasped when I saw the smooth skin on your torso begin to ripple as your head fell backwards, your mouth let out a long purring sound that turned high pitched at a feverous volume.

I loved you more than I had in the previous months. But I was learning to hate you at the same time.

Rob knew you were both spent; he pushed you from the rear causing your slim body to fall down on all fours. When you fell forward David slipped from your cunt causing a sucking sound. He was about to mount you like an animal, from behind. While David’s dick continued to wilt your face went down swapping his spit for yours.

Rob came up behind you, his fat hog waving in the warm air. Not able to see from my angle I took a chance switching to the other side of the doorway. Unseen I watched his approach. A large glob of David’s cum was oozing out of you, a small globule drooled outward, and falling towards the bed it hung on to your cunt lips leaving a three inch hanger in mid air. Rob could care less about the mess.

Grabbing his cock he aimed straight for you hole, with one push he was buried to the hilt causing a rude squishing sound breaking the silence of the room. He took his time with you; from the smile on his face he was enjoying it all. Without doubt you had to be tight with his size filling you. David still under you as his cum was dripping out onto his legs. The fucking was jointly, as he pulled back you would push back trying to get as much of him back in as you could. I couldn’t see his dick but when his head went back I knew he was there.

He roughly grabbed you by the hips pulling you tightly against him. I swear he was trying to enter your cervix he pushed so hard; he was intent on getting as much sperm he could hoping it would overflow into your uterus. It was different with Rob; before he ever started cumming you began your song of satisfaction. Your wish came early. I wasn’t able to see much, his dick out of sight but I did see his ball bag contract tightly against his body as his sperm deposited itself in you as both of you climaxed at the same time.

I was so much in love with you I wanted to go in and push him off, but I couldn’t, I only could stand in the dark hall gazing at the spectacle before me. I knew it was over between us at that point, all I wanted to do was hold you one last time. I had to leave before I was caught, gazing one last time as I sneaking away I watched Rob disengage falling onto his back. I was close enough to see thick globs of cum sticking to you cunt lips.

Someone heard me on the bottom step causing a flurry of hurriedness. I stood around the side of the house watching the two boys hop your side fence into the next yard. I shouldn’t have but I had to hold you, I had to kiss you one last time. I didn’t bother knocking but headed straight for you room. Your face still blushed, your robe wrapped tightly, a surprised look came when you realized it was me in your doorway.

I knew full well you had deceived me, cheated me, caused me so much pain but I didn’t care. I wanted you back. Neither of us said a word, our looks told the story. Pushing you to the bed, grabbing your panties pulling them downward to your ankles, I pulled open my pants before lying on top of you. Caught off guard at first you began to protest pushing at my chest trying in vain to remove me. But it was no use, my strength was too much. I pulled your legs apart forcing myself between them. My dick hit the wet spot and quickly disappeared into it.

Never before had I fucked you like that, rough and hard. My love was passing out of me. The feeling of your cunt so wet, so stretched after Rob it was almost unpleasant. Rob and David’s cum was collecting in my pubic hair, the smell of sex to my nostrils was overpowering and then it was over. As I held your hands over your head I filled you with your third load of the night.

Dejected you arose leaving me behind. I heard the shower start as I pulled my pants back up. Looking to the floor your black panties lay in a heap. I couldn’t help it, I was afraid to open them up, when I did there in the crotch white curds of cum covered it. Tears came to my eyes, how could you do this to me? Kathy I loved you, loved you more than you will ever know.

I ran my finger tip through the lukewarm spunk that stretched out following my finger as I pulled it away. I laid the panties on your pillow and left.

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