I had finally got round to organising my house-warming party – not bad considering I’d already been in the house for four months! During this time I’d already got to know most of the neighbours, but this was my opportunity to get to know them better (little did I realise how MUCH better acquainted I was going to get!).

It was already around 9.15, so the sun was just setting and giving a glorious orange glow to the sky. It could have been a beautiful romantic evening given different circumstances – but I was too busy to even think about such things, chatting, circulating, making sure everybody had a drink in their hand, that the drinks supply didn’t run out etc etc.

Everybody was a neighbour from within The Close, so nobody had to worry about staying sober to drive home; and some were doing less ‘worrying’ than others! Even the two young girls from next-door seemed either to be very much entering into the spirit of things, OR had had a crafty ‘hit’ of booze whilst their parents weren’t watching.

The undoubted ‘star of the show’, however, was the niece of the Indian couple living next door the other side, who just happened to be staying with them that week. She was over from India visiting and to celebrate her 18th birthday with the English side of the family.

Raj had asked me if it was OK for her to come as well – he actually asked me in front of her, so I could hardly have refused anyway – but she was one of lifes’ natural beauties, 5’10”, slender, graceful and stunningly elegant in her appearance, so I was hardly going to say ‘No’ – was I!

As with most from that continent, she had jet black, dead-straight hair, which in her case extended to the small of her back, and looked SO glossy – you could all but see your face in it.

She had the most exquisite and unusual shaped eyes, they were pretty much straight along her lower eyelid, with all the shape coming from the pronounced curve of the upper part of her eye; high and protruding cheek bones, and the fullness of her lips made me half think she might have had them enlarged – but I’m sure she hadn’t.

She had the slimmest of rib-cages I think I have ever seen, which made her gorgeously pert boobs look bigger than their (probable) B cup; with a tiny waist and unfeasibly long legs.

This particular evening she had been the first one of the five of them (they had naturally brought their own two kids as well) I had seen. The front door was wide open of course, and there were people everywhere, I was in the back garden just replenishing someones’ glass, when I looked up and saw this absolute vision of a girl standing just inside the door, wearing a flowing plain gold sari which just seemed to accentuate every curve and movement of her body, rather than hide it!

I was dumb-struck, thankfully I wasn’t actually pouring the drink at the time – otherwise they would have had it in her lap! She just stood by the door and scanned round the room with a confident gaze, until she saw me. A divine smile then spread across her face and she swayed over towards me.

I stood up straight and put the bottle down thinking ‘I am NOT going to miss out on an opportunity like THIS!’, and as she reached me I grasped her firmly by the waist and planted a gentle kiss on both cheeks; I DO always greet females this way, but I must admit that on this occasion it was a fractionally slower process than is my norm!

And to my delight, her response was not the usual “MWAH MWAH” just past each ear, but a proper, and in this case electrifying, contact between lips and cheek! “It is SO very kind of you to invite me” she purred, she had a most sexy and cultured English accent, with only the slightest hint of Indian, despite apparently never having been here before. The benefit of a top class Indian private education I imagined, knowing what little I did of the family.

I spent a blissful couple of hours, catching glimpses of her here and there around the house, chatting easily to my other guests, but always managing to look elegant and sensual at all times! The evening was going swimmingly and everyone seemed to be having a good time, but at about 11 o’clock I realised I hadn’t seen my vision of Asian loveliness for a while, and thought, with a sinking heart, that she had left with Raj and the kids.

But then I heard Tennys’ voice in the hall and thought, ‘Well if SHE’s still here – maybe ….’. I wandered upstairs in search. I opened the spare bedroom door, and was astounded to find the woman from number 9 (whose name escapes me) lying on her back moaning, completely naked, beneath the grunting guy from number 1 – and this whilst BOTH of their ‘other-halves’ were barely 30 feet away downstairs! I quickly closed the door before either had a chance to look up!

My bedroom door was closed, which was odd because I had deliberately left it open earlier, so I opened it to look in. The room was in pitch darkness (again strange as I hadn’t closed the curtains), and as I stepped inside it was plunged into even greater blackness as the door slammed shut.

I jumped round in surprise, only to just be able to make out a figure moving towards me. “Sit down on the bed … please” – I instantly recognised the voice, realising I hadn’t even been told her name, but it was Rajs’ gorgeous niece without doubt.

“You are a very attractive man …. and I just wanted to show my gratitude for inviting me to your party”

“You’re not permitted to touch …. but I assume you WOULD like to see what an Indian woman really wears under her sari?”

With this, she turned on my bedside lamp, and momentarily stood stock-still by my side of the bed, giving me a moment to soak up yet another view of her elegance. It struck me almost like a thunderbolt her sari was tantalisingly slightly see-through with the light falling obliquely through it!

She smoothly and gracefully stood to her full height and, stepping back slightly so the light fell onto her, she slowly, and I mean SLOWLY began to remove her wrappings.
She unwound what seemed like yards of fine golden-gossamer material from around herself, and with each pass of the roll she was making, the remaining layers were rendered that bit more see-through.

After about the third layer was removed from her upper half, I was astounded to find she had, not the 1950’s style ‘bullet-proof’ brassiere I had expected, but a beautifully delicate and lacy creation in gold and black lace! The sight of her tender young pert breasts filling such a garment and displayed so perfectly turned me on SO much the erection in my trousers was threatening to burst out on its own!

I reached out to try and touch her as she turned, figuring that this display was only leading to one thing (in MY mind at least!), only to have my reaching paw gently parried away by her elegantly feminine fingers “Uh huh … no touching – I said”.

But my biggest surprise was as she then went on to divest herself of the lower half of the sari, still all one continuous piece of material, just wound around and around countless times, but little by little she revealed herself to me, and as each layer was removed, I saw in amazement, that she was clad in a matching thong and suspender-belt, with Cuban-heeled and seamed black stockings!

Eventually she stood before me clad only in her underwear, looking fabulous against her dark skin, she paused, and posed for me for a moment; then took a step towards me and pushed me, fairly firmly, in the chest, which I went along with and flopped backwards onto the bed.

“I told you … you can’t touch …. but I can!” as she knelt between my knees and placed her delicate little hands on my hips. I brought my hands up to my head – I could barely stand this torture any longer! My brain was going to explode any minute!

She reached for my zip, and I felt my trousers being gently eased down over my thighs. I didn’t even realise my boxers had accompanied them – until I felt the warmth and velvety softness of her mouth enclosing my (now rock-hard) dick!!

I craned my neck to see, not daring to attempt to touch her again, for fear she would stop! And was greeted with the sight of this Asian vision of loveliness, kneeling before me, clad in exquisite black and gold lingerie, with her beautiful hair draping artistically across my midriff, both her hands grasped gently around and stroking my shaft, with the end of it firmly engulfed in her mouth, with her tongue lapping gently around, over and under it!

This CANNOT have been the first dick she had sucked! This girl was an ABSOLUTE EXPERT! She took me higher and higher in excitement, only to gently reduce the intensity again and bring me back to earth, over and over again she did the same thing! Until I was virtually climbing the walls! I have NEVER felt an orgasm like I did that night! (And believe me – I’ve had a few!).

I just came and came, and came again! Shooting torrents of my hot sticky pleasure into her mouth, she had looked up directly into my eyes as I had reached the ‘point-of-no-return’ and I looked into her delightful face, with my knob wedged firmly (and held there with both her hands) in her mouth, as she stared into my eyes and swallowed everything I delivered!

I must have passed out at that point, because I don’t remember another thing until the following morning; when I awoke, unsure how much of what I could remember was a dream, to find the house looking as if a tornado had passed through (normal after-party condition!).

Just at that moment I saw Raj going out to his car, I bolted to the front door “Hi Raj …” and as nonchalantly as I could muster “…. Is your niece still around”? “No mate – she left this morning …. Great party Friday night – Thanks”!

Confused, I looked at my watch – only to find it was now SUNDAY and 11.03am!

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