A Mother, a Daughter and a Sailor

A Mother, a Daughter and a Sailor

The engine noise from the coastguard launch woke Mike. Recollections of his vivid dream lingered in his still drowsy mind.
“God that was so sexy. Two beautiful women and four great bonks,” he smiled.
Then he realized that there were two warm bodies cuddled into him and that it hadn't been a dream. Simone was asleep and facing him, her arms around his neck and Sarah, in a spoon position behind him had her right hand clasped around his penis. As his mind became alert, so did his penis and it shot up to a hard erection.

He gently prised Sarah's hand away, but this woke her.
“Mum, are you awake?” mumbled Sarah. “I've had a terrible nightmare.”
“Mmmmm.” Simone, her mother, stirred..
“In my nightmare a crude and uncouth sailor molested me and fucked me time and time again.”
“I had the same nightmare. He fucked me in my vagina twice, in my mouth twice and even up my ass.”
“Up your ass, for heaven's sake. What made you dream about that? The same thing happened in my nightmare.”
The giggles started.
“There's a lesson in our nightmares, Sarah. Never get close to a crude and uncouth sailor.”
Mike felt their bodies rock with laughter. He sighed inwardly and waited patiently. Simone opened her eyes and looked into his face with mock surprise.

“Aaaah! It's a crude and uncouth sailor.” She kissed him tenderly. “ Did you have a good night's sleep Skipper Mike?”
“A great night's sleep, thanks Simone. I dreamed that two women wanted me to rescue them. But I ignored them, caught a fabulous fighting tuna, had a great meal and nice quiet night by myself. My nightmare has started now I'm awake and have seen that the two of you really are here.”

Mike bent down and nibbled Simone's left nipple. She held his face there until he responded to Sarah's urgent tap on his back. He rolled over and nibbled Sarah's right nipple. She wriggled into him and felt his erection.

“Our skipper's mast seems to be in ship-shape condition.” She squeezed it harder than Mike would have suggested.

Mike climbed out of bed. “That's the coastguard. Get yourselves decent, if you know what that word means, because they'll want you to make a statement.”

He watched them as they rose. Although he had spent almost 12 hours with them naked he was still awestruck by their bodies.
Sarah was almost a clone of her mother. 18 years old and already tall, only an inch short of Simone's statuesque 5 feet 10. A similar bone structure, although her face was softer with her youth. Sarah's usual expression was innocent enthusiasm. When Mike had first met Simone she had greeted him with an arrogant stare, but now she looked at him with a twinkling and challenging smile.

“Are you going to spend the whole week ogling us, you pervert?” she asked.
“That and other things.” Mike caressed her bottom as she stood, still naked, brushing her hair in front of the mirror.
Both women had the same thick and wavy long black hair and Sarah always let hers flow freely to her shoulders. Simone was clipping hers back tightly from her face, highlighting her classical bone structure.

The biggest difference was their breasts. Sarah's were larger, Cs, and more uplifted, as would be expected with a daughter and her aureoles were larger. Initially Simone had felt self conscious with Mike about her B cup breasts and that they didn't extend at the same high angle as her daughter's.

“Skipper, I'm sorry they not as beautiful as Sarah's.”
Mike had frowned. “I'm the skipper and I decide which breasts are beautiful and which aren't. And yours, Simone, are exquisitely beautiful. Beautiful breasts come in different shapes and sizes. Sarah's are like Venus de Milo. Yours are like Botticelli's Venus.”

Simone had checked on the Internet later and felt far better and also very flattered by Mike's comparison. 40 years old, she had been blessed with youthful genes.

Below their breasts the two women were almost identical. Flat stomachs, slim waists and hips and long, long shapely legs. Their Brazilians left their pussies openly displayed and Mike reflected on the ecstasies he had enjoyed there the night before.

“You had better stop staring at us or the coastguard will think you've got your fishing rod in your shorts,” Sarah said sternly.

The coastguard took Mike and Simone and Sarah to the large cabin cruiser which the women had chartered the day before.
“Can you tell us what happened madam?” the Commanding Officer asked, unable to keep his gaze from the cleavage of Simone's low cut sun-dress.
He found her quite intimidating. Very tall, very slim, high angular cheek bones and a haughty expression. An aristocratic looking beauty with an aristocratic disposition. He couldn't work out how someone as youthful looking could have a daughter even half Sarah's age

“My daughter and I chartered this cabin cruiser. We wanted to get away for a couple of days to recover from the trauma of me telling my husband to piss off.”
“He was having an affair with his fat secretary,” explained Sarah.
Simone went on. “After two hours the charter skipper went to the toilet. Half an hour went by so we went to check. He was sitting there stone dead.”

Sarah took up the story. “We couldn't work the radio, our cell-phones were out of range so we tried to sail back.”
The Commanding Officer did some mental arithmetic.“But you went in the wrong direction. You were heading to South America.”
Simone stared at him frostily.”I'm sure you are right. It just so happens that Sarah and I have better things to do than study navigation.”

“Then we saw Skipper Mike's boat. The only one we had seen for hours,” said Sarah.
“It was the scruffiest looking boat we have have ever seen. A tub. If we hadn't been so desperate we would have ignored it.” Simone pointed to “Queen of the Waves”, Mike's elderly, small and dilapidated craft. The Commanding Officer agreed with her assessment.
Mike interjected. “I sacrificed a great chance to catch a tuna. As soon as I arrived, all she did was abuse my “Queen of the Waves. She keeps on calling it a tub.”

“And he couldn't work the radio. And the one on his tub didn't work.” Simone rolled her eyes.
Mike ignored her comment. “I checked that the charter skipper was dead.”

The Commanding Officer went bravely to the toilet. The slightly bloated remains of the charter skipper were still sitting there. Very obviously dead.

He looked at Simone and Sarah.
“You've been lucky. These are dangerous seas and there aren't many boats this far out. If Mike hadn't been here you would be shark food by now. You should be very grateful.”

“We are and we are going to show it. We're staying here for a week to paint “Queen of the Waves,” beamed Sarah.
“What did you do next?” asked the Commanding Officer.
“We came here of course. Mike has a cabin here.” Simone fixed him with a steely glare.

There was a long silence as the Commanding Officer wrote some notes.

Simone continued glaring at him, Sarah smiled innocently and Mike gazed at the horizon. None felt that the Commanding Officer's need know that on the trip to cabin Simone and Sarah had seduced Mike. He hadn't resisted very much. In fact he hadn't resisted at all. And in four hours of bliss in front of a bonfire on the beach, he had received part payment of his reward..
(Author's Note: the full story of the first day is described in Rescue at Sea)

They stood on the beach and waved goodbye to the coastguard then sat on the lawn in front of the cabin and drank tea. The sun was already warm and it was a windless day. Simone and Sarah each had an arm around Mike's shoulders as they took in the marvelous view of the wide sweep of the bay. There were only four other cabins on the remote island, all owned by holiday makers and all empty at this time. They had the island to themselves.

“What are your orders for today, Skipper?” asked Sarah pecking his cheek.
“We have to wait until high tide this afternoon to get “Queen of the Waves” out of the water to paint her. I'll show you some of the island and we'll get our dinner.”

Simone and Sarah each held one of Mike's hands as they walked along the long beach. The gentle waves lapped the shore, seabirds swirled in the sky and the sun glinted on the water. Both women were silent as they thought about their situation.

The previous day, when Mike had finally turned his boat towards them, Simone's first reaction was an overwhelming sense of relief. She and Sarah had become increasingly scared as they knew they were lost, that their fuel was running low and it was starting to get dark. She had been relieved and grateful when Mike had climbed onto their boat to save them and even though he was little more than half her age, he was very attractive.

It had started off as a game between her and Sarah as each had increased the sexual innuendo. When she had first kissed him, then felt the thrill of his tongue in her mouth and then had pushed her breasts against his body she had become excited.
She had married when she was very young and sexually inexperienced. Her sex life with her husband had never been exciting and for as long as she could remember it had consisted of a monthly two minute rutting during which she thought about the next day's shopping.
“Why not? It's not everyday you get rescued,” she had thought. “I'm 40 and have never done anything like this before. I've just split from my useless husband. And Mike's gorgeous.”

From Mike's first touches of her on the blanket on the beach all her inhibitions had left and sexual urges she didn't know she had, had taken over. Mike had exquisitely pleasured all her body with his fingers, lips and tongue, had brought her to a stream of orgasms with his oral sex and she had squealed with joy when his rock hard cock had plunged into the depths of her sodden vagina.

Now, as she walked and remembered, she squeezed Mike's hand, then raised it to her lips and kissed it.
“I hope you are happy with us being here with you Skipper.”
Mike looked into her eyes and smiled and kissed her. Then he frowned. “I won't be happy until you have finished painting my boat”

Sarah's thoughts were less complicated. Like her mother she had been terrified, but from the moment she had first seen Mike she had had no reservations. And the sex had been like nothing she had even imagined before.

As Sarah walked she supposed that it was a bit strange that she and her mother were sharing Mike. But as well as being mother and daughter, they were each other's best friends and this was an adventure they were sharing. And she loved seeing her mother so excited and happy. She glanced across and saw her mother's contented face and she saw Mike gazing at the seagulls. Happiness washed over her.

They climbed over the headland at the end of the bay and there was another long walk along another beach. The next headland was even higher. At the summit Mike took Sarah and Simone to the cliff's edge. Only 20 meters away and five meters below was the large flat top of a huge pillar of rock which rose vertically from the crashing sea.

There were hundreds of nesting gannets, magnificent large white seabirds, with black wing tips and yellow heads. Simone and Sarah watched as some parents fed their black, fluff covered chicks. They saw some of the gannets scramble awkwardly to the cliff's edge then launch themselves gracefully into the sky.

“We're in luck,” said Mike. The two women looked to where his binoculars were pointing. Mike passed the binoculars to Simone and stood behind her to direct her gaze.
Simone saw dozens of gannets circling in the sky. Then randomly, from the height of around 30 meters, the seabirds tucked their wings tight to their bodies and dived straight down into the water, like arrows.
“They're mad,” said Simone passing the binoculars to Sarah.
“They hit the water at about 100 kilometers an hour,” said Mike.

More gannets flew from the rock pillar and soon there were so many splashes in the sea it looked as though machine-gun was being fired into the water. Simone and Sarah watched in fascination for half an hour, then abruptly the show was over.

They walked around another headland then were on a beach on the ocean side of the island. Large breakers rolled to the shore. All three took off their clothes and body-surfed for an hour in the warm and powerful waves. It was the first time Simone and Sarah had swum naked in the surf and they loved the feeling as the water washed across their bodies and bubbled across their genitals.

They went snorkeling in a protected rocky cove and explored a small marine wonderland. Dozens of fish glided fearlessly around them. Mike dived to the bottom and the women saw him feel under a rock and bring out a flapping lobster. Then to another hole and another lobster.

“Skipper, we love lobster. You're so clever,” exclaimed Simone.
“Not really. In three days time there will be two more there. In the season it's like a fish shop except that I don't pay.”

They sat side by side drying in the sun. Mike's gazed at the two naked bodies beside him and gently brushed Simone's inner thigh, then Sarah's.
“What are you thinking Skipper Mike?” asked Sarah.
“I'm wondering when I will wake from this dream.”
“So are we.” Simone sighed.

Back at the cabin they shared the shower. The women were careful to clean all the sand from their bodies and then meticulously made sure that Mike's cock was sand free. This resulted in it's standing to attention. Simone and Sarah watched with interest.
“And what are you thinking now Skipper Mike?” asked Sarah.
“I'm wondering how I decide which of you to bonk first.”
“We can decide that if you like. And I think my Mum would quite like it if you fucked her now.”
Simone guided Mike's hand to her pussy.
“I'm going to read a book under the tree,” said Sarah. She kissed her mother, then Mike.

Simone smiled at Mike and raised her arms. Mike smiled at Simone and carried her into the bedroom. Their kissing was long and passionate and their touching was delicate, intimate and arousing. Mike gently caressed the insides of Simone's thighs and outer labia. Simone moved to open herself more to him and gently stroked his balls, his shaft and his knob.

When Simone was on her knees with her shoulders on the sheets the delicacy and intimacy were replaced by unrestrained and physical fucking. Mike held her hips as he pounded her vagina from behind. Simone buried her face in the pillow and gurgled and pushed her buttocks to take him deeper, feeling his knob pound into her cervix as her orgasm surged.

“Aaaaaaaah Uhuhuh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”

Simone lay panting with her loins still quivering and her pussy still twitching and tingling. She stroked Mike's hair.
“You haven't come Skipper.”
Mike guided her so that she was lying on her back with her buttocks just off the edge of the bed. He knelt in front of her and put his hands his hands under her thighs, raising them towards her chest and spreading them.
Simone had a moment of confusion and anxiety. A day ago she hadn't met Mike. Until a day ago she had always had sex under sheets. A day ago she wouldn't have even considered anal sex.

Now here she was her legs apart, her vulva and anus as openly exposed as possible and about to have a cock in her ass. Last night it had hurt a little at the start and had been quite uncomfortable for some time.

Mike noticed her small frown. “Only if you want to Simone.”
Her resolution returned. After all the orgasms and delights she had just had, she was his for whatever he wanted. And she was determined to explore her new found sexuality. Her body was flexible from all her yoga classes so she spread her knees even wider and brought her legs so far back that the sides of her thighs were touching the sheets..

She smiled. “Come on Skipper, make my day.”
Mike looked at her splayed torso, her vagina was still dilated and pink and glistening from their sex, her brown anus beckoned, those beautiful thighs and breasts and now that tranquil smile. As his oiled knob nudged her anus Simone reached out her right hand to hold his left.

There was no pain this time as his knob penetrated her anal ring. His fingers had dilated her before and her sphincter was more relaxed. Simone saw the look of ecstasy on Mike's face and squeezed her anus.

Ever so gently Mike probed, only advancing half an inch each time and only after he could feel that Simone was comfortable. He frequently withdrew completely adding more oil and each time his knob reentered without resistance. He noticed Simone's haunches starting to move in time with his rhythm and he could see her relaxed face and tranquil smile.
Simone's body was starting to take control. She was loving the feel of Mike's cock against her smooth rectum walls. She writhed her hips to get more of the exquisite pressure. She loved the full feeling and started to push her buttocks towards Mike.

Mike could feel her reaction and could feel how her bowel was relaxing. He thrust in deeper and harder and his finger rubbed her clitoris. Simone squeezed his other hand.
“Oh Skipper that's lovely,” she sighed.
Her hips were now more demanding, thrusting herself along his rod. That was the end of Mike's restraint and he plunged in so deeply that his loins banged against Simone's buttocks. His cock tingled with delight and he sighed.

Simone's breath came in pants and she alternated between little grunts and squeals. She was totally under the control of the gorgeous feelings in her bowel.

“Aaahuhuh aaahuh eeeeeeee aaaahu huh huh eeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Her hips started to rotate in irregular circles. In a languid rhythm she thrust her ass forward to get Mike's cock more deeply inside. She could feel herself tantalizingly on the brink. Then her rectum was overwhelmed by a sunburst of ecstasy, her hips and torso went into uncontrollable convulsions and her breasts bounced.

“Aaaaaa huh huh aaaaaaaa huhuhuh huh eeeeeeee aaaahu huh huh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Simone smiled a dreamy smile and squeezed his cock again.

“Was there an earthquake?”
“Perhaps a nuclear bomb.”
“Oh my God that was so wonderful.” Then she felt his rigid cock inside her.
“Skipper, you are so naughty. You still haven't come.”
Simone knelt and kissed his penis, licked his penis and sucked his penis and cupped his balls with her fingers. Mike felt his loins tightening; felt the surge sweep through his loins, through his shaft and knob and into her throat.

At high tide they rowed out to “Queen of the Waves” and brought her to the beach. Mike worked his boat onto a trailer and, with an old tractor, pulled it up from the beach to a grassy patch of land..
“First part is the worst part. Sandpapering down the paint.”
Simone and Sarah looked at the daunting task.
“Come on Sarah. This tub is going to take us home in a few days. I'd prefer to set fire to my hair than be seen in it looking like this.”
Mike gave them some old clothes and the three worked hard in the hot sun for four hours. He was impressed how hard they worked, how meticulously they worked and, even more, how they worked without complaint.

After they had washed it was Simone's turn to say that she was going outside to read a book
Sarah took control of her sex with Mike. She pushed him onto his back and then slowly pleasured his body with her fingers and lips and tongue. Kneeling over him, she traced her nipples over his torso and face. She covered her breasts with saliva and brought him to a peak of excitement by massaging his erection between them.
Then she knelt astride him, facing his feet, her pussy inches from his and took his rod deep into her throat. She refused to let him lick her pussy so Mike enjoyed the gorgeous close up view of vulva and the aroma of her sexual juices as she licked and sucked and swallowed.

She changed position, kneeling to face him as she lowered herself and inserted his now frantic cock so far inside that it pushed hard into her cervix. Watching his face and seeing his excitement, she bounced up and down faster and faster and clenching her vaginal muscles. Sarah timed things to perfection and Mike exploded inside her as her own orgasm shivered through her.

Mike lived in solitude partly because he was quite a solitary person but mainly to write his book. This was a mission he was determined to complete. He earned a reasonable living as a contract computer programmer working via the Internet.

Simone was journalist and asked if she could read what he had written so far. Mike agreed as he had only one more chapter to write before he sent his manuscript to a publisher.
Sarah had studied computers at school and was going to start a college course in programming. She was happy to read programming books from Mike's library and try things on one of his computers.

The early evening was spent studiously: Mike writing his book, Sarah studying and Simone curled up in an arm chair, reading. The only sounds were Coldplay singing quietly in the background and Simone's chortles at Mike's humorous writing

After two hours Mike cooked the lobsters with fresh vegetables from his garden. It was becoming cooler so he lit a log fire. Simone opened a bottle of wine and Sarah hunted through Mike's cupboards and found two candles. Simone replaced Coldplay with Queen which caused Sarah and Mike to roll their eyes at each other.

In the flickering light from the log fire and candles, the wine was superb, the food was delicious and the conversation and laughter flowed. Simone had enjoyed Mike's book and asked him about it, both the women talked about how beautiful the island was. They were feeling content and relaxed in a way neither could remember. They had enjoyed the hard work on “Queen of the Waves” and were committed to completing it, they loved the island, Mike was stimulating company. And the sex..

After dinner Sarah put on Mon Def very loud and they took off their clothes and danced in front of the fire.
After two hours of erotic and arousing dancing Simone made her excuses. She had told Sarah about her anal earthquake Sarah insisted on the same. This time it was on Mike's table as Sarah pulled her knees almost to her armpits.

Later Simone lay on Mike, loving the feeling of his deep penetration, her hair hanging down beside his face creating their own private erotic cocoon. She looked into his eyes and felt blissfully happy. She started to say something, but changed her mind and kissed him. A few minutes later she felt a surge of emotion when she heard him groan and felt him stiffen and thrust as his ejaculation burst deep inside her.
Later, as she was lying behind him in bed she snuggled herself hard against his back and put her arms around him in a tight bear hug. When she heard him quietly snoring she kissed his back and whispered, “Goodnight darling skipper.”

The days developed into a pattern. Each morning they repeated the walk, watched the gannets, surfed the waves and caught lobsters or fish. Eight hours solid work on “Queen of the Waves” and evenings full of companionship, laughter and sex. Sex which became more uninhibited, more tender and more delightful. The three were often naked and the women often touched Mike tenderly and he fondled their bodies.
Boundaries were agreed without discussion. Penetration and orgasms were private. There was never a threesome. Usually it was one of the women who was the prompt by leaving the other two together. But sometimes the sight of a breast or a curved buttock, sometimes just a shared smile and Mike would take the hand of whoever was closest and Simone and Sarah never objected.

They enjoyed each other's company more and more. Simone offered to proof-read Mike's book and they spent many hours discussing characters and plot development, each appreciating the other's feel for words and language. Sarah studied hard on her computer programming and she and Mike often worked together.

The ocean provided lobsters and fish and Mike's garden provided fresh vegetables and fruit. Simone did arrange for her supermarket to send some provisions on the weekly ferry service as she felt they should be making some contribution and she didn't want to run out of wine.

These were the richest days of the women's lives. The sex was perfect, the three way company so much fun and so stimulating and even when they were each silently reading or writing, both Sarah and Simone sometimes looked around the room and felt contented and fulfilled.

On the third evening Sarah lay in the classic missionary position feeling Mike's cock deep inside her, filling her pussy.
“Oh God, I love your cock so much.” Then she grabbed his ears to pull his head back so that she could look into his eyes. “And I love you so much.”
Mike stopped his thrusting and looked down at her. “I don't think you should be saying things like that Sarah.”
She was puzzled as his smile was so tender. “Didn't you like hearing me say that?”
“I loved hearing you say that.”
“Then why shouldn't I? I meant it.”
“Crew, you're talking too much.”
He resumed his thrusting and soon Sarah was incapable of saying anything as the pulsating surges took over her loins.
Afterwards as she traced her fingertips over his flaccid cock she said, “Anyway, I do love you.”
“Hush, crew,” he murmured in her ear and hugged her tightly.

Later that night Simone followed her usual routine of kissing Mike when he was asleep and whispering “Goodnight darling Skipper.”
She was surprised when his hand reached over to squeeze her buttock. “Goodnight darling Simone.”
“Did you mean that Skipper?”
“No, it was just your hand on my cock which made me say it.”
“Will you say it to me if I put my hand there?” asked Sarah moving her hand.
“Sleep tight darling Sarah.” Mike kissed her nose.

Sarah and Simone became completely unreserved in their expressions of love and “Skipper” became “darling Skipper.” Mike was less open but each night in bed when they put their hands on his cock he whispered, “Goodnight darling Simone. Sleep tight darling Sarah.”

By the end of the sixth day their work on “Queen of the Waves” was complete. They proudly gazed at her and Simone resolved that she would never describe the boat as a “tub” again. But underlying their happiness was sadness. The next day would be their last full day together.

Sarah and Simone sat on the beach watching as the sun went down.
“Mum, I don't want this to end.”
“I know, I feel the same.”
“I love him so much. I've loved every minute all three of us have had together.”
“It's the same for me,” Simone sighed. “But we just can't stay here Sarah. You've got your college course starting and my boss is already grumbling about me being away. How long would this strange threesome last? God knows what my friends are saying already. And lovely as this island is, both of us are city people.”

Sarah looked into the distance with tears in her eyes. “Couldn't we ask him to stay with us in town?”
“I've said to him that he can stay with us whenever he likes. He's never answered directly. He's a solitary sort of person. He's got his life here where he feels comfortable and he's totally focused on his writing.
“And he's not into material things at all. He's got all he needs here. He doesn't need a flash car or any of the boys' toys. He knows we're rich. It doesn't matter out here, but I wonder how he will feel when he sees our house and cars.”

“Well, what can we do?”
“I'll repeat the offer for him to stay with us when he feels like it. But I don't think he'll say anything.”
“What about us coming out here for weekends?”
“Well, darling daughter, it's up to him to invite us.”
“Perhaps it will turn out to be just one week in paradise which we will remember for the rest of our lives.”
“Perhaps it will.”

The next day they took “Queen of the Waves” out onto the ocean. Simone and Sarah loved the motion of the boat on the big ocean swells, loved the feeling that they had the world to themselves and feeling the sea breeze in their faces. As they left the bay a pod of dolphins came and surfed on the bow wave. Mike stopped the boat and the women took off their clothes and joined the dolphins. They circled and dived and leaped out of the water around them, never coming close enough to touch.

Sarah was the lucky one when the tuna hit the trailing lure. The power of the strike took her by surprise and it took her an hour to bring it in.
“There you are Skipper. Your fighting tuna at last. Perhaps it wasn't so bad rescuing us after all. You've got your fish and you've had your boat painted,” said Simone.
“And you've had us whenever you've wanted,” Sarah licked his ear.
Mike grinned at her, was about to reply but stopped. The women saw his eyes start to glaze before he turned away.

They barbecued thick tuna steaks over the bonfire as they drank wine. Their last night's lovemaking was that, each of the women in turn, their legs and arms wrapped tightly around him, kissing him passionately, both slowing things down so they could extend this last intimate moment as long as possible.

The conversation on the return voyage was stilted: Sarah's course, Simone's job and Mike's next book. They all expressed polite interest, but all three felt they should be discussing something else: them.

After three long and awkward hours they reached the port.
“Skipper Mike, you've saved our lives and given us a week in paradise.”

He hugged them both tightly. The women looked up and saw tears in his eyes and both clung to him.
“Look after yourself darling Skipper,” whispered Sarah.
“You too.”
“Anytime you want to stay with us when you're in town, just call.”
“And be sure to email me the last chapter. I can't wait to see what happens.”

Two final tight embraces and Mike watched them walk away. He took “Queen of the Waves” to some marine engineers for some work, then bought a coffee and thought.
Already there was an emptiness deep in his stomach. For much of the last two days he had been thinking. Would Simone and Sarah finish their week of excitement, go back to their city lives and forget him? Could they somehow continue the three way relationship? What about the distance?

“I can't go into town and I wouldn't fit into their lifestyle anyway. I've been the happiest I've been in my life on the island. And I want to finish my book.”

He thought about phoning Mandy, a girl who was always happy to share her bed with him, but immediately dismissed the thought. He collected his boat from the engineers and had a long and lonely trip to the island. He looked around his cabin. There wasn't any sign that Simone and Sarah had ever been there until he checked his razor and again found they hadn't cleaned it since their last pussy trims.

He went to his computer. There was an email.
“Our darling skipper
“We will never forget our enchanted week with you. We will remember it for the rest of our lives. Lives we only have because of you.

“All our love
“Simone and Sarah”

He tried to interpret it. Did they want to see him again or not? They didn't say. He opened his photo files and started to look at the dozens of picture he had of them, but it was too painful and so he went for a five kilometer swim and a walk around the island. It was dark when he returned. He grilled a tuna steak and had a desperately lonely meal. He started writing, but didn't write much.

Over the next days he gradually got his life in order. He worked on his software and book and took out “Queen of the Waves” having the luck to catch a marlin which he tagged and released. He couldn't bring himself to look at his photo files but did resist the urge to delete them. He convinced himself that it had been a week in paradise, to be treasured but impossible to repeat.
“Once they're back in town they'll pick up their high society living. I wonder how Simone now thinks about sharing a man half her age with her daughter.”

Sarah and Simone were busy when they returned. Sarah had her new course and Simone had to catch up on her work.
All their friends wanted to hear about the rescue and all asked the same question.
“Why did you stay there for a week?”
“We thought we were going to die. If he hadn't turned up we would have. To thank him we painted his boat.”
“What was he like?”
“A bit odd. A recluse living by himself on an outer island.”
“Did you and he . . you know . . do anything?”
“Certainly not,” snorted Simone with her frosty stare.” He was half my age and as I said, a bit odd.”
“God no,” laughed Sarah. He was weird, a recluse, a loner. I certainly wasn't interested and he wasn't either.” She felt guilty talking about Mike like that

Simone's friends invited her to a dinner party to celebrate her return. The dinner guests who had bought new houses talked about their new houses, those who bought new cars talked about their new cars and those who had been on holidays in exotic locations talked about exotic locations.
Simone wondered how she had ever found these dinner parties interesting and she remembered the stimulating, laughter filled evenings on the island.

Her well-meaning friends introduced her some eligible bachelors but when she looked at them and imagined being in bed with them she had not the slightest interest. Sarah told her boyfriend that she felt it was best for both of them if they moved on.

After a two weeks Mike received an email.

“Has 'Queen of the Waves' gone down with all hands? If yes, where and when is your funeral? If no please note that we're not dead either.”

He replied:
“Here's the final chapter for you to pull to bits. I'm coming into town to meet my software contractors Monday week. How about a coffee late in the afternoon?”

He had thought long and hard before suggested the coffee. He didn't want to revive that awful loneliness after he had left them the last time. But he couldn't just walk out of their lives. And, he desperately wanted to see them again and to hear them laugh again.

A day later Simone emailed back.
“Skipper, that last chapter was so, so sooooooooo good. I've proofread it and I hope you don't mind, but here are a few suggestions. I know a publisher who might be interested. Can I show your manuscript to him?”

“Love Simone”

He emailed back thanking her for her great suggestions and yes, please, give it to the publisher as he didn't know how to do that.

Mike arrived early at the cafe. In the intervening days he had decided that this would be the last time he would meet them. “Time to move on. They're from a different world and I don't want to go through what I felt the last time I said goodbye, again.”
When he saw them approaching he was more determined.

Simone looked stunning in a business-like and professional way. She was wearing a tight black skirt which came to two inches above her knee and a long sleeved white blouse. Her hair was tightly drawn back and she had her aloof and aristocratic expression. Sarah was wearing a slightly shorter flowing skirt and a designer tank top.
They oozed confidence, wealth, high society and class. His remaining confidence drained away. They were out of his reach, from a different world. Unattainable.

Had he really made love to them all those times? Had they really flaunted themselves like that and taken him to erotic heaven with their bodies. Had they really come to wailing orgasms with his cock in their asses?
Had they really really spent a week laughing together, working together, and being so stimulated, just the three of them?
Had they really said they loved him?
Looking at them now he couldn't imagine how it could have happened.

Simone saw him first and her expression changed to an open smile as she waved. Sarah ran the last 20 meters and threw her body into his and kissed his lips. Simone's hug was more chaste and her kiss was on his cheek, but she looked into his eyes with a twinkle in hers.
“You're looking well Skipper.”
They brought him up to date with what had happened.
“My course is so useless. I learned more in one day with you Skipper than I have in three weeks there.”
“And what have you been up to?”
“You know my life, working, writing, reading, fishing and surfing. And some of the cabins have got holiday makers in them.”
“Lot's of nice girls for you to work your wonders on?” asked Sarah.
“No,” said Mike. This wasn't strictly true as there was one who liked to talk to him, but he hadn't felt the desire for anything else.

“When are you going back?”
“In half an hour.”
“No you're not.” exclaimed Sarah squeezing his hand. “You're not going to spend just half an hour with us and then vanish.” There were tears in her eyes. “Didn't you mean the things you said to us on the island?”
“At least you could have a meal with us. We want to hear all about your next book.” Simone took his other hand. “Surely we can be friends? We don't want you to vanish from our lives, just like that.”

Mike reluctantly agreed. He had been feeling all his affection returning, but also all his doubts.
“Good,” said Simone squeezing his hand. Now I've got an appointment so I'll see you at the restaurant in an hour.”

Sarah had heard her mother talk about being friends, but that was not her intention. She had never stopped thinking about him for three weeks. And now that she was seeing him all her emotions were back. She absolutely adored him.
As they walked around the waterfront she put her arm around his waist and soon their conversation was completely relaxed.
“You were so mean not writing to us more. You must have had a girl over there.”
“No, all I could do was dream about mermaids.”
“I did go out with my old boyfriend once, but I couldn't bear the idea of even holding hands.”

Mike unwound completely. Sarah was so enthusiastic, so bouncy, so open and so, so beautiful. He put his arm around her shoulders.
They walked down an alleyway between some derelict warehouses. Sarah stood with her back to the entrance.
“You haven't groped me yet Skipper.”
Mike kissed her, ran his hands over her breasts and pushed his hips into hers until they heard some people in the nearby street. They wandered further into the maze of deserted alleyways until they came to a rubbish strewn dead end.

Sarah leaned against a brick wall and took off her knickers as Mike lowered his trousers and briefs to mid thigh.
“Hello sailor,” said Sarah grasping his erection in one hand and lifting her skirt with the other.
“I think you belong in here,” she giggled as she guided the knob between her pussy lips.
They both stood as Mike thrust quickly and powerfully into the depths of her vagina and her body bounced with his urgent pounding. Three weeks with no sex, the thrill from the fear of being found, but most of all Mike's thrill at being with Sarah meant that within half a minute a torrent of his come surged up his shaft and exploded through his knob against her cervix.

“That was quick.”
“I'm sorry. It was three weeks abstinence I guess.”
“Don't be sorry. I don't have to come every time. It was lovely feeling you in there. I had forgotten how beautiful it is.”
Sarah knelt and cleaned his penis with her lips and tongue then put some tissues in her knickers as she pulled them up.
They stopped at the first clothing shop where she bought some new knickers and tidied herself in the rest room.

When Simone met them at the restaurant she knew immediately what had happened.
“Sarah, you've taken off your bra.”
“You know what Skipper Mike thinks about bras.”
“Skipper, you've been shagging my daughter.”
“I tried to resist. But I failed.”

Mike had some difficulty assessing Simone. She looked at him with so much affection, she laughed and joined in the conversation and from time to time she patted his arm or hand. But in other ways she seemed more distant. She didn't call him darling and her touches were always innocent and fleeting. She quickly finished her after dinner coffee and gave Sarah the car keys.
“I'm late for my charity committee meeting. You take the car, I'll get a cab.”
“How rude. That's twice she's left us. She didn't tell me about any silly meeting,” Sarah pouted after her mother had left.

In Sarah's bedroom Mike made up for his premature ejaculation. He languidly massaged aromatic body oil over every inch of her body sending shivers of excitement from wherever his hands were to her vagina. He licked and sucked her nipples until they stood up hard, he licked and sucked her clitoris until she came in a stream of groaning climaxes.
Sarah knew the position she wanted and lay on the bed, her knees to her armpits and loved the look in Mike's eyes as he gazed at her openly exposed vulva and anus.
“Come on darling Skipper, it's all yours.”
“I'm like the indecisive snooker player.”
“I can't decide which I'll pot first. The pink or the brown.” He laughed at his unoriginal joke as his penis gently and lovingly slid into her vagina.
But as soon as she felt him inside her Sarah changed her mind. She wanted her arms around him and his around her, to feel his chest on her breasts, to be kissing him as she felt his cock thrusting into her. She pulled him down onto the bed

When Simone came home she paused outside Sarah's door and heard them.
“For fuck's sake Skipper shove that fucking mast of yours right up fucking my ass. . . . . . . . . . . Oh my God. . . . . . . . Oh my fuuuuuuuucking Goooooooooooooooood.”
Simone smiled and went to her room.

The next morning Sarah immediately knew something was wrong and went to Simone.
“Mum, you didn't come to bed with us. Come right now.”
Simone held her hand. “I think it's better with just you and Mike together, darling.”
Sarah was horrified. “Skipper, come here,” she yelled. “Mum doesn't want to fuck you anymore.”
Mike wasn't sure that he wanted to be part of this conversation, but he wrapped a towel around his waist and joined them. Simone was lying in bed covered by a sheet. He could see the shape of her breasts and thighs.
“You both know how I feel about Mike. It's not that. You two are the right age for each other. This threesome just can't work.”
“It worked perfectly on Mike's island. Mum this is so unfair. It's not fair on me and it's not fair on Mike.”
“It's Simone's choice,” Mike said softly.

“And it's not fair on you. You love him so much Mum.”
“There's another reason which perhaps you won't like me for. Sooner or later it will get out that I'm sharing a man half my age with my daughter. I don't think I would be able to face my friends. Now, could you two please leave me.”
Sarah saw tears streaming down her mother's face before she turned into the pillow.

Sarah had calmed down by the time the three had breakfast together. She hugged Simone and told her how much she loved her.
“And we can still be friends Skipper, very dear friends,” said Simone. “You can stay here whenever you like.”

This raised another awkward matter for Mike.
“My next software project starts in a week. I'll be staying in town for a month.”
“That's lovely Skipper. You can stay in my room and you can use the study for your writing,” Sarah was ecstatic.
Earlier Mike had wandered around their multi-million dollar mansion. It had made him feel more and more uncomfortable. Perhaps he was an inverted snob. Perhaps he had an inferiority complex but he felt extremely uneasy around wealth and wealthy people.
“I won't be comfortable here. I won't be comfortable with your friends. You probably think it's strange but there's a reason I live on that island.”

Simone had been thinking about this during the three weeks. She couldn't understand why he felt this way but she knew he had strong feelings on it.
“Just try it Skipper. You can shift out any time. No questions asked.”

Mike's transition was easier than he expected. The study was his private area and the women left him completely alone in there as he spent hours writing. They only invited friends around when he wasn't there.
His relationship with Sarah blossomed, they were hopelessly and deliriously in love and her humor, enthusiasm and devotion melted all his reserves. After three days he shifted his desk into the living room and his writing flourished in the company of the two women.

However as Mike became happier and relaxed, the opposite was happening to Simone. The first night Sarah had put on dance music after dinner, she had gone straight to her bedroom. While she joined in their meal time conversations her laughter and vivacity weren't often there.
After a week Mike noticed that she called him “Mike”, never “Skipper” and even those innocent pats of his hand ceased.
Sarah and Mike were careful never to fondle each other in her presence. Their physical delight was just a strong when they were alone together but both felt it wasn't appropriate in Simone's company.
After another week Simone seemed to be far busier with her work and her charities and came home later at night, often leaving Sarah and Mike to eat alone.
Mike noticed noticed Simone's aloof stares more often. He knew her well enough now to know it wasn't arrogance. It was a defensive shell. His conversations with her became more stilted, less personal and he noticed that she often avoided his eyes when she talked to him.

Sarah and Mike discussed it.
“You know it's you Skipper. She still adores you.”
“I think I had better move out.”
“If you do, I'm coming with you.”
“We can't leave her alone.”
“God, why doesn't she just fuck you. I haven't seen her so unhappy since she was with Daddy. You do still love her don't you?”
“Of course. When I see her so unhappy I want to cuddle her. Remember all those lovely days and nights with the three of us on the island?”

In the evening Mike was working at his desk when Simone came in.
“Simone would you mind having a look at this for me please?”
“What is it?”
“The first two chapters of my next book.”
“Mike I don't think I should.” She loved his writing and was longing to see the new book.
“Come on Simone. You know how much you helped me with the last one.”
She rolled her eyes, gracelessly took the pages and sat in an arm chair with her back to him. Mike turned his attention to his computer.
After five minutes he heard a chortle of laughter from Simone and after a few minutes another.
“Skipper, how do you dream up these things? You've got such an eccentric mind.”
Mike looked across and saw her face glowing with enthusiasm. He turned to his computer.

After another few minutes Simone came to his desk and took a pencil.
“You're a brilliant writer Skipper, but you do need a proofreader.”
“I sure do. I need the best.”
Simone looked at him for moment then returned to her arm chair started making notes in the margin.

After ten minutes she suddenly burst into hysterics of laughter. Mike hadn't heard her laugh like that since the island.
“Where's chapter two?”
“I haven't printed it off yet. It's on the screen.”
Simone pulled up a chair and sat next to him. She pointed to her notes.
“Your grammar is slipping Skipper. And you've got your character Janet's age wrong twice already.”
“It's all your fault Simone.”
“Why my fault?”
“I've needed you.”

Simone looked at him with a quizzical expression then her eyes twinkled, she grabbed the mouse from his hand and studied the computer screen.
Her hair had parted at the nape of her neck and Mike remembered how she and he loved him nuzzling there.
Tears started to form in Simone's eyes.
“What's the matter?”
“It's so sad for Janet. She's under all this stress and has no-one to really talk to. She's got all these acquaintances, but she's absolutely on her own. She's surrounded by people but is totally alone.”

Simone pecked his nose. “I think it's going to be even better than the first.” Then she turned back to the screen.
Mike's gaze dropped down to Simone's thighs. Sitting down, her dress had pulled up a little and he could see the bottom half of them. His mind went back to her walking naked beside him on the beach. He dragged his eyes away and looked at her profile. Simone turned to talk again and noticed his wistful gaze.
“I don't think you're supposed to look at me like that Skipper,” she whispered.
“I don't think you're supposed to be quite such a wonderful woman Simone.” He pecked her cheek and Simone looked at him before turning to study the screen.

After 15 minutes she turned again and her face was glowing.
“It's absolutely marvelous.” Then she frowned. “I've got a few comments. Would you like to hear them.”
“Of course, you've helped me so much before.”
“We were a good team, weren't we?” Her enthusiastic smile returned, she looked into his eyes, then frowned and picked up her notes.

They had an animated conversation for half an hour. Neither minded if the other disagreed although Mike realized that many of Simone's suggestions were very perceptive. As he had expected.

Mike stood up.
“By the way your publisher has said he'll run with the book if I make a few changes.”
Simone leaped to her feet and hugged him. “Oh Skipper that's wonderful news.”
In her excitement she forgot her chaste hugs and held him tightly.
“He wants to meet in a couple of days. Could you come as my business advisor.”
“Of course I could. Skipper I'm so pleased for you. You're so talented. I always knew you would be published.”She hugged him tighter.
Mike felt her breasts against his chest and his penis started to stiffen.
“I don't think you're supposed to hug me like this Simone,” he whispered in her ear.
“Of course I am, you're going to be a published author.” She pecked his lips then wondered whether Mike was supposed to send that thrill down her spine with that whisper.

Mike tapped her bottom. “Sarah's got dinner ready.”
The dinner had all the sparkling boisterous conversation, the communication and bonding of their meals on the island. Sarah had already read Mike's first two chapters but listened patiently as Simone gave an enthusiastic description. She loved seeing her mother so happy. After dinner she put on some dance music.
“Now you stay here Mum, we're not going to take our clothes off.”
Simone was hesitant at first but the mood soon took over and she writhed and wriggled and thrust her hips to the music. Sarah was sure her mother danced more provocatively when she noticed Mike's gaze.

A slow track came on and Sarah excused herself to go to the bathroom. Mike looked at Simone and Simone looked at Mike then held out her arms and they danced cheek to cheek. Simone relaxed even more and they danced breasts to chest and hip to hip. She nuzzled her head onto his shoulder, he nuzzled his face on her hair. Mike's hand drifted down to the cleft between her buttocks and for a moment Simone surrendered and thrust her hips into him.

Then she pulled back.
“I don't think your cock is supposed to go hard like that Skipper.”
“I don't think it has much choice.”
“I think I'll go to bed.”
Mike saw that her eyes were glistening. “Are you sure?”
Simone didn't trust herself to speak and almost ran out of the room.

Simone was in a state of total confusion. It had been wonderful working with Mike on his book, their bouncy and interesting conversation and just being close to him. The atmosphere with Sarah at the meal and dancing afterwards reminded her of those perfect days on the island.
When she had danced closely with him, smelling him, feeling his breath on her neck, feeling her breasts against his chest and his hand on her bum, it had taken all her resolve not to undo his belt.
But what would her friends say?

Then she thought, “Sarah and Mike are my real friends. I'm like Janet in Mike's book. Lot's of acquaintances, but no-one to talk to properly. God it was lovely feeling his arms around me. God it was lovely feeling that cock.”
She put two fingers of one hand in her vagina and her other hand on her clitoris, soon came to a climax.

The next evening Simone said she was going out to play bridge. Mike took a risk.
“Simone I need your help. I want to talk about our meeting tomorrow and the changes he wants in the book.”
Simone fixed him with her most withering arrogant stare and Mike felt like crawling out under the door. Simone stared for 20 seconds. Her rational mind said “play bridge” but her emotional mind won.
“You're the skipper, Skipper,” she sighed.

There was no physical contact or sexual innuendo while they talked for two hours. They discussed strategy for the meeting. Mike wanted Simone to do everything as he was completely naive when it came to business.
Simone said “You're the author, you're the skipper. You do it. I'm your advisor.”
Mike showed her the changes the publisher wanted. He wanted three characters and two chapters cut to speed the pace. Simone was appalled.
“They are lovely characters. He hasn't read it properly. Tell him you'll take it to another publisher.”
“I can't do that.”
“Skipper, he likes your book. He'll publish. Tell him why you won't change it.”
She watched as he wrote down notes of everything she said.
When they had finished she shook Mike's hand. “We're a team. Let's thrash that publisher tomorrow.”
Mike looked at her. “I'm feeling sorry for him already.”

Later in her bed Simone reflected how much she had enjoyed that conversation. She compared it to how bored she would have been at bridge.

The meeting went better than either expected. Mike explained to the publisher and his editor why the three characters couldn't be cut and they readily agreed. Simone had to take more of a dominant role on the money as Mike was embarrassed to talk about it.
At one stage she stood up and said, “Let's get out of here Skipper. The publishers down the road will know a good book when they read it.”
But they didn't leave and a deal was struck.

Afterward they hugged each other with excitement in the underground carpark.
“Simone you were brilliant.”
“I was wasn't I? But so were you Skipper. What a team! I'll call Sarah and we'll celebrate.”
“Mum I'm so happy for you and Skipper Mike. But I can't come. I've got to finish this assignment.”
“Sarah can't come, she's got an assignment. Where shall we celebrate?”
Simone hesitated. “Skipper, I'm not sure.”
“Yes you are.” Mike whispered in her ear and kissed her.
She put his hand on her breast. “I suppose I am.”
She thought for a moment. “Sarah won't mind?”
“She hasn't got an assignment, she's going to a movie.”

Mike watched as Simone undressed. She started to take the clips from her hair to let it hang loose.
“No,please. I want to fuck the high society Simone tonight.”
They lay on the bed stroking each other's bodies. Mike kissed her her all over her face.
“Hello beautiful forehead, beautiful eyes, beautiful nose and cheeks, beautiful lips and chin.”
Further down, “Hello Botticelli's Venus' breasts.”
“Her nipples were pink.”
“They would have been brown if he had seen yours.”
And further down.
Further down, “Hello Botticelli's Venus' vagina.”
“He didn't paint it. It was covered by a sheet.”
“But he would have painted it if he had seen yours.”
Mike moved down and licked and kissed her navel, her belly, her pubic mound, the insides of her thighs and her anus. Then he spread her labia and licked the entrance of her vagina then her clitoral hood. He inserted two fingers in her vagina then pushed them into her anus. With two other fingers on her G spot and his teeth gently nibbling her clitoris Simone came to the climax she had been dreaming about for weeks.

She knelt over Mike's cock, stroking it with her fingertips.
“Did I really put all of your huge mast in my mouth?”
She rediscovered her love of having Mike's strength and masculinity in her mouth, of feeling his excitement mount as she sucked and licked and the delicious taste of his semen.

“Where?” asked Mike when his tumescence recovered.
“Deep and hard and right in my cunt.”
She knelt on the floor, pushing her backside out. Mike slid his rod in, deep and hard, then grabbed her hips. Simone moaned in ecstasy as she was physically taken, as she was fundamentally fucked, as her vagina was pounded and her body bounced as his hips banged into her buttocks.

“Oh Mike, oh my darling Skipper Mike don't you dare ever stop doing that. Ever.” Simone's loins were still quivering and convulsing and Mike's semen was oozing onto her thigh.
“You are such a bastard skipper. Why didn't you fuck me sooner?”
“You said you didn't want to.”
“Skipper, learn this and remember it well. When it comes to sex with you, when I say 'No' I mean 'Yes'.”
“What does it mean when you say 'Yes'?”
Simone assumed her haughty arrogance and looked at him as though he was the village idiot. “Why yes, of course. Don't you understand plain English?”
Mike sighed and rolled over and picked up a magazine.

Sarah soon came and joined them.
“Mum, what will your friends say?”
“Not very much probably. They'll just ignore me and talk about me behind my back.”
“Will that upset you?”
“Not really, I think I'm like Janet in Mike's new book. Lot's of acquaintances, but no-one to talk to.”
Simone turned and glared at Mike and prodded him.
“When you wrote about Janet you were writing about me. You bastard.”
“Janet's nipples are pink and she's a blond.”
Later Sarah prodded him.
“You are such a bastard skipper. Why didn't didn't you fuck my lovely Mum sooner?”
“She said she didn't want to.”
“Didn't you realize that 'No' meant 'Yes'?”
“I'm seriously thinking about going gay,” said Mike burying his head in a pillow.

But they didn't let him go to sleep straight away..
Simone stroked his cock. “What are you supposed to say?”
“Goodnight, darling Simone.”
Sarah stroked his cock.
“Sleep tight, darling Sarah.”

Their lives became more intertwined. Sarah gave up her course because Mike could teach her far better. She progressed quickly and was soon helping him with his projects. This had a benefit for him as she started to organize him. He had a tendency to flit from one project to another as a new idea struck him. Sarah put a stop to that and organized his day resulting in him being more productive and earning more money.
“Skipper, you are such a disorganized slob.”

Mike helped Simone, not with her research or basic style, but with advice on vocabulary, and paragraph structure and theme development. Her improved style was seen by the editor of a monthly magazine who offered her a job. This meant that she wasn't tied to daily deadlines, did more research and her editor didn't care where she worked as long as her articles came in on time.

So they were able to divide their time between the island and the city and the threesome relationship immediately returned to the passion, laughter, vivacity and companionship of their first week. Their friends realized that Mike and Sarah were in a relationship but did not consider Mike and Simone. They kept their affection in private and because Simone had a reputation for being straight laced and because it was so unusual, no-one even considered that mother and daughter shared one man.

It was overconfidence that led to their downfall. The three accepted an invitation to a party at Maxine's. Mike and Simone were careful not to spend any time together or even talk to each other. As Simone was about to leave Maxine came up to her.
“He's fucking you isn't he?”
“Come on Simone. I've never seen you so happy. You've been boring everyone by telling them how wonderful his books are. You look at him like a gooey eyed teenager and you laugh so much at his jokes”
Simone stared frostily.
“Doesn't Sarah mind?”
Simone continued her stare.
“Can he really satisfy both of you?”
Simone surrendered. “Maxine, if I had him just to myself my ass would be rubbed raw by now.”

Maxine spilled her drink in surprise at Simone's language, but she didn't tell anyone else of the conversation. However other people gradually worked it out. The three of them on the island for weeks, spending their weekends in the city together, going out to meals and movies together. Gradually all Simone's friends except Maxine stopped calling her or seeing her. Sarah's friends didn't stop talking to her, but she became aware of them talking and laughing about her behind her back..

Mike's publisher introduced him to a writers' club. Most members were pretentious bores but he did find some kindred spirits and these new friends became the focus of their social life. Their three way relationship wasn't flaunted, but it wasn't hidden and they were accepted without judgment or disapproval.

Another change came to Simone's life when her divorce lawyer told her the harsh facts of matrimonial law. Their house was a matrimonial asset and her ex-husband was entitled to half. The large losses run up by her ex's failed business ventures were matrimonial liabilities which she was obliged to share.
“Don't worry Mum. We don't need eight bedrooms when we only sleep in one.”
Simone was able to by a two bedroomed loft apartment in the center of the city. One bedroom was converted into their office with desks for all three and as Sarah had said, they only needed one bedroom.

As they were in the center of town their true friends dropped by frequently and far from being ostracized and isolated they had a fulfilling circle of friends who never talked about new houses, new cars or money.

Mike's book was by no means a bestseller but sales exceeded his publisher's expectations and he was able to sell the rights to three overseas countries. When Simone and Mike showed him the first chapters of the new book he quickly agreed to pay a small advance.
For the first time in his life Mike now had some spare cash and a secure, if modest, extra income.

Simone and Sarah found him looking at yachts on the Internet.
“Are you thinking of taking up sailing Skipper?”
“Where will you sail?”
“I don't know. Around the Pacific for a couple of years maybe.”
“That sounds nice.”
“I'm looking for a tough and disciplined crew.”
“What will they have to do?”
“Accept my authority without question. Do everything I say.”

Mike pointed to a 14 meter keeler
“That's the one I would like, but even with selling “Queen of the Waves” I can't afford anything like it.”
Simone and Sarah looked at each other. “We'll go you halves.”
Mike frowned at them. “Will you accept my authority without question?”
“When it comes to sex, probably yes. Except when you say you are tired or have a headache,” said Sarah.
“For everything else, probably not,” said Simone.

The keeler was purchased Internet connections installed so they could earn their livings at sea. They studied hard at master mariner's courses and found a grumpy old mariner to train them in sailing. He became even grumpier because he said “Women on boats bring bad luck” and because he was jealous of Mike with two beautiful women.
But he trained them hard and well over two months. After that he said they weren't too bad and confined his instructions to taking them out in storms. He took them on a six day trip where they had the good luck to get caught in 120 kph winds and 15 meter waves.

Simone had a surprising aptitude for things mechanical and was put in charge of the engine, Sarah had a surprising aptitude for electrics and electronics and was put in charge of them. Mike didn't really have a great aptitude for anything.
“Right, you'll look after the sails and rigging,” grunted the mariner.
Mike thought this was a good idea until he found his duties included being winched to the top of the mast in all sorts of weather

The weather in first week of their voyage was blue skies and steady winds and the sailing was undemanding. The sea air seemed to increase their sexual needs and after these had been satisfied and the maintenance completed Mike and Simone settled into their writing and Sarah worked at her software.

She decided to start a blog: Hell on the High Seas with the Bastard Skipper.”
Some of the entries.

As soon as we were out of sight of land the bastard skipper handed us each a sunhat and sunglasses.
“Right, theses are your naval uniforms. These and nothing else. If you don't like it, you can swim for it.”
I protested that we weren't like that but he just laughed and said he knew better.
My Mum can't swim and was scared and took off her clothes straight away. At least the bastard skipper got some sunblock and put some on her back. And her front. Poor Mum, she didn't like that because she groaned a lot.
(Photo of Simone and Sarah wearing hats and glasses and looking surprised)
I'm really worried. How can I keep my hands like this for 12,000 nautical miles?”
(Photo of a naked and worried Sarah with her hands over her pussy.)

The bastard skipper keeps looking at me when he thinks I won't notice.
(Photo of a naked Sarah with her hands on her hips in indignation as Mike stands a meter in front of her with a telescope directed straight at her pussy.)

Yesterday I was really scared. I came up onto the deck and found my Mum kneeling in front of the bastard skipper obviously begging for mercy.
“Please Skipper, do what she wants. Can't you see she's begging,” I cried.
He scowled at me “OK I'll give her what she's begging for as soon a you go back down below.”
I went down below happy that I had saved my Mum.
(Shot of Simone looking at Sarah in amazement)

Last night the skipper said he wanted to show my Mum a new game and took her into the cabin.
(Photo of Mike with a very willing and naked Simone over his shoulder.)
I asked what game and Mum said, “Hiding the giant cucumber”.
I like cucumber sandwiches so next morning I asked Mum where the giant cucumber was. She said she had eaten it. I didn't think that was very fair.

We talked about food and I asked the bastard skipper what he liked. He looked straight at my privy parts and said “Most of all I like eating young pussy.”
How disgusting wanting to eat a baby cat. But I didn't dare be angry with him so I told him he would have to wait until we got to China. They eat cats there, I think. Or is it dogs?
(Superimposed picture of a Siamese kitten on Sarah's bare lap)

There were some protocols. All three were almost always naked but pussies and Mike's cock were never displayed. There were no shots of sex acts or any intimate contact. Mike always wore his skipper's cap at a rakish angle and a lascivious grin

The blog because very popular very quickly. Hardcore sites made generous offers for embedded links and even more generous offers for Sarah and Simone to feature on their sites. All were politely declined. .

They found tropical islands with surf beaches and coral reefs for scuba diving where they stayed for months. They moored at ports and explored the hinterland. They went skiing at Sapporo, the Rockies and the Andes and went on jungle treks in South East Asia and Central America. They battled tropical storms and a typhoon and once were becalmed for 10 days.

When they returned after two years and many adventures Simone and Sarah were both three months pregnant. As Mike couldn't marry both, he married neither, but to have some formality they all changed their surname to 'Magellan' in honor of the famous Portuguese navigator.
Together they wrote a service so that they could exchange vows of fidelity and commitment.

The grumpy mariner conducted the ceremony.
“I solemnly promise to love, honor and disobey,” Sarah and Simone said in turn as they each looked adoringly at Mike.

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