A Teenager's Revenge Part 3

A Teenager's Revenge Part 3


Kelly Willis, flush with confidence as a result of her success with Mr. Sinclair, walked from her gymnastics class to the medical building where her doctor had his office. Dr. Akers was the husband of Jeanette Akers, another member of her mom’s former social circle. As such, his was the second name on her list. And as fate would have it, she had an appointment with him that 4:00 that afternoon for an exam. She had planned carefully.

She was shown into the examination room by the nurse, who efficiently took her vital signs, told her to take off her clothes and put on a hospital gown, and then left. After a few minutes, Dr. Akers appeared, closing the door behind him.

Michael Akers was 34 years old, handsome and athletic, with a shock of dark, curly hair. Kelly had always liked him growing up, and had found him attractive before the divorce. It was his stuck-up wife she didn’t like – Jeanette had been another of the catty, malicious women at Margaret Sinclair’s house that day. Still, the good doctor had gone along with his wife in ostracizing Kelly’s mom, and for that, he must pay. Still, despite her determination to ruin them both, a part of Kelly was thrilled at the prospect of seducing him.

So, how are you feeling, Kelly,” said Dr. Akers. “Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you. Any problems? How’s your mom?”

“No….not really,” she said. “She’s fine, I guess.” A lot you care, she thought to herself. Kelly had always thought Dr. Akers was secretly attracted to her mother. She had caught more than a few clandestine glances in her mother’s direction when he thought nobody was looking, and she hadn’t failed to notice the prominent bulge in his pants at such times. For that matter, Dr. Akers had behaved in certain ways toward Kelly herself from time to time that were not entirely professional. Kelly felt sure she would be able to get his complete and undivided attention, if she played her cards right.

“You’ve certainly started to fill out, haven’t you,” he said. Methodically, he checked her ears, nose and throat.

“I’m glad you noticed….” she said, enjoying flirting with the handsome doctor. This was going to be so easy, she thought to herself.

“I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t notice, Kelly,” he said, laughing. “You’re a very pretty girl, and I’ll bet I’m not the first one to tell you that. Now, just breathe deeply.” He slid his stethoscope under her gown and held it against her skin, listening to her chest.

“Okay, let’s slip your gown off so I can check your breasts.” Kelly reached behind her to untie her gown, and slid it off, glad of an opportunity to let Dr. Akers look at her naked body. He raised his hand and began to massage her breasts, searching for lumps. She moaned softly as her nipples involuntarily stiffened from his touch. She hoped he noticed. His hand slid over her flesh, pressing deeply, taking much longer than he really needed to. Kelly’s breathing started to become erratic.

“All right, your breasts are fine, Kelly. In fact….more than fine.” He smiled. “Let’s get your feet up in the stirrups, so we can check inside. Okay?”

“Okay, Dr. Akers.” She raised her legs obediently and placed her feet in the stirrups.

At that moment the nurse appeared at the door. “Doctor, we’re closing up now. Have a good evening.” Perfect, thought Kelly to herself. Things were progressing wonderfully, and she was sure that Dr. Akers was fully aware of the opportunity he had been presented with.

“Thank you Ms. Johnson. I’ll finish up with Kelly and that’ll be it for me too.”

The nurse said goodbye to Kelly and closed the door as she left.

“Now then…,” said Dr. Akers, turning and gazing at Kelly’s naked, dewy pussy, shaved except for a little heart-shaped tuft of neatly trimmed hair above her vulva. He put on some latex gloves, and slid two his fingers inside her vagina. Her breath caught. She was already wet.

“How long have you been getting your periods, Kelly?” He continued to probe gently inside her vagina.

“Ummm, a little over a year.”

“Are you sexually active?”

“Ummmm……” Kelly blushed.

“Come on, Kelly, I’m your doctor, you can tell me these things.”

“Well….yes. Kind of.”

“Kind of. I thought so. Your hymen is broken. How many times have you had intercourse?”

“Ummm…two times. Dr. Akers…” she said, still blushing. “You won’t….tell my mom, will you?”

“No, sweetheart, I won’t tell your mom. It’ll be between us…and the lucky fellow or fellows in question.” He winked at her.

Kelly frowned, as if to say they weren’t worthy of such consideration. “Dr. Akers…there is one thing…” His gloved fingers were still inside her, and he was moving them in a way that she was sure wouldn’t be approved of by the AMA. She loved it.

“What’s that, Kelly?”

“Well…I don’t really know how to say it. When I’ve had sex….well, isn’t it supposed to feel really good? I mean, after the first time. My girlfriends said it would.”

“Yes. It should. If he does it right.”

“Well…the boys I’ve been with…well, it just never feels that way. They just stuck their things in me and in a minute it was all over. I just wondered if there was something wrong with me.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, Kelly. Probably it’s more a case of the boys not knowing that they’re doing. But let’s just see. Now lie back and relax, okay?”

Quietly, Michael moved to the door, locked it, just in case, and returned to the hospital bed. This was just too good an opportunity to pass up, he thought to himself. He had always harbored a secret, forbidden lust for this girl, although he would never have acted on it of his own volition. Now she was practically begging him to introduce her to the joys of sex!

Without Kelly seeing what he was doing, Michael took the gloves off of his hands, set them on the counter, and eased his fingers back inside her. God, her pussy was tight! And so very wet. Slowly, he moved them in and out, letting his fingertips curl upward inside her, exerting gentle pressure, thrusting rhythmically. “Does that feel good, Kelly?”

“Ohhhh, yes, Doctor.”

“Good. It’s supposed to feel good. Now I’m going to massage your clitoris a little bit.” He raised his thumb to his mouth, sucking on it to get it wet. “That’s right here.” He brought his hand down and touched her small, protruding clit, massaging it very gently with his thumb.

“Ohhhhhh, Doctor…that feels so good….” she moaned, squirming a little. His fingers continued thrusting gently into her vaginal tunnel, finger-fucking her.

“It’s supposed to feel that way, Kelly. Your clitoris is full of millions of nerve endings, all bunched together. Have you ever masturbated?”

“You mean, like, touch myself?” said Kelly.

“Yes, touch yourself. Play with yourself. It’s all right, Kelly, it’s perfectly normal and healthy to explore your own body that way. Have you ever brought yourself to a climax?”

“N…no. I mean, a little, but not really. Other girls have told me about that, though. You know…coming.”

“Well, I’m going to see if we can bring you to orgasm, Kelly. Are your nipples sensitive?”

“Oh yesss…” breathed Kelly. “They keep showing through my tops, even when I don’t want them to.”

“Then I want you to pinch them, kind of roll them in your fingers. Make them feel good. Show me how you do it. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Doctor Akers. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. It feels so nice!” She raised her hands and captured her taut nipples between her fingers, pinching them and gasping with pleasure.

“Now, Kelly, I’m going to do something else. Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt at all.”

“Okay…” she said, hesitantly.

Michael moved down and knelt on the step at the foot of the bed. Kelly’s delectable pussy was spread before his eyes. He leaned forward, and extended his tongue, lightly caressing the delicate petals of her young pussy. Instantly, she gasped. “Dr. Akers!” she whispered.

“Do you want me to stop?” he said.

“Noooooo, don’t stop! It felt wonderful!”

He leaned forward again, and slowly lapped at her luscious pussy lips, his tongue lightly glancing off her little clit on each upward stroke. Kelly’s breathing was ragged, catching in her throat each time his tongue touched her tiny clit. Her face was flushed as she pinched her nipples hard, moaning softly.

Michael slowly increased the pressure of his licking, lapping at her in long, slow upward strokes. His fingers continued their slow thrusting into her wet vaginal tunnel.

“Ohhh, my god, Doctor Akers…” Kelly gasped breathlessly. “I’m beginning to feel funny! All tingly!” She knew she was on the verge of coming, and she wanted Michael to think it was the first time ever for her. Her voice rose in pitch as she mewled with pleasure. “Oh, god! Oh!! OH!! OH!!!”

Michael recognized the tell-tale signs of her impending orgasm, the tensing of her body, like a bowstring pulled taut, the urgency in her voice. He redoubled his efforts, finger-fucking her and licking and sucking on her clit, wanting to make her body explode. It did.

Kelly’s orgasm erupted within her in a series of exquisitely hard jolts of intense pleasure, punctuated by her anguished gasps and sobs. “OHHHHHHGOODDDDDDDDD!!! UH!!! UH!!! UH!! UH!! UH!! UH!! UHHHH!!!!!”

He waited patiently for her spasms to subside, his fingers still inside her, gently caressing and nibbling on her clit. Finally, she began to exhale, and her body relaxed, except for the lingering tremors of her waning orgasm.

“Ohhhh, Doctor Akers…I’ve never felt like that! It was WONDERFUL! God, I’m still shaking!”

“You had an orgasm, Kelly.” Michael looked up at her and smiled. “I told you there was nothing wrong with you.”

“Mmmmm….” she murmured, still shuddering from the after-effects of her climax. “I feel sooo much better, Doctor.”

“I’d like to do one more thing, just to make sure there’s nothing abnormal, Kelly. It’s going to require a little deeper probing.”

“Anything you say, Doctor Akers,” said Kelly, breathlessly anticipating what she knew was coming. This was going so well!

Quickly, Michael unfastened his pants and slid them down to his ankles, along with his shorts. He moved up between his legs and guided his throbbing cock to her dripping-wet cleft, rubbing the head up and down between her glistening labia. “Now, this won’t hurt at all, Kelly.”

“Noooo…it feels good, Doctor Akers.” It was all part of Kelly’s plan, but she didn’t even care about that just now. She gazed up into his eyes. “Are you going to fuck me now?” Her voice was innocent, girlish.

Oh, jesus, he thought, his engorged cock poised at the entrance to her beckoning pussy. Spurred on by her words, he was way past the point of no return now. “Yes, Kelly, I’m going to fuck you now.”

“I was hoping you would,” said Kelly, softly, eagerly.

Slowly, Michael nudged the flared head of his cock between the petals of her pussy, and eased it inside her, looking down and watching it as it entered her. Her pussy was incredibly tight, gripping his cock as it slid into her, inch by delicious inch.

“Ohhhh, Doctor Akers….” Kelly moaned, loving the way his penis filled her pussy. “That feels fantastic! Your cock is so BIG!”

Slowly, Michael began to thrust in and out of her deliciously tight vaginal passage, marveling at how it seemed almost to grip his cock and suck on it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh…….Doctor Akers…” she said, as he slowly slid his cock in and out of her, withdrawing it until the head was nestled between her labia, then skewering it back in.

“Yes, Kelly?” he asked, trying to hold back.

“Did you ever want to have sex with my mom…like this?”


“I just…used to see you looking at her all the time. Did you want to fuck her?”

“Why do you ask, sweetie?” asked Akers, slowly thrusting his cock in and out of her, loving the sensation of her eager, wet pussy clasping him tightly.

“Ummm…I’m just curious, that’s all. It’s okay if you wanted to.”

“Well, the answer is yes, I wanted to fuck her. All the men did. Your mom is a very sexy woman. But you know what?”

“What?” asked Kelly.

He thrust into her faster, harder. “She’s not as sexy as you.”

“Mmmmmmm….,” she moaned happily. She raised her legs out of the stirrups and rested her ankles on his shoulders as he fucked in and out of her with increasing force. His pubic bone mashing against her clit each time he sank his cock into her velvety depths, and she raised her hands and pinched her nipples hard.. “Ohhhh, yesss, fuck me harder, Doctor Akers…I think I’m going to come again…”

“Ohh, god, Kelly, do it, sweetie, come all over my cock.” Michael fucked her fast and hard, his cock pistoning in and out of her wetly-clasping pussy, the sounds of sex filling the room.

Kelly’s hands fell to her sides and she clutched at the sheet with her fingernails as she felt her body convulse in a stupendous orgasm. “Uhhhhhh, god. UHH!!! UHHH!!! UHH!!! OHHH!!! UHHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!”

Her body wrenched upward against him, meeting his final thrust, her pussy spasming hard around his embedded cock. Michael let her ride out the powerful waves of her climax, slowly thrusting in and out of her delightfully clenching vagina.

At last, she fell back, sobbing breathlessly, her face red from the force of her orgasm. Now Michael felt the growing urgency of his own impending climax. He had to come! He began to fuck her again, slowly, relentlessly, his rhythm bringing him quickly to the point of no return.

“Kelly,” he gasped, breathlessly, struggling to hold back just a few seconds longer. “You’re not on the pill, are you?”

“Noooo…” she gasped.

“I’m gonna pull out, honey. I don’t want you to get pregnant. I want you to grab my cock and stroke it with your hand as I come.”

“Okay!” she said, breathlessly, raising herself up and resting on her elbows, watching him.

He thrust into her a few more times, and then couldn’t hold back any longer. His sperm-filled balls were drawn tight against the base of his cock, and he felt them begin to contract, his semen welling up inside. “OHHHH, FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!” he groaned, pulling his cock from her marvelously tight, wet pussy.

Without hesitating, Kelly reached down and slid her fingers around the wet shaft, stroking it quickly. She watched eagerly as a thick rope of his come burst upward, cascading across her tummy, followed by a second, harder and more copious spurt, reaching all the way up to her breasts, covering one of her nipples with its warmth. Again and again his cock flourished and his come leaped forth, splattering her skin as she stroked him rhythmically, fascinated by the sheer drama of his orgasm. It was like it was happening in slow motion for her.

Finally, his spurts began to weaken, his viscous come oozing down onto her hand as she continued to stroke him. She slid her fingers up over the head, spreading the slippery semen over his cock as it continued to ooze from the tip. “God, there’s so MUCH of it!” she murmured.

“Ohhh, jeezus…” he groaned as she stroked his spermy cock until his balls were drained. She waited patiently for him to finish, loving the feeling of his wet, slippery penis in her hand. Finally, she let go or him and brought her hand up to her mouth. Her eyes were locked on his as she slowly began to lick the lingering semen from it. Michael gazed at the horny little teenager with a mixture of pride, amazement and awe.

“You see, Kelly? There’s nothing the matter with you. Nothing at all.”

“I’m so glad, Doctor Akers,” said Kelly, smiling. “Nobody ever fucked me that way before! Mmmm, your come tastes so good.”

Michael slid his cock from her grip and moved around to the side of the bed. “Why don’t you lick it off my cock, sweetie.”

She grinned wickedly, rolled over on her side, and took his shrinking cock into her mouth, licking and sucking him clean.

“Kelly, I’m going to write you a prescription for birth control pills. If we ever do this again, I’d love to be able to fill your cute little pussy with my come.”

She looked up and let his cock escape from between her lips, licking slowly around the head with her little tongue. “I’d like that, Doctor Akers.”

A few minutes later, she walked out of the office. Her seduction had been a complete success, her two orgasms the icing on the cake. She began to compose her diary entry on the way home…and started planning her next conquest.

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