A Teenager's Revenge Part 5

A Teenager's Revenge Part 5


Dave Murdoch gazed out the window of his second floor bedroom at young Kelly Willis, lying face down by the Sinclair’s pool in her tiny black bikini. He knew the Sinclair’s were in Florida, taking their kids on a vacation to Disney World. They must have hired Kelly to house-sit for them while they were gone, he thought to himself. Involuntarily, his cock lengthened and thickened in his pants as he watched the nubile young girl he had known pretty much all her life. With difficulty, he fought down the vivid mental image of her naked, impaled on his lust-hardened cock. “Down boy!” he said, sternly. “She’s a child!”

Murdoch moved away from the window and walked downstairs, exiting the house through the back door. Crossing the yard, he peered over the top of the block wall that separated his property from the Sinclair’s residence. “Hi, Kelly!” he called.

Upon hearing her name, Kelly jumped, surprised. She looked in the direction of the voice, and saw Mr. Murdoch looking over the wall. She smiled. “You scared me, Mr. Murdoch!”

“I’m sorry, Kelly. Didn’t mean to. Are you house-sitting for the Sinclairs?”

“Yeah, they won’t be back until Tuesday. They said I could use the pool.”

“That’s what I figured. Well, have a good day, Kelly. It’s nice to see you again.”

Kelly smiled. She had counted on Mr. Murdoch seeing her, or at least hoped he would, since his house overlooked the pool. Things were falling into place.

Dave Murdoch was the oldest of her step-father’s close friends, over 60 years old. His hair was almost white, but he worked out constantly and was in great shape for a man his age. Kelly had always looked upon him as a kind of surrogate grandfather, and he had always been protective of her. Yet he had stood silently by while her step-dad had cruelly reduced her and her mom to instant poverty. He deserved what he got, she thought. It was like the saying she had once heard: revenge is a dish best served cold.

Kelly knew that Mr. Murdoch would probably be her most difficult assignment. He was the last person she expected to be interested in her sexually, much less to act upon his interest. She wasn’t even sure guys his age were interested in sex at all. She had trouble even imagining it. But he was still a man, she thought to herself, and she was determined to go through with it regardless of the consequences. She would just have to use a little bit more direct approach.

“Mr. Murdoch, why don’t you come over and take a swim? You can keep me company for awhile.”

Murdoch looked up at the morning sun, shielding his face. He couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend some time on a warm Saturday morning than swimming in the large pool, with Kelly there to please his eyes.

“Okay, it’s a deal. How about if I bring some cokes and an ice-chest?”

“Bring something stronger, if you want to. I’m a big girl. Or hadn’t you noticed?” She giggled.

“Yes, I’ve noticed,” said Murdoch. “Okay, I’ll throw in some beer and wine coolers. For me.”

Kelly pouted. “Okay, be that way!” she called. “The front door is open!”

A few minutes later, Murdoch appeared in the back yard in his baggy swim trunks, wheeling an ice chest. He was tanned and muscular. He greeted Kelly again, secretly admiring her pert ass, like a ripe peach, about five percent of it covered by the skimpy swimsuit. He felt his cock expanding again, and he quickly walked over and dove into the pool to keep her from noticing. Rising to the surface of the clear blue water, he swam the length of the pool, then back again. The water was cool and invigorating.

“You should come in for a swim, Kelly. If you don’t mind swimming with an old man.”

“You’re not that old, Mr. Murdoch…and you sure do keep in terrific shape!” She got up from the recliner and walked over to the edge of the pool as Murdoch watched. Her budding breasts were exposed even more than her ass. Her mother would never have allowed her to wear this particular swimsuit in public, but she figured it was okay for a private sunbathe in a secluded back yard.

Kelly caught his lingering gaze, smiled inwardly, and dove gracefully into the pool, making almost no splash. She surfaced in the shallow end close to where Murdoch was standing. “Whew! It’s cold!” she said, laughing.

Murdoch smiled, his glance again drifting downward, despite himself. The top of Kelly’s swimsuit had shifted when she dove into the water, revealing her tiny right nipple, puckered tautly from the chill of the water. He cleared his throat, raising his finger and pointing.

Kelly looked down and blushed. “Ooops!” she laughed, reaching up and unhurriedly tucking her nipple behind her top. She might as well not have bothered, thought David, since her nipples showed plainly through the thin material of her suit anyway.

“It’s okay, Kelly, I’ve seen them before,” he laughed, fighting back his quite natural lustful impulses. “I mean….other women’s.”

“My mom thinks I shouldn’t wear such a tiny swimsuit, now that my titties are getting so much bigger,” she said. “Honestly, she’s such a prude sometimes.”

Dave had a fleeting mental picture of Enrique and Kelly’s voluptuous mom fucking their brains out on her big bed, and his cock suddenly felt like an iron bar in his trunks. “Your mom is right to be concerned about you, Kelly. You’re a beautiful girl, and there are lots of sexual predators out there.”

“Oh, I know,” she said, too close to him for comfort. “But it’s okay, here in private, with just you.”

“Better watch out, Kelly,” he grinned. “I may be old, but I’m not dead yet.”

“I hope not!” she giggled. She was tempted to reach out and grab his cock through his trunks, but she was afraid of scaring him away. She wanted to let the scene build a little more gradually. “I’m going to get some more sun. Can I have one of your wine coolers?”

“Kelly,” he said, frowning. “You’re too young.”

“Aww, c’mon, Mr. Murdoch,” she pleaded. “You think I’ve never done anything like that before?”

“Well…okay…just don’t tell your mom I corrupted you.”

“Thanks!” she said, smiling and climbing out of the pool, water cascading off her body. She walked to the recliner and dried herself off with a fluffy towel. Getting a wine cooler from the ice chest, she opened it and drank from it, liking its coldness as it washed down her throat. Then she lay down on the recliner again, feeling the warm sun on her back.

Dave waited for his throbbing erection to wane, and then climbed out of the pool too. Walking to the ice chest, he got himself a cold beer and sat down in a chair next to Kelly. “So, what else does your mother not know about you, Kelly?”

She turned her head toward him, resting it on her arms. “You wouldn’t tell on me, would you, Mr. Murdoch?”

“Nooo, of course not, Kelly. What happens here, stays here. Just like Las Vegas.”

“Well….for one thing, she doesn’t know I’m not a virgin.”

Once again, Dave had to conceal his throbbing erection, this time with his towel. “Hmmmmm…..well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, the way young girls are these days. Who did you have sex with?”

“Ohhhh, with a few guys,” she said. “I shouldn’t tell you, I don’t want to get them in trouble.”

“And did you like it?”

She giggled. “Of course, silly! It’s, like, all I ever think about now! Even when I’m in school.”

“Kelly, are you using birth control?” asked Dave, not quite sure whether he was asking the question to protect her, to satisfy his own curiosity, or…

“Uh-huh. Dr. Akers gave me a prescription two weeks ago. My mom doesn’t know that, either. You’d think she’d be more worried about me, considering she got pregnant with me at 16.”

“Well, that’s good, anyway. No point in messing up your life that way when you’re so young.”

Kelly smiled, feeling like she had finished baited the hook sufficiently. “Mr. Murdoch, would you put some oil on my back? I can’t reach.”

“Sure, sweetie.” He moved over and straddled her, sitting on her thighs. Picking up the bottle of oil, which had been warming in the sun, he unsnapped the lid and he poured some on her back, spreading it with his fingers, working it into her smooth skin.

“Mmmmm, that feels good…” she murmured. “Would you mind untying my top? I don’t want to get a line there.”

Again Dave’s cock lurched, the bulge almost touching the cleft of her ass. God, she was growing up to be a little cock-tease! But he couldn’t resist the chance to see more of her body, and not the fleeting glance he had had before. He slowly pulled the string at her back until it came loose, and pushed the strings down to her sides.

“That’s better,” she sighed, as he began again to massage her back. “You have nice strong fingers.”

“The better to rub you with, my dear,” said Dave playfully, fervently wishing she’d turn over on her back.

“Could you get my legs, too, Mr. Murdoch?”

“Sure, Kelly…my pleasure,” he said, moving down and pouring some more oil on her thighs. He began working his fingers into her firm flesh, gazing admiringly at her pert, round ass. Her little bikini bottom had pulled up into her cleft, and it clung to the folds of her labia in a way that left little to his vivid imagination. Oh, to fuck this little nymphette, he thought. Just once.

Again he fought down the impulse. The girl was 13! And practically his own granddaughter! Think of something else! And yet, his hands slid up to the tops of her thighs, as if they had a mind of their own. She parted them a little more, almost as if inviting him to rub her pussy. His cock throbbed insistently, completely free of his brain’s control. His thumbs stopped just short, and pressed deep into her inner thighs, and he watched as her labia parted beneath the clinging material.

Kelly decided that now was the time to turn the heat up. As Dave reached over for his beer, she turned over on her back, her luscious titties fully and shamelessly exposed to his gaze. “Would you do my front?” she whispered.

“Kelly….you shouldn’t…I shouldn’t…” he stammered, setting the beer bottle down.

“It’s okay, Mr. Murdoch,” she said, smiling. “It’s like you said, it’s not as if you’d never seen them before.”

“Sweetie, you’re only 13. I could get in so much trouble!”

“Nobody will see. Don’t you like my titties?” She reached up and lightly caressed her nipples with her fingertips as he watched, teasing them into erection again..

“Kelly….I adore your titties,” he said, struggling to maintain his composure. “All right, just this once. And not a word to your mom.”

“What happens here, stays here,” she said, giggling, as he moved up and straddled her. He reached for the oil again, and poured some between her breasts. Slowly, deliberately, he began to spread it with his fingers, sliding them over her budding mounds.

Kelly sighed happily, feeling her nipples responding eagerly to his touch, standing forth against his slippery palms. “Mmmmmm….that’s nice, Mr. Murdoch. You see, nobody’s here to arrest you.”

Dave glanced around, satisfying himself that no one else’s house overlooked the pool. His hands gently squeezed her firm young breasts, glistening now with the slippery oil. “No, nobody’s here to arrest me.”

He continued to rub and squeeze her breasts, as her breathing became more erratic, then moved lower and spread oil on her tummy, admiring her smooth skin, the delicate little cup of her belly-button, and the gentle rises of her hip bones.

“Do you want me to do you, too?” she asked, after a few more minutes. “I mean, rub some oil on you?” They way she said it almost drove him crazy with need.

“Okay, that sounds nice,” he said. She got up from the recliner and he lay down on it, on his back. Too late, he realized that she could now see the outline of his fat, rigid cock through his loose wet shorts.

But Kelly was already straddling him, pouring warm oil on his white-haired chest. She began to rub it into his skin, his stiff cock resting against her barely covered pussy. Her deliciously bare breasts bobbed just a little as she moved on him, her cleft putting gentle pressure on his aching cock. He knew she could feel its rigid hardness rubbing against her clit.

“You know, Mr. Murdoch, I’ve always felt you looked really good for a man your age,” she said, as she rocked against him. “You must work out all the time!”

Dave stifled a groan as she rubbed against the shaft of his aching cock, pinching his nipples a little with her fingers. “Yes…I do work out quite a bit.” She MUST know what she’s doing to me, he thought. She MUST!

“Do you and Mrs. Murdoch have sex a lot?” she asked, out of the blue.

David frowned. It was a sore point. “No…not for a long time.”

“That’s too bad,” she whispered, a sad, pouty look on her face. “A man like you shouldn’t have to go without sex.”

“Well, it’s just one of those things some of us have to live with,” said David.

“Let me get your legs now.” She moved down, reaching for the bottle and pouring more of it on his hairy legs. The outline of his stiff cock was plainly visible to her as she worked her fingers up and down his thighs, each time sliding just a little higher.

“Mr. Murdoch,” she whispered softly. “You don’t have to live with it.” Her fingers moved tantalizingly higher.

“What do you mean, Kelly?” he asked, his cock arguing with his brain and quickly gaining ground.

“You know what I mean, Mr. Murdoch, “ she whispered softly. Her fingers slid up his parted inner thighs, teasing against his bloated balls. Her touch was electrifying. He moaned.

“Kelly….” He broke off as her fingers continued to gently caress his balls, then slid up inside, along his rigid penis, caressing it with her fingertip.

Kelly gazed into his eyes steadily. “You can fuck me if you want to. Here. Now. I know you want to. I can feel your hard cock. I’m not a virgin, I know what to do. I’ll make you feel real good, and nobody will ever know.”

“Kelly…it’s wrong. As much as I want to, I just can’t! You’re only thirteen!”

Kelly slid her fingers around his cock and squeezed it, making him groan. “This doesn’t care if I’m thirteen. It just wants to be inside my tight little pussy. And I want it there, fucking me! Mr. Murdoch, I’m so wet!”

“Ohhh, god help me!” moaned Dave. How could he resist her?

Kelly, meanwhile, was tugging at his swim trunks. Despite what was left of his crumbling resistance, David found himself raising his hips to let her pull them down, setting his rigid cock free. She quickly encircled it with the fingers of both of her hands, holding it toward her. “Mmmmm…it’s even bigger than I thought.” Without waiting for a response, she lowered her head and engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking it eagerly as her fingers began to stroke him in time with the bobbing of her head.

“Oh, jeezus, Kelly!” he groaned, his cock imprisoned in the warm, wet paradise of her mouth. Where had she ever learned to suck a man’s cock like this??

Kelly sucked him happily, jerking him off into her mouth with her fingers. She had won! He was a man like any other, and he couldn’t pass up an open invitation from a sexy thirteen-year-old, no matter how many moral scruples he had!

Dave watched, his mind swirling, as Kelly sucked hungrily on his cock, making wet, slurping sounds. Her blue eyes were wide open, watching him as she made love to his penis. He knew it was wrong, so very wrong. If he was caught, his life was over. But none of that mattered now. All that mattered was that his cock was in Kelly’s welcoming wet mouth, that it felt like heaven, and that her delectable young pussy was his for the taking. He was 63 years old! It had been literally years since he had had sex, with anyone, let alone a gorgeous teenage nymphette. How many opportunities like this would he ever get? But he had to take her into the house. His wife would be home from her shopping soon!

Kelly, as if reading his thoughts, raised her head, letting him escape. A thick rope of saliva draped from her lower lip to the tip of his cock, then snapped up and dangled from her chin. “Take me upstairs and fuck me on the bed!” she whispered urgently.

He nodded, his surrender to her now total. She got up, still wearing her bikini bottom. As he rose to his feet, letting his trunks fall to his feet, she pulled on the string at the side, and the tie came lose. The bikini came lose and dropped to the concrete, revealing her naked pussy, with its neatly trimmed heart-shaped patch of blonde hair. He stepped out of his trunks and walked to her, his cock still throbbingly erect, and she jumped into his arms, wrapping her arms and legs around him. He grabbed her cute ass and carried her that way through the back door, up the stairs, and into the Sinclair’s bedroom, with its king-sized bed. He pushed her back onto the bed, moved over her and kissed her. Her lips quickly parting and she thrust her tongue eagerly into his mouth, meeting his and twining with it. Her legs moved up and around him, welcoming him, and he fought the powerful impulse to drive his cock into her right then. He wanted to savor this, now that he was committed. He would give her a fuck that she would remember the rest of her life!

Breaking their kiss, Dave moved slowly down Kelly’s body, tracing along it with his tongue. When he reached her right breast, he kissed it and sucked her nipple into his mouth, loving the way it responded eagerly to his touch. She moaned as he suckled her, his tongue swirling around the sensitive bud, his hand tightly squeezing at the base of her breast. Then he moved to the other one, giving it the same patient attention. Kelly thought she would come just from the pleasure he was giving her nipples. Her pussy was dripping-wet. No man had ever made love to her nipples this way.

“Ohhhhh, Mr. Murdoch, that feels so good!” she murmured, her breathing ragged. “I can’t wait to feel you licking my pussy!”

Dave reluctantly released her erect nipple from his mouth. “And I can’t wait to taste your sweet little pussy, Kelly.” Slowly, he slid further down her body, still patiently tracing with his tongue, down across her tummy, delving into the delightful little font of her belly-button. She shivered with pleasure as his tongue slid into it, then continued it’s meandering travels. He licked across the rise of her hip bone, then down into the fold between her thigh and her hip. Finally, he could restrain himself any more, and stuck his tongue between the folds of her pussy, and let it glide lightly upward, parting her. She gasped as his tongue eased past her little clit.

“AAAHHHHH!!!! That’s soooo nice….lick me all over….”

Dave began to lap at her glistening sex, caressing the petals of her pussy with long, slow strokes of his tongue. She whimpered softly as his experienced tongue drove her arousal higher and higher. Then he stiffened his tongue and drove it deep inside her vagina, tasting the honey that flowed from within her.

“Ohh, god, yessss, fuck me with your tongue!” she gasped, using every weapon at her command now.

David stabbed his tongue in and out of her, loving her fresh, sweet taste. His hand crept between the firm cheeks of her ass, his fingers seeking. In a moment, he rested a fingertip now against her tight little anus, as his tongue slid upward and across her clit again. He began to lap at her clit with steady upward strokes now, his finger exerting gentle pressure against her tight little ring of muscle.

She squealed as he pressed against her ass, his tongue fluttering over her clit. She could feel the stirrings of her body and knew she was going to come soon, hard. “OHHHHHHYESSSSS!!!! MR. MURDOCH!!! OHH!!!! OHH!!!! OHHH!!!”

He teased her clit with the back of his tongue, moving it from side to side over it as his fingertip eased just inside her ass, stretching it. Nobody had ever done that to her, and she felt her arousal build deliciously as he probed her there.

And then, his lips closed around her quivering clit, and sucked at it, his finger sliding deeper, and Kelly’s body convulsed upward against his mouth. She screamed as her orgasm welled up and took hold of her. “OHHHGOD! OHGOD!! I’M COMING!!!! AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!”

Dave kept his mouth fastened to her clit as she came, his tongue swirling around the tiny bud. His finger drove deeper into her virginal ass as she bucked against his face, lost in the tumult of her furious orgasm. She drove her feet into the bed and raised her hips as she trembled violently, suspended there for what seemed an eternity, and then fell back, gasping for breath.

Dave slid his finger from her tight little ass, but kept up his gently licking and nibbling at her clit as she came down. But Kelly couldn’t wait any longer. She reached down and grabbed his face between her two hands, causing him to look up into her eyes. “Fuck me now,” she whispered urgently. “I need you to fuck me!”

He slid upward, resting on one hand, and positioning his throbbing member in the furrow of her wet pussy with the other. And then, without hesitating, he drove it into her to the hilt. Her young pussy gripped his cock like a tight fist.

“Ohhh, Mr. Murdoch!! It’s so big!! It’s filling me so full!!” she gasped breathlessly.

“Now you’re going to be fucked, Kelly, the way you should be fucked.” He began to saw his cock in and out of her wetly clinging pussy.

“Ohhhhh, yessssss!” moaned Kelly, gazing up into his eyes worshipfully. “You like me to talk dirty, don’t you Mr. Murdoch. Does it get you hot?”

“I love it, Kelly,” he moaned, accelerating his thrusts, fucking his cock in and out with hard, fast strokes. “I love it when you’re nasty like that.”

She stared right at him. “FUCK me, Mr. Murdoch. Give me your big, hard cock, and fuck my little pussy, HARD!!”

Driven by her obscene entreaties, David began to slam his cock into her with a mounting fury, pistoning it in and out, jolting her body each time he thrust into her, making her breasts jiggle as he fucked her. “Hold your legs back, Kelly.”

He pushed her legs back, and she hugged them together with her arms, opening herself completely to him. He looked down and watched as his rampant cock impaled her pussy, her inner labia clinging to it as it withdrew, only to disappear inside her as he thrust forward. He sat up and began fucking his cock into her relentlessly, thrusting hard and fast with his hips, his flesh smacking against hers in the quiet room.

Kelly squealed with each thrust, her voice catching in her throat, rising higher and higher in pitch, as she felt him driving her fast toward another powerful climax. “Uh! UH!! OHH!!! UHH!! UHH!!! UH!!!UH!!!UH!!

“COME!!” he commanded, baring his teeth and sucking air through them. “COME, you little SLUT!!! COME HARD ON MY BIG DICK!!!”

Kelly felt her body exploding, spurred on by his words. She loved being called a slut! She felt like a grown-up now, able to fuck like a grown-up! She convulsed upward, meeting his hard thrust, and screamed out her orgasm as he pounded into her with a growing fury, punctuating her cry with each fast jolt of his cock. He didn’t stop when she came, he just kept fucking her, hard.


Kelly trembled in the throes of her climax, and he continued to fuck her relentlessly. He was like a machine, she thought, her mind swirling. A fucking machine!

He fucked into her for several more strokes, and then abruptly stopped and pulled out of her. His voice was like the crack of a whip. “GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES!!”

Instantly, she turned over and got up on her knees, her face against the bedspread, her back arched downward. Her glistening, well-fucked pussy was there for him to take, her ass wriggling from side to side invitingly. He moved up and drove his cock back inside her sopping pussy, and began to fuck her with the same powerful, driving force. Her firm ass cheeks jiggled with each thrust, and his balls smacked against her clit, sending hard jolts of pleasure through her young body. Once again, the room was filled with the sounds of his flesh against hers, as he fucked her relentlessly, for what seemed an eternity.

Kelly lost track of the number of times her body erupted in orgasm. Her entire being was focused on his big, hard cock, pounding incessantly into her pussy. Once, when he felt that she wasn’t quite wet enough, he pulled out of her, gathered his saliva in his mouth, and then bent down and spit it on her. It oozed downward while he moved up and spread it with the head of his cock, then shoved it back inside her and began fucking her again. After a few moments, she came again.

Finally, he stopped, and lay back on the bed. “GET ON TOP OF ME!”

Kelly was completely his now. She would have done anything he wanted, anything at all. She climbed up over him and straddled his cock, reaching down and grabbing it and guiding it to her juicy pussy. She slid down on it, and began to fuck him that way, his hips rising to meet her as they moved together.

“Ohhhh, yeah, FUCK me, Mr. Murdoch!!” she moaned. “Don’t ever stop!” She had never been on top before, and she loved the feeling of being in control, fucking herself on his cock, as if it were an inanimate object put there only for her pleasure. She began to rock her hips, her pussy exerting delicious pressure on his cock with each movement.

They fucked that way for awhile, and then Kelly had another idea. She slid her legs up, resting on them, and then leaned back, supported by her arms. She would have worried that she was going to break his cock off, but she had seen this in one of the Sinclair’s porn DVDs and was anxious to try it.

David groaned as she leaned back, the pressure on his cock growing as she forced it away from him. And then she began to move, slowly fucking him that way, her pussy seeming to grip his cock tightly and suck on it.

“Watch your cock going in and out of me, Mr. Murdoch,” she murmured, her hips rising and falling slowly, gradually accelerating her pace. “Do you like that?”

“Ohhh, fuck yeah, that’s so fucking hot!” groaned David, gazing at his cock as it slid into her. She watched too, loving how sexy it looked.

“Uhhhhhhh, I love your big cock!” she sighed, as they worked together. There was no hurry, no anxious drive toward orgasm. They were just lost in the joy of fucking for it’s own sake.

Another long interval past as they slowly moved together, worked together. Then Dave spoke again. “Turn around, Kelly, facing the other way. I want to look at that beautiful ass while you fuck me.”

Smiling, Kelly lifted off his cock and turned around, straddling him again. Once again, she guided his cock into her vaginal opening, and sank down on it, impaling herself. Her hips began to rise and fall, as he watched her engulf him in her. Soon, she began to writhe on his cock, rotating her hips as she rode it, wanting to maximize his pleasure. He reached up and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and squeezed them as she fucked herself on his cock.

David felt his long-withheld orgasm lurking just below the surface. He had wanted to hold back as long as he could, loving this delicious, marathon fuck that by now was well over an hour old. But now, he knew, he had to release the semen that had been accumulating in his balls all this time. He had to come!

“Kelly, get on your back again,” he whispered urgently.

Quickly she slid off him and rolled over on her back, her legs up and apart, once again presenting her welcoming pussy to him. “YESSSS, FUCK ME NOW, HARD!!” she hissed.

He climbed between her legs and stabbed his cock into her, fucking her hard and fast, like an animal. Kelly lost herself in his cock, conscious only of the furious pounding of her pussy and the incessant beat, beat, beat of her almost continuous climaxes, her body buffeted by his thrusts. She was nearing exhaustion when he finally gave out with a gutteral growl, and his cock erupted inside her. Kelly clung to him as his cock pulsed and spurted, flooding her vagina with its soothing, slippery warmth. Still shaking from her last climax, she welcomed his thick, syrupy come into her depths, her muscles gripping him tightly, squeezing him, wanting to extract every spurt, every drop. For the first time in her life, a man was spurting his hot, thick come into her pussy, with no condom, no nothing, just flesh against flesh, and lots and lots of come, bathing and soothing her insides with its creamy white goodness. She loved the feeling.

He continued to pump his sperm into her as she whimpered happily, her pussy spasming around his cock, milking it, crooning the words in his ear breathlessly. “Ooooh, yeah, give it to me, Mr. Murdoch….give me all of your hot come….so good…”

He rolled over, bringing her with him, as he gasped for air. His oozing cock was still buried inside her tight little cunt. Gradually, their breathing and heart rates returned to normal. Without a word, Kelly slid his cock out of her, and he rolled over on his back. She moved up, leaning forward and lazily caressing his spent cock with the tip of her tongue, patiently licking it clean as he moaned, exhausted.

Finally, she was done. She sat up, smiling at him impishly. “So, was it worth it, Mr. Murdoch?”

“Maybe you should call me Dave,” he laughed. “I mean, after all we’ve been through together.”

“Was I a good fuck?” she asked, feeling playful.

“Too good!” he sighed. “I’m an old man! You almost killed me!”

She giggled, almost sorry for what she was planning to do to Mr. Murdoch and all the others. Almost.

“But you would have died happy. You were great, Mr. Mur…Dave. I don’t know how many times I came. I thought I was going to explode! Maybe we can do it again sometime, huh?”

“Ohhh, I’d love it, Kelly.”

“Good, maybe the next time I baby-sit for them. We can turn the lights off and go skinny-dipping!” She giggled. “Your wife won’t see a thing!”

The mention of his wife caused Dave to return to reality. “Well, I better get out of here, Kelly. My wife is probably wondering where I am.”

Fuck her, Kelly thought to herself. But she smiled. “Say hi for me,” she said. She lay back on the bed, still enjoying the feeling of being full of come.

“Bye, Kelly. And…thanks.” He got up, walked down the stairs and out the back door, retrieving his swim trunks.

Kelly lay back, smiling. She was already composing her diary entry.

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