A Thorough Distraction

A Thorough Distraction

You wake to find the room darkened the sun having set while you napped. Having heard you begin to
stir I'd risen from the rocking chair by the bed and had walked to the dresser opposite the bed,
turning the fan off as I passed it. You look up as a small flame flickers to life reflected in the
mirror atop the dresser. The flame quickly catching to the candle i hold in my hand I smile feeling
your gaze though i can not see your reflection in darkness outside of the candles glow. Setting the
lighter to one side of the metal tray, i use the candle to light the remaining three candles before
crossing the room to the nightstand on the other side of the bed to light the three candles there.
I look over my shoulder briefly at you smiling as you settle back into the pillows on the bed
stretching slowly. Walking to the foot of the bed I use the candle in my hands to light the final
two candles before placing it in it's holder next to them. The room now bathed in soft candle
light, I turn and step slowly towards the edge of the bed, letting my ruby-colored silk gown fall
slowly from my shoulders to pool around my feet on the floor.

My love filled eyes meeting yours as i step to the side of the bed i lean over conscious of your
gaze as it follows every curve of my body I lean across you pulling the Velcro cuff from under the
pillows my fingers brush lightly down your arm to curl around your wrist lifting it to the cuff as
I secure it around your wrist. I can see the love in your eyes as i lean back to fish the other
cuff from under the pillows your raised arm and the curious look you give me the only sign that
though you have no idea what I'm up to your trust in me is enough for you to submit without

I sit back my right thigh brushing against your hip as I look down at you whispering "I love you"
one right finger lightly tracing the edge of your jaw as my left reaches for the silk blindfold on
the small table at the side of the bed. My right hand curls under your head supporting you as I
pull the blindfold down over your eyes. I let you settle back comfortably against the pillows as I
stand walking to the foot of the bed taking first one ankle and then the other and cuffing them
loosely to the foot of the bed.

Walking to the far side of the bed I lay down next to you close enough you can feel my breath on
your cheek but not close enough to feel my body against you. I lift my hand to your left cheek
lightly tracing the edge of if with my finger tips. Feeling the light scrape of the two day growth
of whiskers under my finger tips. Watching the slow flicker of the candle light over your skin I
trail my fingertips down the side of your neck and along the edge of your collar bone. I can hear
the soft intake of breath as my finger tips rub slowly over the sensitive spot at the edge of your
neck but i continue my slow exploration, finger tips gliding slowly down from the edge of your
shoulder over your chest in a slow wide circle following the contours of your chest. The circle
slowly shrinking as my finger tips near your nipple, fingers lifting until only one finger brushes
lightly against it.

Lifting my hand i lean closer the heat of my body radiating against your ribs as my fingers lightly
stroke down the other side of your throat repeating the same path on the other side. Just as my
finger lightly brushes against the bud of your nipple , my tongue curls around the one nearest me.
You can hear me purr softly as your chest raises to meet my touch and a low gasps of pleasure slip
from between your slightly parted lips. Lingering over them for only a moment I settle back proping
myself on an elbow I watch your face as my fingers lightly glide back and forth across your chest
tracing each one of your ribs as my fingers move slowly down towards your abdomen.

I can feel every shift of your legs and the movement of your hips as you writhe slowly my fingers
gliding softly over the curve of your hip following the edge of your thigh. One finger brushing
against the soft hairs covering your balls. I grin to myself watching how the skin tightens around
them, my fingers tickle up the other side watching your cock raise straight up straining as if it
wants to touch the ceiling. I lick my lips slowly watching your body react to my touch enjoying how
your body moves in the flickering light, I sit up turning I reach behind the candles on my side of
the bed, and pull out a fourth but very different candle. Using one of the others to light it I set
it on the table watching the flame dance as the wax slowly begins to melt. I can hear your heated
breathing behind me , and can tell by the shifting of the bed you're wondering what I'm doing.
As the wax melts a little more i pick up the candle and carefully crawl over you until I'm sitting
above your thighs the candle cradled carefully in my hands just above your abdomen. Your erect cock
bumping slowly against the soft inner side of my thigh. You settle into the pillows slightly
knowing I'm about to do something but not what yet. I wait for another moment as the candle burns a
little lower the pool of wax growing larger. I lean forward slightly feeling the press of your
cock against my cleanly shaved tummy, I pour just a few drops of the heated wax down the center of
your chest. Your surprised gasp sending an electric, heated shiver right through me. Quickly setting
the candle aside on the table to burn a little more, I slide the fingers of both hands through the
warm oil spreading it slowly over your chest rubbing it slowly into your skin as the scent of
lilacs fills the air.

Just as you begin to settle into the pillows once more relaxing from the slow massage, i reach out
taking the candle once more. Pouring more of the heated wax over your chest you tense from the
sudden sting of the heated wax. I blow the candle out smiling to myself as i begin once more
rubbing the oils into your chest my thumbs lightly rubbing over your nipples. Greatly enjoying the
shift of your hips under me as the light caress sends a wave of intense pleasure coursing through

I lean over, elbows resting to either side of your ribs fingers lightly playing over the under
sides of your arms. I brush my lips over yours softly kissing them, leaning closer i lightly brush
my lips along your jaw to the edge of your throat parting my lips i suck lightly on your skin. The
soft throb of your heart beat under my lips echoed by the pulse of your cock pressed against my
tummy, I can feel the bunch of the muscles in your arms as you strain against the cuffs and your
want to pull me against your body growing.

My lips follow the edge of your collar bone and then work slowly down your chest, My body hovering
over yours as i slowly move down your body, The heat radiating off you in your arousal warming mine
the cool air blowing over my back a constant pleasant contrast. My lips brush against your left
nipple sending a sensuous shiver through your body. The sudden flick of the tip of my tongue making
you moan raggedly the muscles of your abdomen rippling as my nipples brush against your skin. Your
wrists pull against the cuffs harder straining to reach for me as my tongue dances wickedly across
your chest slowly circling the other nipple. My lips pinch the nipple between them twisting it
slowly your sudden intake of breath and the buck of your hips against my tummy makes me purr

The feel of your cock slick with pre-cum rubbing against my tummy shifts my focus lower, my lips
part releasing your nipple and I trail a string of soft kisses down over your tummy feeling every
muscle twitch. I pause very briefly to run the tip of my tongue slowly around your navel the rock
of your hips rubbing your fully erect cock between my breasts. The weight of them against your
hips the hard nub of the nipples rubbing against your skin with every shift of your body below me.
Wiggling lower I slip part way off the bed letting your cock rub slowly along my throat i lower my
face inhaling your scent deeply my tongue slowly licking around the base of your cock. Letting it
glide up the length of your shaft I kiss the tip of the head softly, standing to the sweet sound of
your moans as I step back to admire your body as I ponder what to do next.

I can see you straining to figure out where i am and can see the shifting of your body on the bed
as the anticipation builds. I glance at the dresser and spot the long jet black feather sitting in
the vase next to it a small glass bottle of honey, The condensation beading on the outside of it as
it had been cooled slightly in the fridge having planned for this all morning I smile softly
knowing what is coming.

You can hear the floorboard squeak over by the dresser as I walk over to get the feather and the
bottle, walking back i twirl the feather between two of my fingers watching you through it, try to
watch me through the blind fold, the squeak having given you a clue to where i was as i step to the
side of the bed. Letting my hand drop i slowly brush the feather along the inside edge of of your
arm, and down your side. You flex grasping at the chains holding the cuffs to the bed pulling them
tight. Grinning wickedly I set the feather on the bed so it's just brushing against the side of
your left thigh. Watching you shift and squirm I intentionally pop the lid on the bottle off making
sure it's quite audible. Grinning as you instantly freeze trying to work out what that sound could

You can feel the left side of the bed compress as i kneel next to you then the light caress of my
right hand as it curls over your left hip the fingers slowly circling your shaft. Your sudden sharp
intake of breath as the first drops of honey poor over the head of your cock are followed by the
deep throb of your pulse beneath my fingers as the skin contracts. Your breath is expelled in a
deep heated moan as I lean over you my breath hot on the chilled skin as my tongue catches a slow
drip cascading down the side of your cock. Curling my tongue i gather the honey into my mouth
swirling the tip around the head licking up as much as i can before sitting back. Leaning over you
I kiss your parted lips softly my lips sticking slightly as I touch my honey coated tongue to
yours. The muscles of your arms bunching as you pull against the cuffs in frustration wanting to
pull me closer into a deep kiss the scent and the taste of the honey fueling your arousal.

My free hand slips under your neck lifting you into a hungry kiss as our tongues twine slick with
honey. My contented purr humming against your lips as i lower you back to the pillows and sit back
eyes traveling down over your body to your cock standing rigid. Candle light reflecting off the
honey glistening on the raised veins and darkened head throbbing slightly with each rapid pound of
your heart. My eyes alight on the feather laying next to you on the bed, switching the bottle from
my left to my right i lift the feather slowly trailing it over your hip then raise it from your
skin lifting it to the shoulder opposite i lightly run it up the inside of your arm. Your body
shifting first away from me then towards me as the feather sends ripples of sensation through your
skin yet unprepared as i brush the feather slowly down the inside of one thigh and back up the
other. My soft smile growing as your hips buck upwards the feather brushing slowly over your cock
sticking slightly to the small amount of honey remaining there.

Setting the feather aside on the table I lean back over you a single fingernail tracing a slow
sinuous path downwards from the center of your chest. Circling it slowly around your navel it
travels downwards til it bumps against the base of your cock. Your body undulates slowly every
nerve on fire as you suck air raggedly through your clenched teeth. Your head arches back eyes
rolling upwards as you strain against the cuffs your body freezing and your breath catching in your
throat as you hear the pop of the bottle opening once more. Without a moments respite you feel the
sudden shock of the cold honey beginning to pour over your cock once more. Pouring more then the
first time I quickly cap the bottle and set it aside, wiggling around I slide one elbow between
your thighs propping myself on it as i lean over you my left breast rubbing against your thigh as i
lean close my heated breath a constant contrast from the chill of the honey as i lightly and very
slowly begin licking up small amounts of the honey as it drips downwards. The only sounds a long
drawn out "Oh godd!" that fades into moans of pleasure as you strain futilely against the cuffs.

Slows each lick drawing out every moment reveling the sounds of your enjoyment, as my tongue
reaches the under side of your head i lick slowly around it my lips parting around it as i draw it
into my mouth. I can hear you whimper softly "O god babe I want to eat you" and i sit back slowly
with a grin, "Oh no not tonight you won't be" I whisper as I lean forward curling my tongue around
you drawing you back into my mouth sucking harder as you slide deeper into my mouth. Your cock
quivers inside of my mouth as your back arches lifting your hips towards me I begin to purr hearing
your ragged exclamation "Oh my god I want you".

I suck your throbbing cock into my mouth as deeply as i can letting it slide out of my mouth again.
As I draw you back into my mouth again my fingernails brush slowly over your balls the skin
contracting rapidly. The wet moist heat of my mouth and the contracting throb of your balls cause
pre-cum to leak slowly from you. The slow stroke of my tongue over your head tasting of the pre-cum
sends a shiver up through you as you gasp "oh god your going to make me cum in your mouth."
I sit back rather abruptly and twist around laying pressed against you my lips almost touching your
ear purring heatedly I whisper. "Now my love I'm going to climb on top of you and guide you into me
and then I'm going to make love to you so slowly your going to start begging for me to just take
you." My purr deepens to a hungry growl as I sit up and slide my leg over yours until I'm settled
over your hips my damp shaved lips rubbing slightly against the base of your cock i can feel you
rock grinding against my pelvis.

"You ready love?" I purr sweetly as my fingers curl around the base of your cock feeling it throb
in my grasp, I lift my hips letting you slide between my lips as more pre-cum beads from the head
slicking my lips.

"Oh god yes…" You groan softly. One finger slides between my lips guiding you in as as i let my
weight settle, I let go feeling you glide deeper. You can feel the muscle contract tightly around
you as the head slips past it. Angling my hips I can feel you slide slowly deeper and deeper. Being
tied you you struggle and pull against the cuffs wanting so very badly to grab me and ease your
sweet torment. Every throb of your cock as it reaches my furthermost depths is met with an echoing
throb of my muscles tightening around it. Rocking first downwards grinding slowly against you hips
your moans sweet to my ears I watch your body shifting under me trying so desperately to keep me
close as I begin to withdraw even more slowly. Lifting until I can feel the slight tug of your head
trying to draw back through the tight muscle inside of me, I rock my hips just slightly the muscle
stroking the base of your head. You writhe, your shoulders pressing into the pillows as you rock
your hips upwards trying to impale me on your cock but i move with you. As you settle back to the
bed I slowly slide down your length once more feeling every sweet throb of your pulse running wild.

As our hips meet once more I lean forward in one smooth motion coming down onto my elbows just to
the sides of your shoulders. The motion of my body drawing my hips back from you once more you can
feel the heat of me hovering above you and the press of my breasts against your chest. Your chest
heaves against them your breath hot on my skin as I reach up and slowly lift the blindfold from
your eyes. I look deep into your eyes feeling the heat of your love wrap around me, I smile as you
try for a kiss and i stay just out of reach. I watch you as I slow the pace even further each
downward motion of my hips taking longer then the one before it.

I lick my lips slowly, purring as i taste a trace of the honey still on my lips each exquisitely
slow downward rock of my hips ends with a slow rub of my hips against yours. The base of your cock
rubbing against my clit sending little shivers through every muscle of my body as your swollen head
pulses against my inner walls. I draw back slowly watching your eyes as they roll upwards the
muscle tight around the base of your head holding you within me. A little wicked glint appears in my
eyes as I slip one hand under your shoulder hand cupping the back of your head as I make you turn
your head to the right slightly. I lean my head down my tongue lightly touching to the side of your
throat in one sensuous lick as my hips rock downwards once more slower and slower.

I can feel you straining to hold back trying to fight the rising tide of sensations, my hips lift
the muscle tight around you stroking every inch of your shaft as I draw back once more. Holding you
there I watch your face for a moment seeing the strain and recognizing that it wont take much more
to drive you right to the edge and over it. I begin to lower my hips sliding freely down your
shaft my heat enveloping you, locking my lips around the hard throbbing pulse in your throat I suck
hard enough for your to feel the press of my teeth against your skin. As my hips meet yours you
arch backwards crying out as i rock your cock buried to the hilt within me my lips locked on the
side of your throat sucking harder my teeth dimple your skin.

Your hips buck and with an loud cry your cum explodes out of you flooding against my inner walls, I
smile contentedly as you settle exhausted into the pillows. I rest my hands on the center of your
chest feeling the pound of your heart against my palms as I rest my chin on them laying over you.
As it begins to slow I see you glance up at me and my smile broadens. "Had a good nap?" I chuckle
softly. Shifting long enough to reach up and free your wrists so you can wrap your strong arms
around me as I purr contentedly knowing without having to say it that you love me and that I love
you just as much.

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