A Wylde Knight for Jennifer

A Wylde Knight for Jennifer


This tale is the combination of a crime drama, romance story and good ole' hardcore sex. Like most of my stories, it is also quite long and detailed. But for those of you Kind Readers who appreciate my work, I think you will truly enjoy this one. So, without further ado, I present to you…..

A Wylde Knight for Jennifer

The Sun was just starting to rise on that March Sunday morning as I got quietly out of bed. I did not want to disturb the lovely young woman sleeping beside me. With the soft light filtering through the curtains, I could make out a distinctly female form under the white sheet. I let my gaze travel from her feet to her face nestled on the pillow. To my delight I saw a contented smile on Jennifer's lips. Her short, dark blonde hair framing her sweet face like a halo. I supressed a laugh when I spotted her glasses folded on the night stand. More on that later. As I pulled on a pair of fleece sweat pants, I wondered to myself why I had been so blessed. Here I was in my mid forties and I had just spent a wonderful night with a girl who was barely eighteen. I slipped out of the bedroom and downstairs to have a cigarette and some coffee. When I had both in hand, I padded out to the Sun Room and sat down to ponder and reflect on the events of the last twenty-four hours.

First, a little background.

My name is Gary Wylde and I am a forty-four year old floral designer. No, I'm not gay (you should have figured that out by now). I will admit that many male designers are, but certainly not all. I grew up in the business and it had treated me well for many years. I simply can't imagine doing anything else. I work in a modestly upscale shop in western Ohio and I hold the title of Chief Designer there. I have done some other things as well. I had my college degree and I had spent the weekends for many years playing in both rock and country bands. I had gotten away from the music scene about two years earlier and now only played for my personal satisfaction (and whenever I had a woman at the house, of course). But the women were getting fewer and farther between these days and so were my own personal jam sessions. Still, I had set aside the family room in my home as my studio and it was nice to pick up a guitar or sit at the piano every once in a while.

Jennifer Lewis had come to work at the shop part time over the previous Christmas Holiday season. She was a senior in high school and still only seventeen years old. At five-three and (I'm guessing) a shade over one hundred pounds, Jennifer was lovely. She almost always wore snug-fitting tops that highlighted her softball-sized breasts and hip-hugger jeans. I liked those jeans because I would most always get a glimpse of Jennifer's panties when she bent down. Quite often, she would wear a thong. That was the best view of all! The only thing unusual about her was her geeky glasses. They just looked so out of place on such a beautiful girl, but in a way they actually added to her allure.

She had always had a love of floral design and had taken a summer course at the local design school earlier that year. She graduated first in her class and had earned her certification. She was quite talented and skilled as we quickly discovered, and after the holidays she was asked to stay on as her school schedule would allow. Jennifer's school day ended early on Fridays so she would work that afternoon and all day on Saturdays. Saturday was generally slow, so it was usually just Jennifer and myself at the shop all day. Often it was so quiet that the two of us would spend the bulk of our day talking. Jennifer is a wonderful conversationalist and talking with her was very pleasant. I bought her a CD that she had mentioned she wanted for her eightteenth birthday that January. She gave me the sweetest hug and a kiss on the cheek as her way of saying 'thank you'. It sure made my day!


The two of us were on our own yesterday as we usually were. By mid-afternoon all the deliveries were out and I let Paul, the driver, go home early. I figured that if we had any late deliveries, I would simply take them myself on the way home. As dumb luck would have it, we got a late call from a good customer requesting a delivery clear across town. The kicker was that the delivery had to be made before five o'clock. Jennifer and I worked together to get the order ready to go and she assured me that she would be just fine by herself while I was gone. Our town isn't too big, but going and coming would take almost forty-five minutes. It was nearly four-twenty when I loaded the arrangement into the van, so I handed Jennifer my extra keys to the shop and told her to close up promptly at five. Again, she assured me that I had nothing to worry about. She was a big girl and could handle turning the keys in the locks. Just the same, I made her promise that she would stay at the shop until I returned. The store is in a pretty good neighborhood, but one can't be too careful.

"I just want to be sure that you get to your car safely", I said. "It will be getting dark by the time I get back".

"OK, Daddy", Jennifer said sarcastically then showed me her tongue just like a little girl. We both snickered a bit at that and off I went.

There was a traffic snarl that threatened to make me late, but fortunately I got the delivery made with just a whisper of time to spare. It was nearing five-twenty and dusk was falling as I pulled into the parking lot behind the shop and prepared to park the van in its assigned place. That's when I noticed something strange. All the lights were off in the display room. 'Hmmm', I thought to myself. 'Jennifer has helped me close up many times and she knows which lights to turn off and which ones to leave on. We NEVER turn off all the lights'. I parked the van, shut down the engine and got out. As I started walking toward the delivery door, I got this funny feeling and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck begin to stand on end. Something just didn't feel right. I could see that there was a light on in the design room, but the curtains over the window blocked any details. The door was locked so I used my key and opened it then walked into the design area. The first thing I saw was Jennifer. The next thing I saw was the gun. At first I didn't see the guy holding it, only where he was aiming it…right at the base of Jennifer's head.

I froze in place and tried to take in the entire scene. The guy with the gun was holding Jennifer around her waist with one hand and holding the gun on her with the other. He wasn't a big guy, maybe five-eight or so and kinda slender. I couldn't tell if he was white or black because he was wearing a ski mask and gloves. He had on dark jeans, a black parka and ratty sneakers. All told he looked like a little punk. But he had a big gun and I wasn't going to take any chances.

"Just tell us what you want and we'll do it", I said.

"Lock the door", the man replied.

I did as he demanded then turned back toward the spot where he held Jennifer at gunpoint.

"Open the safe", he commanded. I couldn't understand why ANYONE would want to rob a flower shop, but the reason would become clear soon enough.

I started to make some lame excuse when he pulled back the hammer on the gun and screamed, "NOW, goddamnit!".

That was all the incentive I needed and I walked into the office with the crook and Jennifer right behind me. The safe is a old model that is quite large and bulky. It stands about four feet high and is probably three feet wide and three feet deep. Sure, there was some cash in it, but mostly credit card slips, ledger sheets and the like. I had known the combination for several years and I thought for just a moment about pretending to screw it up a time or two to see if the guy would get rattled and run. Didn't happen.

"Don't even THINK about getting cute", the masked intruder said.

'Cute' suddenly became the furthest thing from my mind as I spun the dial and worked the lever to open the safe. The next few seconds seemed to pass in slow motion. As the safe door slowly creaked open, the crook told me to back away and as I did he pushed Jennifer toward me. I reached out for her but she stumbled and fell (she still can't recall if she did it on purpose or accidentally) and when she did the punk took his eyes off me and the gun off of Jennifer. Had someone told me earlier in the day that I would cold-cock an armed man and stop a robbery I would have told them that they were full of shit, but that is precisely what occured. As Jennifer hit the floor and the crook looked down, I stepped over Jennifer's body, leaned all my two hundred pounds into it and hit the guy as hard as I could right on the chin. He dropped like a stone. His gun went off as it fell from his hand but the bullet ripped harmlessly into the bulletin board far to my left. I grabbed the weapon then helped Jennifer to her feet. She didn't seem any worse for wear, but she was shaking and starting to cry. I pulled her out of the small office and locked the door behind us. The office had a deadbolt which required a key from BOTH sides to either lock or unlock it. It would serve as a nice holding cell for our unwanted guest until Police arrived.

Still holding Jennifer's hand, I led her into the display room and turned on all the lights. I sat her on a stool behind the sales counter and dialed 911. The shop is only two blocks from the police station and the cops were there in less than two minutes. I let them in, handed the gun to the first cop through the door and proceeded to explained the situation. I then opened the office door for them. The little jerk who had tried to rob us was just starting to shake the cobwebs from his brain as the police janked him to his feet. They first cuffed our guest then pulled the ski mask off his head. Both Jennifer and I were shocked to see Aaron, a former delivery driver standing before us in police custody. Aaron had been fired around Valentine's Day for being rude to a customer. It seems he had come to take his revenge. Didn't happen. Ha!

As one police officer led Aaron to a waiting squad car, two others took Jennifer and myself to different areas of the shop for questioning. I told the cop what I knew and he told me that I was lucky to not have gotten both of us killed. I had to admit that what I had done was foolish and that I had taken a big chance not just with my own life but with Jennifer's as well. That kinda hit home with me and I began to shake a bit myself. I thought, 'what if I had gotten her hurt…or worse? I could have never forgiven myself'. The cop saw my reaction and placed a hand on my shoulder saying that all is well that ends well. Kind of cliche' but it did make me feel a bit better.

The other cop brought Jennifer in about that time and said that we should secure the building, let the owners know what had happened and go home. Jennifer and I both readily agreed and saw the police to the door. After carefully locking up, I took Jennifer by the hand and led her back to the break room. I popped the correct change into the soda machine and got cold cans for the two of us. I opened Jennifer's and sat it on the table in front of her. She was still trembling a bit, but she was obviously starting to compose herself. She took her can in both hands and took a long sip. She then sighed briefly and I heard her whisper something under her breath as she looked up at me.

"What was that?", I asked.

"Nothing", Jennifer replied.

"OK, Jennifer", I began. "What in the world happened here this afternoon".

"Give me a cigarette, please", she said. I knew that Jennifer smoked once in a while and I guess she probably needed a puff after what had just happened. I shook two cigs from the pack, offered her one and popped the filter of the other into my own mouth. I lit up then extended the lighter to her so that she could do the same. We both drew deeply and let the smoke out with a collective sigh. Jennifer then took another drink from her soda and the whole story spilled out.

"It was about five till", Jennifer began, "and I was making the rounds to be sure that all the electric gizmos were off and the computer's back up memory disk was in place just like you showed me. I was just heading to the front of the store when that guy walked in. It took a moment to notice that he was all covered up and by the time I did he was on me. He pulled that gun and I almost screamed".

I saw Jennifer's entire body quiver for a moment before she continued.

"He stuck that gun in my face and told me to lock all the doors and turn off the lights just like I would at closing. I don't know why, but I got the idea to turn off ALL the lights in hopes that you would notice. He pulled me toward the office and said he wanted me to open the safe. I told him I couldn't because I didn't know the combo and he went nuts. He was waving that gun and saying that I was gonna regret it if I didn't open up. Gary, I was scared to death, but I told him that I was only part-time and didn't know how to open it".

"That seemed to get through to the guy and he told me that we would just wait for 'the other guy' to get back. He asked me if you knew how to open the safe and I told him I wasn't sure. He said we would wait anyway. He took me to the back when he saw the van pull into the lot and, well, I guess you know the rest".

"It never dawned on me while all that was going on that a crook would even know about the safe", I stated. "It makes sense now. Aaron didn't work here very long. He started maybe two weeks before you did. You know that. He was hired as Paul's backup driver and holiday help. I didn't even recognize his voice. Maybe it was the shock or perhaps it was that stupid ski mask. I just don't know".

With that Jennifer took another drag on her smoke and seemed to relax. We had each finished our sodas so I got us both another and sat down at the table once again. Jennifer's soft blue eyes were staring at me from across the table when she spoke.

"My knight in shining armor", she said.

"What?", I replied.

"That's what I said when we first sat down and you didn't quite hear me", she explained.

Now I have never felt like a knight and I have certainly never worn any armor, shining or otherwise. I told Jennifer what the cop had told me about my actions putting us both in danger. She countered that if I hadn't acted, the same thing may have occured anyway. I had to agree even though my shirt and jeans didn't seem to get any shinier or more metallic.

Jennifer got up, came around the table and parked herself on my lap. I was too stunned to think much less move. She put her arms around my neck, kissed me full on the lips and whispered, "thank you", into my ear. I gathered my wits quickly with the taste of her soft kiss burned into my mind and heart, gave her a big hug then stood both of us up.

"I think that under the circumstances I should drive you home tonight. You can always get your Mom or Dad to bring you down to get your car tomorrow", I said.

"Can't do it", Jennifer said. "The folks are out of town until Tuesday".

I replied,"I can come and get you tomorrow if you'd like".

She responded, "I really don't want to go home just yet. Besides, I would be alone and I don't think that will do either, not the way I feel right now, anyway. Do you think maybe we could get a bite somewhere then figure out what I should do?".

Suddenly I noticed that I WAS hungry so I said, "great idea young lady!".

After phoning the owners as the cops had requested and assuring them that both Jennifer and I (as well as the shop) were just fine, we checked the doors and lights, set the alarm and walked to my car. Once inside and buckled up, I asked Jennifer what she would like to eat. She told me to choose. I knew she liked seafood (she had said so many times) so I turned into the street and headed for Red Lobster. We enjoyed a great meal together and soon the events of earlier that day drifted from our minds. Somewhere in the conversation Jennifer asked me if I was seeing anyone. When I told her 'no' she blushed slightly and smiled. I asked her the same question and got the same answer. That was when Jennifer shocked me almost as much as seeing that gun.

"Could I be your girlfriend?", she said just above a whisper.

"I…uh…Jenn…ummm", I stuttered. I didn't know how to take this, but I did know one thing. I didn't want her to do anything she might regret later simply because I had 'come to her rescue'. I told her so.

"Jennifer, I do like you and I think it would be great if we dated. But there are some questions I need answered first".

"Shoot!", she said, realizing at once her poor choice of words. Nonetheless, we both started laughing out loud right there in the restaurant.

"First", I began, "I'm over twenty years older than you".

Her response was quick and direct. "So?", she said.

I continued, "that doesn't bother you?".

"No". Again, right to the point. "In fact", she continued, "I'm kinda tired of the games that guys my age want to play. They are all SO immature".

I pressed on. "OK. What happened today doesn't have anything to do with what you're feeling or saying, does it?".

Jennifer looked me directly in the eyes and said. "I'd be lying if I said it didn't have ANYTHING to do with it, but only a little bit. Gary, I've liked you for a while. You are always nice to me and always a gentleman. You didn't even notice when I would wear hip huggers and thong panties and make any excuse I could to bend over in front of you. I've been trying to get your attention for weeks and it took a thing like this to make it finally happen. So yes, the robbery was a small factor".

Now it was my turn to blush. "Jennifer", I said, "thank you for being open and honest, but you are mistaken about something".

"What is that?", she inquired.

I told her, "You are wrong about the hip huggers and thongs. I noticed all right. In fact, dirty old man that I am, I made sure to be in a ideal viewing location whenever you had to bend for anything".

That started her laughing once again and seeing her do so made me chuckle as well. Jennifer suggested that perhaps we could go to my house. I told her that I didn't want to go too fast, but she assured me that we would just take things as they came. I had an extra bedroom, I told her, and she was welcome to it. She didn't reply but she stood, took her jacket from the back of her chair and smiled at me. I had already paid the check with my credit card so I stood as well, tossed a ten on the table and we walked out into the crisp March night. As we crossed the large lot toward my car, Jennifer slipped her little hand into mine. I felt a warmth unlike anything before from that tiny gesture. As I unlocked and opened her door, Jennifer kissed me again. This time with real passion and I returned her kiss as best I could. We held each other briefly then drove to my modest home.

You don't get rich in the flower business but I had managed to purchase a nice townhouse condo. It was just me since my divorce years ago and I lived fairly cheap. That allowed me to have some nice things, however. Like a large flat-screen TV and a top of the line stereo and computer system. The furniture was so-so but still in good shape. Jennifer seemed pleased as she looked around while I hung up our coats and got us fresh sodas from the kitchen.

"Don't you have anything stronger?", Jennifer asked as I handed her the drink.

"You're only eightteen, Jennifer", I replied.

"Maybe just a little wine?", she asked while batting those eyes at me. How could I refuse?

"OK", I said as my resistance weakened. "One SMALL glass".

I took her soda along with mine back to the kitchen and rooted around for the plastic gadgets I had that sealed up an open soda for future use (told you I lived cheap). I grabbed the half bottle of lambrusco I had in the fridge and poured her about half a glass then dumped a generous amount into my own glass. I gulped a good bit before heading back to find Jennifer on the sofa with her legs curled under her and her shoes on the floor. I sat beside her, handed her the glass and made a toast.

"To the beautiful end of an otherwise scary day!", I exclaimed.

"Here, here!", Jennifer replied and we each sipped our wine.

As Jennifer sat her glass on the coffee table, I noticed two things. One, she had loosened at least three buttons on her blouse and Two, her tight jeans were unsnapped as well. 'Oh boy', I thought with mixed feelings. Perhaps I should try to slow this runaway train down a bit. Fat chance.

Jennifer took my glass and set it on the table next to hers. She leaned over and kissed me once again and I took her gently into my arms. I simply couldn't help myself (and truth to tell I doubt if I would have anyway).

I have no idea what prompted me to do it, but without thinking I let my hand slip gently around Jennifer's breast. She moaned into my mouth as we continued to kiss and I began to alternate between cupping and squeezing her firm tit and swirling my palm around her nipple. Her blouse was very thin and I could tell her bra was as well for I could feel her nipple stiffen under my gentle yet deliberate touch.

Jennifer broke the kiss, moved slightly away from me on the sofa and deftly removed her blouse. She then stood and, in one quick motion, slid her tight jeans to the floor and off her feet. Clad now only in bra, socks and panties (a red thong, I noted), Jennifer sat on my lap facing me. She again encircled my neck with her arms and began to kiss me once again.

I felt as if an unspoken conversation was passing between us. I gently cupped and squeezed both breasts then slipped my hand behind her back to unfasten her flimsy red bra. The light garment fell between us as Jennifer momentarily lowered her arms to allow the straps to fall away. Before raising her arms to my neck again, she pulled my shirt from the waistband of my jeans and tugged it off.

No words were needed now as we pulled each other close. Bare flesh to bare flesh. Tongues doing a sensual dance with one another. I slid my hands down Jennifer's back and cupped her tight ass. I knew she was a bit athletic and the feel of her ass cheeks proved it. I could feel the silky muscles ripple under my insistant touch and she started to moan once again.

We held each other like that for some time before Jennifer again broke the kiss and stood before me. She never spoke, just smiled, took my hand and led me upstairs. Now my condo isn't too big, but there is no way on earth that Jennifer could know which of the five upstairs rooms (all with closed doors) was my bedroom. Yet somehow she did. She led me to the door, opened it, walked inside and flicked on the light. I was glad at that moment that I had at least made the bed and tidied up a bit that morning. Usually I just left everything lay where it fell unless I knew I was having company.

I stepped over to where Jennifer was standing and as I did she dropped to her knees in front of me. Her hands went to my jeans and she had them unfastened and around my ankles in just seconds. She wasted no time in tugging my boxers to my feet as well and I stepped out of them as gracefully as possible.

Neither of us had spoken for some time and we didn't seem to need to do so now. Jennifer took my stiffening cock in one hand and cupped my full balls in the other. She stroked me lightly for several moments then lowered her sweet mouth to me. I felt her soft, warm lips encircle my cock in a loving kiss before she let me slide deeper into her mouth.

My knees bearly buckled as she drew back, only once, then let my cock slip down her throat. I had no warning, worse, I had no voice. I felt myself let go into her throat and she simply swallowed and began milking me for all I could give her. I felt myself pump my juice into her mouth three, four, five times at least. Jennifer never took her mouth from me and not a single drop escaped her lips.

I felt my legs fail me and I sat down hard on the floor in front of her. I was a bit embarrased by how quickly I had gone off but I had to admit to myself that it certainly felt wonderful. After a few moments my brain started to clear, my eyes uncrossed and I found I had the power of speech once again.

"Oh my god, Jennifer!", was all I could muster.

For the first time in nearly thirty minutes Jennifer spoke. "That was fun", she said.

I stood, took Jennifer under her arms and lifted her completely off the floor. She squealed a little as she wrapped her legs around my waist and I wrapped one arm behind her back and supported her ass with the other. I carried her to the bed, laid her gently down on top of the covers and pulled that thong off her pretty legs. (Neither of us seemed to notice that we both had our socks on throughout our entire session of lovemaking. Oh well, don't sweat the small stuff!)

Jennifer seemed to know my intentions and she moved herself comfortably into the center of the bed. She then raised her knees and spread her pretty legs wide for me. I settled between them and gazed in wonder at the display before my eyes.

Jennifer's mound was trimmed into an inch wide 'landing strip' leaving her entire slit completely bald and smooth. I touched her gently and found not a trace of stubble, no little bumps (you guys know the bumps a girl often gets when she shaves), nothing but soft girl-flesh. I traced my finger once around her lips and she began to sigh. The next time around, I let just the tip of one finger caress her inner lips with the lightest of touches. Jennifer nearly went into orbit. I slipped the back of my finger tenderly between her lips and let it slide slowly up toward her clit. The instant my fingernail came into contact with her little button, her hips shot straight up and she orgasmed… hard. She didn't exactly squirt, but her juices were flowing quite freely.

"Oh SHIT!", were the first words out of her mouth. To tell the truth, I'm not sure if I had ever heard Jennifer use that word before. I didn't have much time to reflect on that thought as Jennifer reached both hands down, grabbed me unceremoniously by my hair and one ear and pulled me up on top of her. She began to kiss me furiously and I returned the favor. I felt one of her hands slip between our bodies and she found my again stiff cock waiting for her. Jennifer wasted no time in aligning my cock with her dripping pussy. I tried to slow down but she would have none of it.

"Gary", she said in a husky voice, "It's wonderful that you are such a gentleman, but these are the facts, OK? I love you and I hope you can love me, too. I'm not a virgin and you're not going to break me. I know you want this as much as I do. Now give me all you've got!".

With that I smiled at her and reached to remove those funny glasses.

"NO!", she stated. "If you take them off I can't see what we're doing".

"OK, Hun. Whatever you say". And with that I pushed forward. Her pussy practically sucked my cock all the way in and we both groaned as I bottomed out. I really wanted to be slow and gentle, but Jennifer was insistant. She locked her legs around my hips and started bucking her ass up while pulling me deeper with her feet in the small of my back. I let her control most of the motion for quite some time. I was glad she had blown me earlier because I would be able to last longer now. But still, sooner than I expected, I felt my balls swelling once again. I looked down into Jennifer's sweet face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open and panting for breath. Both of us were sweating from our exertions. Jennifer's hair was nearly matted down and every once in a while a bead of perspiration would drip from my nose and land right between her heaving tits.

"GARRRYYYYYY!", Jennifer cried. She was over the edge and I was right behind her. I pumped her tight body as fast as a guy my age can and let go a gusher into her sweet depths. I thought I heard my own voice calling her name as I came, but I was too caught up in my passion and love to know for certain.

Time passes in strange ways after satisfying love making. I have no clue as to how long Jennifer and I lay there. Our sweaty bodies clinched together, her legs still around my back and my slowly softening cock starting to work its way from her tight pussy. I took my weight on my arms and knees and stared at the beautiful girl before me. Finally, Jennifer opened her eyes and smiled.

"I love you", was all she said.

"I love you too, Hun". I replied.

I felt Jennifers legs loosen their grip and I slid off of her. She scooted to one side of the bed, curled up and was asleep at once. I laid back on my side and just looked at her. What a treasure. What a vision she was. I felt both a smile and a tear cross my face as I reached over gently and removed her glasses. She let out a tiny sigh and I thought I heard her say my name. I can't be sure. I folded her specs and reached over her sleeping body to lay them on the nightstand. I whispered 'I love you' as I lay down beside her and fell asleep myself.

OK. So now we are all caught up.

I had just lit my second cigarette when a noise from the doorway got my attention. I turned to see Jennifer dressed in one of my old sweatshirts and her socks. Her hair was mussed, her cheeks were a bit red and those crazy glasses were perched on her nose once again. She ran a hand through her hair as she walked over and sat on my lap.

"Good morning, Beautiful", I told her.

"Good mawwnnnnning", Jennifer yawned. She clapped a hand over her mouth and giggled in the cutest way. I took her into my arms and she snuggled against me.

"Want some breakfast?", I asked.

"Not just yet", she replied. "A cigarette and some of that coffee would be great, though".

We stood together and went to the kitchen. I poured her coffee, lit her smoke and we began to plan our future………..


I drove Jennifer home that Sunday afternoon (after two more wonderful couplings) so that she could call her parents from home to check in. Afterward, she gathered some things, her school stuff for Monday and other necessary items and we returned to my place to spend another night together. I drove Jennifer to school Monday morning, picked her up that afternnon and we spent the evening together. We decided that it would be best if she were at home Monday night in case her folks got an earlier flight.

After much debate, careful thoughts and no few tears, we decided it would be best if Jennifer continue to live with her parents at least until she graduated. Even though she was eightteen, I convinced her that her education should come first. There would be plenty of time for us after high school. We decided that she could move in with me then if she still wanted to do so. She had already settled on a local, well known university and it was close enough to commute each day.

As far as her parents went, Jennifer was resolute to tell them about us at once even though I cautioned her it could get difficult. It worked out a little better than I expected. They were upset to be sure, but they didn't throw any tirades or say anything stupid. Jennifer's gentle persuasion won them over fairly quickly. I was invited to their home on a number of occasions prior to graduation and we had Jennifer's end of school party at my home. With little fanfare, Jennifer simply packed her things, hugged and kissed her mom and dad and moved into my house a week after graduation.

In the six months since, Jennifer has made this house a true home. We still have all the high-tech gadgets (she loves them as much as I do) and my studio is still filled with musical and recording equipment, but the rest of the home has taken on her personality. Not all girly, mind you, but neat and comfortable.

I have tried a number of times to get Jennifer to go and be fitted for contacts or even consider lasik, but she flatly refuses. It seems those quirky glasses of hers are here to stay. What the hell…she probably wouldn't look right without the things anyway.

The little Honda Civic Jennifer had bought last year was kinda on its last legs, so I bought her a newer model Saturn that would get her safely to and from her college classes each day. We have talked about marriage, but we have decided that we are happy just the way we are. We may tie the knot someday. We have even talked about kids. But for now her education, my work and our mutual happiness is enough to think about. As Jennifer had said on our first night together, 'Let's just take things as they come'.

Good advice.

The End

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