Adoring Elizabeth V: Babysitting

Adoring Elizabeth V: Babysitting

As I expected, I didn't see Elizabeth again until the following Sunday at church, and as I met her after the sermon she told me she needed to go to class this week so that her parents wouldn't become suspicious. I agreed, even though it felt like ages since I had last gotten proper attention to my love stick. Sure, I would wank off sometimes, but it just isn't the same. I'm sure I looked disappointed, but she took me aside and said, "What did you expect? I'm only fifteen years old. My parents won't even let me have a boyfriend yet, so what would they think of what we do?" I nodded in understanding. She was right. This was the relationship I had chosen, and really, it wasn't fair to her to demand more from her when she really couldn't give it, especially when I could get in some serious trouble for my activities. Elizabeth kissed me on the cheek and headed for class.

Monday came and went, Tuesday came and went. I was beginning to feel very depressed without my Elizabeth to be around. I didn't even need the sex, really. Just being around her was what I wanted.

On Wednesday my phone rang and I answered it. It was Elizabeth!

"Hi, do you want to come over?" she asked me.

"What about your parents?" I asked.

"They're at my sister's band concert," she told me. Her younger sister Melissa was in her Middle School band.

I said yes and immediately drove over there, parking around the block just in case. Elizabeth was babysitting her younger sisters Natalie, who was nine, and Leslie, who was six. I smiled as I saw Natalie and Leslie watching an animated movie in the family room downstairs. Elizabeth told Natalie that she was in charge for a little while and both of them to behave themselves until she came back downstairs. With that, we went upstairs to her room and locked the door behind us. Immediately after the door closed, she jumped onto me and kissed me intensely. I stayed standing, holding her in my arms and kissing her as intensely as she was kissing me. After more than a minute, I sat down and laid back.

Elizabeth was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a light blue button-up shirt that fit loosely on her, though she still looked beautiful. Her hair was hanging loosely. She had no shoes or socks on.

As I laid back, she sat up and lifted off her shirt, revealing a white underwire bra. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them lovingly and looking her in the eyes. She looked so happy and beautiful with a smile on her face. After allowing me to play with her breasts for a couple of minutes, she took the bra off as I rolled her over onto her back and unzipped her jeans. I pulled them off and threw them onto the floor to find a pair of pink panties that looked quite new. I admired it, sliding my fingers across her pussy over her panties before sliding them off and kissing her pussy right on the lips. She squirmed, then giggled.

I took off my clothes while she watched, then laid down on top of her, my cock right around the opening of her vagina. I kissed her, grabbing the back of her head, pressing her harder into mine.

Finally, I let go of her head and reached down with one hand to aim my cock at her pussy, and placed the head into the beginning of it. We had only had sex a couple of times before, so she was still very tight, but I pushed and pushed with each hump. With my hands, I reached up and grabbed her breasts, playing with the now-erect nipples as I kissed her passionately.

I sat up somewhat because I was always wondering something. Elizabeth was very skinny, so I pressed down on her tummy as I moved my penis all the way into her, humping and pushing upward with my cock. I was trying to feel it inside her, and I really thought I could feel it in her belly, which made her laugh.

I bent my head down and took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking it into my mouth. She moaned in delight, pushing her over the edge and I felt her orgasm around my cock, bucking wildly under my body. When she finally finished she said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you."

"You're welcome," I told her, then continued slamming into her finally bringing myself to orgasm. I shot my load deep into her, squeezing her breasts as I did. Her eyes went wide, but she endured it as I shot my cum into her. After I was finished, I laid down on top of her, playfully pinning her to the bed. She tried to push me off, and I pretended to be asleep with my cock still inside her. She kept pushing, and I finally broke character and laughed and got up off of her.

I dressed and asked her if I could stick around for a while. She nodded and said I could, but we would need to go down with her sisters. I agreed and then got an idea.

"Elizabeth, could you put a skirt on instead of the jeans?" I asked.

She shrugged and nodded, opening a drawer and pulling out a purple skirt with a design of flowers all over it. As she started to pull on her panties, I stopped her.

"Leave them off in case I decide to play with you while we watch the movie with your sisters," I said, smiling.

She looked skeptical at first, but then I reached down and started rubbing her clit with my fingers, and I saw her exhale in a satisfied way. "Okay," she said and started picking up her bra. "What about a bra?" she asked.

"Just the baggy shirt and your skirt," I said. "Nothing else." I then kissed her on the lips.

She laughed and pulled the shirt on. We then went downstairs hand-in-hand. I sat down on the couch and motioned for her to sit on my lap, which she did. I pulled the back of her skirt up so that it was over my crotch, though my member was still inside my own pants. I then evened her skirt out over her thighs so that her sisters wouldn't see half her bum and know she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

Her sisters were paying attention to the movie, so I reached around on the right side, the side her sisters wouldn't see, and slid my hand under her skirt, finding her pussy and rubbing it gently with my finger. She squirmed and whispered, "My sisters."

I nodded at them, and she looked over. "They could look at any moment," she said.

"I know," I said. "That's what makes it so fun."

She smiled and reached down to unzip my pants, pulling my cock out and rubbing it to arouse me. It worked quite quickly, and soon I was straining for her opening. She lined herself up so that the head was able to push in, and I shifted so that it went inside her more. I reached up into her shirt and fingered her nipple gently.

We must have been paying too much attention to each other, because suddenly her sister Natalie came over to sit by us. She must have been comfortable with me because she rested her head on my shoulder as she watched the movie. I stopped humping for a moment, then started again very lightly so that she wouldn't notice.

Just before I came, Natalie asked, "What are you two doing?"

That stopped me, but not enough. I kept going as I said, "She's just sitting on my lap, Natalie."

She smiled at me and asked, "Can I sit on your lap too?"

"In a few minutes, okay?" I said. She nodded and I resumed my humping into Elizabeth, finally cumming into her again. I continued playing with her tit as she reached down and tried to put my cock back into my pants and struggled to zip up. I noticed her sister was watching, but shrugged. She was just a little girl.

Finally, Elizabeth sat up slightly to get a better position on my cock, and I could have sworn Natalie looked at my crotch as she did. Could she see my member? Could she see what Elizabeth was doing?

Finally, Elizabeth managed to get it in and zipped up, and sat on my right, allowing Natalie to sit on my lap. I reached over with my right hand into the top of Elizabeth's shirt, finding her breast. She looked over at me wide-eyed, but I smiled at her, so she leaned onto me, pulled my arm out of her shirt, and rested it on her breast on the outside of her shirt. This would look less suspicious.

The movie went on for a few minutes and Natalie suddenly said, "Can I play with it too?"

I froze, and Elizabeth looked up at me wide-eyed. Natalie reached down to my crotch and started unzipping me.

Holy crap! She knew! It had been fun, risky, and adventurous, but now her sister knew! I didn't know what to do. Looking over at Elizabeth, she had her mouth open in shock.

"Natalie," Elizabeth blurted out. "Don't!"

Natalie looked at Elizabeth confused. "You did it," she said.

Elizabeth looked up at me, then at Natalie. "But he's my boyfriend."

Natalie looked up at me. "Daddy said you aren't supposed to have a boyfriend until you're sixteen."

Elizabeth was at a loss for words. She and I both knew that this girl couldl heavily blackmail us.

"Alright tell you what, Natalie," I said, hoping to regain control of the situation. "If you don't tell your parents that I came over, or that Elizabeth has a boyfriend, I'll give you twenty dollars."

Natalie looked at me and frowned in thought. To a nine-year-old, twenty dollars was a lot of money.

"Okay," she said. "But I still want to play with your thing."

Elizabeth, who was in the middle of sighing with relief, choked mid-sigh and looked at Natalie with eyes wide open.

"That's a prize only for my girlfriend," I said to her, grabbing her hand and pulling it off my member, which was beginning to be aroused again. "I'll give you another twenty dollars if you keep the secrets we already agreed on and you don't get to play with my penis."

She thought for a moment, then frowned. "I just want to play with it for a little bit. One minute. Please."

I looked at Elizabeth, who shook her head and said, "Alright, if you promise that you won't tell mom and dad that he was over here, promise that you won't tell mom and dad I have a boyfriend, you can play with it for one minute."

It was my turn for shock. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was no pedophile, but what else could I do. I let go of Natalie's hand and let her pull out my member, which was now erect and wider around than Natalie's wrist. She squeezed the head and slid her hands up and down, jacking me off. She was a natural!

She continued, and I looked over at Elizabeth and whispered, "If she keeps doing this much longer, I'm going to cum."

Elizabeth took that as a cue to get some paper towels, which was not my intention, and placed them around my cock.

Natalie kept playing, jacking, until I came, erupting onto the paper towels and her hands. In the frenzy of what was going on, Elizabeth hadn't kept track of the time and Natalie had jacked me off for three minutes.

"What is all this stuff?" Natalie asked.

"It's what makes babies," I replied. "I need to go clean up."

I lifted Natalie off me, who was sniffing the cum on her hands. Elizabeth handed her little sister another paper towel, and she used it to wipe the cum off. I put my cock in my pants and zipped up, then threw the paper towels in the garbage.

"I should go, Elizabeth," I said to her, and she walked me to the door.

She kissed me and I asked her, "Do you think she'll keep the secret?"

She nodded and said, "Natalie's a good secret-keeper."

"I'm really sorry that happened," I told her.

Elizabeth smiled, almost laughing. "We need to be more careful from now on."

I agreed and kissed her goodbye. It turned out I didn't need to park so far away, because I was out of the neighborhood well before Elizabeth's parents came home.

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