After School Special_(4)

After School Special_(4)

Fbailey story number 233

After School Special

I was in the eighth grade at the time and just turned fourteen years old. My sister was in the seventh grade and thirteen years old. So when the school offered an ‘After School Special’ our mother was glad to have us off the streets and taken care of, until she and dad got home from work. We used to be called ‘Latch Key’ kids but once we were teenagers we were allowed to be home alone. Now for some reason we needed supervision again. Crap.

Jessica and I were not at all pleased. Normally we had an hour and a half every day after school to ourselves. We had just started to experiment with our own sexuality too. We had only just recently gotten naked and touched each other and we were just starting to learn about oral sex when the ‘After School Special’ came into effect.

Well Monday the very first day that it started we realized that it was just a big fat joke. The teachers didn’t want to be there any more than we did and believe me most of us kids didn’t want to be there at all. However we did have the use of the gymnasium. Most of the boys skipped out right away. Some of the ones that stayed played basketball on one end, others played volleyball, and then there were the girls that danced, practiced to be cheerleaders someday, and tried gymnast routines.

A teacher told me to go over and help ‘guard’ the girls doing gymnastics, so I did. I soon found out that some of the girls had dresses on and when they tried to flip over I could see their tight little panties. When I tried to help them I got a hand full of tittie too. I quickly realized that it was going to be a lot of fun. The girls weren’t stupid and knew exactly what I was doing. They didn’t mind, in fact they seemed to enjoy it too. Soon Jessica was right next to me asking to be next. She had on a miniskirt and she wanted to do a headstand. She put me between her and the two teachers that were at the far end of the gym. She put her hands down and flipped her legs up. Then she opened them up for me so that I could see that she had removed her panties. I looked at her almost hairless pussy, as did some of the girls standing around me. Then I watched as a couple of the girls sat down on the floor and removed their panties too. They looked around for a place to hide them and decided to put them in my pant pockets. After a couple of minutes Jessica got down and another pantyless girl took her position so that I could look right down at her bald pussy too. I just poked my finger down into her pussy while she was upside down. The other girls giggled but I noticed them taking off their panties too and poking them down into my pockets. One by one all six of the girls got up in front of me and let me look at their young innocent pussies and poke my finger down into them too. I took six pair of panties home that night.

The next day Tuesday the girls didn’t wear any panties to school and they made sure to wear miniskirts. We took our corner in the gym and the girls sat on the floor with their backs to the rest of the room with me in front of them. They opened their legs up wide for me so that I could see their bare pussies. They did some stretching exercises that one girl showed them how to do. Each girl made sure to give me a good look at her uncovered pussy. Jessica used her fingers to open up her pussy lips and show me how pink she was inside. Two of the other girls opened their pussies too so that I could how pink they were inside. I got close enough to finger their pussies and rub their clits. Jessica knew what it was all about and told the other girls to relax and enjoy it. They tried to relax and boy did they ever enjoy it. I gave each of the girls an orgasm, some for the very first time. Apparently I had just taught them to ‘Jill Off’ when they went to bed that night.

The following day was Wednesday and the girls asked the teachers if they could go outside to run around the track. They were told that they could if I went with them. Not a problem! Well we ran half way around the track until we were furthest away from the school. The girls took turns letting Jessica and I give them orgasms. We both got two fingers into each of the girls pussies too. Time flew by way too quickly that day.

On Thursday we again went outside to keep away from the teachers. Jessica told me to get my cock out and lie down so that she could sit on my cock and stick it up her pussy. We had not done that yet. Of course all of the girls wanted to do that to me. I couldn’t believe that with my sister’s help I got to slip my cock into six virgins. Of course Jessica wanted to loose her virginity and get mine first. We had worked it all out the night before and she had passed it on to the girls during school. We almost did it the night before but she really wanted her friends to watch her get on my cock first. I cum twice in two different girls but not in Jessica.

On Friday we went out to fuck again. The girls got on their backs that time so that I could fuck them. That day I got to play with their tits too. I made sure to cum in Jessica that time along with two of the other girls. Only one girl had not received my cum in her pussy and she was disappointed. Jessica decided to invite Beth to spend the night so that I could fuck her later. Good idea. We were lucky to get back into the gym in time for roll call and to be allowed to go home.

Beth’s mother called our mother to confirm the sleepover. Of course Jessica had gotten to mom first so she knew all about it. Shortly Beth’s mother was dropping her off with an overnight bag.

Before Beth’s mother had gotten out of the driveway her bag was in Jessica’s bedroom and they were in my bedroom. I had already fucked Beth twice. Once was the previous day with her on top and once was that day with me on top however I had not cum in her pussy yet. That was about to change. That time it was not about making love it was strictly sex and only to cum in her. In about two minutes I was cumming her wonderful pussy and Beth was so happy too finally receive it. Beth put her panties in my pocket and then both girls left my room.

Jessica came running into my room and said, “I think mom suspects something. Beth coughed and a big white gob of your cum dripped onto the kitchen floor. Now mom wants you to come downstairs.”

All I could say was, “Fuck me.”

Beth was sitting on a kitchen towel in a chair at the kitchen table. She had been crying, her eyes were red and puffy and her nose was red too. Mom told Jessica and I to sit down and then she sat down too. Dad was not around for some reason.

Then mom asked, “Did you fuck Beth?”

What could I say? I had been caught. So I said, “Yes.”

Mom asked, “Have you fucked your sister too?”

Again I replied, “Yes.”

She asked, “Are you two girls happy with him fucking you?”

Beth just blurted out, “Oh God yes. I love his cock in me.”

Jessica was a little more controlled when she said, “Yes mom its fine with us. We aren’t jealous of one another. However Beth was the only one a school that he hadn’t cum in.”

My jaw dropped open. Mom caught the ‘only one at school’ remark so Jessica continued, “There are six of us that let him fuck us. It’s okay though because its during the ‘After School Special.’

Mom turned to me and asked, “You have been fucking six girls at school?”

Again all I could say was, “Yes.”

Then mom smiled at me and then asked Beth, “Did you enjoy it?”

Beth replied, “Yes I did. I really did. I know that the others girls did too because they told me so.”

Mom only had to look at my sister before she said, “Yes I enjoyed it too and he has fucked me a couple of times more than the other girls too."

Mom looked at me so I replied, “Yes I liked it. It is way better that jerking off three times a day too.”

Mom laughed at that and then asked, “Beth are you on birth control?”

Beth answered, “Yes. I have my dispenser in my overnight bag.”

Mom said, “Show me.”

Beth ran upstairs and returned a few moments later. She handed a round plastic container to mom. She opened it up and looked inside then asked, “How long have you been on them?”

Beth replied, “Jessica and I both started them at the same time last Thanksgiving.”

Then instead of punishing us mom said to me, “Okay. You can fuck your six girlfriends but I would like to know that the other four girls are on birth control first. Plus I would like you to do it here in our house and not in the schoolyard. Do you understand?”

I replied, “Yes.”

Mom turned toward Jessica and said, “Can you invite the other girls over for a sleepover too. Tell them that it is for two nights.”

Jessica smiled at me and then she and Beth went into the living room to call their friends.

Once we were alone, mom asked, “Would you consider fucking me too?”

I replied, “Sure I would.”

Mom said, “Your father can’t make love to me anymore since that motorcycle accident he had about three years ago. And I do get so horny. I know exactly what you mean about jerking off three times a day. I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about us though, not even your sister.”

I said, “I won’t.”

Mom said, “Good. In exchange for your secrecy I’ll let you fuck your sister, your five girlfriends, and any girl that you bring home.”

I said, “Great mom I love you.”

Mom said, “Exactly. I’m counting on that at least once a day. But first you take care of your harem. I just don’t want any grandchildren right away and I don’t want a bunch of irate mothers on my ass either.”

I said, “Thanks mom. I really though that I was in trouble.”

Mom said, “I’m not going to wait until Monday. Come up to my bedroom now.”

We walked past the girls and up the stairs. They were still calling the other girls. Once inside mom’s bedroom she locked the door and started to undress. I had always wanted to see mom naked and I wasn’t disappointed either. She was just like the girl in Joe’s father’s magazine. Mom had really nice tits, a rounded belly, and a hairy pussy.

Mom got on her bed on her back and told me to be quick about it. I undressed and got between her legs. I stuck my cock in her and was I ever quick. Even though I had just cum in Beth I was very excited from our conversation. Seeing mom naked with her legs spread wide open and waiting for me to fuck her was too much for me. I only stroked into her a few times before I cum. When I pulled out of her I got dressed, put her panties in my pocket, and left.

Mom came down the stairs and Jessica told her that two of the mothers wanted to talk to her first. Mom started to sit down and then asked Beth to get her towel. Beth went into the kitchen and brought it back out.

I though that mom had sworn me to secrecy about fucking her but she placed the towel between her legs and sat on the couch. Both girls just looked at her. Mom said, “Okay. Okay. So I needed him to fuck me too. You girls have to learn to share your toys.” They all laughed.

Mom called Beth’s mother and asked her if Beth could spend Saturday night too because a few other girls would be there. She gave her permission.

When the girls started to arrive mom removed the towel from between her legs and answered the door. She greeted the girls and their mothers and thanked them for allowing their daughters to spend the weekend. She also said that if it works out that she might try to do it once a month. The other mothers seemed to like the fact that mom was willing to supervise their daughters.

After the last girl arrived mom got us all together and said, “Consider this an After School Special. If you want my son to fuck you then go ahead and let him. I don’t mind and you don’t have to hide it either. If you need some lessons in other types of sex I’d be happy to show you. But first I need to know that you four are on birth control.”

They all said that they were and they were all able to show mom their pill containers.

Then mom suggested that we all get naked and get down to business. Wow! What a way to go mom. So she got naked first and I was right behind her. Jessica and Beth didn’t take much longer and eventually all eight of us were nude and looking at each other. The thirteen-year-olds were very curious about mom’s big tits and her hairy pussy. Mom answered all of their questions and let them feel of her all that they wanted too. Mom told them that she wore a size 34-C bra and that her pussy was hairy because her husband liked it that way.

Soon mom was telling us about the boyfriends that she had in high school, loosing her virginity in the backseat of a car, and making love to three of her fellow cheerleaders in a hotel room during a cheerleading competition. Mom told us about her boyfriends in college, after college, and about falling in love with dad.

Mom never did mention that dad could not make love to her anymore. I realized that was the secret that I was sworn to keep. She didn’t mind if the girls knew that I had fucked her but she didn’t want them to know about dad.

Mom told them about being married, having children, and then having a couple of affair too. She finished by telling the girls that I had fucked her too that day. The girls were amazed that mom would let me fuck her.

She told them honestly that I needed a lot more practice but that I would be a very good lover pretty soon with their help. She told them that the more I got to fuck them the better I would become. She asked the girls to come to our house for their After School Special and their sex lessons. They all said yes to that.

Our first lesson was how to please mom. We all got to kiss her for two minutes using plenty of tongue. We all got to suck on her nipples, play with her tits, and even pinch and twist them again for a full two minutes. Then came her pussy. For five minutes each we got to examine her pussy, finger it, and play with her clit. We also got to lick, nibble, and suck her pussy for an additional five minutes too. Then I finally I got to fuck mom while they all watched. All that took about two hours and mom announced that it was bedtime.

We moaned and groaned about it but mom told us that we would need our sleep for a full day of sex the following day. Mom picked two girls to sleep with Jessica, two girls to sleep with me, and she took the last girl to bed with her.

I wondered why mom took the girl with almost no boobs to bed with her so I asked her the next morning. Mom confessed that really tiny boobs turned her on. She said that she licked and sucked the girl’s tits until she fell asleep. When she woke up that morning mom ate her pussy for over thirty minutes.

On Saturday mom made sure that all of the girls took their birth control pills. Then she taught us all how to eat pussy, rub clits, and to give girls a great orgasm. She taught the girls how to suck my cock too. I managed to cum in three of the girls plus mom that day. I really was getting better at it too. Every time that I got hard mom would have me fuck everybody doggy style and I got to cum in a few of them.

Sunday was more of the same but whenever I got hard the girls had to get on top and fuck me. They liked it but they seemed to prefer it when I was in charge and fucked them. Mom knew what they meant. She said that she liked to be ‘taken’ and not to be in charge. She said that it gave her better orgasms too. Mom said that she likes to be tied up and taken as if she were raped. She said that the feeling of complete helplessness had made for some very intense orgasms but that it wasn’t for everyone. She also told the girls that being raped for real was not a thing that she wanted to experience though. I managed to cum in the other three girls along with mom again.

As the girls were picked up late Sunday afternoon mom told their mothers that the girls were welcome to come to our house after school and that she would watch them until their parents picked them up. They all agreed to let their daughters come to our house.

I found out that mom had sent dad to his brother’s house that weekend so that she could enjoy us kids. Dad never came home Sunday until all of the girls were gone.

Those monthly sleepovers went on for the next five years until I went off to college. Mom and Jessica can’t wait until I come home for Thanksgiving.

The End
After School Special

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