Amy – Part 3

Amy – Part 3

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This is the 3rd part of the Amy story as seen largely through Becky's (the oldest daughter) eyes. It may be helpful to start at the beginning if you haven't read the first two parts.

Please note that this is a STORY

Becky’s story.

Becky sat in Martin’s lap sobbing, “I can’t do this again. I can’t go through all of this all over again!”

Martin held her so tight, she felt like he was pulling her inside of him. This man, a stranger, who had a few hours ago killed one or possibly two men with his bare hands. Sure, the men had attacked her and her family.

“No one will hurt you or your family. I promise.” Martin said, gently massaging her back and holding her tight into his chest. Her warm tears seemed to go right through him.

She felt safe and warm enfolded into his arms and pressed into his strong chest. Almost like becoming a part of him. She could hear the rhythmic beating of his heart. It sounded sweet and comforting and she became lost in its music.

After a few moments he asked, “Do you want to talk?”

After a long wait as she re-emerged from basking in his quiet strength, she nodded her head. Somehow, she trusted this man who had demonstrated might, viciousness, quick and decisive decision-making, and yet was warm, compassionate and handsome.

She kept her face buried in his strong shoulder and her arms wrapped around his neck. She felt his broad hands on her back and butt. They felt so warm and strong like they belonged there. She could also feel his semi-hard penis on her hip and she liked it. The hand on her ass wasn’t like the knifeman’s hand. This was firm yet gentle. She could feel his cock next to her other cheek. It wasn’t hard – yet – but she thought it felt nice and warm. She wondered if it would make mommy happy again.

“Mommy was raped last year in our home,” she said.

“Oh jeez! That’s terrible,” Martin exclaimed!

“I found her, untied her and cleaned her up. She was a real mess. She had their stuff all over her and inside of her, too! It was hard to get it out of her hair. I had to wash her a lot. And it was hard getting it out of her, um…”

There was a long pause.

“Her vagina,” he asked?

“Yeah, and, um, her, um butt.”

“She’s been different ever since. She wouldn’t leave the house for weeks. After mommy lost her job we lost our house because she couldn’t make the payments. We moved two times including living in the car until we lost that too. Jenny and I lost all our friends.

“I found a job for mommy, and then found this apartment. She just got back to being herself, more or less. She still does things, though.”

“Like what, drugs? Alcohol?” Martin asked?

“Oh, no! Nothing like that. When we needed money, she would come home late at night with cash sometimes, and be a mess like when she was raped. Sometimes she got beat up and robbed. Either way, I have to get her cleaned up again.”

“She is a prostitute?” Martin asked, thinking about how on the mark Antonio was – again!

“Yes, Sir. But only when we needed the money to buy food or pay the rent. She hasn’t done it in awhile, though.”

“She has a pimp to take care of her, doesn’t she,” he asked?

“No, sir. She said all they want to do is to pump you full of drugs to get you hooked, and then use your body to make him money. Then when you don’t make enough, they sell you to another pimp, or let you go or kill you. So she just goes to a corner and hope the other girls let her. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they beat her. Sometimes a pimp will try to catch her.”

“You’ve grown up pretty quickly, haven’t you? You said you ‘clean her up’. How do you mean?”

“Well, Sir, I would wash her up. You know. All over her.”

“With her naked,” he asked?

“I can’t wash her in her clothes,” she giggled. “You’re being silly again, aren’t you! She can be real messy. Usually it’s stuff like the rape with their stuff on her. Sometimes its blood and bruises. Those are the worst ‘cause they’re hard to hide. She’ll go to work looking pretty bad sometimes.”

Martin had a mental image of Amy coming home covered in cum. Cum in her hair, on her clothes, on her face from unknown men. It was interesting that she didn’t bother to clean herself up before going home. It was also interesting that she allowed her young daughter to wash her in a most intimate way. He wondered how far this went between the two. He wondered if Jenny knew and helped in cleaning up mommy.

He also remembered his times with Tanja; how he would take her out to a nice place, feed her and then have her service him in the parking lot or at a park. He would unbutton her blouse and play with her little tits while she sucked his cock down her throat. He loved cumming on her hair, face, chest and clothes in public places.

He would also enjoy going to a convenience store and sending her in to buy ice cream. She would come back and tell him about the looks she got when she bent over to get the ice cream and flashed the store clerk and a few other strangers. She’d tell of their expressions when they realized that she had cum on her face and in her hair. Sometimes the clerk would stare, sometimes give a sly wink, or sometimes call her a slut and a whore. When she got back to the car, he could feel her heat without touching her. Apparently, Amy didn't mind the humiliation, either.

Suddenly, he realized that he was getting excited again, and that there was a 10 year old girl on his lap, or more correctly, on his hardening cock.

“Did you work with her on those nights?”

“Oh no, Sir! Mommy said we’re too young for that.”

At least Antonio wasn’t right about everything! Interesting that they thought of it and discussed the possibilities of at least Becky working the streets like her mom.

Martin held Becky close into him, and she held him tightly. He realized his hand was on her butt and that there was nothing between his hand and her skin. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, wiggling her butt on his cock.

My word, thought Martin! What is this girl doing? She’s only 10 for cripes sake! Yet she’s making me so damned excited like…

He closed his eyes remembering the last time he held Tanja in his arms like this. Her hands were bound behind her, and her feet were tied, too. His hand had wandered up under this very cami…

He started to move his hand from her ass. “No, please, Sir. Leave it there. It feels so much nicer than that bad man’s.”

“It’s really not proper. I can’t be doing this.”Martin said.

She wiggled her butt to keep his hand there. He had to put his hand back on her butt. All her movements were massaging his cock and masturbating him. He had to put his hand back on her butt to keep her still otherwise he’d lose control.

She could feel his cock growing harder and bigger. She didn’t know why, but it felt good against her. This must be what mommy loves so much.

“She didn’t try to clean herself up? You had to do it? Or did you want to do it?” he asked as he unsuccessfully tried to move his hardening cock from under her butt. All he succeeded in doing was moving her along his cock even more.

“When she was raped she couldn’t move even after I untied her. She was so tired. But I couldn’t let her just sleep like that so I took her to the tub and washed her all clean. I got all their stuff off of her and as much out of her as I could. My fingers could only do in a little ways in her butt, but I got a lot out of her vagina. I could put my whole hand up there! I can only put a finger in mine and only part way. If I put it in too far it hurts.”

Oh, god, Martin thought! Will this torture end?? Time to change the line of questioning.

“She’s a bit bigger than you and, and she’s had two children. So what would happen after you wash her off?”

“We go to bed. She wants me to hold her and tell her over and over that I love her. So I make her feel good and she goes to sleep,” she said.

Wild thoughts were racing through his head. “Make her feel good…” Like how? Makes her cum? Feels her up? Or just makes her feel good by holding her? Damn, this isn’t getting any easier!

“That must have been bad coming home and seeing your mommy tied up like that. I can’t imagine how you felt seeing her like that. Tell me about your sister, Jenny.”

This should calm things down. Jenny’s only 7. Not much sexual could have happened around her.

“Jenny’s really smart and she loves anything to do with water. Did you really go out on fishing boats?”

“Yes, I did. Many times. We caught lots of different kinds of … um … fish … on those trips,” Martin said.

“She also likes art and stuff like that. She likes photographs and paintings, but also statutes and stuff. And she used to sing all the time, but she doesn’t anymore. I liked her singing. It always made me and mommy feel happy even if it was a sad song. She has a really pretty voice.

“Jenny took losing our home pretty hard. She had really good friends where we lived. She would go over and play games, work on school work, listen to music, and swim. They would come over to our house and play games and do stuff.

“After we lost the house, we actually lived with one of her friends family for awhile. Jenny and Lori were good friends and almost twin sisters. They wore the same hair style, liked the same music, they even shared clothes. They slept together when we lived there and they’d be giggling and stuff all night long. They’d be holding each other when we woke in the morning.

Mommy took care of the house and we helped after school. She’d clean the house and keep it neat. She’d also do the washing, dishes and cooking. But I noticed that the mom and dad fought a lot over us to get us to do stuff for them. And the dad really liked mommy.

“One time, I came home from a friend’s house and mommy and him were having sex in the TV room with Jenny and his daughter, Lori, there playing a game. Jenny said that he’d sometimes have Lori and her touch him, and that he would have sex with his wife with them there, too.

My god this girl is going to make me shoot my wad in my pants! With all the sex that these two girls saw on a regular basis…well, it’s a wonder they’re NOT working with their mother on a street corner!

“Was that the only time you saw your mom have sex,” he asked?

“Yes. I’m actually jealous of her. Really them,” Becky said.

“Jealous of who?”

“Lori and Jenny. They saw a man’s thing and touched it and saw it squirt. All I ever saw was mommy after she had sex, or when Mr. Williams was having sex with mommy.”

She nuzzled back into his neck and wiggled her butt on his cock again. “It feels so nice, I could stay here forever in your lap, Sir,” Becky said.

“Well, it feels good holding you, hon,” Martin said after clearing his throat. “It’s been a long time since I’ve held a girl in my arms. But it’s time for bed now. There are a lot of things that have to be done tomorrow and it’s very late. We need clear heads.”

“Sir,” Becky asked? “Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“No, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Your mom wouldn’t like it if she found us sleeping together. She would get the wrong idea. You can sleep in your room tonight.”

“Sir, I’ll feel safer if I’m with you tonight. Please,” Becky pouted.

“No. Not tonight I said.”

“Yes, sir.”

He picked her up, turned off the light in the family room and carried her down the hall with her clinging to his neck, her face buried into his shoulder. He carried her past the first room which was dark. He peeked in and was a little surprised to find the bed empty. The covers weren’t even disturbed
. “Jenny must have gone to sleep with her mom,” he thought.

As he was approaching the bedroom Becky was to sleep in, he saw a faint light coming from under his door. Strange. He always turned out the lights when he left a room. He walked down to his room and opened the door.

Asleep in his bed was Jenny enfolded in her mother’s arms on one side of the bed.

“OK. I guess since everyone else is here, you might as well be, too.”

“Oh, thank you, Sir!” as she squeezed his neck in her most massive 10 year old hug.

“Please try to leave my head on me. Now, to bed!”

She ran to the bed and jumped in next to her mother leaving Martin the rest of the king sized bed. Martin headed to the bathroom. He had some pressure to take care of, and he knew it wouldn’t take long.

As Martin jerked himself off, he thought about the family that just fell into his world. Three apparently highly sexed girls, nice bodies, nice faces, and nice personalities. Very polite with “Sir” everywhere. Could they all be subs? Becky’s ass felt so smooth and soft in his hands. He knew it was wrong, but he wanted it badly. He loved the feel of his cock…and then he came in gallons on the floor and towels hanging on the wall opposite the toilet where he sat.

Oh, this was so wrong! How could he think these things?

He cleaned the floor of his cum and put the towel in the hamper.

While he was jerking off in the bathroom, Becky slid into bed next to her mother. Her mother stirred and wrapped her arms around her daughter, pulling her into her breast.

Becky held her mom and said, “Mom. This is a good man. I can feel it. All the times he could have done stuff to us and he didn’t. He didn’t know us and he put himself in danger to help us. He’s strong and he’s smart. He can protect us. Don’t you blow this, mommy. I can’t go through starting over again. I just can’t do it.”

“I know, sweetie, I know! I heard you two talking and was surprised that he didn’t do anything with you, too. And I was surprised at how grown up you’ve become! Where did you learn all that stuff from? Have I been that bad of a mommy to you and Jen?”

“No, mommy. You’ve been good to us and we both love you. He’ll be coming out soon. Don’t let him sleep in another room. We need him here with us to keep us safe.”

As he went into the bedroom he saw that Becky left him room between her mother and herself for him. Amy was sitting up dressed in a long pink tee that showed off her chestnut hair that cascaded over her shoulders. She asked him, “would you please sleep here with us? We would feel so much safer with you with us.”

“I don’t know if that’s such a great idea. I mean…you know…”

“Sir. If you go to another bed, we will join you there. With what we’ve been through tonight I don’t think that we could feel safe enough to sleep alone. We trust you and you have been very generous to us. Please, Sir, one more favor. You might as well be comfortable in your bed with us, than in a strange bed with us. You can see we’re small girls and don’t take up much room, and I promise we don’t snore and we won’t eat you – at least not tonight,” she added with an impish smile. Becky and Jenny giggled.

“Well, gee, that makes all the difference in the world, now, doesn’t it?” He wasn’t going to win and he knew it. Yes, he could kick them out and then lock the door, but he knew enough about the stresses on people to know that what they witnessed can cause problems at night. The nightmares can be bad even if you’ve done it before. It would be better for all if he were there early before the nightmares began.

This could be the start of something amazing. Or it could be a nightmare in the making. He wasn’t sure which it would be. With a lot of trepidation, and with Amy holding his hand looking up at him with doe brown eyes that almost pleaded with him, he nodded.

“Thank you, sir,” Amy said, and bounced up and kissed him on the lips. Then, looking down at her feet, “Thank you for everything you have done for us tonight. You have really been a knight for us. There’s no way that we could repay you for this. I know that Becky told you a lot of things about us, but please understand that though that we are really good girls.”

“You heard us talking” he asked?

“Some of it, not all. But enough to know that she talked about sex a lot and what she and Vicky saw. Maybe I’m a bad mother for letting them see those things, but I don’t really see where I had much choice with the situation we are in. I feel like we’re just drifting with the currents. We’ve hit rocks several times, and I had to do things I wouldn’t want to do normally. But without a man to guide us… well, I just feel like we’re lost and just surviving.”

“I think I understand,” Martin said. “Let’s not think about these things right now. It’s been a traumatic day for all of us and there’s still a lot to do tomorrow. Let’s sleep and recover some. One thing we have is time.”

Amy crawled into bed. Martin watched her from behind. Her nicely formed and tight butt as it swung left and right as she moved across the bed between Jenny and Becky. She slid under the covers and waited for him.

He took off his robe and crawled into bed next to her and Becky. Amy pulled the covers over them, took his left arm and put it under her head. “I need you to hold me like this.” She hugged his arm between her breasts and turned on her side.

As she did this, Becky snuggled up against him, too. He put his other arm around her. She put her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest. He then felt Amy pull Jenny against her and his arm. One big happy group.

This morning he has awoken a contented man, feeling as if he were missing nothing of any significance. Now he felt complete. He had people that personally depended upon him again. He had that physical contact again and it felt good. Sure the people in his company needed him, but this was a lot different. This was a personal dependency not an economic one.

He drifted off to sleep.

During the night, he had dreams he hadn’t had in a long time. Dreams of Tanja playing with his cock and balls. Just as he was enjoying it, she would stop. Then the dream would replay. Again, just as he was enjoying it, she’d stop. This last time, though, well this time it was different.

The dream started as before. Tanja rubbing his cock and cupping his balls in her hand, softly massaging them in her small hands. But this time Tanja put her mouth down to his cock and licked the tip of it, and then surrounding his dick. He felt like the head of his cock was engulfed in a warm wet mouth. Just as he was waking up from the dream, it stopped. He felt a movement, and then Amy leaned against him again, snuggling in and spooning. She wiggled her ass into his cock. Was she trying to get his cock between her ass cheeks?

He reached down to adjust himself. His dick was very wet. It wasn’t a dream. Maybe all the jerking off he felt wasn’t a dream either. He let his hand roam over her body. He felt her small, firm breasts. If they’re a B-cup, they’re large, he thought.

Her nipples were hard as rocks. As he rolled her nipple between his fingers, her ass ground more into his cock. He pinched it, eliciting a moan from her. She threw her head back into his shoulder and moaned, “Yesssssss!”

With his other hand he started to reach for her pussy. It was nice and smooth, with no hair at all. He was going to have to eat that pussy sometime, and make her beg to come. But this wasn’t play sex. This was rutting.

He wriggled his fingers lower to her clit. As soon as he touched it, she gasped and went rigid. Her legs spread wider allowing him better access to her cunt. She rotated her hips to make him feel her wetness and to allow him access to her hot, tight hole.

This girl is on fire, thought Martin. He had to have her now. He tried to position his cock at the entrance to her hole, but he couldn’t reach it. Then he felt a hand take his prick. He could sense her hole on the tip of his cock and he pushed into her. As he did he pinched her nipple hard.

“Ooohhhhh, god, yessssssss!!!!! Fuck me,” she exclaimed!

In a reverse cowboy his cock entered her and was pushing against her G-spot on the way in. He pushed as far in as he could and pulled out. He fucked her smoothly and fully as he pinched and pulled her nipples. He mauled her tits, bit her shoulder and neck, and he fucked her hard.

“Yesss…right there! Just like that! Harder! God, I’m so close!”

He pinched her nipples harder between his fingers eliciting a groan. He was fucking her hard now, ramming his cock into her as hard as he could. She was curving her hips down to get more of his rod into her hot, wet pussy. She wanted as much in him as she could get. Each thrust pressed against her in just the right way. Her squeezing his cock with her pussy was making him ready to explode.

And then he felt something. He felt hair on his legs. And then a tongue licking, but not his cock only. The tongue was licking her clit, too. His balls were being milked of their gifts, bringing him to the edge.

Just then he felt her breathing stop and her body shiver and quake. Her cunt spasm around his prick and he felt a flood against his cock. Then he felt not one but two tongues around his cock as he thrust into her again and again. He couldn’t hold out any more and he unleashed his own geyser deep into her hole.

“Do you feel it? He’s squirting in her,” said Jenny.

He continued thrusting into her, though more stabbing her with short hard jabs as he came.

As his cumming subsided, he pulled his legs up and apart forcing her to do the same, and he pulled her on top of him. He ran his hands over her breasts and down to her pussy. He felt his own cock inside her pussy. He gathered some of her juices on his finger and came up to her clit and just lightly rubbed his now well lubed finger over the nub setting her off again.

“You cum easily,” he said in her ear.

“Only in the hands of a Master.”

“Well, I think I had some help.”

Martin’s cock was deflating and it popped out of her vagina. When it did, the plug that held Amy’s juices and Martin’s sperm in was gone allowing the cocktail to flow. The girls licked the nectar from their mother’s pussy until no more came out. They then cleaned off Martin’s cock and balls, sucking his flaccid cock into their mouths and licking his balls.

When they were finished cleaning their mother and her lover they came up to hug mom.

“We love you, mommy,” they said together.

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