Aunt Peggy's Passion

Aunt Peggy's Passion

JackassTales…Tale # 33…Readers; this is a change of pace story for me. Usually my tales are about sexual relations between older males and younger females (my favorite characters). Here, I’ve reversed roles by having a younger male and an older woman. I know it’s been done by others, but not so much by me. Some might consider this a ‘blasphemous’ tale because I interweave sex and religion. But, like they say; sinners make the best Christians and Christians make the best sinners. Oh well, I hope I won’t offend too many. Like a few of my other stories, this one took on a life of its own and I couldn’t get out of it. Therefore, it’s a little bit long. If you decide to read it, thanks.


(Part one) Morning Glory

Sunday mornings are not supposed to be noisy. But, this Lord’s Day morning I was awakened by a loud voice speaking. Good god, that man was arguing again! Uncle George was again beastly berating and criticizing Aunt Peggy. The bad-tempered, rough-talking bear of a man was acting like the bastardly beast that he was. His brusque, gruff, gravelly voice carried all the way from the kitchen to my bedroom down the hall.

If ever there was a man deserving of a good beating, then my Uncle George was it. My father’s brother had none of the kinder, gentler qualities in his behavior or demeanor that my dad and I had.

If ever there was a woman deserving of respectful compassion, then my Aunt Peggy was it. As far as I was concerned, this dear woman epitomized all that is good and decent in a person of the feminine gender.

I only knew a few of the ‘particulars’ about how and why the two came into a state of matrimonial union. Orphaned as a teenager, Aunt Peggy had inherited her birthplace farm and had married an older neighbor man. If I were to conjecture, I’d say it must have been a ‘marriage of convenience’ instead of love. In all the years I’d known them, I’d never witnessed my uncle aim a kind word or gesture toward his wife. On the other hand, I’d noticed repeated attempts by my aunt to engender kindness and love from her husband.

My aunt, uncle, and I had one seemingly inconsequential thing in common. It was a number. The number was multiples of 17. I was 17 years in age. At 34, Aunt Peggy was 17 years older. At 51, Uncle George was 17 years senior to his wife.

Throwing off my covers, I jumped out of bed, and stood at my bedroom window. My eyes beheld the splendor and beauty of the rolling hills and pastures outside. This rural southern farm was one of my favorite places to be. I was lucky enough to now be spending the whole summer here while my missionary parents were abroad doing their ‘good works’.

A gust of early morning summer wind blew through my opened window and ruffled the curtains. I had slept nude, so the breeze also tickled my pubic hairs and the tender flesh of my fresh-outta-bed erection. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember a day when I hadn’t awakened without a hard-on.

I was giving some serious thought to raising the window screen so I could jack-off and shoot a load of early morning cum out onto God’s good green earth. This wouldn’t be the first time I’d performed this wake-me-up morning ritual.

Hearing the back door slam, I knew Uncle George had stormed out in one of his customary rages. Goddamnit, if that man ever raises a hand to strike Aunt Peggy, I’ll beat the shit out of him and hang the bastard’s ornery-assed hide up in a high oak tree!

In an attempt to put such thoughts aside, I went ahead and raised the screen. My meaty teenaged erection settled into my hand. I suppose I was proud of the hefty size of my cock and I was just cocky enough to think I was as well-hung as any full-grown man.

As I pumped my throbbing man-handle, I couldn’t help but worry a little about Aunt Peggy. The woman was no physical match for her husband. My eyes saw her as a delicately-petite female flower blooming under summer skies. If I were to guess, I’d say she weighed no more than 100 pounds and was not taller than 5 foot 2. Why, that’s a full 60 pounds lighter and 9 inches shorter than me!

My wandering mind recalled some of the words to and old song I’d heard somewhere in time. I believed it went something like; “5 foot 2, eyes of blue, oh but what those 5 foot could do…has anybody seen my gal.”

Well hell, Aunt Peggy wasn’t ‘my gal’ but I’d admit that I’d often wondered about the abundance of shapely curves hidden inside my blue-eyed aunt’s clothing. Whether she wore dresses or jeans, she always had a look about her which inspired a bulge to stretch the crotch of my jeans.

This thinking about Aunt Peggy’s curves was raising the heat inside my bubbling ball sack. My swollen erection summoned forth testicle fluids and began spewing them out the open window in streams of thick, creamy cum. I allowed orgasmic gratification to steal away my senses and give me joyous early morning pleasure.

In the midst of my thrills, my peripheral vision picked up a hint of movement. There to my left just across the room, a feminine figure stood in my open doorway. I knew at once it was the lady who was 5 foot 2 with eyes of blue.

At the moment, those eyes of blue were staring transfixed at my elongated man-hose and the streams of milky cream freely flowing from it. So mesmerized was she that she seemed not to notice I was now aware of her presence.

Why I didn’t immediately stop, I couldn’t say. Unbelievably, I didn’t even slow down. While I continued my cock pumping, I saw that I wasn’t the only one caught up in orgasmic ecstasy. The thin belt of the pale blue morning-robe Aunt Peggy had on was untied and the robe was open. She had on no bra. One of her hands was cupping a breast with the fingers teasing an erect nipple. Another hand was buried within her white panties. I knew her fingers were deep inside her fully-matured vaginal opening. Her panties were stained with her own pussy juices. Her body was shivering with orgasmic spasms.

I didn’t know Sunday-school-teaching, church-going ladies did that! I didn’t know Good-Christian women masturbated! I certainly didn’t know my Aunt Peggy did it! I’d never even thought about the fact. But, I now knew my aunt did play with herself. I knew for a fact she did because I was looking right at her doing it!

I milked my erection until I was dry and then flipped my cockshaft a few times to get rid it of the last few drops of cum. Aunt Peggy then noticed that I saw her. A reddish blush spread over her face, yet she didn’t stop masturbating until she was orgasmically satisfied. After pulling a wet, cunt-soaked hand from her panties, my aunt turned toward the door and disappeared from sight. Not one word had passed between us.

What was there to say? There was nothing that could be said. Still naked, I walked down the hallway to the guest bathroom which had been set up for me so I could have some privacy. Perhaps I should have thought of coming to this room for my cumming-out, cock-jerking party. Oh well, what’s done is done.

After shaving, I ran a hot tub and took a long leisurely bath. This was to be a big day. Aunt Peggy would have a nice breakfast for me and then she and I would head off for Sunday school and church. Being the heathen he was Uncle George would not be joining us. This man had vowed never to darken the doorway to any kind of religious sanctuary. If asked for my opinion, I’d say God would most likely kick the blasphemous bully’s ass back outside anyways.

As I climbed out of the tub, my mind’s eye began seeing a picture of Aunt Peggy’s lithe, summer-tanned body. I recalled the hypnotic beauty of the female form barely visible beneath her opened robe. I remembered a glimpse of the breathtaking view of her braless breasts and nipples. I saw a masturbating hand playing inside white panties.

With my vivid imagination working on overdrive, I felt a familiar swelling between my legs. My fantasizing mind began having ungodly, sinful, coveting cravings for a woman who belonged to another. If not for the fact that Aunt Peggy was waiting breakfast for me, I would have stifled my lascivious lust by again beating my meat.

Attempting to ignore my agitated frustrations, I left the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I walked toward my room with my erect cock slapping my belly. I was thinking about the jerking-off party I would have to have sometime after breakfast but before church. Hell, I couldn’t walk into God’s holy house with an aunt-inspired erection straining my pants!

Unbeknownst to me, Aunt Peggy had not been preparing breakfast. She too had been taking a morning bath. Her bathroom door opened and she came out into the hallway. Unbelievably, my aunt was strip-stark naked, same as I was. She was drying her shoulder-length hair with a towel. This woman had never before walked around naked in front of me before today. She stopped to stare at me and I stopped to stare at her.

Oh damn, I’d never imagined I’d ever see this woman naked! I couldn’t stop looking at the mesmerizing sights before my eyes. Aunt Peggy had a short, petite body, yet her feminine features were fully developed. Her twin breasts were the size and shape of fully-ripened grapefruits. The nude nectarines seemed to offer an invitation to be plucked.

I’d always been told that with age a woman’s breasts became victims of gravity. They were supposed to sag and droop. I now believed I might have been misinformed about these facts. Aunt Peggy’s breasts boldly stood as proud and beautiful decorative ornaments upon her chest. Dark pink nipples, surrounded by silver-dollar-size pale pink areolas, completed the ornamentation. My aunt’s breasts were gorgeous!

My eyes strayed lower. Aunt Peggy’s figure was trim and firm. My gaze settled on the patch of hair between her shapely legs. I’d seen pictures in magazines of full-grown women’s pussies. That’s where I’d first learned about pubic hair on a pussy. Well, now I was seeing my first ‘real-life’ mature woman’s pussy in all its fluffy, furry glory!

I was not certain if I was pleased at the sight or not. With my limited knowledge of pussies, I’d discovered I loved shaved, bare-nude, hairless pussy mounds best!

Yet contrarily, I couldn’t take my eyes away from Aunt Peggy’s bushy pussy. Her curly snatch of pubic hair added an air of exotic, erotic, feminine mystery to her otherwise unblemished body. Silently, I wondered, “What jewels and treasures lay concealed within her shrouded female veil? Did I dare make an attempt at an unveiling?”

I began wondering about how long Aunt Peggy and I were going to stand there staring at each other. I could turn to my right and quickly enter my bedroom. Aunt Peggy could turn to her right and quickly enter hers. Yet, neither of us turned.

Finally, Aunt Peggy took a timid step towards me. She leaned close and spoke to me in a muted whisper, “Daniel, I want to thank you so much for letting me watch you this morning. Oh god, that was the most beautiful performance of masculine sex play I’ve ever seen in my life! Believe it or not, but I’ve never even seen a ‘young’ man’s naked body. I married at a young age to a man much older than me. I didn’t know the male form could be so solid and chiseled-hard. I had no idea my nephew’s penis was so handsomely developed in both elongated length and generous girth. In my opinion, any female would love to get a piece of what you have!”

Embarrassed by her brazen boldness, Aunt Peggy blushed and became quiet for a minute. Gathering courage, she then spoke again, “Daniel, you’re mature enough now to know the truth about your uncle and why I’m so unhappy with him. I’ve never told this to anyone else, but that man is a ‘son-of-a-bitch’ who makes my life miserable! He has no sense of humor. He’s always so melancholic and sullen. And, he’s not the least bit ‘virile’ when it comes to sex. To compensate for his ‘shortcomings’, he has been mistreating me badly. I mean mentally, emotionally, and especially sexually. He has become a mean and vicious lover!”

After a brief pause, she added, “I sometime hope and pray he will just go away and leave me alone. I love children and I’d love to have a baby, but I thank God every day that I’ve never born the man a child!”

Aunt Peggy stopped talking to wipe tears from her eyes. Unconsciously, I reached out and she stepped into my arms. We were both keenly aware of our nudity, yet I held on to her tightly. Her hands rested on my chest.

Even though I wasn’t yet out of my teen years, my masculine instinct recognized the agonized pain of a ‘wounded’ woman. Misused and abused, my aunt’s body and heart had been badly damaged. My intuitive, tender-hearted mind compassionately wondered whether or not her female psyche had been injured beyond repair.

“Daniel,” Aunt Peggy’s breaking voice said. “I haven’t trusted a man in so long I’ve began losing my faith in men. This changed when you came here to stay last week. Your presence is like a breath of fresh air. You are so full of life and mischievous merriment it’s nearly impossible to remain despondent around you. Your humor and inspiring zest for life is so infectious I’ve found myself laughing and singing for the first time in forever. And now, this morning, I’ve discovered that I have a beautiful, hard-bodied, virile male-creature living in my home! I guess this explains why I’ve been walking around with an excited wetness inside my panties since you’ve been here.”

Before I had a chance to respond to this unexpected news, Aunt Peggy added, “For the life of me Daniel, I can’t figure out what to do with you! I’m so jumpy and jittery, I feel like a virginal schoolgirl with her first ‘crush’ on a boy!”

“Aunt Peggy,” my mischievous voice teased. “You are an adult woman with the wisdom and maturity of age. So, my lady, you just go ahead and do whatever you want to do with me. I’m a big boy, I can take it!”

Aunt Peggy’s response was not what I expected. She didn’t call upon her good sense to give her the wisdom to turn away from temptation. Instead, she turned her face up and softly kissed my cheek. She then kissed my lips. This wasn’t the kind of kiss an aunt gives to a nephew. It was a kiss a woman gives to a man. The kiss I gave back wasn’t meant for a motherly-substitute aunt. It was the kiss of a man aroused by the allure of enticing female.

My kiss deepened as I poured my heart and soul into it. It was becoming a kiss meant as comforting solace for an injured woman. I wondered if I was subconsciously trying to atone for the sins of my uncle.

A recollection came to me as I held a woman’s soft, nude body tightly against the rigidity of my muscular chest and loins. I recalled an article I’d read about sex. The article made the claim that women reach their sexual peak in their mid-thirties and guys reach their peak in their mid-teens. I further recalled that Aunt Peggy was 34 while I was 17. Why did this information now come to my mind?

The impassioned kiss between Aunt Peggy and me became two and then three. I took a step to my right bringing the seductive woman with me. We were in my bedroom. When I closed the door, I locked out the world. I ordered decency and morality to vacate the premises under the threat of a severe ass-kicking.

“Peggy,” I said in a clear, strong voice. “Woman, this won’t work unless we drop the ‘aunt’ part! We must forget it, ignore it, and pretend the aunt-nephew relationship doesn’t exist. Okay?”

A smile lit Peggy’s radiant face. Her teasing answer was given with joyous jest, “What relationship, Daniel? Why, good sir, I’m just a woman and you are just a man!”

Peggy sat on my bed and I dropped to my knees between her legs. I kissed her again. I had no idea if her mouth had ever been tongue-fucked before, but that’s what I began doing to it. Whether she was experienced or just now instinctively learning, this woman began tongue-fucking my mouth in return.

Taking my time, I moved slowly and gingerly. I reasoned that if I rushed I might not allow forbidden temptation a chance to get a firm hold on our tenuous, newfound, lust-inspired bond.

Reaching out, I cupped two proudly-displayed breasts with a gentle touch. As Peggy’s tits filled my hands, I gently massaged the magnificent mammary orbs. Swelling nipples stiffened as my thumbs caressed them. When I leaned over to capture one of the mature nubs in my mouth, I heard a moan of delight. Inspired by this reaction, I captured the other erect nipple. I sucked with soft, gentle pressure. My tongue made slow, lazy circles around and around. I heard sighs and moans.

I juggled Peggy’s tittie-jugs up into the air with the skill of a circus performer. I enthusiastically played with the firm, jiggly balloons. My lips joined in on the act and frantically licked the warm boob flesh. My tit-hungry mouth sucked all around the circular perimeter of the mountainous hills.

When my boob play was temporarily satisfied, I eased Peggy to her back on my bed. She made no resistance. She willingly helped as I spread her legs wide. I studied the mysterious bush between her legs. I saw a forest of hair covering a magical, magnificent pussy mound. Her pussy lips were puffed and the mounded flesh stood up graceful and proud.

Peggy’s clit was easy to find. It was not completely hidden inside the outer pussy lips. My ravenous mouth and tongue found it easily. I flicked it, licked it, and teased it until it became stiff and erect. The warm, tender ridge of the protruding clit was much like the tip of an iceberg. There was much more below the surface. Spreading her pussy lips, I found the feminine glory within! My mouth and tongue found a glorious abundance of tender vaginal flesh to consume. I ate voraciously!

I was young, but I knew when sexual stimulation was causing exquisite pleasure. I knew my oral massages were stirring Peggy’s pussy passions. I knew she was forcing herself not to cry out. She certainly didn’t want Uncle George to know what was going on under his roof. Even so, I heard impassioned whimpers and barely concealed cries.

I stopped for a moment and looked at my forbidden lover’s naked body. I spoke with a new maturity, “Peggy, if your husband is a ‘son-of-a-bitch’, he is also a ‘goddamn-fool’! How could any man in his right mind not appreciate the magnificence of your sexy body? Why woman, you’re ‘smoking-hot’ and ‘drop-dead’ gorgeous! I think you’re wonderful!”

Peggy sat straight up in my bed, grabbed my head with both hands, and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back. She then dropped to her knees on the floor and told me to lie back on the bed. Without a second of hesitation, I obeyed her instructions.

“Daniel dear,” Peggy whispered. “You told me I could do anything I wanted to with you. Did you mean it? Honey, I want to do something to you that your uncle has never let me do to him. May I kiss your beautiful, rock-hard cock and maybe even suck it a little?”

Without awaiting my permission or consent, Peggy moved into position between my legs. She leaned over and kissed my engorged cockshaft. She kissed up and down the entire swollen length of the steely-stiff rod. She pulled and tugged on my meaty erection.

Peggy stood my rigid shaft up straight and closely inspected this object of her desire. As soon as the cockhead filled her field of vision, she popped it into her mouth. This woman was now the one with the voracious sex appetite. She seemed starved for a cock to eat. She sucked my meat deep into her mouth. She licked and sucked with enthusiastic zeal.

Good god, I’d never had my 17-year-old cock inside the mouth of a woman twice my age! Peggy might be an inexperienced cocksucker, but after years of oral man-meat deprival, she was eagerly making up for lost time. This 34-year-old woman’s cock hunger was stealing away all of her modest inhibitions.

Forgetting about the restrictive proprieties of forbidden sex, this cock-starved female devoured my rigid erection. Peggy was treating my cock like it might be some kind of delicious edible treat. Her rapidly-licking tongue lapped at my flesh just like it was a blood-engorged pulsating popsicle. Her bobbing mouth sucked as if she had a tasty all-day sucker to consume. Her teeth began chewing as if she had a succulent meat-covered bone to munch on.

I was admittedly proud of the heft and size of my cock, but I knew of its limitations. There was no way in the world I could allow a female to eat me all day without blowing the lid off my steaming seminal pot.

Grabbing Peggy’s hair, I pulled her head away from my pulse-pounding cockshaft and forced her to stop her frantic eating. I was ready to blow my load any second and Peggy damn-well should know it!

“Oh Daniel, I’m sorry,” Peggy said with a mixture of regret and happiness. “I’ve almost gone too far! Please don’t cum yet! But Honey, I just couldn’t help myself. You have the most wonderful cock I’ve ever had the joyous pleasure of playing with and sucking! Oh, I love it, I love it, I do! Oh Daniel, I don’t know how far you are willing to go with me, but I’m hoping and praying that you will fuck me with your beautiful manhood. Will you? Will you fuck me right now?”

I sprang up from my back on the bed, pulled this woman into my arms, and kissed her with a lusty passion. Jumping to my knees, I threw Peggy onto the bed. She landed atop my covers with my body between her legs. I believe I knew this was going to have to be one of those ‘slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ fucks. I knew because I couldn’t wait for anymore foreplay and neither could my new lover.

Peggy spread her trembling legs and I grabbed my pulsating erection. My cock was going on a trek through unfamiliar territory. My cockhead would lead the way on this perilous vaginal expedition and my cockshaft would follow the courageous explorer. Together they fought through a jungle of thick growth forested bush. After kissing and teasing a quivering clit, they sank into a steamy, soaking-wet hole they had not yet explored. A wild-river of pussy juices flowed here.

My cockshaft entered Peggy’s vaginal hole and sank to the full depth of its swollen, elongated length. Pussy juices drowned and lubricated the penetrating penile rod. Long gone was any hint of a virginal hymen to break. Instead, a mature pussy welcomed my meaty erection. As I thrust in and out, this woman’s inflamed pussy muscles greedily grabbed hold and refused to release their death-grip embrace.

I was fucking Peggy and the woman was fucking me! Each time my penile piston shoved itself into the slippery vaginal depths, my lover’s hips bucked up forcing the well-lubricated copulation-tool to sink deeper into her tight-fitting vaginal socket. Wanton sighs and moans of masculine and feminine lust drowned out all other sounds.

With my burning erection buried to its hilt inside a sweltering hot vaginal oven, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hang onto my steaming male juices much longer. My seminal fluids boiled and churned.

Right on cue, my liquefied, fiery cum erupted as streams of hot lava. My semen and sperm entered Peggy’s glory-hole pussy and were met by waves of spurting and spraying vaginal cum. Together, we two wicked fornicators fucked with a passion of unrestrained lust and love.

Earth-quaking, mind-blowing orgasms shook me violently. With this older, more-mature woman, I was experiencing a new kind of orgasmic pleasure. Raging masculine hormones ran rampant and spurred me to ram my agonizingly delighted cock into Peggy’s man-hungry vaginal cavity with rapid, jackhammer-quick thrusts.

My lover’s hips were bucking and jumping so violently, I felt like I might be thrown out of the slippery saddle any minute. Digging my fingernails deep into the supple flesh of Peggy’s ass, I just hung on tight, stayed on the ride, and reveled in the wild, untamed, carnal thrill of it!

As for Peggy, her mind and body were lost in a netherworld of blissful ecstasy. After years of mistreatment and a long period of sexual oppression, she was at long last finding herself fulfilled. The fact that it was a teenaged male’s cock buried deep inside her pussy didn’t matter. The fact that it was her nephew’s hot semen and sperm pouring into her wet vaginal cavity didn’t matter. What did matter was that she was now on the wildest rollercoaster ride of orgasmic satisfaction she’d ever been on!

Peggy had put a pillow over her mouth to stifle her orgasmic screams. I was thinking that if we were alone in the house, she wouldn’t have cared. I wouldn’t have cared either. My wanton sex partner could have screamed as much as she wanted. Yet, I knew she and I both had to restrain ourselves because we didn’t want to alert a certain ‘son-of-a-bitch’ to the fact that forbidden fucking going on in this house.

One last thrust of my chunky meat and one last drop of cummy gravy was all I had left in me. Peggy’s sex-satisfied pussy released its vise-grip hold on my manhood.

Peggy sat up in the bed and my cock slipped out of her pussy. This once-proud indicator of virility and masculinity was now a limp, lifeless, and drained victim of an insatiable vagina’s hunger.

Radiant joy was lighting Peggy’s flushed face. This woman kissed me with a sweet passion I’d never known before. Her voice spoke with the same ardent obsession, “Daniel, thank you. Thank you for fucking me. It was wonderful! It was glorious! Best of all, you were slow, tender, and gentle. Young man, my love, you are a magnificent lover!”

With our sexual escapade over, I walked the nude woman to my door. My voice was breaking as I said, “Peggy, I wish this didn’t have to end. I wish you didn’t have to ever be touched by my bastard of an uncle again! I want you to be happy. I love you, Peggy.”

“Oh, Daniel, I love you, too!” Peggy blurted out. After kissing me, she added, “I had every intention of telling you this thing that’s happened with us can never happen again. But, damn my wicked hussy’s soul to hell, I don’t know if I can say it! If I admit the absolute truth, I’d have to say I will always want to feel your kisses on my lips, your hands on my body, and your cock inside my pussy! Oh sweet god, I want you to fuck me again and I want it sometime really soon!”

(Part two) Eye of the Beholder

After those words, Peggy turned to the door and was gone. Breakfast in the cozy country kitchen was a hurried affair. It turned out that a secretive romance and an illicit copulation rendezvous had consumed quite a bit of time. If we didn’t hurry, we would be late for church.

“Uncle George, how are you this fine morning?” I asked the sullen-faced man sitting at the breakfast table. Mischievous devilment made me continue. “Why don’t you and I do the dishes while Aunt Peggy goes to get dressed real pretty for church? I think she’s been working too hard, don’t you? Doesn’t her face look flushed like she’s just had some kind of strenuous workout? I think we ought to treat her especially nice today, don’t you? Hey, one more thing, do you want to go to church with us?”

Right on cue, the surly, bad-tempered man erupted, “Hell, I ain’t doing any dishes! Boy, that’s women’s work! Why, strenuous workouts are good for a woman’s body. And goddamnit, I ain’t setting foot in no ‘holier than thou’ church! I’m taking my breakfast and finishing it in the barn!”

Slamming the door behind him, the man exited the house in a huff. Despite her best intentions, Peggy took her hands away from her startled face and began laughing. Gales of merriment resonated around the kitchen.

“Daniel, I believe you’re full of dangerous bedevilment this morning,” Peggy said when she stopped giggling. “But Honey, you’d better be careful when teasing George. He doesn’t share my love of your spirited effervescence and mischievous charm. Your uncle has a mean temper and he might turn on you. He’s burly and strong, so you wouldn’t want to have ‘trouble’ with him.”

Paying no attention to the warning, I reached out and pulled the barefooted, robe-wearing woman into my arms. While nuzzling my face into the soft fabric of her braless bosom, I said, “Peggy, Uncle George and I had our ‘trouble’ sometime last year. After we exchanged several hard-hitting blows, he and I parted with the understanding that I wasn’t a damn bit afraid of him!”

The overpowering scent of this sexy woman’s femininity aroused the horny devil residing inside the jean shorts I’d thrown on. Putting my hands on her ass, I tugged on her until she landed astride my lap with her legs straddling mine. After untying the robe’s belt and spreading it open, I pulled her busty breasts against my shirtless chest. I’d caught a brief glimpse of a bushy pussy with no panty-cover concealing it.

“Hey young man, don’t start something you can’t finish,” Peggy said as she teased and kissed me. “I know you might have the sexual stamina of a teenager, but Mister this morning you’ve already shot a load in your hand and another load in me. I don’t believe there is any way in this world you can get your beautiful cock to stand up erect again so soon!”

Good god I loved this irresistibly sexy and adorable woman! How could I not be anything but hard and horny with her in my arms? Just to prove her wrong, I lifted Peggy’s lightweight body up with one muscular arm while I pulled my shorts off with my free hand.

When I lowered Peggy’s feminine body back down into my lap, her drippy wet pussy found out it was impaling itself onto an elongated, rigid erection. Vaginal muscles clamped onto the unexpected intruder and sticky, slicky female moisture flowed freely.

“Oh my, oh my goodness gracious,” Peggy declared. “Daniel, my beautiful young man, you ‘are’ hard again! Oh goodness, please Daniel, don’t fuck me right now! We’ll be late for church! Can’t you wait until after we get back?”

Digging my fingernails into the flesh of two sexy soft ass cheeks, I answered, “Hell no, I can’t wait! I’m going to fuck my new love right now ‘and’ I’m going to do it again after church! I guess we can compromise and have just a ‘quickie’ for now. Lady love, if you don’t like this idea, then you can just jump out of my lap at any time you want.”

Peggy didn’t jump out of my lap. She didn’t even try. Giving in to temptation, she willingly participated as I used my strong arms and hands to bounce her sweet ass up and down on my swollen cock.

Frictional fires began burning despite the lubricating effects of feminine vaginal moisture and some leftover seminal cum. Peggy’s hot wet pussy effortlessly slid up and down on the slippery erection burying itself deep up into her cervical void.

Fiery friction was producing the heat for the orgasmic rapture Peggy and I sought. Who needs foreplay when you’ve had a morning of newly-awakened lust and love? Quickie this was supposed to be, so quickie it was.

As my orgasms started building, I began bouncing my lover so violently that the robe slipped from her shoulders and dropped to her waist. Jiggly breasts bounced and twirled creating a hypnotic sex stimulant. I began cumming and having more orgasmic thrills than I had expected.

Peggy was cumming, too. I felt her deep-biting fingernails scratching my neck and back. Cummy, feminine fluids again bathed the tender flesh of my cock in a comforting bath of soul-soothing joy.

After loosing two loads of testicle fluid already this morning, I had not yet had enough time to be able to fully fill up my seminal reservoir. But, whatever reserve I had built up in my testicle bank was now withdrawn and was deposited into my new lover’s vaginal bank.

Peggy was again attempting to stifle her orgasmic pleasure. This time she was a little less successful than she’d been in my bedroom. As multiple orgasms raced through her pussy, she moaned, she grunted, and she squealed aloud.

I was making quite a bit of joyous, sex-satisfied noise myself. Looking at the opened double window over the kitchen sink, I was thinking about how fortunate Peggy and I were that the barn where Uncle George went was far away from the main house.

All good things ‘cum’ to an end, they say. When our orgasms faded, Peggy and I bathed, dressed and headed for church. Just as she had feared, we were late.

All eyes just naturally turned to see who it was coming in late. With a slight blush covering my face, I reasoned that any fool with half a brain could tell that some kind of ‘hanky panky’ was the culprit causing our tardiness.

Fittingly, the minister’s sermon was about the Ten Commandments. When he got to the ones about adultery and coveting another man’s wife, Peggy and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and smiled. This was the moment when I realized that ‘sin’, like beauty, was in the eye, the heart, and the mind of the beholder.

The longwinded, fire-and-brimstone minister preached on and on. By the time the church services and the handshaking goodbyes were made, it was long past one o’clock.

(Part three) Afternoon Delight

On the drive home from church, I nearly ran off the road several times. I was having a great deal of trouble keeping my eyes off the woman sitting at my side. Peggy’s ‘Sunday clothes’ consisted of a sleeveless, yellow, flower-print summer dress, thin-strapped sandals, and a pair of pink rose-petal pins holding back her hair.

Uncle George was sitting on the front porch when I stopped the car in front of the house. I was disappointed by his presence. If I’d had my way, the man would still be out in the barn or off to hell or Timbuktu.

Putting my displeasure aside, I walked up to him and enthusiastically said, “Hi Uncle George, old fella! Hey, guess what? We’re all having a picnic lunch out in the woods. I’m making lemonade and Aunt Peggy is going to pack up some the leftover fried chicken and fixings from last night’s supper. What do think about that? It will be fun, won’t it?”

“Hell, I hate picnics!” the dour, sour-faced man responded. Jumping up, he added, “I’m going to town for some steak and beer with friends!”

As the disagreeable man drove off without even saying a word more to his wife, I saw Peggy put her hands on her shapely hips and stare at me accusingly. “Daniel Dean Spencer!” she admonishingly scolded. “Why you naughty, mischievous young man, you know damn good-and-well that your uncle dislikes picnics!”

“Really, he doesn’t like picnics?” I innocently teased. “Oh yes, I remember now. I guess I just temporarily forgot. But, as far as being ‘naughty’ goes, why Ma’am, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

I scooped Peggy up into my arms so quickly her sandals flew off and her summer dress billowed up over her knees. After kissing her sweet lips repeatedly, I carried my precious cargo of barefooted, barelegged femininity into the house and headed for my bedroom.

I pitched my new love onto my unmade bed and stripped every stitch of clothing from her body. In the flash of a second, I gazed in delight at the nude feminine glory awaiting my touch. Quick as a cat, I shed my own clothes and climbed onto the bed.

Here, at this time and place, not one word was spoken. I reached out a hand and laid it against Peggy’s silky, soft, warm abdomen. An electric current shot through my heart and soul. Every masculine muscle in my body stiffened. My cock hardened to an engorged, fully-aroused erection!

I reached up and cupped a breathtakingly beautiful breast. My thumb brushed a nipple and I felt it stiffen. Even if I closed my eyes, my mind could never forget what this female’s body looked like. I certainly hadn’t forgotten anything about the perfection of these tantalizing tits. With the size of ripe-grapefruits, they looked just as perfectly formed and shaped as those tangy nectarines.

I pulled on the tempting fruit and guided it to my mouth. My lips closed around the nipple and my tongue tasted the nectar. Hearing a soft moan, I reached for the twin of this breast and found that nipple. Another moan slipped out. My tit-hungry lips and tongue made a full oral examination of every inch of these magnificent mammary mounds.

My wandering hand descended down a smooth abdomen, kept on going, and cupped the mounded flesh between two shapely legs. Here I found the thatch of curly feminine hair that had been such an erotic mystery to me early this morning. My fingers spread the bush and fondled the warm clitoral jewel they sought. Probing around, they slid lower and penetrated deep into a slippery, wet cavernous hole.

Slowing down, I eased my hand back up the smooth-skinned body and buried my fingers into the soft locks of Peggy’s wavy brown hair. I guided her head of curls towards my mouth and kissed the sweet-smelling tresses. I turned her head and found a warm cheek to kiss. I then found the sweet-tasting treasure I sought. I kissed soft, supple lips. The lips kissed mine. Love and lust burst into the flames of an unquenchable passion.

The warmth of moisture dripped on my face. I knew in my mind and in my heart that this dampness came from tears. Peggy was softly crying. I was not yet a fully-matured man, but this day I’d begun to learn a little about the unfathomable mysteries of the feminine mystic. I knew that sex can bring joy, grandeur, and splendor when a sexual coupling is combined with genuine loving passion.

Conversely, I’d learned that sex can be brutal and devastatingly victimizing! I’d found out Peggy had been savagely wounded by marital cruelty, callous indifference, and sexual mistreatment. How could this woman be blamed if she sought comforting solace in the bed of another? How could her lover be blamed if he freely and lovingly offered his bed as a sanctuary for love and passion?

My kisses became more ardent and impassioned. I pulled on Peggy, lifted her body, and settled it atop mine. I ran my hands up and down the length of her back and played with her firm, shapely ass. The crack of her pussy lay on my erect cock.

Peggy was a short and petite feminine lady, yet at the still-young age of 34, she was certainly every bit a fully-matured woman. I lifted her body towards my face until her breasts hung over my mouth. My lips hungrily latched onto one nipple and then the other. Again, I made a kissing, licking, and sucking oral exploration of the two wondrous dangling orbs.

Lifting her again, I placed her on her back beside me. My lips began another odyssey of oral exploration. I kissed her soft, firm abdomen and tongue-tickled her bellybutton. I temporarily bypassed her pussy mound and kissed her thighs and legs.

Flipping Peggy over onto her belly, I kissed her adorable ass again and again. I kissed her back up and down its full silky-soft length. I mouth-massaged each place I kissed. I love-slapped her beautiful ass with several quick, stinging smacks, but I stopped and kissed the burning skin again before it could begin to redden.

After a while, I flipped her over onto her back again. I needed to taste her sweet pussy. Taking my time, I teased her clit with gentle flicks and licks. My fingers played in the silky-fine hair of her pubic mound.

At last, my mouth touched the delicate butterfly wings of her inner pussy lips and spread the pretty pink opening wide. Vaginal juices coated my probing tongue as I teased, licked, and tasted the feminine delights. I heard moans, and sighs, and barely concealed cries.

Wiggling hips and a squirming feminine body let me know I was performing my pussy-eating task in a satisfactory manner. I continued to consume my vaginal meal with the ravenous hunger of a cunt-starved man.

Not wanting to cum just yet, Peggy forcibly pushed me away and turned toward me. She grabbed my throbbing erection with tight-gripping fingers. Bending down between my legs, she kissed my elongated shaft up and down its length. Again, I felt warm tears moisturizing my flesh. The head of my cock disappeared inside her mouth. She sucked and licked with an unrestrained gusto.

My love had told me this morning that, even though she was married, she’d never had a cock to play with and eat, so I lay back and allowed the cock-deprived woman to ‘go to town’ with all her might.

Yet, like my lover, I too didn’t want to cum just yet. When I released my load of newly-replenished seminal fluids, I wanted to do it deep inside Mrs. Peggy Anne Spencer’s pussy!

Pulling on Peggy’s hair, I pushed her cock-chewing mouth away from my pulse-pounding erection. I placed her feminine body beneath mine on the bed. I hovered over her for a few anticipatory seconds and then settled my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly, I allowed my cockshaft to penetrate her inviting glory-hole. The entire length of my swollen manhood became imbedded in her dripping-wet vaginal cavity. Without further ado, I thrust in as far as I could go.

With the horny enthusiasm of a stud jackrabbit copulating with his in-heat fluffy bunny mate, I thrust my penile penetrator deep and pumped in and out.

This morning I’d told Peggy she was a ‘smoking-hot’ woman. She was again proving me right. Her smoldering pussy grabbed my cock and drowned the shaft in sweltering vaginal juices.

My cock was so horny-hard and ready for action I made no further attempts to tame its quest for orgasmic release. I began pumping into my woman with jackrabbit-quick, jackhammer-hard stabs and jabs. I raced for the blissful oblivion of joyous orgasms.

Peggy was racing too and she was winning. Her bucking jumping hips, her nail-scraping fingers, and her teeth-biting mouth began giving ample evidence that she was riding an orgasmic high.

I jumped on the ride and rode it, too. My pressurized seminal fluids erupted into her pussy two seconds after her body began releasing wave after wave of orgasmic feminine vaginal fluids.

We both became so lost in an explosive orgasmic celebration that we were not even aware if we were quietly moaning and groaning or loudly squealing and screaming. In either case, neither of us had a good-goddamn-care if the whole world was listening!

At long last, the fireworks display of untamed celebratory lust subsided. We lay side by side with our bodies entwined. Neither of us had one single thought towards cleansing our bodies of the sticky-wet mess covering our loins. We would wear our slimy-coating of sex-juices as an affirmation of passionate pleasure and devoted love. I loved Peggy and I knew she loved she me.

Hardly any words had been spoken since I’d carried my love into my bedroom, but words came now. “Daniel, if I had three wishes,” Peggy said. “I’d wish to have you as my lover for life, I’d wish to bear your babies, and I’d wish to die in your arms as an old, old, lady.”

“There will be hell to pay when we’re found out,” I said in reply. “But, if I have my way, by this summer’s end you’ll be freed of a miserable husband, you’ll have my baby in your belly, and you’ll have me in your bed and home till death do us part!”

With wishful hopes filling our heads, we fell asleep there, side by side, in my bed. We dreamed in the midst of peaceful sleep. We dreamed of sexual stamina, we dreamed of a cock slapping into a pussy, and we dreamed of a life filled with love. We thanked our lucky stars in the heavens for the blessings of this Lord’s Day Sunday when we’d been awakened to the joys of lust and love.

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