Bare and Tiny 4

Bare and Tiny 4

[b]Bare and Tiny 4
By Will Buster

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Angela lay in front of Jack. She was totally naked except for her long, gaudy ear rings. It was Saturday morning and Jack was sucking out more birthday cake from Angela’s groin. It made a tasty treat even tastier when that chocolaty frosting was mixed with Angela’s lust juices straight from her itchy, gooey cunt. At the same time, Jack loved how Heidi greedily sucked on his hard, slimy cock. The sounds of her sucking intermingled with his own. It was as if they were in a competition to see who might cause an orgasm the fastest. Of course it wasn’t a contest. Angela was a horny Latina teen slut with the morals of an alley cat and she cried out yet again as her fuck hole spasmed with another jolt of ecstasy.

The little 13 year old Hispanic beauty was constantly whimpering and moaning as Jack slipped his tongue into her cunt and ass hole. His teeth occasionally attacked her swollen clit and both his hands were permanently glued to her stiff nipples and plush, ample tits. The cute little spick was skin smooth around her young pussy. He didn’t know if she’d shaved it or not but he didn’t care. His cock was in Heidi’s heavenly mouth and his tongue was slurping inside that hot, eighth grade pussy.

Angela reached another peak of rapture. “Oh senor! Suck my cunt! Suck it! Eat me out you nasty hombre! Fucking Jesus! Suck me more! Oh Heidi let him fuck my pussy! Please! I need his cock in my pussy!”

Heidi giggled as she released Jack’s throbbing dick. “All right Chiquita, but I’m going to tell him what to do to you. He’s going to drill you silly you little whore!”

“I don’t care! Get that cock into me Jack! Please! Now! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Now give it to me deeper! Fuck my hole senor! Fill it! Yes! Harder! Harder! Yes! Yes! Si! Si! Aaaaaaahhhh!”

Jack was amazed. He’d only fucked her for a minute and the little spic chick got her rocks off like a real slutty bitch! Then Heidi joined the action.

The petite blonde who was just as bare as Angela grabbed both of Angela’s ankles and pulled the sleek Latina’s legs way back, forcing Angela’s exposed groin to be wide open and vulnerable to Jack’s ravishing invasion. “Fuck her hole Jack! Make that little chili pepper scream! Yes! Fuck her hard! Oh yes! Look at that little slut go! You’re such a whore Angela! God! Look at her fuck!”

It was the second day of Jack’s birthday binge and he was enjoying every breath taking second of it. Heidi was the daddy’s girl blonde and Angela was the hot, Latina slut with the tanned skin and a pair of holes that were just as wicked and raunchy as Heidi’s, if that was possible.

Heidi couldn’t hold back anymore. With a moan she slid her body onto Angel’s face and ground her pussy down forcing the slick spick to eat her while Jack played with the hot blonde’s tits and kissed her sucking mouth. It was a triangle of perfect lust and apart from the soothing jazz in the background, all that could be heard were the impacts of Jack’s thumping slams and the gasps and moans of the threesome as they sucked and fucked like creatures in a zoo. All the while, Heidi held Angela’s legs far back and Jack took full advantage, slicing Angela’s sopping slit without any mercy. He banged her from one violent climax after another. Suddenly Heidi triggered the flood. She squealed into Jack’s mouth as Angela’s cunt licking drove her ballistic. The gush of Heidi’s lust fluids drenched Angela’s mouth and between that and the sizzling slams into her wriggling slit, Angela convulsed with muffled howls into Heidi’s flowing box. The rippling orgasm of Angela’s cunt made just enough extra friction to send Jack’s itch to the point of no return and Jack launched a jolt of hot cum into Angela’s pussy the same instant he shot spit into Heidi’s succulent mouth. Then they got serious.

Heidi and Angela immediately got down on Jack as he lay back on the bed. He opened his legs wide permitting his two wanton whores to suck his cock and lick his balls and anal opening as much as they liked. He was in no rush. He watched as first the blonde bobbed up and down and then the black haired beauty did his rapidly reviving dick.

“Suck that cock you two sluts. Yeah lick and clean it for me. You’re getting it next Heidi!”

Jack was as good as his word. Once he was back to stiff attention, he rolled Heidi onto her back and they did the triangle with Angela at the apex.

Jack grinned at Angela who now faced him with her cunt grinding on Heidi’s face. “Hold her legs back slut and give me your tongue.”

Heidi screamed as Jack took her cunt in one vicious plunge. She loved how he just took her so rough. It told her that his cock needed her cunt desperately. He pounded deep into the slick little blonde, making her cry out with shrill yelps and whimpers. Her sounds were muffled by Angela’s cunt which she had to orally service.

His hands groped all over Angela’s cup cake shaped titties as she leaned into his watering French kiss. Jack felt so hot as he pounded deep inside Heidi. The lovely blonde teen vixen quickly came twice before she gushed and then Jack reached down and switched his cock to her lively little anus. With all her liquids flowing out of her, he had no trouble insider ting his rod into her shitter. While he sucked Angela’s face he gasped and groaned with sheer delight as he ravished that superb tight piece of rimming teen ass flesh. Heidi eagerly clenched on his thrusting meat. He slammed her faster and harder until she let out an ear splitting scream when the foxy tart experienced a soul wrenching anal orgasm.

Jack was in his second wind and he pulled Angela off and mounted the wicked little Puerto Rican whore.

Jack slammed his cock into Angela and in seconds his balls were slapping against her cum stained crotch. She was so horny and eager. It was obvious to Jack that this 13 year old hottie had already done a lot of serious fucking in her young life. “Fuck whore! Work my cock you fucking little fox!”

Angela didn’t say anything as he lunged his tongue into her mouth. Heidi moved Angela’s legs around Jack’s waist and watched as he did Angela like a ferocious beast. He banged the bitch from his cock tip to his balls time after time. Angela could not hold back. Her climaxes were happening with frightening regularity until at long last, she seemed to collapse under his vigorous invasion.

Then he re-mounted Heidi and gave her a similar fucking. Heidi yelped, “Yes Jack! Fuck me like you just did Angela! Bury that bone! Oh yeah fuck boy! Cream in my cunt! Fill it right up you hot letch! Happy fucking birthday Jack! Do you like my present?”

“Fuck yeah! Now fuck!”

He couldn’t believe how long he was lasting but finally hidey fucked him over the edge. He erupted a tidal wave of gizz into Heidi’s little baby maker. God it felt good to empty his lust into his favorite little slut. Heidi was a blonde sex pot at her very best. The young bitch jerked and clenched his dick with savage, staccato cramping motions as she greedily milked every drop of his cum out of his swollen balls.

Again he was given a long, double blow job until he was able to perform. He went from girl to girl fucking any holes he wanted. Sometimes he would re-stuff cake into a slut so he could eat them out. At others he would have one of them ride his cock while he ate the other totally out from her swollen clit to her cake stuffed ass hole.

After supper he made Angela guzzle down his come straight into her gulping throat. The young slut gagged and choked while Heidi laughed at the little Latina vixen. Jack held Angela’s had in place while he kept pumping burst after burst into that virginal looking mouth that kept sucking and sucking. He kept fucking Angela’s face until he was hard again. He wanted to make these two chicks sore before Sunday was history. Then Heidi got under Angela in a naughty sixty nine while Jack fucked both of Angela’s two holes sore. Needless to say Jack slept real good that night.

On Sunday it was a lot more of the same with Heidi being the center of a wild sex sandwich. The two girls ate each other until their juices poured pungent and free out of their fuckable cunts. Jack kept fucking Heidi’s ass hole until the young blonde slut screamed from an absolutely torrid burst of utter ecstasy. Then he moved to Angela and filled her rectum to the brim. The little temptress squeezed his cock hard with her spasming rim, urging him in further and further until his balls were flopping against her sopping cunt. He sped up the pace as his slow strokes became a blur of frenzied thrusts. Angela was screaming with joy and pain as her tiny anus became the torrid playground for Jack’s slamming cock. Again and again he jammed his manhood into Angela’s nether hole until his circular penetrations triggered his own climax. With a howl of triumph his baby batter erupted deep into Angela’s young anus like a jet stream of water out of a power washer. More and more of his essence filled the youthful slut until at last he flopped out of her spent and satisfied.

Jack lost track of how many times he shot his load. First it was Heidi and then it was Angela. As his sexual drive became more jaded, he used their shit holes more often because of the tightness. But it didn’t matter to the girls as they ate each other from one completion to another.

The final highlight came on Sunday night. He got the two delectable chicks to lie on top of each other so their two pussies were practically joined together. Angela was on top but he’d gotten them situated on the bed just right so he could kneel on the carpet beside the bed and enter wheresoever he would. He slammed his tool into any hole he desired, moving from ass to cunt to ass to cunt, drilling first one girl and then the other. It was like playing a form of sexual roulette. The girls ground their clits together as Jack had his way with them. He eventually shot his wad into Angela’s fuck hole and then he got down to licking his two young whores. He slobbered all over the four holes with one long lick after another. God those pink little slits tasted so great to Jack. The cake was gone but they were still sticky sweet as he sucked out their pussy juice.

At last the threesome lay on his completely soiled bed. “Heidi that was the hottest birthday I’ve ever had. Angela any time you want to come over and fuck, you just let me know.”

The youngster smirked, “You bet I will Jack. I love how much you fucked me this week end. You are one hot hombre!”

When Angela was gone, Heidi snuggled up to her exhausted lover. “You were magnificent Jack. You’re such a horny stud! Did you enjoy your birthday present?”

His fingers slipped into her still soaked cunt. “Yeah baby! You’re my insatiable slut and I love you!”
The End Of The Beginning!

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