Bathroom Sex

Bathroom Sex

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Bathroom Sex

I have always loved “Bathroom Sex.” It all started with my little sister when she was thirteen and I was fifteen. The age difference wasn’t really all that much. We were only fourteen months apart. I had been fifteen for about a month and Angeline would turn fourteen in another month.

Anyway we shared a bathroom that was between our bedrooms. We each had a door but dad had never seen the need to install any locks. Angeline would almost always come in when I was peeing and watch me. I knew full well that she heard the splashing in the toilet. It used to bother me but eventually I could still pee with her watching me.

As long as she always watched me pee I decided to get even and watch her pee too. So one night just before bed I was waiting at the door for her to enter. Her door squeaks when she opens it so I can usually tell when she enters the bathroom. I heard the squeak, counted to ten kind of slowly, and then I opened the door and stood there.

Angeline just looked up at me and asked, “What do you want?”

I replied, “As long as you watch me pee I thought that I should watch you pee too.”

Surprisingly Angeline said, “Okay. Squat down.” Then Angeline opened up her knees for me and leaned back a little.

I dropped to my knees and got my head in there closer. I was almost too late but I saw a little of her stream flow from her pussy into the toilet. I stayed right there and looked at her pussy for as long as I could. Angeline took some toilet paper off the roll and wiped herself, dropping the used paper into the toilet. I just stayed right there staring. Angeline smiled at me and just waited for me to finish. She knew that she owed me a good look because she had been watching me for a few months by then.

When I had looked at her fuzzy little pussy enough I got up. Angeline just kicked her panties off her feet and asked me if I wanted to take a bath with her like we used too. Okay. So we made sure that our bedroom doors were both locked. I undressed and walked into the bathroom. Angeline was already naked and standing there. She had never let me see her titties before. They were small, round, and very nice. She had light pink rings around her tiny hard nipples. I watched as she plugged the drain and started the water. Then she sat on the edge of the bathtub with her legs wide open. She beckoned me to come closer and stand between her knees so I did. After all I had seen her pussy up close so she deserved the same thing. Plus I had never removed my underwear for her so she had never seen my pubic hair and balls. I decided to let her look as long as she wanted too like she had done for me. Then she slipped her mouth over the end of my hard cock and started to suck on it.

Shocked I asked, “What are you doing?”

“Giving you a blowjob silly.” She replied laughingly.

“Why?” I asked.

“Why not? You’re hard and I’m willing.” She stated with a cute little smile.

Who could fault her logic? It was sure a lot better than jerking off. Hell it was way better than jerking off. I had to smile as I started thrusting my hips at her gently as if I was fucking her face. Before the water was at the right height I started to cum. I warned her but she didn’t stop sucking on my cock. Shortly I could feel it pumping out of my cock and shooting into her mouth. Angeline never flinched. She took it all and swallowed it then sucked me clean and swallowed the rest of it too.

Then we got into the water. I sat in the back of the tub furthest away from the nozzle. Angeline sat between my legs and leaned back against my chest. She found my hands and placed them on her tiny breasts. She asked me to be gentle but otherwise she wanted me to play with them.

When I asked her where she had learned to give such good blowjobs she said, “My friend Vickie has a twelve-year-old brother and Vickie and I have been practicing sucking his cock for the past couple of weeks now.”

“Well you sure are good at and you can practice on me anytime that you want too.” I told her.

“Why don’t I just tell Vickie to keep practicing on her brother because I now have you to practice on.” She said.

As I gently massaged her breasts I said, “I think I would like that. I’m not sure that I want you sucking his cock anymore.”

Angeline said, “You’re jealous. That’s cute. What if I have Vickie come over here and suck your cock? Would that make you feel better?”

I smiled as I answered, “Yes! I think it would.”

Angeline said, “Good! Because we were going to let her brother fuck us in a few days after Vickie’s period ends.”

Astounded I said, “Really!”

Angeline said, “Really. If you want to you can fuck me. My period ended last week.”

Again all I could say was, “Really!”

Angeline smiled back at me and moved my hands from her breasts down to her pussy and said, “Yes, really but first play with my pussy. I really like to have my clit played with. Yes, that’s it. Keep doing that.”

I did keep doing that and I gave my sister two powerful orgasms with my fingers. After that she had me poke my fingers into her pussy and wash it out as best I could. She was going to teach me how to give a girl a blowjob. Vickie and Angeline had been doing that to one another for quite awhile. Vickie’s brother had caught them doing it and that was why they were giving him blowjobs. She said that if I threatened him and got him off Vickie’s back that she would be grateful enough to let me fuck her too. Angeline promised me that Vickie would be invited to a lot of sleepovers too.

Soon we were out of the water, dried off, and in her bed. Angeline taught me to eat her pussy and nibble on her clit until she had an orgasm. She tasted very good but she said that it was only because she was really clean. She said that Vickie could taste really strong especially after a long bicycle ride or a day of gymnastics. However she said that she liked eating Vickie whether she was clean or dirty and that Vickie liked her both ways too. Then Angeline said that she wanted Vickie to eat her out after I had fucked her.

Speaking of fucking her, that was next on our list. I already knew that Angeline was on birth control. Hell, I had heard mom remind my sister almost every single day since she first got her periods to take her pill. Angeline told me that she had fucked herself many time with the dildo that mom had bought her then she not only showed it too me but showed me how she fucks herself with it. However she didn’t want that rubber cock, she wanted mine in her. I wanted that myself.

It felt so good to slip my cock into her pussy. She liked it too. As I stroked it into her she lifted her hips up to meet me halfway. Together we managed to give the other a very good time before I cum. Wow! Cumming in my sister’s pussy was even better than cumming in her mouth. She said that my cock felt a lot better than her dildo. We agreed that fucking was a very good thing. I watched Angeline pee and clean out her pussy as good as she could. She said that she was going to put on panties to catch anything that might leak out while she slept. Then we went to bed.

The next night again we took a bath together but that time we had sex first so that she wouldn’t leak all over her sheets afterwards. She taught me how to sixty-nine. I kind of liked that but fucking her was still the best. I even fucked her two times that night before we took a bath together and went to bed.

I made it a point to go over to Vickie’s house and have a very serious talk with her brother. I told him that I knew that he had blackmailed my sister into giving him blowjobs and that if he knew what was good for him that he would stop immediately and that included with his sister too. I had done it right in front of Vickie too. Then I told Vickie to let me know if he tried anything. When I left he was trembling.

A couple of days later it was Friday and Vickie was going to spend the whole weekend with us. I had been looking forward to that ever since Angeline had told me that I could fuck Vickie too.

When Vickie arrived the two girls ran up to my bedroom to let me know that her period had ended and that she had douched so that she would be clean for me. Angeline said that we had an hour until dinner if I wanted to fool around. Hell yes! We quickly got undressed and got on Angeline’s bed. I ate Vickie out then I fucked her, taking her cherry. Then while Angeline ate my cum out of Vickie I fucked Angeline. When I finished Angeline swung her pussy around over Vickie’s face and squatted down. Wow, watching two girls eat each other was really exciting. As we settled down Vickie laughed as she said that her brother hadn’t tried anything in the last two days. We cleaned up, got dressed, and headed downstairs before mom called us.

I fucked the two girls just as often as I could get it hard. They loved every inch of it too. When I wasn’t fucking them they were fucking each other. Oral sex abounded too. We took bathes together, watched each other pee, and we slept in the same bed together too. My cock was sore when Vickie had to go home Sunday. Both girls said that I had worn out their pussies too. It was a great weekend and one that we repeated at least once or twice a month. Other than that I fucked my sister every day even when she had her periods.


After high school I spent that summer working on a farm as a field hand before going off to college. It was hard dirty backbreaking work. I worked from sunup to sunset and just crashed at night. One of my first nights there I fell asleep in the bathtub and the farmer’s wife had to wake me and send me to bed before I drowned on her. I think she liked what she saw. She helped me get out of the tub and stood me against the wall as she dried me off. She dried my cock, my balls, and my ass before helping me to my bed.

The next night the same thing happened. After a full week of me falling asleep in the bath and her putting me to bed I started to feel better. She took longer and longer to dry my cock off and after she put me to bed she would jerk me off. She said that I was so tired because I couldn’t get any relief, because I was too tired to relieve myself. In a way it made sense. Anyway she enjoyed jerking me off and I sure liked it. However, I just had to tell her that fucking was so much better than a hand job or even a blowjob.

So the following night when she put me to bed she climbed on top of me and rode my cock. Now that was what I needed. When I cum in her she couldn’t believe how much cum there was. Apparently her husband didn’t produce that much cum. For a woman in her fifties she sure could fuck.

After about two weeks I was no longer falling asleep in the tub but she was still coming in to dry me off and put me to bed. I figured that if I just fucked her in the bathroom that she could clean up easier and that there would be no mess in my bed for her husband to possibly find.

I fucked her with her on her back on the floor. I fucked her while she was sitting on the sink. I fucked her bent over the clothes hamper. I even fucked her while we were on the toilet, with me sitting on the toilet seat and her backed up against me and sitting on my cock. We also fucked in the water with her on the bottom and with her on top.

By the end of that summer I was very physically fit. I had grown muscles everywhere. The day that I left the farm her husband was out in the fields as usual. She told me that she had been thinking about fucking me in her own bed and even on top of the kitchen table. I smiled and told her that we could if she wanted too. She really did. So we both got naked and I fucked her right on the kitchen table. She sucked my cock hard and took me up to her bedroom. She absolutely loved the fact that she was committing adultery in her marriage bed with me.

When I had my suitcase in my car and I was ready to leave she walked out of the house naked to kiss me goodbye. She was quite a woman and she had quite an everlasting effect on me.


Once I was in college I became an instant attraction to the girls. They couldn’t get over my build, my muscles, and my great dark tan. I was assigned to a co-ed dormitory with a unisex bathroom. I soon found out that unisex meant that both guys and gals used the same room at the same time. The toilets had doors on them but you could still see painted toenails under the door and you could hear them grunt and fart just like guys do. The showers had curtains but sometimes they weren’t pulled all the way closed. Then there were girls running around in just wet towels or in their bras and panties putting on their makeup and doing their hair.

I hadn’t been there a week when a girl walked in on me while I was taking a shower. It wasn’t an accident either. Soon her hands were all over me and mine were all over her. I knew what she wanted and I knew that I needed it too. So I fucked her up against the wall with water pouring down our bodies. She had her legs around my hips and she was bouncing her big tits in my face.

After that I had a reputation among the girls. It seems that every time I was in the shower a different girl would join me for some good old-fashioned wet sex. It seemed as if I was only getting fucked in the shower by girls that I didn’t know.

A few weeks later about Thanksgiving time in late November I received a very impressive engraved invitation to attend an award ceremony at one of the sorority houses.

When I arrived I was greeted and escorted by two very beautiful ladies in elaborate Prom dresses. Inside I was taken to a table where seven girls were already seated. I was placed in a position so that I could see everyone in the room. I noticed that two other guys were already seated. I could see empty chairs that suggested that there might still be two more guys to come. Sure enough they arrived, one by one and were escorted to their tables. Then the Award Ceremony began. Surprisingly there were eight girls from the eight sororities on campus. Each table contained the girls from just one sorority. We five guys were sitting in the places were the five different Presidents of that Awards Ceremony were to be sitting. All of the head girls stood up and together announced that they were starting the ceremony.

The first girl asked one of the other guys to come up to the podium with her. She introduced him and gave us some background on him. He was a football player and an all round jock. Then she said he was the “Locker Room Fuck.” Holy shit! Then she mentioned that at least forty of the eighty sorority sisters in that room had let him fuck them. Oh my God! This was certainly not what I had expected.

The next girl called the next guy up and announced that he was basically a pervert and that he was the “Gross Dormitory Guy.” Then she mentioned that at least forty of the eighty sorority sisters in that room had let him fuck them in his own filthy bed.

The third guy was the “Nursery Guy” and he got to fuck the girls in the tool shed. The forth guy was the “Nerd” and he got to fuck the girls in the chemistry lab.

Then it was my turn to stand up and go to the podium. I was announced as the “Shower Guy” and told that at least forty of the eighty sorority sisters in that room had let him fuck them in the shower.

After the introductions were over an envelope marked five was opened. “Gross Dormitory Guy” had gotten a score of four point one. Envelope four was then opened and “Nursery Guy” received a score of four point nine. Envelope three gave “Nerd” a score of five point one.

I realized that the envelopes were counting up to a winner and that I was in the final two. Then envelope two was opened and “Locker Room Fuck” was announced. I knew right then that I was the grand winner and I felt so proud. His score turned out to be five point five while my score was a nine point nine. I was just as shocked as the Stud and the Nerd were. According to the girl reading what was in my envelope I had scored the highest in all thirteen years that their contest had been taking place. Of special note was my tanned body, my tight muscles, and most especially the way my cock made the girls feel. Every girl said that she had one of the best orgasms of her life.

The winning honor came with a very nice trophy that simply said “The United Sororities Man Of The Year.” I was also granted the privilege to enter any of the ten sororities and make a request for a sex partner. They assured me that I would have several girls to choose from. Their offer was good for the entire four years that I would be there and more if I went on for my six-year degree at that college.

Well I did obtain my six-year degree and I never lacked for beautiful women to make love too.


A couple of years after I had graduated with my Master Degree in Business and was doing pretty well in climbing the corporate ladder I was invited to the Chief Executive Officer’s country home for the Forth of July.

Only a dozen men were invited to spend the weekend. Wives were invited too if you had one, I did not. An additional group of employees and their spouses were invited for a Saturday picnic followed by the fireworks display that would take place after dark. It was indeed an honor to be one of those chosen to spend the entire weekend.

When I arrived Friday evening I was greeted and escorted to the sitting room where the boss and his family were. His wife was lovely but his daughter certainly caught my eye. She was just about my age and just as beautiful as any one of those sorority girls that I had been with in college. I was wondering what she would wear if we were to go for a swim in the pool I had seen on the way in. She was dressed conservatively in a nice blouse and a skirt to her knees. Her mother was dressed sexier than she was. The lady of the house had a black evening gown on. It had a deeply scooped neckline, it was backless too, and it had slits up both sides to her waist. I was pretty sure that she could not be wearing any panties and a bra was certainly out of the question. She was wearing four inch heels that brought her up to my height. I was highly attracted to both women.

As a brief orientation I was told that my room would be on the third floor, that the entire house and staff was at my disposal, and that there were a pair of restrooms off the kitchen corridor. We had a drink of some very special wine that was imported then we had a late dinner. It was outstanding. They served shrimp cocktails, tossed salad, and then both steak and lobster. I just love surf and turf. Dinner was finished off back in the sitting room with more drinks.

Eventually I had to go to the bathroom. So I excused myself and left the room. I found the two restrooms that I had been told about. One was marked men and the other one was marked women. Naturally I went into the men’s room. Just as I was finished peeing in the urinal and giving my cock a shake or two the door opened.

I started to put my cock away but a soft female voice said, “Don’t put that away yet. I need it.”

I looked toward the door and saw my hostess standing there. She walked right over and held my cock in her hand. Of course it grew to its maximum size. She lifted the back of her dress and bent over the urinal. I hadn’t even flushed it and I could smell the foul order myself and she practically had her head in it as she held onto the porcelain urinal. I was right she was not wearing any panties. I remember her throwing the drinks down and I was pretty sure that she was slurring her speech. Then she told me to fuck her and to do a good job of it too. I was certainly attracted to her however she was the boss’ wife. This was very wrong on so many levels that it was ridiculous. I looked at that fine piece of ass in front of me and all of my bathroom sexual experience ran through my mind. Again she told me to fuck her in no uncertain words. I adjusted her dress on her back to expose her rather fine ass. As I slipped my cock into her pussy I was rewarded with her moan of pleasure. I stroked her with long stokes from almost removing the head to ramming it all the way into her. After a half dozen strokes my cock actually slipped out. My stiff cock was very well lubricated at that point and when I rammed it back in it went. That was when she let out a loud grunt and then threw up into the urinal. At first I didn’t realize it but my cock had hit her asshole and had entered it all the way. What to hell, it felt so good and so tight that I just kept fucking into her ass as long as I was already there and she was not objecting. Then again she couldn’t object while she was throwing up. By the time she finished, so did I.

I was washing my cock off in the hand bowl when the door opened up again. In walked her daughter. Fuck! I was dead! She looked at her mother who was still bent over the urinal with her dress up on her back. Then she came over and got a wet paper towel with some soap on it to clean her mother up.

With just one swipe up her mother’s crotch she turned to me and said, “You butt fucked her.”

I tried not to smile at her and said, “It was an accident. I fell out of her pussy and shoved it back into the wrong hole. Then she started to throw up so I just left it in there.”

She repeated, “You butt fucked my mother.”

“Yes! I already told you that. Didn’t I?” I replied.

She said once again, “You butt fucked my mother. No one has ever butt fucked her before, not even my father. She’s had hundreds of up and coming young executives like you and not one of them ever got in her ass. You’re my hero.”

Dumbfounded I said, “What.”

“I have been telling my mother for years that someday her antics would bite her in the ass and now they have.” She raved. “You are my hero.”

Still dumbfounded I asked, “You’re not mad at me? You’re not going to tell your father on me? You’re not going to get me fired?”

She smiled at me and said, “No! Not at all! In fact I think you should be rewarded. Why don’t you put that thing away and help me get her up to her room.”

I looked down and saw that my pants were still down around my ankles with my underwear and that my cock was sticking up from under my shirt. I put my cock away and helped her get her mother up the back staircase to her bedroom on the third floor. On our way she pointed out my room and said that it was right next to her room. We got her mother into her room without being noticed. Together we got her undressed and put into bed. I must admit that her mother looked very good naked lying there. Her daughter saw me checking out her mother’s body and said, “I have a better body if you care to see it.”

I stammered, “Yes I would love to see you naked.”

She smiled and replied, “In your dreams big boy. Get your bathing suit on and meet me out by the pool.”

I went to my room, put on my swimsuit, and headed out to the pool. Along the way I was able to grab two bottles of beer. I opened one and had taken a couple of swallows when she arrived in her short terrycloth robe.

“Hello. I’m Cynthia if you can’t remember.” She said.

“I’m sorry Cynthia but with all of the introductions that took place when I first arrived I’m not even sure that I got your name. I assure you that I will never forget it though.” I said.

Cynthia smiled at me and said, “I’m sure that you won’t.”

With that Cynthia turned around and slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. As she stood there with her back to me I could see her body, her entire body. All she had on was a tiny string across her waistline with an inch or so going down into her luscious crack. It was a string bikini for sure or at least the bottom of one. Then Cynthia turned back around to face me. I had to smile because she had two pasties with tassels glued to her nipples and covering her areolas. Attempting to cover her pussy was a tiny triangle of red material that was attached to the strings. I just smiled at her and then she started to shimmy and shake until those tassels twirled like there was no tomorrow. I just smiled and she changed directions for a while. She ended by spinning just one of those tassels and then the other one. With that she jumped into the water. I was once again dumbfounded but I jumped in after her.

She challenged me to do laps with her. She thought that she was good but so did I. That was how I relaxed after a day at work. I had also been on the swim team at college for all six years. The race was on. Well not as much a speed race as an endurance race. I just stayed even with her lap after lap after lap all night long. I counted three hundred laps when she suggested that we call it a draw. A draw! Why? Because she was tired and also because she didn’t want to loose. Okay. I could live with that.

We had been swimming for so long that most of the house was dark. I offered a warm beer to Cynthia and she said that she would share it with me. I assumed that we would take turns drinking from the same bottle but instead just as I took a drink she kissed me, stuck her tongue in my mouth, and sucked the beer out of my mouth. Okay. So I took another drink and passed it to her. She drank the beer and a half that I had when she came out, along with some of my saliva.

She had kissed me so many times that I kept kissing her even after the beer was gone. I held her firm buns in my hands and I pressed my rigid cock into her pelvic area. Cynthia in turn pressed her tits into my chest and tried to shove her tongue down my throat.

Cynthia lowered my swim trunks so I lowered her bottom. She backed up and removed her tassels. As I hugged her closely I jumped into the water with her. It was only waist deep at that point. She leaned back against the edge of the pool and wrapped her legs around my waist as I slipped my cock into her waiting pussy. We made love like we had swum laps. It was a marathon event. I even counted strokes as I had counted laps. It took my mind off of trying to cum too soon. Cynthia was really enjoying it too, just as much as I was. She had two orgasms from me fucking her. I lost count when it started to feel too good. Then I cum in her right there in the water.

Cynthia got out and put on her robe. She tucked her tassels and her tiny bottom in her pocket then she tossed me my swimsuit. When I got it on she took me into the house and up to my room. She kissed me goodnight and went into her own room.

The next day I was awakened at eight by a maid knocking on my door. She told me to dress casually and to go down to breakfast.

Everyone was already seated when I arrived. I apologized for being late then took the empty chair between Cynthia and one of the Vice Presidents. Breakfast was great and I had never seen so much variety at breakfast before.

After breakfast there was to be a tennis competition. I was not very good at tennis and was eliminated in the very first round. However that gave me a chance to talk to Cynthia. We hung out for a couple of hours, took a walk around some of the grounds, and talked. Boy did we talk. Cynthia was very interested in my background, what I had planned for my future, and what I thought about her.

I told Cynthia that I really liked her, that I thought that she was quite intelligent, and that I thought that she was a terrific swimmer. Then she asked me what I actually thought of her I told her that I didn’t know her well enough to make a decision about her yet. She smiled and invited me to get to know her better. I told her that I would like that very much then she invited me to come out every weekend for the rest of the summer. I accepted her kind offer.

Each weekend I would arrive on Friday evening and not return to my apartment until Sunday evening. I really got to know Cynthia quite well. We went to a symphony, an opera, and we attended the Summer Theater all of which her family helped to sponsor. We even went bowling. However the best times that we had together were making love in the water whether it was in the swimming poll or in one of our bathrooms.

After about ten weeks our relationship grew. I suggested marriage and she suggested that she try living with me for a while. That worked out very well.

At her parents house for a Halloween Ball I proposed to Cynthia on one knee right in front of everyone. Appropriately I was dressed as Frankenstein’s Monster and Cynthia was dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein.

She suggested that we get married on New Year’s Eve. Anything was fine with me. I was pleased that it was to be a small simple wedding with just the immediate friends and family.

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and then it was almost time to get married. Small and simple turned out to mean something different to Cynthia. We were married by the Governor of the State himself. In attendance were State Senators, State Representatives, and members of the State’s Supreme Court. Anyone of any political importance in our state was there. All of the Chief Executive Officers of our company were there too along with a hundred or so dignitaries.

I was no longer Frankenstein’s Monster but I was the Prince marrying Cinderella. Cynthia was absolutely beautiful as she floated down the aisle in the most beautiful wedding dress in the world and took my hand. The ceremony itself seemed simple because all I could remember was do you, yes, do you, yes, I here by…

I swear that the kiss took longer than the ceremony did. The wedding took place in their rose garden and the reception took place around the tennis courts. There were stacks of gifts and a big basket full of envelopes. We greeted all five hundred people that came to watch us get married. I felt like Royalty.

After a month long honeymoon in Hawaii I returned to a brand new office and a brand new job. I was the President of the company and my father-in-law was still the CEO. That was when I was set down and told that Cynthia actually owned the company and that her father had been running it until she turned twenty-one that spring. He would continue to oversee the company at his daughter’s request.

Cynthia’s grandfather had given her fifty-one percent of the shares in the company when he died and had put her father in charge of the estate.

At her house our two bedrooms had been combined into one big suite with a Jacuzzi and a walk in shower that was big enough for eight people. She said that the bathroom sex with me was the best that she had ever had. I had to agree.

The End
Bathroom Sex

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