Be Careful What You Wish For_(2)

Be Careful What You Wish For_(2)

I had organised it on the internet. I would be in the first stall of the mens' toilet, leaning over so the first thing he would see was by bare backside, my skirt hitchd up and my suspenders would be holding up my fishnets, he said he loved suspenders. My legs would be parted and I would be wearing my stilletto "fuck me" boots. I would be bent over so I would not be able to see him and he could not see me or my naked breasts that would be swinging freely from my unhooked black leather vest waiting for his hands to play with them anyway he liked.

Ok so you have the picture – how did I get there? I was depressed after being jilted at the alter –My man had run off with his best man – how humiliating is that – I felt used and useless. I couldn't believe I had been so humiliated and wanted to have anonymous sex so I could somehow act out how I was feeling inside.

I had been chatting to this guy for ages and decided I would ask him to fuck me but I wanted it dirty and I didn't want to see him – I just wanted to feel incredibly filthy and experience the shame and humiliation I felt – so he suggested the men's room in the park across town. It was filthy, it stunk and was only really used by druggies and homeless men – it was perfect. I would be humiliated and be used like a dirty rag – just what I needed.

I heard a sound and then someone stepped into the stall. I wiggled my ass but only heard a voice say "whoops sorry – I need a crap – I'll use the next one".
I listed as I heard him sit down and start to empty his bowels. The smell was awful and I almost vomited into the filthy toilet bowl I was leaning over. While I was listening I felt hands on my hips. I hadn’t heard him come in. Without any further preliminaries I felt a large hard cock touching my cunt and then – shove – it was in.

I was being fucked in a filthy mens’ room while another man was shitting in the stall next door. The cock in my cunt was fucking me so hard I found it difficult to maintain my position and feared my face would be forced into the filthy toilet bowel. That would be awful – it must have been covered in germs. This was so hot – I was so shamed. My orgasm was enormous and my cries could have been heard for miles – this was hotter than I had imagined.

Now I had organised on the internet that he would come and then leave so I was getting ready for him to finish so I could straighten up and leave. I felt him stiffen and then he fucked my like a jackhammer filling my cunt with his cum. I felt him withdraw and heard him zip his trousers. I heard footsteps and then I thought it was safe for me to go. I didn’t want him to see me, I wanted my humiliation to be anonymous.

I was still standing waiting with cum dripping from my cunt when I once again felt hands on my hips. “hey what the hell do you think you are doing I yelled as I tried to get away”

“Just using the public convenience bitch –that IS what this is isn’t it? And I am not the first for today judging by the goo “

I tried to wriggle away but his hands were strong. I felt his cock enter my cunt and then he just stayed still. I was confused until I felt a hot liquid spilling down my legs and realised with horror he had pissed in my cunt. He WAS using me as toilet.

I felt tears of shame and also felt fear as I wondered how I would get away. This was NOT what I had planned and I realised too late how stupid I was to plan this. I heard a noise and realised the guy who was shitting was still next door listening – chuckling to himself. The cock inside me finished pissing and started fucking – he then withdrew and before I could register relief he was trying to force his cock into my virgin asshole. I wanted to yell for help but I didn’t want to explain how I came to be in a mens’ room naked so I knew I had to endure my rape silently.

His cock forced its way into my ass and I bit my lip as the pain ripped through me. I heard him spit and felt moisture as he used the spit to add some moisture. He kept trying until suddenly he forced an opening and pushed his cock all the way into my ass ripping me with the invasion. I felt tears and tasted blood as I bit my lip to help endure the pain.

He fucked my ass mercilessly until I felt him cum – the moisture burning my ripped anal passage. I thought he would withdraw and go but instead he withdrew and forced me to turn around and face him.

I turned continuing to look down. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at him. My humiliation and shame were written over my face and also the horror at the ugliness of my attacker. He was big and ugly and so filthy. His teeth were yellow as he leered at me. His clothes where the dirtiest I have seen and as I looked down I realised he did not have an olive complexion – he was just caked in months or years of filth. With horror and shame I realised how filthy the cock was that was inside my body.

He was grinning at my total humiliation. He said,” So I not sure why you here slut but you must really like it rough to be here – hey Jack come here” he called to the guy in the stall next door. “ look at the lady who wants to be a public convenience”. The man from the next stall was just as filthy and just as big. His green teeth made me want to vomit as he too grinned at me standing in my suspenders with my tits hanging loose and piss and cum dripping from my body.

“Oh look she left shit on your dick Bob that wasn’t nice” said Jack as he grinned even more. “Make her clean it” and before I knew what was happening they had forced me to sit back on the filthy toilet and Bob’s dick was shoved into my mouth. “Clean it bitch” I was gagging as I could taste my own shit and was being forced to eat it from this filthy cock. I could only imagine the germs I was swallowing.

He held my head and forced his cock further into mouth and then to my horror I felt a hot liquid in my mouth and realised once again I was being used as a toilet.

I was sobbing so loudly I didn’t hear the sound of a group of men entering the building but I soon became aware of their presence as Bob and Jack dragged me out of the stall and laid me down in the gutter of the urinal and instructed the men to piss on me as I had a desire to be a public convenience. I closed my eyes in shame as I felt multiple streams of hot piss hitting my face and breasts and lay sobbing in the urine and years of accumulated filth as the men finished relieving themselves amidst laughter and crude comments about the beautiful new public convenience.

I didn’t think it could get worse and then I heard a young voice “hey I need a crap – open your mouth bitch” and to my absolute horror I was held in position – my mouth forced open for this man to squat over my face – and shit directly into my mouth. I would not allow myself to swallow and tried to spit but after my mouth was full my mouth was held closed until I was forced to swallow if only to get the filthy stuff out of my mouth. In the next half hour my body was subjected to alternating bouts of being pissed on or shat on and in until my entire body was coated with a film of shit and piss including my own as I had no will left to hold on to my own waste.

Finally I was left on the filthy floor and it was over.

I must have lost consciousness and missed the opportunity to leave so I woke to find a second group of filthy men looking down at their new public convenience and just lay helplessly staring up as they opened their zips and proceeded to urinate on me.

I must have blacked out again and woke to find my body stiff with shit piss and buckets of cum oozing form my cunt and ass and realised that despite my filthy state those depraved men had fucked my putrid body. I wondered how many there had been but I really didn’t want to know. Before today I had only had two lovers – I never wanted to be one of those women who had multiple partners – now look at me – at least I didn’t know how many and had no memory of what had happened.

I managed to get to my car and put on my coat and once home showered for hours but could not remove the filth. I sat down to the computer and to my absolute horror had an email from the lover I had originally planned to meet.

“Be careful what you wish for – you might just get it – Hope you are feeling the shame and humiliation you wanted. You really are a filthy slut. I have sent you some photos that might add to the feelings of shame and humiliation you were hoping to get.” I opened the attachment and to my horror the events of the last few hours were there in full living colour and my shame deepened as I saw myself going from the wanton sexy woman who entered the filthy mens room to the used public toilet I had become with a mouthful of shit as I sat in a pool of urine.

I read on futher,

“I have sent a video to your ex so he can see what he reduced you too by leaving – thought that would make you happy – you get to experience your shame over and over – hope I gave you the filthy dirty humiliating experience you were looking forward to – I loved fucking you knowing what was going to happen – before you knew how filthy and dirty your experience was really going to be. Oh and while you were out of it you were totally fucked by over 15 filthy men – your ex has the video showing your double and triple penetrations and I have posted some great shots on the web site where we met – you will really love the shame you feel knowing your ex is watching dirty homeless men fucking you and knowing everyone who visits that site will see the way you love to be humiliated.

Keep in touch!!!!!!!

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