Being… More than Friends

Being… More than Friends

This was a story I wrote for a friend through an IM. Hope you like it.


Paula was 21, her friend Doc, who she'd been friends with since Highschool was 22. He'd always thought about her as more of a friend, than a partner. She however, had always been interested in him. When she decided college wasn't for her right then, she rented a small but nice apartment in Philidelphia, thinking she could make it better in the city than in her hometown, Berlin, New Jersey.

When she realized that the place needed some work, she knew Doc was always good with his hands, and could probably do everything she needed of him. Though she carried some romantic feelings for him, she also knew how to use her great body to her benefit. She had a 34 C bra size, and knew how to flawnt them off. Her ass was perfectly rounded, with not too much meat, but enough for someone to notice.

She didn't use her body to get a job, or to get into school. She just used it when she knew she could get a guy to do a favor, that usually involved manual labor. After making sure Doc could stop by her place to see what it looked like, she started picking out a skimpy, yet classy outfit to wear. Doc on the other hand, never knowing that she held any feelings at all for him, threw on a T-Shirt and a pair of jeans that weren't exactly new, or even clean. After he got ready, he was on his way to Philly. The plan was to get there at about 10 in the morning, and take her out for a cheesesteak at lunch. What he didn't know, is what she was planning on.

When he knocked at her door, he heard the classic female response, "Just give me a minute!" However, he figured after knowing her as long as he had, he'd see if he could go on in. So he opened the door, didn't see her, so he walked in to her TV area. He looked out her window and saw she had a pretty nice view, then began to look at the rest of the house. After a second of not being able to see her or anyone else, he leaned towards the hallway, and saw it was a straightshot into her bathroom. And she not only had the door open, but was bending over the sink, without her clothes on. After a second or two of staring, about to start drooling, he began to think, "Okay, this is Shawna, not some bimbo that you can bang," but his penis had more control over his actions right then than his brain, and he started walking towards the bathroom. Being extremely careful not to be heard by her, he walked into the bathroom, put his hand on her ass and said, "So is this what you women do when you tell us to wait outside?" She almost lost it right then, him seeing her, not only in that position, but doing and saying that, she immediately became horny, and got wet right there. Hoping he didn't notice she tried to laugh it off, "Funny, Doc. Get out of here… at least go wait in the livingroom or something while I finish getting ready!"

He starts to laugh, then walks out into her hallway, shouting "Hah, by the way, nice ass," somewhat jokingly, somewhat seriously. Although he knew this was his friend, he thought that if he could tap her..he definitely was going to. Walking back down the hallway, he took a seat and waited for her. After a couple more minutes she came out in a red skirt, and a dark brown tanktop. Being sure to walk somewhat carefully down the hallway, so that he didn't see anything. She decided that she wasn't going to wear any panties, and with her lowcut skirt she chould only hope for him to see that. Although she still wasn't quite sure about what he wanted out of their relationship, she knew that if he could have sex with him, she'd be more than happy to do anything. As soon as he could see her walking down the hallway, his somewhat fading boner was at attention again seeing this. He didn't even know that they made skirts that low. After seeing at her and smiling for a minute, he, with his big grin said "Well, what are we doing today?" After hearing that, she said "Well, I was kinda actually hoping you could help me fix some pipes under the sink… I'm not sure what the person who lived here before I came did to it, but it's really messed up. He chuckled once and said, "Yeah, I kinda figured you'd want me to do -something-," she then nodded, and walked over to the sink, and bent over, hoping he could see something… but not everything. In otherwords, he didn't want him to see her ass again, but she wanted him to wonder. She then opened the door, and showed him the pipes.

He looked at her straight in the eyes, and said "You do know you don't have a garbage disposal, right?" He noticed some sort of muck leaking out of one of the pipes, and was going to have to laugh at her, and hard if she'd been the one to try to put something down the sink. "Umm… right I think my landlord said something about that…" thinking "Oh wow… now I look like not only an idiot, but–"

That's all she could say before he said "Well, we can always do something else this afternoon?" Just the way he said that made her wet again, this time it made a wet spot on her skirt. Both of them kneeling down, by the sink, she looked at him for just a second, then he kissed her, stroking her face, and said "Well, can we go to your bedroom?"

She couldn't believe this was finally happening, she almost immediately said, "Okay… and if you want umm.. I'll do it any way," staring at her, he thought his penis was going to try to tunnel out of his pants and into her skirt. They walked into her bedroom, stripping both along the way, and once they got in there. When she saw his 7", precum soaked cock she started to kneel down and put it in her mouth. While she was blowing him, which was an amazing, but not rare experience for him he remembered she'd said that she'd do… anything. He then began to say "Hey… I kind of always wanted to have anal with you…" her eyes lit up like the fourth of July. She then, after pulling him outside of her mouth said "Okay…" as she turned around he stared at her on the ground, and said "Let's get on your bed…it'd be easier for you" helping her up, and on the bed, she then sat on her knees. He rubbed her firm butt, then slide his fingers in between her cheaks, which brought her onto all fours out of pure excitement. He decided he wanted to get right into her, and he didn't exactly want to hurt her. He licked her ass, then penetrated her ass with his tongue.

She started to moan, and he felt, and smelled her vagina become soaking wet. He pulled his tongue out, slowly, and slid his dick into her. The entire time she was moaning and saying, "Ohhh… my god…" once he was as far in as he could possably get, he pulled out quicker. He then pushed in quicker, then out, then in quicker. She was starting to feel both in pain, and like she wasn't going to be able to go much longer without exploding completely onto her bed. He then began to moan "Oh..god! You're so tight! Ahhh" she by this time was moaning every time he pushed in, and breathing every time he pushed out, he kept speeding up, eventually she screamed out of the euphoria that it was giving her. He started to moan, going very fast at this point, he pushed her down on her stomach, and went even faster. She kept trying to get up, as it was probably painful for her at this point, both laying like that, and getting fucked further than any of her other boyfriends had been able to. When he knew he was about to cum, he kept going, faster, until the first strip of cum went up her ass. Then she started to make a noise that made him unsure..but he kept going, until he was sure if he kept himself in there much longer, he'd shrivel up. He then took himself outside of her, she rolled over onto her back, panting. He with his still hard penis, stared at her legs, then her vagina, then her breasts, then finally he looked towards her head. She started at him straight in the eyes, and said "That was amazing"

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