Bucket Seats

Bucket Seats

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Bucket Seats

I just love bucket seats. The girls have a hard time getting out of them discretely. Plus with a two-door car the seats lift forward to let people get into the backseat and that is even harder for the girls to get in and out of gracefully. I love to be polite and hold the seat or the door for them just so that I can look up their skirts at their panties. That is if they are wearing any panties.

My wife is well aware of why I wanted that car. My wife has the ‘grocery getter’ car, while my car is just ‘cool.’

I love to take my wife places in my car because she always spreads her legs much more than is really necessary. It is her way of thanking me for everything that I do for her.

My wife is thirty-six years old and still a fox. She can turn heads without even trying. We have two teenage daughters, Stacey is our fourteen-year-old and Elaine is our thirteen-year-old. They have been in competition for the last couple of years now. It must be a girl thing. They want everything in the world and they know that I am an easy touch. They have started to fine-tune their womanly skills already too. Those skills include begging, batting their eyelashes, crying, tantrums, and teasing the hell out of me. The last is by far my most favorite.

Just the other day Stacey came into my bedroom knowing that her mother was in the shower. She was just in a skimpy pair of panties and a very tight fitting bra. She asked me if I felt that she needed a new bra because that one was too small for her breasts. She asked if she could get a sexy one from Victoria’s Secret. I had her turn around slowly so that I could look. She had it in the tightest hook possible and her breasts were still not bulging out any. It was actually perfect for her. So I told her that I would talk to her mother about it. When she asked me not to mention it to her mother I knew that something was up. As she turned to leave she bent right over to pick up something imaginary off the floor. I knew that she just wanted me to check out her ass. It was a very nice ass too and it reminded me of my wife’s ass.

Just as soon as Stacey left, my wife came in and closed the door. She saw the tent that had formed in the sheets and then locked the door before dropping her towel. As she pulled the covers back to get in she told me to remind her to thank Stacey for my erection. I told her that Stacey would love a Victoria Secret bra. My wife said that would depend on how great the sex with me was. I really wanted Stacey to get that bra so sex was good, very good in fact. I love it when she is on top so that I can watch her big breasts move around. In that position I’m not as anxious to cum either, so it takes quite a bit longer. That’s better for the both of us. When we finished making love my wife poked a tampon into her pussy to keep my cum from leaking out and getting her panties all wet. I just smiled because I have seen her do that quite often. She loves having my cum in her but she hates having a wet crotch.

The next day after lunch she told the girls that we were going shopping and to put on something nice to wear. Of course Stacey wanted to know what we were going shopping for in particular. My wife said that I thought that Stacey needed a new bra from Victoria’s Secret. Stacey jumped for joy and shouted out ‘oh thank you daddy.’ To which my wife told her that she had better make it worth my while.

When the girls came back down the stairs Stacey was in a very tight and very short T-shirt that showed off her hard little nipples quite well proving to everyone that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She also had on her shortest miniskirt that she owned and mentioned that Old Navy had a new shipment of miniskirts in according to her friends. When I told her that I didn’t know about a skirt she promised me that I would change my mind. That sure got me curious.

We started out the front door and Stacey saw my wife getting out her keys. She shouted out that she wanted to take my car because it was cuter. My wife smiled at me and put her keys away. I opened the door on my side to let Stacey into the backseat. She made sure to let me see her bare ass as she bent over with no panties on. Then she spread her knees wide too when she was trying to get herself adjusted. I looked into her smiling face and smiled back at her.

As I backed out of our driveway again Stacey opened up her knees for me. That time my wife caught a glimpse of what was going on and placed her hand on my hard cock. My wife never moved her hand until I had parked and was about to get out at the shopping mall.

Once again Stacey treated me to a glorious sight of her bare pussy with its light downy hairs trying to cover it. She spread that one leg way out to step on the ground. I knew that I was going to explode in my pants before long.

We went straight for Victoria’s Secret and I hung back to watch Stacey’s ass shake as she walked ahead of me. She had certainly developed into one very special young lady. The girls each picked out a couple of bras but my wife and Stacey wanted my opinion. I suggested that they get matching panties for their bras and that they both purchase the same design. I told them that it would look very nice if I were to see them together. So they searched together and came up with a couple of sets to try on.

I was discretely standing outside the changing rooms when Stacey followed her mother into the same room. Elaine had already gone into another booth. I heard giggling and then the door cracked open, apparently to see if I was alone. Then it opened right up full and both women stood there just inside their booth for me to inspect them. I was speechless so the door closed. When it opened up again they were in the other set and that set was transparent. Wow! Seeing my wife and my oldest daughter in transparent underwear made my cock stand up again.

Elaine’s door cracked open and she hissed at me to come closer. She let me peek at her bra and panties too. She was cute but she just didn’t fill it out as well as her sister would so I suggested a smaller cup size for her. That disappointed her but I told her that I would be right back. When I reappeared and knocked on her door Elaine opened it up and took the new bra. She was topless and I got to see her tiny pointed breasts. That was a first for me. A moment later she called me back to look again. That time the bra fit much better and I told her so.

When they finally came back out Elaine just wanted the one set and the other girls wanted both sets. As I paid for them my wife tucked her panties into my pocket. Elaine saw her do it and disappeared for a moment. When she came back she put her panties in my pocket too. The teenage salesgirl saw it and just smiled. Elaine blushed and told the salesgirl that it was the pair that she had worn in. The salesgirl just smiled and told her that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. Elaine was just a curious young girl and slipped her hand up under the salesgirl’s skirt to find out for herself. The salesgirl jumped but continued to smile. Elaine smiled at me and nodded. I gave the salesgirl a five-dollar tip. As we exited the store I suggested Old Navy and miniskirts for everyone. That got a cheer from my girls.

In Old Navy the girls all wanted skirts that were way too short, but who was I to care about that. They each tried on three skirts and modeled them for me before picking out just one to purchase.

When we got to the car Elaine wanted to get in on my side but Stacey didn’t like that. Then Elaine told her that she was going to scootch over and not to get her panties into a bunch. Then she laughed and said that none of them were wearing any panties. Apparently Stacey had not been aware that the other panties were in my pocket so I took them out to show her. Anyway Elaine got into the back seat and spread her knees so far to the sides that I could easily see her pussy lips. Stacey just watched her sister’s shameless display and then she did the very same thing. When I looked up my wife was still waiting for me to get her door so that she too could flash me her pussy too. Wow what a treat.

At home I let Stacey out first then I walked around to open my wife’s door and let her and Elaine out. I got an even bigger show from all three of them that time. Stacey made some comment about Elaine’s hairless pussy, then Elaine told her sister that I had seen her tits too, and then she stuck out her tongue. My wife said that, all that was left now was for me to see Stacey’s tits and then they could all run around naked after their showers from then on. Elaine cheered and Stacey said okay. Then I cheered.

Once inside the house my wife suggested another fashion show for me. However she did not go up to our bedroom or even into another room. She just changed right there in the living room with me sitting in my favorite chair. When she was completely naked she put on one set of her new panties and bras. Then she looked at Stacey until she started to undress too. I guess it was one thing to flash me her uncovered pussy but another to actually get undressed in front of me. Elaine didn’t hesitate to get naked too and then put on her new set. When Stacey was naked she faced me for my approval of her body. I told her that she looked lovely then watched as she put on the same set that her mother had on. They looked great together. It was too bad that Elaine hadn’t gotten the same set too. They got naked and put on the second set which was transparent. I liked that set the best. Next the three girls put on just the miniskirts and nothing else. I was enjoying the fashion show. I especially liked looking at their tits. They were all different shapes and sizes. Elaine had tiny pointed breasts that were just starting to develop nicely. Stacey had half grown globes that were nice and firm looking. Then there was my wife with fully-grown breasts with a little sag due to gravity. Their pussies were sort of the same too. Elaine had sparse hair on her pussy while Stacey had a very nice growth started. My wife lets me shave her pussy so it is completely bald and shows off her slit very nicely. Of course they all had hard nipples, nice asses, and great legs.

Surprisingly my wife told me to undress saying that it wasn’t fair for them to be nude and for me not to be. So I stood up and started to undress. My daughters couldn’t take their eyes off from me. As I lowered my underwear and my cock sprang out and stood up straight their mouths dropped open. My wife just reached out and grabbed my hard cock asking me if I wanted to show our daughters how to make it go down. I had no idea what she had in mind but when she got on her knees in front of me I realized that I was going to get a blowjob. I just stood there and let her do all of the work. It must have taken her a good ten minutes before I cum in her mouth. However it didn’t go down. With my two lovely teenage daughters standing there naked how could I go soft?

My wife sat on the edge of the coffee table and lay back. We had done this before so I got on my knees between her legs, lifted them up a little, and then slipped my cock into her pussy. The girls were only inches away as my long hard cock disappeared into their mother’s pussy. I stroked and my wife groaned. My wife started pinching and twisting her own nipples as her orgasm hit. She really let loose. At first I figured that she was just showing off for the girls but then I realized that she was truly have a great orgasm so I just fucked into her with renewed energy. I really pounded her pussy good. Her tits jostled around so much that she finally grabbed a hold of both of them as she cried out with pleasure. She couldn’t thrust back at me hard enough or fast enough to scratch her itch. Then she just went limp. She smiled up at me and then at our daughters as she closed her eyes and relaxed.

In another minute I pulled my limp cock out of my wife’s very well used pussy. She opened her eyes and told the girls that that had been their first lesson in sex and that there was a lot more that we could show them.

Things sure changed around the house after that. None of my three women wore clothes in the house or in any way tried to hide their bodies from me. In fact it was just the opposite, they wanted me to see them and to get hard so that they could watch me fuck my wife. Sex had become a family affair, a three-ring circus performance if you will, and I was the performing ringmaster. My wife bought a book of sexual positions and the three of them would look through it and decide on which position would be tried next.

I never fucked my daughters even though I really wanted too. Actually I couldn’t fuck them because I was always fucking my wife. Our sex life went from very normal to exceptional and it stayed that way for several years.

The girls certainly learned all that there was to learn about sex however they had a hell of a time finding a boy that could match my skills. Throughout high school they must have let a hundred or more boys fuck them just to find out that they were all too immature for sex. In college they tried a few older boys but both girls settled for professors and married them. I may even become a grandfather soon.

The End
Bucket Seats

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