But You Can Do Me Anally

But You Can Do Me Anally

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But You Can Do Me Anally

“But you can do me anally” was what I heard her say. I also heard the part about, “I’m a virgin and I’m going to stay that way. I’m saving myself for my future husband…but you can do me anally…I don’t mind.” Then she hung the phone up.

That came from my thirteen-year-old sister Carrie as I entered the living room. I startled her. Carrie turned around so fast that I thought that she would loose her head. She turned bright red and said, “Oh thank God. I thought you were Mom.”

I replied, “Well I still heard what you said. Who did you say it too?”

Carrie said, “Ricky. You know the boy I told you about. He said that he would go out with me but that he had heard that I was saving my virginity. So he was thinking about going out with that slut Wendy instead. So I told him that he could do me anally.”

I asked, “Have you ever had a dick up your ass before?”

Carrie blushed again and said, “Yes. A few times.”

I asked, “How many is a few times?”

Carrie blushed again, “About twenty or so with eight or ten different boys. You won’t tell on me will you? I’m still a virgin. Honest!”

At fifteen I was certainly feeling my hormones kicking in. “Tell you what, you give me some and I won’t tell on you.”

Carrie didn’t bat an eye and said, “Sure…anytime…want some now?”

Well that caught me a little off guard but hell yes I wanted some right then. However I said, “Sure if you’re up to it that is.”

Carrie took me up to her bedroom. Our bedrooms had a bathroom between them and of course connecting doors. We made sure that both of our bedroom doors were locked first. Then Carrie removed her skirt and her panties, turned around, and grabbed a hold of her dresser. I just looked at her cute bare ass. Finally she asked me what the matter was. I had to tell my little sister that I was a virgin too and that I really didn’t know what I was doing.

Carrie smiled that time and told me that she would be happy to teach me. In fact she had taught all of her other sex partners what to do. Then especially for me Carrie got completely naked. I did too. Then Carrie lay on her bed and told me all about her body, what things were called, and how to play with them. I got to tickle her clit until she had an orgasm. Finally Carrie applied a little K-Y Jelly to her asshole and then to my dick. She stayed on her back and pulled my dick to her asshole telling me to push it in. It slipped right in easily enough and felt a lot tighter and better than my hand. Carrie cooed and gave me encouragement as I fucked into her rectum. When I cum in her ass she just smiled up at me, pulled me closer to her face, and then she kissed me. The kiss was not like any other that I had from her in the past. We had just crossed over into another kind of relationship all together, that of lovers.

As my cock still resided inside her anal passage she told me, “I lied earlier. That twenty or so times was only four including this one and the eight or ten different boys is only two including you. Mary’s brother told Mary and I about how Greek girls saved their virginity for marriage by doing it in the backdoor. He is the one that taught Mary and I about anal sex. He only got to do me anally three times before he had to go back to college.”

I was astonished and said, “But he’s old.”

Carrie said, “I know. He is almost twenty-three.”

I asked, “How old is Mary?”

Carrie replied, “She’s my age. We’re both thirteen. Why?”

I said, “Well twenty-three-year-olds aren’t supposed to have sex with thirteen-year-olds that’s why.”

Carrie said, “It’s okay. Honest. Anal doesn’t count and I’m still a virgin.”

I asked, “So how many times did he have sex with Mary?”

Carrie said, “Oh lots of times. She isn’t saving herself for marriage so her brother has been having sex with her as often as he can. Her father does too but we can’t tell her mother. It’s a secret.”

From talking to Carrie my dick got hard again and it was still in her ass so I just started slipping it in and out again as if it were a natural thing to do. Carrie folded her hands behind her head and smiled at me. She told me that I could play with her tits if I wanted too. Hell yes! I grabbed them and squeezed them a little too hard before Carrie gave me better instructions on their use. After that she enjoyed it or at least she said that she did. Then just as I cum in her for the second time she asked me to pinch and twist her nipples hard. That was different but we both seemed to enjoy it.

After that second cum Carrie took me into our bathroom, washed me off real well, and then she sat on the toilet to try and get some of the stuff out of her ass. Watching her pee was interesting though. Once again I realized that our lives had changed forever. We had just crossed over into another kind of relationship all together and we would never be the same again.

Ricky came over before dinner and Carrie took him up to her bedroom. Mom told me to keep an eye on them. I just smiled and went up to my bedroom. Both of the bathroom doors were open and I could hear Carrie giving Ricky the same instructions that she had given me. He was a lot faster on the trigger than I had been and soon she was in the bathroom cleaning him up and sitting on the toilet. From her position she could see me and she just smiled and waved. Soon Ricky was on his way out the door and Mom was wondering why he had left so quickly.

Carrie said, “I guess he got what he wanted.”

Mom looked at Carrie funny so she added, “He just wanted my homework answers.”

Mom said, “Be careful of boys like that. They will just use you to get what they want.”

Carrie smiled at me, winked, and patted her own ass.

Then she asked, “Mom, is it alright it I invite Mary to spend the weekend with me?”

Mom replied, “Okay as long as you don’t stay up all night giggling like you did the last time.”

Carrie looked directly at me and said, “Oh we might stay up all night but we won’t be giggling. I promise.” With that she patted her ass again and winked at me.

Carrie had me stand guard in the living room while she used the phone to call Mary. My parents were old fashion and didn’t believe in cell phones or lots of extensions. We just had the one phone attached to the wall and that was it.

When Mary answered Carrie said, “Can you come over this weekend? I gave my brother anal sex twice today but I think he wants your pussy too. You can. Great! You can walk home from school with us tomorrow then. See you in school. Bye!”

Carrie said, “She wants to know if she can be your girlfriend now. The only ones that have fucked her are her brother and her father.”

Hey at fifteen I was all about lying to girls to get what I wanted so I said, “Sure. Why not?”

Carrie smiled, seeing right through me, and said, “Good answer but you need to be a little more convincing when you tell her that yourself. Want to do it again before dinner?”

I said, “Okay but Dad will be home soon so we need to be quick.”

Carrie said, “Not a problem. You are quicker than Mary’s brother was. Besides I don’t have to get undressed and neither do you. All we have to do is drop our pants and do it. Hey! Do you want to do it right here?”

As tempting as her offer was I took her up to our bathroom, dropped her pants and panties, and then bent her over the toilet seat. I dropped my pants and underwear and slipped it in. Carrie was wrong about being quick. My third time in less than two hours was slowing me down nicely. I enjoyed that anal sex even more than before. Especially when she said that her butt was getting sore. I just told her to get used to it.

That night while we were helping Mom with the dishes Mom asked, “Carrie are you still a virgin?”

Carrie smiled sweetly and replied, “Yes, Mom I’m a good girl and I’m still a virgin.”

Mom looked at me and just stared so I lied and said, “Me too.”

Behind Mom I could see Carrie patting her ass and I smiled. Mom didn’t like the smile on my face after my answer and said, “Tell me the truth are you still a virgin?”

Instead of lying or telling her the whole truth I said, “I have played with a girl’s tits. Does that count?”

Mom looked at me sternly and then she laughed, “No!” Then sternly she asked, “Have to put your pecker in a girl’s pussy?”

Honestly I replied, “No I have not.”

That satisfied Mom for the time being but I knew that I couldn’t get away with that answer after the weekend with Mary.

What would I do?

What would I do?

The End
But You Can Do Me Anally

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