Cabin In The Adirondack Mountains

Cabin In The Adirondack Mountains

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Cabin In The Adirondack Mountains

Every year our parents took us up to Karen Lake where we own a cabin. Well we sort of own it because grandpa is too old to use it anymore and he told Dad that he would get it in his will when he dies. So every summer when school let out until it started up in the fall my sisters and I were trapped in the Adirondack Mountains. Dad went to work during the week but Mom was with us all week long.

I would be turning fifteen that summer, while my sister Trish would turn fourteen, and my sister Jill would become thirteen. Mom had all three of us in July and August, the hottest time of the year to be nine months pregnant.

After spending a lifetime at that camp we kids knew every place to hide, play, and explore. We had to travel further and further from our cabin to find new stuff to do, but it was worth it. On the wall of the cabin were several topographical survey maps of the area around us. Years ago the maps had been cut and seamed together and then covered with a Plexiglas cover that we could draw on with colored grease pencils. Over the years we had marked more and more places that we had been too.

Mom had drawn a circle with a one-mile radius from our cabin and strongly suggested that Trish and I stay within that circle. Trish and I could get anywhere inside that circle in about forty-five minutes. A second circle at the three-quarter mile mark was drawn for Jill and she was not allowed past that point.

One day I pointed to a spot on the map that was outside our confinement area. The elevation rings were extremely close together with a stream that almost surely promised a waterfall with a pool below it.

The next morning, right after breakfast Trish and I took off. It was a much harder hike than either one of us had anticipated it would be. We stopped twice to rest and drink from our water bottles. When we finally got there we were impressed. It was extremely remote and a place that very few people had ever see.

Trish said, “Lets go skinny dipping” and that surprised me since I had never seen her naked before. She had seen me several times because I didn’t care and in fact I liked to show off my naked body to the girls in my family. Mom had seen me naked a few times and had never said anything about it.

Anyway I just started taking off my shoes, socks, and T-shirt. I looked at Trish as she slowly removed her shoes and socks. I then removed my shorts and underwear and stood there naked watching her undress. She tried to get me to go into the water telling me that she would join me soon. I just stood there watching her. Trish turned around so that her back was facing me. She removed her T-shirt and she was not wearing a bra but I already knew that. She removed her shorts and gave me a partial side view of one of her breasts. I was impressed. Then when she lowered her panties and bent over I got my first look at her pussy peering out at me from underneath her light brown asshole. She had as much pubic hair down there as I had. It was very sexy.

Finally Trish took a deep breath and turned to face me. She said, “Okay lets go.” But first I looked her body over intensely. It was only a few seconds but it seemed like I had the time to memorize every inch of her body. I looked at her breasts, her areolas, and her nipples. I looked at her crotch, her pussy lips, and her thick patch of pubic hair. I looked at her hips, her waist, and her belly button. I looked at her face, her neck, and her hair. I even looked at her knees, her feet, and her toes. I hated to admit it but I really liked my sister’s body. If she weren’t my sister I’d want to fuck her. I looked down and saw my erection sticking straight out at her. She saw it too and seemed to be staring at it. That cinched it…my cock wanted to fuck my sister so obviously I did too.

We stood there for another minute at least before we started to get into the water. The pool was only a little more than waist deep but I liked that because my cock was under the cold water and shrinking while Trish’s breasts were still visible above the water. Her nipples looked painfully hard. She must have become embarrassed because she sat down in that ice-cold spring fed water. She didn’t last too awfully long after that and got out. I got out with her and we sat on a rock to dry off and warm up a little. It was one big flat slate rock. On one end were some fossils of fern leaves and small crustaceans that must have been millions of years old. I enjoyed looking at them and thought about bringing some paper and a black crayon back sometime to make a tracing of them.

When I sat back down I was at Trish’s feet facing her but also next to her. She was leaned back on her straight arms with her breasts thrust out nicely. When I asked her about her breasts, she told me that she wore a size 32-B bra and that her sports bras flattened her out and were uncomfortable to wear for very long. She said that her under wire bras cut in and were uncomfortable too. She admitted that being braless was the nicest part of her summer vacation.

She asked me how I could stand to sit on my balls all the time. I laughed and said that I didn’t even know that I was. She asked why my balls were tight one time and hanging loose another. I told her that I didn’t know. Then she asked about my erections, what got me hard, and what got me soft again. I told her that almost any sexual thought could get me hard and that usually jerking off was what got me soft again. Then I looked into the pool and told her that ice-cold water sure helped too.

Then we started talking about masturbation, how often we did it, and then how we did it. Before I knew it we were masturbating together on that rock. Trish loved it what I blew cum up into the air and it landed on her thigh. She used her finger to scoop it up and taste it. Her girlfriends had told her that it tasted good and that she would be expected to swallow it after a blowjob.

From there we got into her periods, how she became irritable in the middle of them and that it was called PMS. She said that she used to use pads but that tampons were much nicer to use. She explained about both and said that she could swim during her period with one in. Cool, I’d like to see that. She said that I could in about three more weeks.

Eventually we got around to talking about having sex and we admitted at we were both virgins, like that was some kind of secret. Neither one of us was old enough to date and we spent the whole summer here with no one to fool around with. Trish said, “Except one another.” That caught me off guard then Trish explained that girls mature faster than boys do and that she had really given a lot of thought about me, especially last summer when I would strip naked for her and Mom whenever Dad wasn’t around. I had to smile about that one. She said that she masturbated to thoughts of me every night last summer. I told her that I had a few times last summer but every night this summer. I told her that after seeing her naked like that I would jerk off several times a day to thoughts of her.

Trish then told me that neither one of us would have to ever masturbate again. I asked her what she was talking about. Trish said that we could have sex like Mom and Dad did every weekend. I laughed because I had heard them too. Mom could get pretty loud when her orgasm hit. When I told Trish that I didn’t know how to have sex she laughed. Then she opened up her legs, opened her pussy up with her fingers, and told me that all I had to do was put my hard cock in that nice pink wet hole and fuck her.

Since it was already hard I slipped it into her wet hole and it was very nice indeed. I fucked into her and in no time at all I felt like a pro. With Trish fucking up at me just as hard as I fucked down into her, we got into a rather serious and intense rhythm. I was pleased that I had jerked off earlier because when I cum in Trish it was quite intense. It was the most powerful climax that I had ever had in my life. Trish said that her orgasm was also the best that she had ever had.

We got back in the water to wash up after sex and then sat on the rock again to dry off before putting on our clothes and heading back to the cabin.

Mom was none the wiser when we returned. Dinner was good, we roasted marshmallow around an open fire, and we went to bed after hearing a ghost story. Mom tells the best stories but Jill gets scared and winds up sleeping with Mom. That’s fine during the week when Dad isn’t there but not on weekends.

It worked out good though because with Jill in bed with Mom that left Trish and I in our loft bedroom alone. We waited a long time to make sure that Mom and Jill were asleep, then we had sex again in our room in her bed. That night we discovered a few things, like her bedsprings squeak, she makes little noises like Mom does when she has an orgasm, and she leaks some of our cum onto her sheets.

Apparently Mom asked had her about the stain and thought that Trish might have a yeast infection or something that would make her pussy drool. Trish said that she had never been so humiliated in her life as when she let Mom feel her up and look inside her pussy to see if anything was wrong.

Then it got even worse when Mom took her into town to see a doctor. That old man then felt her up, looked inside her pussy, and stuck things up inside her. The next thing she knew she was getting a shot in her ass and the doctor told Mom that Trish would be okay for three months but that she needed to her regular doctor when she got home.

On the drive back to the cabin Mom told Trish that she could let me fuck her all that she wanted too. Trish tried to play innocent but it didn’t work. Mom told her that she knew what a sex spot looked like when she saw one. She saw two or three on her own sheet when she changed them on Mondays after Dad left. Plus Mom had heard the bed squeak and Trish cry out in the heat of the moment. By the time they got to the cabin Mom told Trish that she would have Jill sleep with her when Dad wasn’t there.

I saw Trish kiss Mom on the lips when she got of the car and dragged me off toward the fire pit. We sat on a log while Trish told me the whole story. Then she undressed right there in the clearing within sight of the cabin and told me that I could have sex with her. I looked at the cabin then I looked at Trish standing there naked. It didn’t take much for me to get naked and start having sex with my younger sister. When I had looked at the cabin Mom had been standing in the doorway waving at me.

The End
Cabin In The Adirondack Mountains



I actually ended this story and put it away. When I woke up this morning somehow I just knew that it needed a part two. That it something that I rarely ever do; however here it is.


Cabin In The Adirondack Mountains – Part TWO

The rest of that week before Dad joined us was very nice. Trish and I had sex more and more. With Mom’s blessing and no worry about her getting pregnant Trish wanted to do it all the time and so did I.

Jill knew what we were doing and wanted to watch. So one night in front of the roaring campfire after we roasted some marshmallows, Trish got down on her hands and knees and let me do her from behind. By then we had tried several positions and found some that worked better in bed, on the ground, and standing up. Doggy style worked best there in front of the fire with Mom and Jill watching us. Trish as really wet in there from the excitement of being watched and I was extra hard but together I slipped in easier and lasted longer than normal so it made for a really good show. Trish’s breasts swayed with each of my thrusts and since she couldn’t normally let her true feelings out she cut loose with, “Oh God, that feels so good. Fuck me faster. That’s it. Oh Lord, I’m cumming again. Oh God. Oh God. Oh.” After a lot of heavy breathing and panting she continued, “That was the best fuck yet.” I replied, “I’m not done yet.” Trish said, “Then keep going, I can’t wait for another orgasm like that one.” I thrust into her with more passion than before. Mom started cheering me on, telling me that I was better than my father was at sex, and that she wished that I could fuck her. That was all that it took for me to blow my load in my sister. She came with me too, in a big orgasm that left her exhausted and lying face down in the grass.

Jill was impressed and wanted me to fuck her too. Mom told her that she would have to wait until Monday when she could get her to the doctor for her birth control shot. Jill didn’t like it but she accepted it as being the way that it was. Mom had spoken!

Friday night Dad was behind schedule due to an accident on the Interstate that had traffic tied up for miles. By the time he got to the cabin we were all asleep.

The next morning we kids got up, ate cereal, and were on our way to a full day of adventure before they even got out of bed. When we returned for lunch, Mom had a private talk with Trish while Dad made me help him with a new picnic table that was strapped to the roof of his car. My immediate thought was to make love to my sisters on top of it while Dad was at work next week.

We ate lunch there at the new picnic table and just as we bit into our sandwiches Trish said, “Dad, Mom tells me that you want to fuck me.” After a short pause to see Dad’s face turn white from shock she continued, “Does that mean that Frankie can fuck Mom?”

Dad stuttered as he spoke, “I’ll have to think about that.”

Trish said, “What is there to think about? If you get to fuck me then he gets to fuck her. Isn’t that what swapping is all about?”

Dad stuttered again as he said, “I hadn’t thought about swapping.”

Trish replied, “So you just wanted to fuck me? What about Mom, what does she want?”

Mom said, “I think she is right. If you can fuck our daughter then our son should be able to fuck me.”

Dad tried to change the subject, “Should we be talking about this in front of Jill?”

Jill piped up and said, “Frankie will be fucking me too on Monday after I let that old doctor poke around in my pussy and give me a shot in my ass.”

Dad went white again and realized that he was totally out numbered. He got quiet, his feelings were hurt, and he realized that he was no longer king of his castle. The women were in charge now. Finally he said, “It’s up to your mother. It’s her body. Let her make that decision.”

Mom said, “Okay then it’s settled. Trish, Jill, and I have already worked this out. We will let you two guys fuck us all summer long and as often as you can. Jill will join in after she sees the doctor on Monday. Is that okay with you guys?”

I smiled and quickly said, “Yes” knowing that I would have all week to fuck my mother and my two sisters before Dad got his hands on them.

Dad slowly said, “Okay what ever you girls want.” He said it but he didn’t mean it. Dad had only thought about fucking Trish. Letting me fuck Mom had never crossed his mind so it was a complete shock to him. However, when Trish took off her bikini top and shorts for him he lit right up. Mom and Jill stripped too.

Mom took my hand and said to Dad, “You can have our bed, we will be up in the loft in his bed.” We then walked into the cabin and climbed the stairs to our loft bedroom. I was right behind Mom and the back of her pussy was right in my face. I could see her juices forming droplets on the ends of her short curly hairs. I had never noticed how sexy her ass was as she walked. It twitched like a soap bubble after you blow through the plastic wand. It was soft and squishy and firm all at the same time.

Mom lay on top of my bed on her back with her legs open. She said, “I don’t need any foreplay, I’m plenty wet enough already, just fuck me, and make me cry out like you did Trish by the fire the other night.

I was in Mom’s juicy pussy in no time at all. We were going at it hot and heavy when the screen door slammed and Dad and Trish came in. Mom started into her first orgasm with me and it was a good one too. She huffed and she puffed and then she cried out like a woman possessed. At first I thought it was all for show, that she was just putting on an act for Dad and Trish but then I realized that it wasn’t. Mom was clinching my cock with her pussy muscles, she went ridged, and she was making animal sounds deep in her throat. That orgasm lasted her almost a full minute. When Mom settled down she whispered into my ear, “I have never in my life felt an orgasm that intense. Thank you.” I whispered back, “I’m not done yet.” Then out loud Mom shouted, “Oh God here I go again.” That time I tried to keep up with her, I tried not to cum yet, but I failed. She felt so good and she enjoyed my cock so much that I couldn’t help it, I just had to cum in her.

As we lay there, in our afterglow, Jill came up and sat on her bed. We listened but we never heard anything from Trish. After a while she too came up and sat on her bed. When Mom asked her how it was Trish replied, “It was terrible. How can you let him fuck you every weekend? He didn’t even try to please me. All he did was stick it in me, jerk off in my pussy, and then roll over and fall asleep.” Mom smiled and said, “I know, but that is how I got the three of you, so it was worth it.”

We all walked outside to let Dad sleep. He had had a hard week at work and a long drive up, so he deserved it.

Mom said, “I really want to thank you Trish. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Mom then told Jill and I that she and Trish had worked the whole wife-swapping thing out long before she sprang it on Dad. It had been a set up so that I could fuck Mom. She wanted me to fuck her ever since that very first night that she heard the bedsprings squeak and found the mess on the sheet the next morning. Mom told me that it was not a summer thing either and that I could continue to her and my two sisters all year round as long as I didn’t tell anyone about it. Okay.

Trish was a real trooper that weekend. She let Dad fuck her a couple more times before he left Sunday night to go back home. She even slept with him too.

Jill said that she would do her fair share the following weekend after I broke her in during the week. We were all happy Monday after the trip into town to see the doctor. In fact we had never been that close or that happy before, that we could ever remember.

On Friday Dad arrived right on time, kissed Mom, and took Jill right into his bedroom. Fucking her was all that he had thought about all week long. A few minutes later he came back out and started a bonfire.

Jill came out a minute later. She smiled and said, “Daddy really needs to take lessons. He isn’t very good at sex at all.”

Everyone laughed and Mom said, “Out of the mouths of babes.”

Despite everything Jill let Dad fuck her three more times before he left that weekend. The three girls decided that Mom had done more than enough over the years and that Trish and Jill would take turns servicing Dad that summer, leaving Mom all to me. They all got everything that I had to offer them during the week to make up for their sacrifice.


That summer we walked in the woods together, we went past our one-mile limit, and we all went skinny dipping in that falls pond. That tracing of the fern leaves still hangs on the cabin wall.

Now my wife and I were on our way to the cabin to join Trish and her husband, Jill and her new husband, and Mom and Dad for our first joint vacation in several years. With colleges, marriages, and work out of the way we were going to enjoy two whole weeks together.

My wife and I had swapped with Trish and her husband, then with Jill and her husband, but never together. Mom was going to be in a big surprise, her two son-in-laws were anxious to fuck her.

The End
Cabin In The Adirondack Mountains – Part TWO

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