Caught in the rain

Caught in the rain

My name is Jeff. I am eighteen-years-old, and I wanted to share with you the story that changed my life forever; when my Mom and I became lovers.

One weekend, my dad, my mom and my twin sister Beth, were working on a big landscaping project in the backyard. We had done a lot of digging and excavating and the day was hot and muggy. We were almost finished with the digging when Dad sent me and Mom to the Home Depot to pick up the supplies we ordered for the job. Dad agreed to stay and finish up with the help of my sister.

Mom and I jumped in my '68 Ventura station wagon that I had tricked out, and took off. We live out in the boonies a little bit and the home center was a good 20 miles away. As we traveled down the highway, we noticed that storm clouds were building off on the horizon and Mom remarked that she hoped we could beat the storm.

I have to back up a bit and describe my family here. My Dad is a big lumberjack of a man. He was a lineman in college and met my mother who was a track athlete. Mom is 5'7” and built like a brick shithouse. She has light brown hair and green eyes with a knockout smile. She had some breastwork done and she competes in fitness competitions even at the age of 37. She has about two ounces of body fat. My sister and I are both tall and athletic and neither of us has ever had problems attracting the opposite sex.

Back to the story. We made good time to the home center and picked up the trailer that was already loaded and ready to go. Dad is a big contractor in town and the home center gives him lots of perks. Every guy that walked by took a double take at my mom as she stood at the counter paying for the load. She was wearing denim cutoffs and a tank top and I just shook my head at the guys as they stared, letting them know I was irritated. I never looked at my mom sexually. I knew she was hot, but she was my mom.

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home, not thinking to cover the load we were hauling, and by this time the skies were really turning black. Mom called ahead to tell Dad about the weather, and he let her know in no uncertain terms that he didn't want any of the bags of concrete ruined. I stepped on the gas as we headed out of town.

As the first few drops of rain hit the windshield I told Mom that we needed to find someplace to duck out of the rain until it passed over. A mile further down the road I turned down a dirt road and headed into an apple grove.

This is the Ritter's property. Where are we going” my mom asked.

There is an old barn where we can pull the trailer into.” I told her.

I don't even want to know how you know about this place,” she laughed.

The rain was falling pretty steady when I pulled up to a gate in the grove. Mom, get out and open the gate and then shut it after I pull through.”

I guess this means I'm getting wet.”

We both will be soon enough.” I answered.

I pulled through the gate and waited for mom to shut it and climb back into the car. She was soaked. Shit! We gotta hustle.” I groaned, and drove down a little path that led to a small barn. We both jumped out and opened the bay doors to the building. I was drenched in 30 seconds. There was a tractor parked right in the middle of the barn, which made it necessary for me to back the trailer into the barn. This left the front of the station wagon sticking out into the rain, but at least the trailer was out of the weather. I jumped out of the car and ran into the barn where Mom was examining the contents of the trailer.

We might lose the top two bags of concrete.” She said. Everything else looks okay.”

I looked out at the rain, which by now was coming down in sheets. This was going to be one of those 3 or 4 hour storms. Mom called Dad and told him where we were. I could hear him yelling as she hung up the phone and walked over to me. She looked out at the weather.


It appears so.”

Good in a way. Your father is pissed. We should have covered the load according to him. He'll be cooled off by the time we get home.”

The storm had dropped the temperature and the wind had kicked up. I looked over at Mom and noticed that she was shivering. I couldn't help but notice her hardened nipples sticking out through her sheer bra and tank top.

Your headlights are on.” I joked.

Easy fresh guy, I'm freezing to death. I wish I had worn a work shirt.”

I moved around behind her and put my arms around her. My arms were crossed just below her breasts and I pulled her back against me in an effort to shield her as best I could.

This should help a little.” I said.

Such a gentleman I raised. That helps a bunch. Thanks honey.”

She crossed her arms over mine and we leaned against the side of the car watching the rain come down.

I don't know how long we stayed like that before I became aware of the warmth of my mother's body against me. I also became aware of her ass pressed against my crotch and the feel of her breasts against my arms. It all kind of happened at the same time. My chin rested against the top of her ear, and I suddenly began to notice the smell of her body. I felt my cock begin to stiffen a little, and I shifted around a bit to get my crotch away from her ass. This also caused me to move my head to the other side of hers.

Mom was oblivious and snuggled back into me again.

Quit moving honey, I'm just warming up.”

I tried to think about anything and everything to keep my mind off my growing cock, but it was not much help. The heat of her body and the musk of her smell were making me crazy.

After a few minutes of silence, Mom let out a sigh and shifted ever so slightly against me. Maybe it was my imagination playing tricks on my lust filled mind, but it seemed as if the pressure of her ass against me increased ever so slightly. She shifted again a few minutes later and her hips moved just a fraction across my groin. Every minute or so, she would shift weight on her feet and rub her ass against my now rock-hard dick. This shifting, intentional or otherwise, went on for several minutes.

My lips were so close to my mom's ear that it was all I could do to not start nibbling on it. Mom shifted again, and at the same time I noticed that her breathing had changed. It was a little faster and deeper.

I was about to pull away when she pulled my arms up closer under her breasts and squeezed them against her.

This feels nice.” She said huskily. It's been a long time since I had a pair of strong arms around me. Don't let go.”

How long you need me to keep you warm Mom” My lips brushed against her ear as I spoke into it.

At least until the rain stops,” she sighed and her head dropped back against my chest. She was deliberate this time as she rubbed her ass against my painfully hard cock.

There were no more pretenses on my part either, as I started to nibble on her ear and whispered back. Let's hope it rains a while.”

She groaned as I moved my hands up to massage her beautiful firm breasts from behind.

God honey, what are you doing to me”

I took my mouth off of her neck, where I had been raking it with my teeth; long enough to reply back to her.

Keeping you warm.”

I was really working her over with my mouth as I nibbled and licked her neck, shoulder and ear. I had moved one of my hands up under her tank top and was squeezing her tits through her bra.


She reached for my other hand, which I was working down to the crotch of her shorts. She was strong, but her resolve was fading quickly. Even as she strained to keep my hand away from her holiest of holies, she continued to rub her ass against me. She couldn't stop me from grabbing her crotch and pulling her back against me as I ground my hard-on into her ass.

Oh shit, baby, please, we shouldn't, God, you feel so good!”

Mom was mumbling and had placed her hands against my legs. Suddenly, I spun her around and grabbing the back of her head with one hand and her ass with the other, I pulled her into me for a long, violent, kiss. There was no hesitation on her part and our mouths mashed against each other so hard I tasted blood. I wasn't sure whose it was, but I didn't really care.

Mom pushed away from me and looked up into my eyes. The look in hers was something I had never seen before, not even in the girls I had fucked in the past. It was like one of those nature shows where the lion is looking at the antelope.

I want you son! I want you so bad. I need you so bad”

Wait here.” I stepped out into the rain and opened up the back door to the station wagon. I reached behind the seat and grabbed a blanket that I kept there. My mom wouldn't be the first girl I had fucked in this barn.

I stepped back into the barn and grabbed Mom's hand. I led her past the tractor to what used to be a horse stall. It had a couple of crates in it, but the floor was carpeted with an ample amount of hay. It was pretty fresh, because I had put it there just a couple of weeks earlier. I spread the blanket out and turned towards my mother, who, up to this time, hadn't said a word.

I pulled her to me in a long soft embrace. I want you too.” I said. I want you to feel how much I want you.”

I peeled my shirt off and threw it to the side, and with our eyes locked on each other's, I took her shirt and bra off. I stared at her gorgeous tits for about one second before I lowered my mouth over her left nipple and began to work it with my tongue.

Mom melted into my arms. OH GOD! BABY, Ooooooh Goddddd!”

I felt my mom's hand move down to my crotch and she began to squeeze my cock through my shorts. She was moaning almost non-stop as she worked her hand past the elastic band of my shorts and boxers. When her hand came in contact with my cock I almost came right then.

Holy Shit Honey, you're thick!” she moaned. Did you stick a tree in here”

My cock wasn't the longest in the world, only about 7 inches or so. But it was thick. The guys on my football team called me a fire hydrant when I first started showering after practices. Now my sexy mother's hand was doing its best to wrap around it.

I switched sides and began sucking on her other tit as I worked at unbuttoning and unzipping moms cutoffs. The harder I bit her nipples the harder she jacked my dick.

I got down on my knees and using both hands worked her shorts down and off her hips. I then eased them down her legs and she obligingly stepped out of them.

I was now staring face to face with her flat tummy and beautifully shaved snatch.

God you're hot! You're so fucking sexy! I'm gonna fuck you for days!”

I stood back up and it was her turn to pull my shorts off. She slid down my legs and rubbed her face into my crotch.

I wish we weren't so dirty, baby. I want to feel you in my mouth so bad.” She yanked my shorts down and my dick popped out and hit her in the face.

I was so turned on staring down at my mother. Her body was perfect, flawless. Every guy in the gym wanted to fuck my mom, and now here I was getting ready to do what so many men fantasized about. She was working my cock with both of her hands and staring up at me.

Fuck me baby. Come down here and make love to me.”

She didn't have to ask me twice. I knelt down next to her and pulled her to me again in another long deep kiss. Just kissing her was making me crazy. She sucked on my lips and bit them. Her tongue did things inside my mouth that no one had ever done before. I pushed her back on to the blanket and lay on top of her. I stuck my hand down into her snatch and slowly rubbed her clit with my finger. She was so wet she was dripping and she bucked up against my hand.

Fuck me honey, please, just fuck me! I can't take it anymore. God I want you!”

I positioned myself between her spread legs and brought my cock up against her cunt. I placed the tip of it inside her and began to slowly shove it in.

Ooohhhhhh Fucckkk mmeeee!” she cried out. You're gonna' split me in twooooo!”

I had my cock about halfway into her and it was all I could do to keep from shooting my load. God Mom, you're tight!” I pulled my dick out a little and slowly sank it back into her. Unnghh, God, oh shiittt! You're gonna kill me with.., that.., thing.., but don't stoppppleasedon't stoppp!”

I pulled out again, and with one final shove buried my cock all the way into my mother's hot cunt. She let out a squeal and her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head. I think she was having an orgasm. Her mouth stayed open but nothing came out. I lowered my mouth over hers and just lashed away at the inside of her mouth with my tongue.

I raised myself up on my elbows and looked down at her. You okay Mom”

She pulled me back down to her and began nibbling on my earlobe. You have the fattest cock I've ever felt son, she moaned. Go slow, and make love to me until the rain stops.”

We started out slow. I slowly thrust in and out of her, gyrating my hips as I did. Mom arched her back and thrust up against me. Her nails dug into my back. I lowered my head and took first one and then the other of her tits into my mouth. We were sweaty and sticky as we rolled around on the blanket. We couldn't get enough of each other's kisses. The pace began to quicken and it wasn't long before I was pounding my stiff rod in and out of Mom's quim. She was practically screaming as I slammed away. She was arching her back so high the only thing touching the blanket was her shoulders and the heels of her feet.

I couldn't take any more though and I felt that familiar burning sensation in my balls start to build.

I'm gonna come Mom!” Oh shit baby, I'm gonna come!”

Mom grabbed hold of my ass and pulled me against her as I fired my load deep inside her. I couldn't believe how much was coming out of me as I kept shooting jet after jet into her.

That's it baby, fill your momma up.” Oh God it's so hot in me!”

We both finally came to a stop and I slumped down on top of her. I kissed her again, this time softer. This is unbelievable, I can't believe we just did this,” I said.

It's my fault dear. I'm you mother. I should have stopped this. God, what have we done What have I done”

In less than an hour, I had gone from just having a foxy mother to being a mother-fucker. The guilt Mom was feeling wasn't echoed by me. I was still inside her and as I looked down at her sweaty, dirty face, I knew I had to have her again.

No one needs to ever find out Mom. It just happened. It doesn't change the way I feel about you, in fact, if anything, it has made my love for you stronger.”

I started nibbling on her chin and licking her lips. I could feel my cock growing inside her.

But it's wrong Jeff! So wrong! We can't.”

She started to kiss me back and my cock continued to stiffen.

We shouldn't,” she moaned. Oh God baby, you feel so good in me!”

Suddenly, with more strength than I expected, she flipped me over on to my back and stood up. She held out her hand.

Come with me.”

She led me out of the barn into the rain. It was cold but my lust was so strong it could have been snowing for all I cared. Mom sat down on the long hood of the car and pulled me to her in a long passionate embrace.

I guess I do need this,” she panted as we broke our kiss. I've been a little neglected at home. Your father barely touches me. I've always wanted to make love in the rain Jeff.

Please make love to me”

Mom wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her. She lay back on the hood of the car and with me supporting her legs with my hands as I pounded my cock into her again and again.

You won't be neglected at home anymore Mom,” I panted. I'll make love to you every day.”

Ohhhhhhhmyyyyessssweeeetbaaabeeee! Don't ever stop fuckeeeeeeng meeeeee!” Mom quivered in a shattering orgasm as she came all over my cock.

After a few minutes in this position, Mom slid off the car and turned around. She bent over the hood of the car and I fucked her from behind as the rain fell on us and rinsed us clean.

I exploded again inside my sexy mother's pussy filling her up with more come than I had ever done before in a single orgasm.

By this time, the rain had started to let up. We went back into the barn and dried off with the blanket. We put our damp clothes back on and started out for home.

Neither of us said anything as we drove home, each lost in our own thoughts. But as we pulled into the driveway, Mom reached over and gave my hand a squeeze. Dad came out of the house with a scowl on his face and inspected the rain damage to the trailer contents. He started to mumble about the bags of cement that were ruined, but Mom cut him off.

She looked at me and asked for my wallet. Curious, I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to her. She opened it and pulled a five dollar bill out and handed it to my Dad.

You're son and I are wet, tired, and hungry. This should pay for the losses. Now, I'm going inside to take a bath. Anything else you want to complain about”

With that, she turned and walked into the house. Dad looked at me, but didn't say a word.

I started to unhook the trailer and told him I'd cover it up. He shrugged his shoulders and followed Mom into the house.

While I was in the shower cleaning up before dinner, I couldn't stop thinking about what Mom and I had done that afternoon. My dick hardened at the thought of fucking Mom again but I refrained from jacking-off and quickly finished my shower.

During dinner, Mom was quiet and barely made eye contact with me, but thankfully nobody seemed to notice because Dad grumbled about the weather screwing up his plans the entire time.

The next morning, Monday, I woke up at about 9 a.m. I got up to relieve myself and then went back to my bed. I didn't have classes on Monday, so my day consisted of going to the gym, studying and doing my chores in the yard.

Dad had already left for work and my sister was in class all day.

There was a knock on my door and my mom asked if she could come in. She entered my room, wearing a full-length bathrobe, pulled a chair up next to my bed and sat down facing me.

Are you okay” I asked. You didn't say a peep last night at dinner.”

I'm fine. I was just a little confused out about what happened yesterday. I feel a little guilty.”

Me too.” I said. I guess we kinda got caught up in the moment huh Now that it happened, I'm trying to sort some things out in my head.”

Like what” she asked.

Put aside for a moment that you are my mother and what we did is incest. That's the worst of it! I also had sex with a married woman, an older woman, and it was sex with the sexiest, most passionate woman I have ever been with!”

Mom blushed a little at my last comment and shifted in her chair. You're my son Jeff. I can't, we shouldn't, can't do this.”

It was apparent that Mom was struggling with her morals. I wanted to grab her and hold her and comfort her right then.

I am also a married woman, like you said, and even if my marriage isn't the best, I have to honor it.”

But you did enjoy it didn't you” I inquired.

Oh baby, of course I did. But I am your mother. We are going to have to get past this and just leave it as a beautiful memory.”

Seems to me that I was looking at this a little different than you Mom.”

How's that Baby”

I'm a man in this house too. I've loved you since birth and if your husband isn't taking care of you than I can, – will!”

You're going to make this complicated aren't you Jeff” She stood up and started to walk towards the door. As she reached the door, I answered back to her.

I'm just planning on making you a better offer than what you have now. And deep down you want that offer”

She stood at the door her back to me and one hand on the doorknob. After a minute she said without turning, You want to go to the gym with me today”

Nice change of subject.

Sure Mom. Give me a few minutes to get ready.”

Mom turned to face me and the last thing I expected to happen did. She walked towards my bed and at the same time loosened the belt on her robe.

Let's get our cardio out of the way before we go.” She shed her robe, letting it fall to the floor and climbed on top of me.

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