Some believe that life is spontaneous, with life running it’s course and people changing the outcome of the future with every decision they make and every step they take; and to a certain extent they're right. You see the way in which life actually works is neither governed by “Fate” or totally unstructured but relies more on a mix of the two. In each man and woman’s life, the main accomplishments and experiences are predetermined but not their whole life, they are free to do as they please in between these main events; if a man is to marry Jennifer, Suzie and Rachel, divorce the first two and have 3 male children named Dave, Steven and Liam then die at 89 then at specific times in his life, through natural causes he will do all those things. Even plants and fungi have a designated time to come into existence, grow, reproduce and die. Everyone has a basic structure to their lives that comes about naturally; but ever so often, on the rare occasion that life doesn’t pan out as planned and takes a slightly different course, life simply glitches back into the preset structure often without reason, an event that theorists refer to as; Correction.

Ever heard of an unexplained pregnancy? Spontaneous combustion? Mysterious injury? Or even an impossible recovery? The problem is that ever so often life doesn’t quite work out as it should do and the car doesn’t quite hit the teacher, or even hits her too hard. Maybe the retired old man was meant to get shot by a burglar but the bullet missed, whatever the case, for some reason it happens from time to time and life deals with it through using a simple quick fix.

In the case of Ben and Louise; the two being very good friends, they where scheduled to have sex one drunken night and end up in a strong relationship that they remained in the rest of their lives. The two where perfect for each other, being good friends since high school and sharing similar interests and hobbies, they spent a majority of their time at each other’s houses. Louise had a boyfriend and was supposed to get dumped by him, then meet up with Ben the next night to get drunk, however on the day Louise slipped on the wet floor outside and the injury discouraged them from drinking anymore, consequentially they ended up never having sex and instead simply not thinking of each other in that way.

Two weeks since they where supposed to have started dating, the two sat in a silent bright room just a few metre’s from each other. It was A-Level exam time and the two had been studying all week for their Maths test and were currently taking it, almost every student’s face in the class displaying clear confusion. As a majority of the participants but down their pens and paper, the clock struck 5:00 and the teacher announced the test was over. About 10 minutes later they were allowed to leave, Louise, Ben and their friends Matt, Lee, Gemma and Natalie meeting in the hallway to discuss their responses to the questions. Whilst they giggled, sighed and enjoyed their freedom, Ben planned to go around to Louise’s house for the night whilst arranging a night to go to the cinema with the rest of the group. “So what you wanna do now then, you free for a few drinks?” asked Matt; Natalie shaking her head along with various other members of the group, “Not today, I’ve gotta get home, maybe Thursday? After the Sociology exam?” They all nodded at the suggestion, eventually parting ways; Louise and Ben began walking down the road.

Louise lived about 20 blocks down from the college, walking in order to maintain her slim figure and optimum fitness in which emphasised her great curves and C-cup breasts and beautiful face, the mousy brown hair frizzing around it, looking surprisingly perfect considering how little time she spent on her hair. She took great time getting dressed, having a great fashion sense hence her ambitions to work in the fashion industry. Ben walked with her, enjoying the interesting conversation, despite how much harder he found the walk than her, his athletic capabilities centred around speed, acceleration and technique as opposed to endurance, and was often sweaty and tired by the time he reached her house, the customary tradition being for him to jump right into the shower as soon as they got through the door. The walk consisted of the usual chit chat on this day, the two of them having few secret from each other, knowing everything about each other from sexual problems to embarrassing family affairs. “The house is empty for most of tonight, my family have taken a quick trip to Spain so it’s just me and you till my sister get’s home.”
“When’s that?” Asked Ben through heavy breaths
“Dunno, around 9:00? Considering she’s my younger sister, her social life is wildly more interesting than mine at the moment!” She giggled, half at the comment and half at Ben’s ridiculous lack of stamina. “You know with the way you breath after 10 blocks, I don’t imagine you can be that great in bed!” she laughed,
“You’d think so, yet… that’s not what the ladies tell me!” he chuckled back, the two of them continuing down the street at a leisurely pace, “I guess I’m just a little bit more motivated when there’s a girl completely naked beneath me…”
“Hey, are you saying my house isn’t good enough motivation? ‘Cause my house is pretty awesome!” Louise teased, Ben not even needing to answer, “Beneath ‘ey?”
“Most of the time… It’s all about variety baby.” He revealed without hesitation, the two running out of things to talk about and sharing a long pause. “You know what, I recon I could get a decent B for Maths…” Ben and Louise reached the door just a while later, opening the door to a dark quite house which they soon lit up through clicking of various switches dotted around the walls which they both knew the locations of by heart. “Okay, I’m off for a shower…” Informed Ben; throwing his t-shirt into the washing basket and taking off his shoes with Louise before heading to the bathroom. “I’m gonna go get changed into my PJs…” explained Louise, walking in the opposite direction. “It’s like 5:30, you’re such a grandma!” he chuckled, the two of them parting ways as they threw their school bags down.

Louise ended up checking her email for 10 minutes in her room before getting changed whilst Ben undressed in the bathroom, reaching through a slightly open door and throwing his clothes into the washing basket opposite. He then proceeded to take a shower, readying a pink towel by sink for himself before entering. He first applied shampoo to his short neat hair, washing it thoroughly before soaping down his body, his pectorals particularly impressive due to his recent sports events; he admired his reflection, smiling at the hint of a six pack he believed visible. Louise now finished her emails, switching off her laptop and placing it on charge in the lounge; she removed her socks and shirt, prancing around the house in a bra and jeans before returning to her room and removing her tight denim jeans, black bra and panties. Throwing them on the floor for later organisation; she then turned to her chest of drawers, pulling the bottom one towards her.

Ben turned off the tap, reaching blindly for his towel through the mist, grabbing it and drying his hair and feet before stepping out of the shower completely and opening the door. Meanwhile Louise stared confused into her drawer, as she saw that for the first time since she’d moved in, it was completely empty. The impossibility of it was overwhelming as Louise usually had drawers that were undoubtedly over-filled and rarely was any space ever free but now the drawer was empty, in fact, as she fumbled around she realised all the drawers were empty. Considering for a moment her parents may have played a joke on her or something, she looked down to see her underwear and jeans had disappeared from the floor. She ran over to her closets, opening them one by one and finding them completely empty, she began to get worried, realising she was now utterly naked, her amazing body visible for anyone to see. Turning around she saw even the duvet and pillows from her bed had disappeared, right down to the teddies and the mattress cover, there was absolutely nothing to cover herself up with, “Is this a nightmare?” she asked aloud, completely stunned.

Ben headed over to his schoolbag where he had packed a spare change of clothing, realising that his shoes and his bag was missing. He chuckled, assuming Louise was just playing practical jokes in order to catch him in a pink towel; take a picture or something. He didn’t care particularly but still plotted to try and beat her. He ran for the laundry room opposite, looking into the washing basket to find all the whole thing had been emptied out, “Your clever, I’ll give you that…” he smiled, looking for something to cover up with, he found a white dressing gown, putting it on and throwing his towel away, he made his way down the hall creeping into her spare room in hope of finding the spare trousers he left there. Closing the door behind him he looked around the room, noticing the bed had been completely stripped and even the curtains had been removed for some reason. His trousers were nowhere to be found.

Louise panicked, trying to think clearly as she tried to explain the strange events unfolding before her very eyes, clutching at the concept of it being some kind of mind trick or even that she was very tired or stressed, but it soon became aware to her that this was not the case. Hoping Ben was still in the shower, she tip-toed to the door barefoot, turning the handle slowly and checking the coast was clear before quickly shutting the door again. She couldn’t see anyone out there, and prepared to make a run for the laundry room.

Ben crept out of the spare room, unknowingly trapping the rope of the loosely tied robe in the door. He heard the door in front of him begin to open, darting to the side as his dressing gown slid off; he fell out of it, straight into a nude Louise attempting to run down the hall, they fell onto the floor on top of each other. They gasped loudly, looking up to see that Ben’s robe had vanished and both doors were shut. “Oh my god, it’s happening to you too?” asked Louise, Ben jumping up and trying to look for his dressing gown, “What’s happening?” he asked confused, as Louise tried to find the words to express the situation, “All my clothes are gone! Even the ones I took off a minute ago, even the bed cover have disappeared!” she exclaimed,
“I thought you stole mine, my bag has disappeared and so has everything in the laundry basket… where the hell did my robe go!? This doesn’t make any sense.” He shook his head in disbelief, “This must be some kind of practical joke!” he told her, as she corrected him, pointing out the impossibilities of a robe vanishing seconds after being taken off, they would have seen someone take it. Louise pulled at her door handle, the door was locked, the spare room door too, there was nothing they could do.

“Okay look, let’s be adults about this. Fuck knows what’s going on! But we’re adults, I’ve seen naked women… and you’ve seen naked men before, possibly visa versa, but lets just look, and then get on to finding our way out of this ridiculous situation okay?” Ben told her. Louise nodding as they counted down from three with their eyes shut, before taking a step back to admire their naked bodies. “Wow, your Willy’s pretty big…”
“Don’t use that word! You know I hate it…” Chuckled Ben nervously.
“Well what would you prefer in this situation?” She asked, never taking her eyes off of Ben’s body.
Dick, cock, penis, anything but Willy; in all and every situation!” he told her, admiring her great figure as his dick hardened spontaneously, reaching it’s full 7 inch length whilst he blushed bright red, “Uh, sorry…”
“It’s okay…” she told him, admiring his muscle tone and strong legs.
“Go on then… give us a twirl!” he chuckled, Louise turning around slowly to reveal her amazing arse and the rest of her beautiful long legs. He loved the way her gorgeous hair tumbled down her back. “Your look really good, honestly” he told her, not knowing quite how to complement her without it being too weird, she thanked him quietly. As she returned to face him he turned to, this made her laugh and broke the tension a little before they set off down the corridor, Ben still as hard as before and Louise growing increasingly wet.

“I don’t believe in God but; vanishing items, miraculously locking doors? That sounds like a miracle to me…” Louise explained, thinking aloud as she tried to rationalise the impossible feat she had observed. “What, so God’s trying to get us to have sex? I don’t think so…” he laughed off silly suggestion, Louise taking particular interest in his use of the word “Sex”. “What makes you think he wants us to have sex?” she asked him as they neared the corner. Ben once again knowing that this question didn’t particularly require an answer. “See! The basket’s empty, so is the washing machine, the dryer, what about your parent’s room?” he asked. Louise shaking her head knowing the door would be locked. “Then what do we do then?” he asked, Louise checking the coat hooks by the door which had been cleared. Eventually moving over to the front door which pulled at; “We’re locked in; every door’s locked and we’re completely naked!” she pointed out, a little tremble in her voice as saying it aloud actually made her clit flinch. It was actually turning her on a little.

Ben backed against a wall, sliding down it until his bare bum hit the floor, sitting down and trying to think things through. Louise walked over sitting next to him, pretending to ponder as well when all she could think about at the moment was his big cock, she’d never seen one so big before and though it had never been a big deal before, she couldn’t stop imagining how something that big would feel… inside her. Right now, Ben’s mind was on a similar matter, he wondered why he had never felt attracted to Louise before, I mean sure he knew she was attractive he just never though of her in that way, but now he wondered how damaging it could be, just a kiss, just another look? Turning his head he waited for her to turn and look back into his eyes before leaning forward and kissing her passionately on the lips, their tongues eager to explore each other’s mouths as their hands brushed over each others faces. Ben pulled away suddenly realising the weirdness of their current predicament, “I’m sorry…” he whispered quietly, for the first time, neither of them knew what to do next, usually they were just themselves around each other but now they each didn’t know what they wanted.

Ben had moved away a little when parting from the kiss, now a bit further from Louise, she crawled between his open legs, kissing him again as he lay gently back and she climbed on top of him. “Are you… sure… about this?” Ben asked through gaps in their kissing; Louise not wasting such time, simply moaning directly into his mouth. He rolled on top of her giggling, slipping his rigid cock into her wet tight cunt, pushing inch by inch as she moaned, her tense hole adjusting to the huge member. “Ohhhh yeaaahhhh…” she groaned, pushing her hips up to meet his, Ben sucking lightly on her left nipple as she whined. “Got any weird requests?” she giggled, Ben looking up at her, reaching his arms down to pick up her legs, then lifting her up as he stood, pushing her up against the wall with his cock still inside her, “Yeah, wrap your legs around me!” he ordered, the two giggling in unison as he held up her whole weight (which wasn’t much) and she slid her slender thighs upward and gripped his waist tightly to hers with her long legs. He began pumping in and out of her, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she groaned, Ben kissing up her neck, loving the feel of her fantastic legs wrapped tightly around him as he fucked her senseless, “You’re not one of those screamers are you?” he asked her, increasing his pace. She moaned loudly before being able to respond, “Depends how good you are…” she sniggered, Ben confidently stating, “I’ll fuck you senseless!” the response immediate as she began using her legs to speed up his pace. “Oh god yeah, that’s right, talk dirty!” she laughed, wrapping the smooth warm skin of her arms around his shoulders, kissing him hard. “Oh you like that do you?” he asked, “Want me to penetrate you faster with my monster cock? Want me to rub my hands slowly up and down your firm ass?” he asked, lightly rubbing the silky cheeks as he began sucking on her ear lobe. “No… not faster, harder! HARDER!” she cried, Ben pushing deeper into her, her legs maintaining a steady pace as he moved his hand down, tracing his forefinger around the sensitive circumference of her anus. “Oh god that’s good!” she shrieked, her body beginning to shake as Ben grew closer to cumming. “Oh shit! I’m not on the pill! Fuuuuccccckkkk!” Louise cried out, not slowing down her movements. “Oh my god… I don’t have a condom. I don’t have anything like that…” he realised, the two painfully coming to the conclusion they’ll have to stop.

“Holy shit, I can’t stop!” Ben exclaimed, noticing that quite literally his body wouldn’t respond, the correction process was forcing them to have sex, they were scheduled to have sex several time that night. “I can’t stop either, what the fuck is going on, ahhhh!” Louise cried out, her orgasm building uncontrollably, Louise now had no doubt this was some kind of act of God, what else could literally force their limbs to move with a mind of their own. “Oh fuck, I can’t control it, I’m gonna cu…” Ben was cut off by a sudden kiss from Louise as she curled her toes, moaning louder and louder as she arched her back into him, Ben grabbing her firm tits and kneading them softly as he came into her, continuing to shag her until she screamed, louder and louder, pumping him for every drop as she too had an immense orgasm screaming bloody murder before lying back in exhaustion as Ben lowered them to the floor, finally gaining control. The two breathed heavily as they lay speechless and recovered from the most amazing feeling of their lives. “You… were right… you’re… so… good…” Louise groaned. Ben smiling contentedly, “Are you kidding me, you’re like a goddess, and seeing you cum like that… it was so sexy!” he explained, chuckling as he remembered the dirty talk, “So you like the dirty talk ‘ey?” he smiled as Louise beamed back, excited that she had found someone who could adequately do that during sex, she bit he upper lip devilishly “Yeah, it’s so hot to hear a guy explain exactly what he wants to do to you, as if it’s something naughty and secret… The more detail the better, you know?

After a few minutes of silence, Ben rolled off Louise, laying there sweating before Louise wrapped her slender arms around him, “So… you got any weird fetishes?” she asked him excitedly, cuddling into him and lifting her leg over her him. He hesitated for a moment, “Nope, not really…” he stated, Louise seeing right through him,
“Come on! I told you mine!” she chuckled
“Yeah but I did it! You gotta promise…” Explained Ben; Louise cutting him off mid-sentence, “I promise! I promise!” he paused for a moment suspensefully, “You’re gonna think this is weird…”
“No! Come on!” She whined,
“Okay, Well, I kinda like girls feet… well not all of them but…” he told her blushing.
“Do you like mine?” She enquired innocently,
“Kinda…” He shyly responded, Louise revealing she’d always wondered about toe sucking and kinky stuff like that. She sat up, as did he, lifting her foot and brining it to his mouth, sucking softly on her big toe, running his tongue over the soft pad and feeling the warm texture in his mouth as she moaned quietly, “That’s nice…” she groaned, “Kinda like a pedicure… except with like; more sucking!” She giggled, Ben concentrating at the task at hand as he ran his tongue all over her foot, savouring the salty taste as she enjoyed it more, surprised at how much she was actually enjoying it. The licking continued in silence for a while, the two unaware of the way their life was supposed to have turned out; see on the drunk night they had sex, they were exhausted, drinking tons of water in order to cut down dehydration and sobering up enough to realise they’d enjoyed it, and then continued in the bedroom, meanwhile Louise’s younger sister Nicole got home, surprised at the amount of unopened alcohol sitting on the table, with seemingly no-one around, she too got tipsy sitting in the garden, stumbling back into the house a while later and walking in on Ben and Louise having sex. Louise threatened to tell everyone they knew and even their parents about their encounter, which the didn’t want to happen, especially as in this instance Ben was going out with a girl called so Nicole blackmailed them into allowing her to have sex with Ben despite the fact she was barely old enough to be having sex at just 16 whilst they where nearly 18 as Nicole was horny from the drinking. Louise got herself a little more drunk whilst her sister shagged Ben and eventually she allowed Ben to orally pleasure her whilst Nicole fucked him. Of course we know in reality this isn’t how it has turned out. Ben dumped Sarah a week ago and Nicole never got drunk and blackmailed Ben.

Ben continued to lick up Louise’s glossy legs, moving up her knee then to her bare pussy where he licked between the folds, flicking his tongue over her clit as she pushed her pelvis up into his face, the sweet moisture filling his senses. He moved his hand under her as, circling her anus again before gently pushing his finger inside. She suddenly stood up, placing her hands on either side of the wall and sticking her ass out uncontrollably. “Oh shit! Oh my god, not that!” She cried out, once again out of control and unable to move as Ben walked over, lining the tip of his cock up with her tight anus, “Oh god this is gonna hurt…” he announced as he pushed gently into her, rubbing his fingers between her cunt lips to gain moisture then rubbing it on his slowly penetrating cock for lube. “AHHH! AHHHHHHHH!” Screamed Louise, her face contorted in pain.

As his dick finally slotted in to the hilt, a sigh of relief was shared between them for a moment, before Ben began to withdraw his cock slowly, Louise smashing the wall with her fist as she screamed, attempting to control the immense pain. Ben’s face displayed clear agony as he was forced to thrust back into her tight hole, slowly increasing pace as the two who had been no more than friends a few hours ago were now fucking analy. “No More! PLEASE, NO MORE!” Screamed Louise, her bare feet sliding across the floor as her legs where pushed wider apart by the huge rod in her ass. It was then Ben gripped her waist and began thrusting faster and faster, Louise’s perfect tits bouncing with her as tears ran down her cheek, the pain gradually subsiding and the feeling actually grew quite nice. Louise moaned lightly, Ben hearing this and using one of his hands to stroke her breasts, flicking his fingers over and around her rigid nipples, longing to take on in his mouth.

The next move was unanticipated, a sudden voice silenced their cries as from behind the front door could be heard “Okay Lucy, thanks! Bye…” they each knew it was Louise’s sister Nicole coming home a little early and several problems presented themselves, the fact they where naked and unable to stop shagging was the first, the second being could Nicole help them escape. Could Louise’s sister be dragged in to all this with them? As Nicole unlocked the door and walked in, she didn’t look up, taking a few steps into the hall before seeing the two of them fucking in the corner. She immediately jumped up, falling backwards onto the floor. “What the fu… you guys?!” she screamed, trying to pull at the door handles but the door was locked. “Stop it! Stop!” she cried at them, Louise unable to speak as she groaned again, “We can’t, we don’t know what’s happening, we can’t… control this… all the doors are locked and weird stuff is going on.” Ben attempted to explain, Nicole mesmerized by their movements but disturbed by the image of seeing her sister and Ben nude who she knew quite well. Nicole was 16 but looked young for her age being quite small, despite this fact though, she was very attractive with a cute look to her, and much bigger breasts of someone of her size at a unusual B-C cup, she acted older than her age, being reasonably mature and very socially and sexually active, getting a new boyfriend every few weeks or so.

“What the fuck are you talking about!?” Asked Nicole, utterly confused. “Fuck… Nicole, please go somewhere else!” Screamed Louise, unable to piece her thoughts together logically as she threw her head back screaming; the anal fuck felt fantastic but it wasn’t enough, Ben needed to finger her, she knew it but couldn’t say it in front of her little sister. “I can’t…” whispered Nicole, in a slow, trance-like state, unable to stop staring as she rose to her feet. “You can, just go!” Screamed Louise once more, “UHHHHH!”
“No, I can’t move! I can’t move my legs or anything… I’m… stuck!” panicked Nicole, her face clearly showing her worry but her body disobeying as her hand slid down her chest and into her tiny tight denim shorts, undoing the button and zip with her spare hand. “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to move again soon, I don’t know what it is, it’s like, there’s something you have to do and once you do it you have control again…” Murmured Ben, as Louise could hold it in no longer,
“Oh my god Ben! My cunt! Put your fingers in my cunt!” She screamed, now indifferent to her sister’s presence.

Ben slid his fingers down from the perfect breast to her wet sticky cunt where he rubbed her throbbing clit hard, hearing her whine as he enjoyed the feeling of the sensitive skin between his fingers. “Oh God!” Cried Nicole, her hand a frenzy of movement beneath her wet panties as she fingered her pussy with immense speed, an action Ben chose to imitate with Louise as she screamed out, “YEAH, YEAH YEEAAAHHHH!!!”
“You like that? Like it when I fuck your pussy with my fingers? Huh?” asked Ben, remembering Louise’s fetish for dirty talk,
“Oh yeah baby, its sooo good! Fuck my ass, faster, that’s right fuck my ASS!” Louise screeched now, her mind forgetting anything and everything other than her need for an immense orgasm. “My sister’s gonna see me cum… oh god…” Louise thought, unable to stop herself, even if she could of, she didn’t even know if she would anymore.

Ben was getting very close, the noises Louise made really turned him on and Nicole’s moaning was hot too, he remembered seeing Nicole a year or so ago at some swimming pool and remembering how fit she looked in a Bikini, he used to fantasize about her for a while, she had these amazing tits and the cutest little feet. He began to fuck Louise faster, his cock now pounding into her as he frantically fingered her, cursing aloud as he came inside her anus. “Oh yeah! That’s so goooooodd!!! Don’t stop! God yeah, don’t stoooppp!!!” Louise screamed, her voice beginning to elevate as a wave of pleasure began to wash over her. “Uh, uhhh, uhhhh, uhhh! UHHH, UHHH! UUUUUHHHHHH!!!!” She cried, as she knew this was gonna be like nothing she’d felt before, her toes forming fists against the ground as her sexy abdomen was thrust forward, her cunt grinding down on Ben’s fingers as he finger fucked her over the edge, her pussy exploding as she squirted cum like she never had done before, the sticky liquid smashing into the floor for a few seconds before she fell back exhausted as Ben eased out of her. “Holy fuck Ben, you’re amazing!” she moaned.

Nicole had enjoyed sex several times despite her age, loving the feeling of a man inside her but never having tried the use of vibrators or fingering. Life’s schedule for Nicole concluded that this event would lead her to become addicted to orgasms, fingering herself on a daily basis and gradually increasing the amount until she became a prostitute for a short time, before meeting the man that would change her life forever. “What the fuck is this!” Screamed Nicole, having heard of masturbation but never imagining it could feel better than sex, she arched her back until her spare hand was touching the floor in a crab-like position, she thrust her pelvis into the air screaming out as she continued to finger herself uncontrollably, “AHHHH! My god! Stop! WHY CAN’T I STOP!!!” she shrieked, “NO, NO NO!!!!” she cried; cumming powerfully as liquid ran down her thighs and through her ass crack before she fell to the floor. Ben watched intently with Louise, “You know I’ve never fingered myself…” she told Ben, who already knew,
“You’ve told me before… that’s all gonna change when we’re going out,” he smiled, expecting the next question,
“We’re going out are we?” She giggled, her pussy moistening with the thought, “I figured so, if that’s okay with you…” he said, kissing her and fondling with her breast before reaching down and sucking on the solid nub, savouring the texture with his tongue. “Mmmmm… Fine with me…” She groaned, as Ben slid further down, Louise grabbing her own tits to massage them. Her cunt throbbed as Ben reached it, licking at it erotically before flicking his tongue repeatedly over her clit as it grew. He began rubbing against it roughly, inserting two fingers inside of her to stimulate Louise’s G-spot to which she screamed in response.

He then began to run his lips over her clit before moving his tongue into position and grinding it against the nub, hearing Louise scream as she stroked her breasts; wrapping her soft legs around his head, pushing her wet snatch upward into his face she had another immense orgasm, gripping his hair as she forced him to stay and lick up the sweet cum she oozed.

Ben now stood up, walking towards Nicole with Louise in tow. They reached her rapidly breathing body as she looked up at them innocently. Ben pulled her to her feet; Nicole assuming they had regained control of themselves but was wrong as Ben leaned in for a kiss that took her by shock, wrapping her arms around him as Louise moved behind, pulling down her tiny open shorts that barely covered her private areas and showed off her ass well. Nicole wriggled her hips in order to help Louise take it off as they where all silent in shock and worry of what was coming next. Ben broke the kiss, reaching down and lifting off her loose black tank top which slid over her head and arms as she whimpered, “No…” She now stood in just her underwear and dolly shoes which where removed by Ben as he licked seductively at her foot. Ben now lay on his back as Nicole crawled on top of him, straddling him and grinding her wet panties into his crotch before whispering, “I want to fuck you…” unable to stop herself. He reached behind her back, unclasping the sexy black bra as it fell away from her perfect body. She moved her hand down as she kissed him, yanking off her sticky panties before pushing his thick cock into her. Louise crept around them, as the two’s kiss parted she sat on Ben’s face, pushing her cunt into his lips with pressure as Nicole sat upright, riding him cowgirl style as she screamed aloud, pumping up and down with her powerful legs as she fucked Ben hard, her hands on either side of her neck as she pushed out her elbows, trying to cope with the inexplicable pleasure.

Louise watched her sister, unable to stop but still enjoying the looks on her face as she finally got the taste of a real cock like she had done. Ben brought his fingers up towards his face, slipping them into Louise’s cunt as he licked frantically at the enflamed cliterous; meanwhile Nicole fucked him roughly, riding up and down on his huge rod as her breasts bounced, “Oh my god! OH MY GOD!” Screamed Nicole, the solid cock smashing repeatedly into her G-spot. “Mmmmmm” Moaned Louise aloud, her orgasm beginning to build up as she watched her sister whine. “FUCK! FUCK!” she shrieked, pressing her palms against Ben’s abdomen in order to keep her balance and channel her pleasure through extending her arms. The thought of Ben cumming inside her crossed her mind, quickly vanishing as she was unable to process the danger during such immense pleasure. “That’s right, lick me right there! Right there! YES! YES!!!” Cried Louise, pressing her pussy into Ben’s face, her sweet juices squelching as he tasted them.

“AHHHH! FUCK! SHIT! COCK!” cursed Nicole, the slapping sounds loudening as she began to fuck him faster and faster, screaming battle cries as she did until her vaginal walls contracted around the solid dick, a few more thrusts causing her to erupt around him as she leaned forward, stretching out her legs and pulling back her head as she came all over his dick, her juices coating his pelvis as she relaxed and prepared to stop fucking him, but she couldn’t, she just kept pumping up and down, and with the growing sensitivity in her cunt it became painful, “AHHH! SHIT! STOP!!! NOOO!” she shouted, Louise suddenly exploding over Ben’s face as she giggled, pushing her hips into his face as Ben feasted on her; finally pulling away as Louise rolled off of him out of exhaustion. Nicole brought her face closer to his, her fearful expression turning him on as he hated himself for it. She screamed bloody murder as he felt her cunt engulf his cock once more, her back arcing as she had another strong orgasm, kissing him hard as he too came, his sperm flowing into her. He could hear her sob as her lips pressed against his. She sat bolt upright suddenly, pulling him out of her as she lay back, grabbing his dick and jerking him off in a frenzy. “Shit, stop!” Ben instructed, Nicole unresponsive as she leant her face in towards it, wincing as she predicted the next event, Ben throwing his head back, as Nicole shook hers, unable to move, unable to scream as her mouth was forced slowly open, centimetre by centimetre until it was wide open, Nicole finally able to scream just as Ben grunted, his cum shooting out of him and into her face, some covering her smooth supple cheeks, a few drops caught in her silky soft hair, and a majority firing straight into her mouth, coating her tender lips and splashing against her tongue, the sweet taste shocking her; as at long last she regained control of herself, as did Ben and Louise, who now all lay there, panting on the floor.

Nicole wiped the cum from her face in disgust, Ben lying back in hope that it was all over and that he’d have time to get his breath back. “What happens now?” he asked, getting to his feet and looking around, their clothes had not returned and yanking on the door handles he soon learned they were still locked. He checked every door along the corridor, shaking each door handle before moving onto the next; when eventually he got to Louise’s room, pulling the handle and opening the door. “You guys! Look, this door opens!” he shouted, Louise and Nicole stumbling over they entered the dim room, everything cleared except for the sheets and pillows of the bed which had returned. Ben leapt onto the comfy bed, nestling into the comfortable fabric as Nicole and Louise joined him on either side; the door shutting and locking behind them. They lay on their backs, Ben’s arms around the girls’ shoulders as they looked up at the blank ceiling. Louise rolled over onto Ben, his hard on growing as she got on top of him, his cock pressing against her abdomen before she slid it inside her, pressing her amazing body against his as they shared an intimate kiss. Louise then pushed up a bit, their bodies no longer pressed together but their hips occasionally slapping into each other as they were forced to fuck. “No…” muttered Ben as he noticed Nicole standing up; she sat on the top of the headboard with her feet on either side of his face as she grabbed a handful of Louise’s hair and pulled her upward into Nicole’s pussy. “NO! NOT THAT!” Cried Louise, moments before she was immersed in the wet cunt her tongue unable to stop licking at her clit, her fingers soon being used to penetrate her sisters snatch. Louise continued to fuck Ben, her thighs squeezing his hips tightly as she fought for balance. Ben couldn’t believe what was happening.

Nicole then lifted her right foot, placing it above Ben’s face so he could smell them, witnessing the perfect wrinkles form in her sole as she pressed the soft flesh against his cheeks, her toes sliding into his mouth as he swirled his tongue around them, exploring every crevice. She then picked up her left foot, pushing it against his face so he could feel the texture and allow the scent to fill his nostrils. Nicole couldn’t stop, loving the feel of her feet being worshipped as her cunt was feasted on by her sister, she hated it but the sense of Taboo was overwhelming, to the point she grabbed her nipples and began pinching them, rolling them between her fingers as she watched her sister fucking Ben with brute force as she screamed and thrust into him, licking furiously at Nicole’s cunt as she felt herself step over the edge into paradise, her cunt squeezing Ben’s huge cock. Ben came too, his cum filling her up as she had a second orgasm, clutching at his dick for every morsel of sperm until they each drew to a halt. Concentrating on pleasuring Nicole who wasn’t far off; Louise pulled her sister down and onto the bed, burying her face in the steamy cunt immediately as Ben was pushed to the edge of the bed. Nicole sat up as the waves of pleasure hit again and again, cooing and moaning in bliss as she saw Ben get another boner. She slid her foot up the sheets, pressing the sole of her foot against his dick, the placing the sole of her other foot on the opposite side and jerking him off with her sexy feet, having a rigid rod between her soft soles felt good and having her toes brush over his cock felt amazing until she began to get close.

Louise licked frantically at the cunt, finger fucking her sister with lightning speed until she knew she had to taste her sister’s nipples. Without removing her fingers, she leant up and sucked on Nicole’s rigid buds, revolving her tongue around them as she continued to masturbate her sister, Nicole grabbing Louise’s head and kissing her with enigmatic passion as she lifted her legs to wrap them round her older sibling, this pulled Ben gradually forward until he was on his knees, his cock pressed right up against Louise’s arse as Nicole began to scream, loosening her grip on his cock, he pulled back out of frustration for his ever furthering ejaculation. He plunged his cock into Louise’s cunt from behind, fucking her relentlessly as he heard the two moan erotically at each other as Nicole cursed, Ben hearing her juices squirt out and hit Louise’s stomach, Nicole begging her to stop the fingering but Louise was to caught up with Ben, the reverse stimulation feeling very good as she screamed as came, leaning forward as Nicole prepared to cum again, using her legs to squeeze Louise to the point she fell forward, Ben on the brink of orgasm as he was pulled forward, his cock slipping out of Louise and sliding right into Nicole’s cunt as she came with force, her pussy squeezing Ben’s dick as his sperm flowed into Nicole despite her verbal protests. The wrong person.

See Louise would much later find out she was infertile, all the sperm that had entered her would not make her pregnant, but the sperm that accidentally made it’s way into Nicole the second time would later make her pregnant. Of course she would have a miscarriage but the repercussions of this correction would be great. As the three fell asleep in the cosy bed wrapped around each other; their clothes returned, the doors unlocking; unaware of what awaited them in the form of Correction.

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