Dark Desires_(1)

Dark Desires_(1)

DARK DESIRES: The Venekor Saga

It is a quiet summer afternoon and the young Shadowknight is packing up camp, preparing for his journey home to her. His silky haired maiden. He has dreamt of her every passing moment of this excruciating hunt and at last he can bear it no longer. He can hear the men in the distance, their shouts of battle ring across the hillside and he feels a pang of guilt that he will be leaving them on such short notice. He tells himself it is only for a night or two, his concern lies with her safety and he cannot find peace until he is certain she is alive and well.

"Commander!" He flags down the man in charge of overseeing the men.

"What is it Lieutenant?"

"I must go for a day or two. There are things I need to take care of. Can you spare me?"

"It is the dreams again isn't Crue"

It is not often they speak in such a personal manner and he can see the concern in his superiors eyes as he motions him into his tent, away from the eyes and ears of the passing soldiers.

"I just worry old friend." Crue begins to pace.

"So it is the dreams then?"


"How often now?"

"At least once in a night, sometimes more."

"And your certain she may be in danger?"

"Well, nobody can ever be truly certain. But the night is rarely wrong when the shadows speak their loudest."

"What did you see this time?"

"It is horrible. She's running, her robes are torn and she is running. They chase after her and she screams in terror. I see her, I am trying to get to her, but it's too late…"

His breath catches in his throat as he swallows down the memories of his own terror.

"And then?"

"She is gone."


"Yes. Gone."

"Just like that?"

"The shadows, they sweep over her and she's gone."

"I see."

"So I may go to her?"

"Let me speak with the others. I do not believe there should be anything to stop you, however my duty lies with Freeport and it is Freeport that we must first consider."

"I understand."

He moves to take his leave when the Commander halts him one last time.


"Yes Commander?"

Suddenly there is great commotion outside of the tents as a breathless young woman enters the encampment.

"Has anybody seen Crue?"

Her voice is panicked as she calls out to the soldiers.

"I am looking for a lieutenant. The others said I would find him here. Can anybody take me to Crue?"

"Good God!"

His face goes pale as he hears her panic stricken voice.

"Crue! It is happening! You must go to her…get her out of here!"

The commander pushes him out of the tent towards the young woman as he begins to shout orders to the soldiers. There is a low rumbling over the hillside as the Queynosian Riders begin to close in upon the encampment.

Reaching for his sword, Crue starts forward to take his place in front of the Commander. The Commander pushes him aside. The young woman begins to scream hysterically as a man leaps from the trees, grabbing hold of her robes as he forces her to the ground beneath him. In a flash Crue is on him, his blade buried in the back of his skull. Wiping the blood from his blade he stands, taking her into his arms, crushing her body to his.

"Crue there isnt much time, get her out of here. NOW!"

He pulls her close to him. Kissing her lips before whistling for his horse. He lifts her up and places her upon his mount, his hands lingering for a moment as his eyes burn into hers. She doesn't have to say a word, he knows why she is here and his heart cries out for her. Why do the elders have to be so unkind? Aren't there other necromancers they could send?

"Is the ritual finished my love? Is the process complete?"

"Yes M'lord. I just had to see you before returning home. You were so close and it has been so long. Then the men. They were everywhere. I thought I had lost them or I would have never led them here!"

A tear runs down her cheek.

He can hear the cries of the soldiers drawing ever near. He fights the desire to touch her just one more time and hands her the reigns.

"You must go now my love. It isn't safe here. Ride. Ride like the wind my love and do not stop until you have reached the gates of freeport."

"But Crue…"

"Hurry, there isn't time!"

"Your horse!"

"Don't worry about my horse darling. Just release him at the gates, we are connected he and I. The shadows will lead him back to me."

He reaches up, wrapping his fingers into her silky white hair and pulls her face down to his for one last passionate kiss. His body aches for her as he watches her speed away, longing to be the horse upon which she rides. Hand on his sword, he gives her one last look and says a silent prayer as she speeds off into the distance.

The battle is a short one and many soldiers are lost before the Queynosians make their retreat. Just before nightfall he hears the sound of beating hooves upon the gravel and looks up to see his horse galloping towards the camp at lightning speed. Something is wrong. She could not possibly have made it to Freeport in such short time.

The horse stops mere inches from where he is standing.Catching the reigns he jumps upon the horses back.

"Take me to her." He whispers.

The horse rears up on it's hind legs and spins back around whence it came. He calls out to a passing soldier.

"Tell the Commander my lady is in trouble and I must go to her swiftly!"

With no time to waste he urges his mount onward and they disappear into the night.

The minute seems like hours, the hours seem like days as he searches high and low for her. Just as he is about to give up hope he hears a commotion just over the hill. He can see what appears to be a small Ratonga village. Hiding himself in the shadows he moves closer to see what all the fuss is about.

"No way! Absolutely not, we cannot keep her here."

"But sir, she's out of sorts, she'll be dead by dawn if we don't give her shelter".

"And just what have her kind done to for us? Even the worse Freeportian has morals you know. Except them. Those vile abominations will draw blood from their own kind if it suits some sort of purpose or ritual."

He moves in closer. Is it possible. Could they be speaking of Silkie? He fights the urge to place his boot into the chest of the rat who is speaking of her so unkindly.

"So what shall we do with her then? Feed her to the wolves?"

"No. No. Even I am not so unkind as to bring evil to a servant of the Overlord. In the morning you are to take her back where you found her and leave her. Until then have the gaurds keep watch over the village. Nobody is to touch her, there's no telling what kind of evil she carries with her. If she so much as breathes in a threatening manner they are to kill her. Is that understood?"

Crue emerges from the shadows and enters the clearing. With his hand on his sword he clears his throat.

"This woman. This abomination."

He looks in disgust at the Ratonga in charge.

"She wouldn't happen to be a frosty haired Necromancer would she?"

"What business do you have here Shadowknight? We do not wish for your kind or hers in our village!"

"I have only come to claim what is mine and then I shall leave you in peace. However…"

He draws his sword, holding it out in front of him.

"Should you choose to not give me the girl, you will give me no choice but to take more, shall we say, hostile measures?"

The guards move forward, ready to attack but the Ratonga waves them off with a gesture of his hand.

"What business do you have with the girl?"

"What do you care Ratonga? You wish her out of your village. I am saying I will take her off your hands. What care you of her fate from there?"

"I may have a general distaste for necromancers, however I still have morals young Shadow Knight. Do not test me for though we may appear small, our numbers are many and you will not walk out of here alive."

Crue places his sword in his sheath and kneels before the Ratonga.

"If you must know, I believe her to be my companion. I sent her to Freeport aboard my mount and he came back before carrying out his purpose. I mean her no harm. Now please take me to her and allow me to relieve your village of this burden."

"Very well then."

The Ratonga motions to his companion.

"Take him to her. I wish no more suffering on this village."

He turns one last time to Crue.

"Take what is yours and leave. If I see you in my village again I shall kill order you both killed. Is that understood?"

"Careful who you threaten ratonga. My rank supercedes yours and I could have your encampment burned to the ground with but one word to the Overlord of this matter. I shall take my girl and go and you shall see no more of us. Of that you have my word. However, your threats are lost upon my ears and you would do well to not anger me further."

He turns to the companion.

"Now take me to my girl so I may gather her and leave this place. We have a long journey and I would like to reach Freeport before the Dawn."

There is a loud commotion outside of the tent as Crue and the companion reach the place where the necromancer is sheltered.

"She's awaken!"

He can hear a low familiar rumble as the tent begins to shake and the womenfolk come running out screaming their panic. He can sense her fear and he knows he must do something or it will level the whole village with its destruction. He leaps from his horse, ordering it to stay. When he enters the tent his heart leaps in his chest at the sight of her. Her robes are badly torn, hiding little of her from him. Her violet eyes ablaze, hair flowing wildly, an unnatural current surrounds her pushing against him as he reaches for her. In an ancient tongue he speaks, commanding the wind to stop as he wills the spirits protecting her back into their realm. He gathers her into his arms, feeling her body nuzzle itself against him. She speaks his name softly. Holding her to him, his body aching with desire, he carries her out into the night.

They ride in silence as she dozes in his lap, her arms around his neck, her body pressed tightly against him as he circles her waist with one arm, keeping the other on the reigns. Her face rests in his neck, her hair tickling his chin, her sleep is restless and her warm breath on his neck is driving him mad. He wants to take her, to lay her down upon the grass but he knows he must wait. They must get to Freeport. She sighs and he knows she is dreaming of him as her legs wrap around him and her hips begin to rock against him. He can smell her the sweet fragrance of her arousal and he knows he has made a big mistake by leaving her for so long.

She cries out to him in her dreams. He groans as he feels her wetness press against him and he knows she is cumming. Her scent fills his nostrils and he longs to taste her passion. As if reading his mind her fingers dip low, she throws her head back and moans as her fingers find the center of her desire. His head is reeling when she brings her finger to part his lips. Greedily he sucks it into his mouth and tastes her. Her taste so sweet it would bring him to his knees were he standing before her.

Her hands move to his waist as she unties the string of his trousers, releasing his throbbing manhood to the night air. Before he can wake her, he feels a warmth engulf him as her hips rise up and she locks her legs around him. The steady rocking of the horse beneath them pressing him deeper into her as she rides him. He groans and grabs the reigns with both hands to steady himself as she clings to him. Her whole body is wrapped around him, rocking with the motion of beating hooves beneath them. Intoxicated and exhilerated by the scent of her arousal he finds it hard to breathe. His need for her consumes him as his member is pulled deeper and deeper into the heat of her womb.

He feels her inner walls begin to tighten and he can hear her soft cries begin to grow louder. Her pelvis is grinding into him with a fury that would be painful if it weren't for the warmth of her juices flowing along his length. He moans as he feels a pressure building inside of his stomache, his balls aching for release. He raises his hips to press himself further into her and he feels her begin to shudder violently. Pressing his lips againt her ear he whispers words of encouragement. Urging her onward.

"Yes my love. Cum for me Dear One. I have missed you so."

Holding the reigns with one hand, he uses his other to pull her robes apart, cupping her breast gently he brings it up to his lips. Sliding his tongue along the sensitve areola his teeth find her nipple and nibble gently. Her back arches as the dam breaks. The walls of her pussy begin to clench him tightly and he groans. Pulling her close to him he thrusts inside of her, pushing his cock deep into her womb as his seed flows into her belly. For several minutes they stay like this, his cock pulsing inside of her as her pussy spasms, bringing small waves of ecstacy to them both.

He hears her sigh of contentment and he knows she is awake. Breathlessly he addresses her.

"Those are some dreams you have my dearest."

"Who says I was dreaming?"

He can hear the smile in her voice.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Long enough to know I never want to sleep another night outside the warmth of your embrace."

He can hear the sadness in her voice and it pains him to know he has caused her such despair.

"In time my love the war shall be over. Then you will never have to spend another minute without me."

She raises her face and presses her soft lips to his.

"I will hold you to that."

He growls and presses his growing hardness into her love soaked depths.

"And I will hold you to this!"

Parting her lips with his tongue he delights in her soft moans while she rides him slowly, her knees resting on his thighs, her hips moving back and forth, controlling their pleasure. Lost in her wet embrace he doesn't sense trouble until a shout breaks the silence of the night around them. He can feel Silkie tense up as her body shudders above him, her climax causing her to cry out his name and a fear shoots through him as his hand moves to cover her mouth, silencing her cries. Alas, it is too late. The enemy has been alerted of their presence.

"Hold tight to me darling, it's gonna be a rough ride."

He spurs the horse into a dead run as the Docks of Freeport come into sight. They are almost there but the enemy is closing in fast. Looking over his shoulder he knows they will never make it in time. With a mixture of desperation and dread he stops the horse. Looking deep into her eyes he lowers her to the ground.

"Silkie. Do you trust me?"

She looks up at him, confusion in her eyes.

"Do you trust me?"

She nods.

"With all my heart."

"Run my love. Run to the docks. Hide in the cargo hold of the ship and I shall be there before the ship sets sail. If I should be defeated…"

He is interrupted as an arrow hits him in the shoulder, nearly dislodging him from him his horse. He knows there is no time to lose if there is a chance that she will escape it must be now! Sensing this she turns and flees.


She stops for a moment and looks toward where he stands.

"I love you!"

He turns and heads towards the oncoming soldiers as she flees to the safety of the docks. Her heart in her throat, her fear for him growing stronger with each battlecry that carries over the water as she lowers herself into the cargo hold of the waiting ship. Pressing herself to the floor she sobs.

There are three of them. Exiles. They carry no allegiance to anyone and they are here for one purpose. They want the girl. They smell her scent all around him and their savage lust spurns them on. They must not get to her. Heaven knows what they would do if they found her. Just the thought of the horrible things that might befall his love sends a newfound strength coursing through his veins as his blood runs red with rage.

Meeting them head on he prepares his sword for the ritual of summoning and braces himself. He is knocked to the ground as the grass below him begins to sway and the ground starts to open up around him. A ghastly figure emerges from the sand, bones bared as the skeletal remains of the last man he killed stand before him, ready to do his bidding.

"Kill them. Kill them all!"

He roars at the skeleton, commanding it to do his bidding as he too draws his sword and the two lunge forward. The ranger who shot him is the first to fall. The moment his head is removed from his shoulders and falls to the ground a warrior takes his place.

"Give us the woman!"


He roars as his blade pierces the mans heart, the blood pounding in his ears as he turns in time to see his summoned servant return to the earth. The last exile grins roguishly in his direction.

"The first thing I shall do when I gut you Shadowknight is show your woman what a real man can do."

He spits on the ground as he circles Crue, his blade poised and ready.

"Will she beg for mercy as I fuck her? As my blade cuts her flawless skin will she pray to your spirits for mercy?"

Crue feels terror build up inside of him. The visions of her fate are painted before his eyes as another figure, identical to the one in front of him materializes from the rear.

"Or perhaps she will ride me and beg for more as my counterpart takes that sweet little ass of hers. Just imagine the pleasures I could bring with my illusions and magic."

This vision causes him to cry out in agony as he sees her before him, lust in her eyes as her body writhes in pleasure between the two men. He can see her sultry smile as another form materialzes and she takes his hardness in his mouth.

"Oh what fun we shall have with her. Perhaps I will keep you alive and let you watch as we rape your beautiful companion until she dies from the pleasures we bring her."

A savage cry escapes his lips as he shakes himself free of the illusion and lunges at the figure before him. His sword finds it's mark and drops the man to his knees. The sneer still on his face as his eyes glaze over with death.

Not a moment too soon he reaches the docks. Handing the horse over to the Freeport Stable boy he opens the cargo hold and drops inside.


"Yes my love. I am here."

He pulls Silkie to him and wraps his arms around her. She lifts her face to brush her lips against his as they show their feelings with gentle kisses and tender caresses. As they hold tight to eachother in the stillness her voice breaks the silence.


"Yes my Dearest? What is it?"

"I love you too".

He pulls her tightly to him, wrapping his fingers in her hair and sobs.

It is daybreak by the time the ship finally reaches Freeport. Once inside the safety of her Inn Room he makes love to her with a new passion neither of them have ever felt before. Alas, my faithful readers, that is a story for another place and time.

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