Daughter Got Caught

Daughter Got Caught

Daughter Got Caught

When Bernadette turned fourteen years old she convinced me that she was old enough to go home after school and not go to the neighbor’s house across the street as she had been doing since her mother ran off with her boyfriend a year ago.

Bernadette knew it was just for a trial period to see how it worked out. Of course she was on her best behavior for the first couple of weeks. Then I got a call from the lady that she used to go to after school. I had asked her to keep an eye on my daughter. Bernadette had let a boy in the house. I told her that I would take care of it but asked her to note the times and information for me. I told her that I would pay her for her services. She liked that, she was still sort of babysitting, and getting paid for it. I on the other had could let my daughter think that she was on her own. Like they say give her enough rope until she hangs herself. That first day the boy stayed only a few minutes, then longer, and longer.

I decided to install a couple of smoke detectors with tiny wireless cameras hidden in them. I put one in the living room and one in her bedroom. I sent the signal to my computer to record it for me. I have always kept my little computer den locked so it was perfect. I timed it to record from right after school until I get home.

That first night when I got a chance to review the images I saw Bernadette making out with her boyfriend on the couch. His hand was up under her shirt playing with her tits and she was allowing it. The next day his hand was on the crotch of her jeans and he was really working on her crotch too. The next day she wasn’t wearing pants and his hand was up under her skirt. I knew for a fact that he was finger the hell out of her. I could even see her enjoy an orgasm. To pay him back she sucked his cock. It was cute when he came and she threw up. Then I watched as she scrambled to clean it up before it made a stain in the carpet.

That went on for a good week. After school he would finger fuck her to an orgasm and she would suck his cock. Bernadette learned to spit out his cum into a Kleenex tissue afterwards.

Then it happened! Bernadette took him up to her bedroom and undressed for him. He finger fucked my daughter real good and then she sucked him off. She got dressed and sent him home before I arrived.

That went on for another week. Every day after school Bernadette would get completely undressed for him, let him play with her body, and then suck his cock while he stayed dressed the whole time.

I couldn’t believe that Bernadette would put up with it. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t make him get undressed and eat her pussy. Hey what’s good for one should be good for the other, right!

I wasn’t sure how far to let this go.

During dinner I got very serious and asked, “Bernadette, are you still a virgin?”

Bernadette replied, “Yes I am! Why?”

I said, “Well you’re getting older and maybe you should get on some kind of birth control pills or something.”

Bernadette asked, “Is this our sex talk?”

I answered, “I guess it should be!”

Bernadette said, “I know everything already so you can save your breath!”

I asked, “You know everything?”

Bernadette said, “Yes! Ask me anything!”

So I asked her where babies come from. She answered me but basically told me that it was from having sex, the boy’s sperm, the girl’s egg, and nine months later. Then she said that birth control only does about a ninety-nine percent job of preventing pregnancy. I was impressed.

I asked her what sexually transmitted diseases were. She answered syphilis, herpes, and AIDS. Then she said that condoms help with that but that nothing is fool proof. She said the best way was not to have sex at all. Then she laughed and said that doesn’t work either. She went on to say that since kids were going to have sex anyway that parents should see to it that their child is well informed and has the best possible protection available. I had to agree.

That’s when Bernadette told me that she wanted to get on the pill and asked me to buy some contraceptive foam. She said that she could get a supply of condoms from the school nurse with a note from me. She could get her birth control pill from the nurse too for a slight fee but that she would have to see a doctor and get a prescription first. She had this all worked out and seemed very mature about it.

Bernadette continued to say that the girl should know as much about the boy and his sexual past as possible too. She said as best she knew her boyfriend was a virgin too and that he was drug and disease free. I was very impressed and told her so.

Then I asked her how far she and her boyfriend had gone. She looked me right in the eye and lied to me! She said that they were in the kissing, hugging, and copping a free feel over the sweater stage. I had seen a great deal more than that on my computer.

So I asked her if she had ever given a blowjob. Again she lied to me. She said no and that from what her girlfriends have told her cum tastes bad. I had to laugh.

Then I asked her if she could catch AIDS from giving a blowjob and she didn’t know. I explained that she could. That brushing her teeth or having a sore inside her mouth was all that it took for the disease to get inside her body. She turned white as a ghost and asked me if spitting it out helped. I told her that it didn’t and that swallowing or spitting wasn’t the problem but while it was inside her mouth.

Bernadette had just gotten caught. I asked her why she had turned white. She replied that she had lied to me. She had sucked her boyfriend’s cock a few times. She also said that she never swallowed and always spit it out like the girls had told her to do. She didn’t know that they were wrong.

Then I asked her just how far she had really gone. I got the truth that time. She told about him feeling her up, finger fucking her, and her getting completely naked for him. She also said that he was too shy to let her see him naked and that he just pulled his cock out so that she could suck it.

I asked Bernadette if she had ever seen a naked man before. She answered that she had snuck a few peeks at me but never got a really clear look. So I asked her if she wanted a better look. Of course she did. So I told her that I would like a better view of her too. She thought that that was agreeable. So we went up to our bedrooms and undressed then Bernadette came into my bedroom because my bed was bigger. We sat on the bed and talked and just looked at one another for a good hour. Then Bernadette asked me if she could touch me. Sure she could! When she had enough she told me that I could touch her too so I did. Then I boldly asked her if she had ever been eaten. Then I had to explain it. She said that she had never heard of a boy doing that to any of the girls she knows. I told her that she would really like it so she let me.

I laid her back, lifted her legs over my shoulders, and leaned into her pussy. Bernadette tasted a lot better that her mother had. I really enjoyed eating her pussy and did so for three orgasm and twenty minutes. Bernadette was in heaven. She couldn’t wait to tell her girlfriends all about this. I told her not to tell them that it was with me. She said that she wouldn’t.

Then Bernadette surprised me by asking if we could be naked around the house together. She said that she liked seeing me nude. I told her that I liked seeing her nude too. I told her that I wanted her to tell me everything sexual that happens to her every day during dinner. She smiled and called me a dirty old man but said that she would love to share her sexual experimentation with me.

Then I reminded her that I had given her oral sex but that she hadn’t given me any. Just to be cute she asked me about my past lovers and my sexual experiences. I simply told her that I had only been with her mother since we were first married but that I knew her mother had been with at least one other man. Then I told her that I had been checked out for AIDS and was clean.

Bernadette smiled and then sucked my cock. When she was done she swallowed. She told me that I tasted a whole lot better than her boyfriend does. Besides after the great oral sex I had given her she owed it to me to swallow!

The End
Daughter Got Caught

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