Daughters Boyfriends Mother

Daughters Boyfriends Mother

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My Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Mother

Puberty hit my daughter Tiffany like a ton of bricks just before she turned fourteen years old. Her tits doubled in size overnight, her waist slimmed, and she shot up a couple of inches. If I had not seen Tiffany every day I swear that I would not have been able to recognize her.

Soon after that I caught Tiffany and her boyfriend Jeremy one evening with one of his hands up under her miniskirt and his other hand up under her T-shirt. God help me, I was jealous. When I shouted Jeremy pissed his pants and quickly ran to a neutral corner while my daughter casually adjusted her skirt and then reached up under her top to adjust her breasts back into her bra cups before straightening her T-shirt, while I watched.

I told Jeremy to call his parents and to have them come over right away or that I would call the police. He made the call, told me that his mother would be right over, and that his father didn’t live with them anymore.

About a half-hour later the front doorbell rang and I went to answer it. As I opened the door I was delighted to see one of the most sexy and beautiful women that I had ever seen. As I looked at her short miniskirt and tight T-shirt I couldn’t help but want to slip my hands up under both like her son had just done to my daughter. Right then I was not nearly as pissed off at Jeremy as I had been.

Desiree introduced herself to me and then asked me what her horny son had done to my daughter. We went down into the family room where the kids were. Desiree asked Tiffany and Jeremy to go get us a stiff drink before we got into it. While we were alone Desiree smiled at me and told me to chew her a new asshole and scare the shit out of her son. She said that it needed to be done and that he really needed to learn to respect girls more than he does. She opened her legs to flash me her bright white panties and then she said that the worse I made her son feel the more appreciative she would be.

About five minutes had gone by when the kids finally returned. Surprisingly they had a full bottle of Tequila, a salt shaker, and a cut up lime. It turned out that Desiree’s favorite drink was Tequila body shots. Desiree placed her son on one end of the couch and my daughter on the other end with her between them. I was in a chair across from her with the tray on the coffee table between us. Desiree poured us each a shot, licked her hand, and applied salt. When I had done the same we licked, drank, and bit into a lime wedge at the same time.

Desiree sat back, opened her legs a little for me so that I could see my reward again, and then asked me what I wanted to do to her son. I told her that prison was too good for him. He and my daughter freaked out. Both were crying while we did another shot. Desiree suggested that perhaps my daughter teased her son and that was why he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. As she said the words cookie jar she placed her hand on her own cookie jar. As we tormented the kids, drank more Tequila shots, and got drunker we compromised on the two of us each punishing the two kids plus I could do to her what her son had done to my daughter.

First we took her son into my bedroom. His mother made him strip naked and lie face down on my bed. She really checked out his ‘package’ as he undressed. She grabbed a souvenir wooden ruler from off my bedroom wall and started beating the shit out of her son’s ass with it as I watched her. I hardly had the desire to punish him any further but when she handed me the piece of wood I decided to at least smack him a few time for her sake. When she started counting I figured that I was in for the long haul. At twenty-five I stopped but she gave me a dirty look so I went on to fifty and then I put the stick down. The poor kid could hardly get his pants on as his mother smiled. She told him to send Tiffany in and for him to walk home and go to bed. Then she told him that whatever he did to any other female that he had better do it to her too. He didn’t seem to understand but I knew from the evil grin that she had on her face. When she got home he would find out too.

While we were waiting for Tiffany to come in Desiree kissed me and grabbed my crotch. I was half-hard when Tiffany entered. Desiree told her to strip naked like Jeremy had. Reluctantly she did as instructed. After all she knew that if she didn’t go through with the agreed upon punishment that Jeremy would be arrested, or at least that’s what she believed.

Desiree smiled as Tiffany removed her T-shirt and her miniskirt standing there in her just he bra and panties. Desiree told me that Tiffany needed a bigger size bra and that if I wanted her too that she would be glad to take her shopping the following day. Tiffany smiled at her and said that she would like that as she handed her old bra to Desiree. I was very impressed with my daughter’s breasts. Desiree saw me looking and had Tiffany turn toward me as she cupped my daughter’s breasts in her hands and explained that a new bra would give her the push up look that a girl her age wanted. Then Desiree asked me to test the texture of my daughter’s breasts to see if they were similar to my ex-wife’s breasts. I took it as an opportunity to feel up my daughter and took it. As I held my daughter’s breasts in my hands Desiree asked me if they felt the same, then if they had the same resilience when I squeezed them gently, and if her nipples were as hard as her mother’s had normally gotten. I was rock-hard when I finally let go.

Desiree then said, “Well Tiffany it looks like you have the same effect on your father that you have on my son. Would you like to get out a beating?”

Tiffany replied, “Yes. I’ll do anything if you don’t beat me like you did Jeremy. He said that it hurt like hell, that you hit him a hundred times, and that daddy hit him fifty times.”

Desiree repeated, “Anything?”

Tiffany said, “Yes. Anything.”

Desiree smiled and said, “Okay. Tell you what. You remove your panties, lie on the bed, and let your father feel you up like you let my son do earlier. Then every night for a full month you let him do it again for a good five minutes. Understood?”

Tiffany removed her panties, handed then to Desiree and got on my bed. She parted her legs and closed her eyes. It was Desiree that touched her first asking if this was how her son had done it, or this, or even this. Desiree molested my daughter’s breasts, pinching her nipples, and probing her pussy. Then Desiree asked my daughter if she was still a virgin. Apparently Tiffany didn’t have a hymen.

Sheepishly Tiffany said, “He only poked it in for a second, I swear. I wouldn’t let him fuck me and cum in me honest. I told him that I didn’t want to get pregnant.”

Desiree asked, “Would you like to get on some form of birth control so that my son can fuck you and cum in you?”

Tiffany looked at me and then said, “If it’s alright with you, daddy.”

Desiree smiled at me and said, “Okay but you have to let your father do everything that any other boy or man does to you from now on. Do you understand?”

Tiffany said, “Yes. I understand.”

Desiree said, “So you’ll let your father poke it into you now then in the future whenever you let someone feel you up, fuck you, or cum inside, you will tell your father all about it and then let him do the same thing to you?”

Tiffany said, “Yes, I will.”

I felt Tiffany up for a moment then I got in position between her legs. I slipped the head of my cock into my daughter’s pussy. As I started to pull it out Desiree told me to stick it in further which I did then I tried once again to pull it out. Desiree again told me to slip it into my daughter all the way until I hit bottom. I loved it. It was a lot more than a second, because I know that I took about a minute to stroke my cock into her tight little pussy those three times. I just barely got it out of her pussy before I started cumming all over her inner thigh and my bedspread. Desiree used her finger to wipe up a gob of my cum and then feed it to my daughter telling her that she had better start getting used to the taste of cum. I felt Tiffany up for another minute or two and sent her to her bed.

Desiree then undressed and got on my bed. This sexy and beautiful woman was hot and she really wanted sex. I was half-hard but I buried my face in her crotch to get it really stiff and it worked. As I poked it into Desiree she wrapped her legs around me, thrust up against me, and started to moan. Desiree was a work of art in appearance, in personality, and her sexual outlook. She was nothing at all like me ex-wife. Desiree spurred me on to new heights in sex. I fucked her like a locomotive until she begged me to stick it in her caboose. My ex-wife never let me do that to her. Desiree chugged along nicely and then went ‘woo woo’ when she had her last orgasm. I was sure that I had given her more cum than I had ever given another woman before. Desiree was by far the most desirable woman that I had ever had sex with. Before she left we took a shower together and made love in there too.

The next day Desiree and Jeremy came over for sort of a double date. Desiree took Tiffany off shopping leaving us ‘boys’ to fend for ourselves for the afternoon. We ordered a pizza and enjoyed an afternoon of watching sports until the girls got home.

When they arrived at the house Desiree suggested that Tiffany put on a fashion show for us guys. She went to her bedroom and returned in a new bra with matching panties. She looked good and her breasts looked even better. Tiffany tried on two more bras with matching panties, two sexy blouses, and a nice tight pair of low-rise jeans. Jeremy sure liked the fashion show as much as I had.

We left the two kids down in the family room and went up to the living room. We knew that the kids were going to fool around but apparently Tiffany had seen a doctor that day and had gotten an injection for birth control that would last for three months. Desiree whispered that she had reminded Tiffany that whatever she allowed Jeremy to do to her that I would also get to do to her and that Jeremy would have to do to his mother, later. The two girls were certainly up to something.

Desiree led me up to my bedroom and performed one of the most erotic and entertaining striptease numbers that I had ever been privileged too. That wonderful woman had me ready to pop before I even got it out of my pants. Luckily I didn’t and I was able to get it into her first. However I did not last a full minute before spilling all my juices inside her. It was way too quick for me to enjoy but the build up was more than worth it. Although I really wanted to live in her pussy it was not to be as I withered up and slipped out.

As we lie there cuddling Desiree told me to take a nap because I would need it later. I was not really tired but with her nice comfortable breast against the side of my face and her soft warm body against me I could not help but to relax to the point of sleep.

An hour or so later a knock on my bedroom door awoke me. Desiree said enter and there was my naked daughter. Tiffany had a big smile on her face as she reported that she had allowed Jeremy to make love to her twice and cum inside her. She thanked Desiree for her new underwear, her birth control shot, and for letting her son screw her. Tiffany made it perfectly clear that I needed to make love to her twice if I had anything left to give her. Desiree smiled and said that she was sure that I could handle two more times. Tiffany assured Desiree that Jeremy was up to the task too.

So the two naked women changed places and Tiffany placed one of her breasts against my face. I just opened my mouth and took in that supple nipple. Soon my cock was hard and begging to get into a nice tight warm place. I knew just where it wanted to be. As I slipped my cock into my daughter for real she smiled and purred like a kitten. Tiffany was enjoying it just as much as I was. She never said a word, she only purred. Then as if prearranged we both erupted together in a wonderful sexual bliss. I rolled to one side and cuddle her ass into me. My hand was cupping her lower breast as I had often done with her mother.

As we lay there Tiffany told me that I was a much better lover than Jeremy was, that my cock felt much better inside her, and that I could make love to her anytime that I wanted too even if no other boy had made love to her first. I thanked her and drifted off to sleep again. When I woke up Tiffany was still in my arms waiting for her second turn. I did not disappoint her either. That being my third time for the day meant that I was in no hurry, that I would last a great deal longer, and that it would be the first time in quite a number of years that I had done it three times in one day. I was also glad that Desiree had not drained me earlier. Both Tiffany and I enjoyed it before falling asleep together for the entire night.

That next morning Desiree entered my bedroom with a tray and served Tiffany and I breakfast in bed. As we ate Desiree told us that she had let her son fuck her twice but that she then had him do it a third time. She then woke him up that morning and made him fuck her two more times. She admitted that he was not as skillful at sex as I was but that she would teach him even if it took five or six times a day for the next several years. Tiffany laughed but Desiree was serious. She said that incest with her son was better just because it was wrong. Tiffany agreed with her but then Desiree told her that I really was a very good lover and one of the best that she had ever had. Then the girls decided to swap men on Saturday nights just to see how the other one was progressing.

When I suggested that the two girls make love sometime they just smiled and said that they already had.

The End
My Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Mother

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