Desert Crossing

Desert Crossing

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Desert Crossing

When you think of a desert crossing you probably think of Iraq or some place exotic. Well I have a desert in my own backyard in lower Colorado. I live near the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve. The park is located about thirty-five miles northeast of Alamosa, Colorado. I live about four miles east of Hooper and my land borders the park.

I’m pretty lucky because poisonous snakes do not exist anywhere in this high elevation area. I live at about eight thousand feet above sea level. I can join the mile high club in my own bed. Rattlesnakes are occasionally seen south of me, as the elevation gradually decreases. Scorpions, Tarantulas, and Gila Monsters are not found in this high mountain valley either. However Deer and Elk are commonly seen along with Pronghorn Antelope as they graze near my home.

Several years ago I painted a sign on the back of my garage that says, “Nice cold water here” as a joke. It faces in the direction of the desert. About once or twice a year someone comes to my door in dire need of water and medical attention. Foolish people like to push their limits and do stupid things like crossing a desert with just a canteen of water in the middle of the day.

They don’t seem to care that the surface temperature on the dunes can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit, that the heat is generated from the reflection of the sun, and that there is no vegetation to hide under. The hot sand can blister bare feet, skin burns easily at this high elevation, and they should avoid hiking on the dunes during the hottest parts of the day.

However as we all know…people can be very stupid at times.

Recently a woman knocked on my door. Stephanie was so dehydrated that she could not speak. She was blistered from the sun. I told her that I would take her to the hospital but she didn’t want that. I gave her drops of water to get her started and put cold washcloths on her face and forehead.

Stephanie had really good hiking boots on but other than that she had screwed up royally. She had on cute little Daisy Duke shorts and a skimpy bikini top. She was bright red everywhere and she had started to blister up around her shoulders.

Soon Stephanie could speak enough to tell me her name and where she was from. That it had been the start of her summer vacation. She was a schoolteacher from back east in Boston and touring the United States every summer is what she does. I placed a phone call to the Park Rangers telling them that she was safe, that she had refused medical help, and that I would retrieve her car the following day.

An hour later Stephanie was drinking small glasses of water and she was hungry. She accepted a box of macaroni and cheese and ate the entire thing. I gave her aspirin for the pain and then told her that she should take a bath in oatmeal. I started a cool bath, added a lot of oatmeal, and helped her in. I told her to just get in with her clothes on but she insisted that I help her get them off. She could hardly move and when she did it hurt. So I removed her bikini top to reveal the whitest skin that I had ever seem. Maybe it was because of how red the rest of her chest was but wow she was really white. Her nipples got hard though and I thought that that was a good sign. Removing her shorts became a total nightmare. They were so tight on her that I had to cut them off. I cut up both sides with a good pair of scissors. When I started to remove her panties she told me to cut them off too so I did. Her ass was lilly white too but her short brown pubic hair gave some color to her lower front.

Stephanie took a long time getting into the tub of cool water but once she was in she finally started to relax. I checked on her every few minutes and we talked a lot. We were both single and neither one of us had a steady companion at the time. She was twenty-eight years old and I told her that I was thirty-three years old.

When I told her that she had a nice body she smiled and thanked me. Stephanie said that back home she goes to the gym almost every day after school for an hour before going home. Then she told me that she thought that her tits were too small. Nonsense they were perfect! She then cupped them gently in her hands and said that they were only a handful and that they should be bigger. I told her that more than a mouthful was a waste. That made her smile. She said that her tits were only a 34-B and that her sister had the perfect set of breasts at 36-D. So I told her that I would love to see her sister in my bathtub and she laughed. Apparently she was starting to feel a little better.

When Stephanie was done soaking I helped her out of the water and told her that I couldn’t drain it until I got most of the oatmeal out first. I offered her something to wear and she just laughed at me for not wanting to see her running around naked. That was certainly not the case and I assured her that I wouldn’t care if she never got dressed again. Then she realized that she would need to get dressed to go to a motel. I told her that she wasn’t going anywhere like that and that she was staying with me until she felt better. She laughed again and said that she would love too. She offered to sleep on the couch but I told her that my bed was more comfortable.

Her eyes rolled up into her head and then Stephanie said, “Okay but I might not be able to let you fuck me until tomorrow.”

I coughed and said, “Oh no I wasn’t going to sleep with you. Well I want too but I…I’d better just shut up now.”

Stephanie laughed and said, “Calm down. We are both adults here and I know that you are sexually attracted to me. I’ve let a few guys fuck me on our first date if I’ve been attracted to them and I’m certainly attracted to you. After all I’m naked and you’ve seen what you’re getting. I haven’t seen you naked yet. May I?”

I said, “Yes you may” and started to undress for her. She smiled, she laughed, and then she teased me about my farmer tan. I can get pretty dark from my waistline up. Then I have a funny looking face from my sunglasses and my cowboy hat. Of course I had an erection too.

Stephanie grabbed a hold of my hard cock and kissed the head. She tried to put it in her mouth but her skin wouldn’t stretch enough. She even tried to jerk me off but her shoulders hurt too much. I told her that it was okay and that I had learned to take care of it myself. Stephanie insisted that if she caused it then she should fix it. Finally we agreed on her keeping her hand and arm still while I fucked her hand. It was the same thing as a hand job but with me doing all the work. It actually felt good to have a woman’s hand around my cock again. I enjoyed the feel of her fingers as my cock slipped between them. All too soon I was cumming and she was catching it in her other hand. I really gave her a lot too. Stephanie then applied it to her nipples and breasts where she was still white. I applied apple cider vinegar to the rest of her body to help prevent blistering and peeling. She wasn’t crazy about the smell but I told her that I liked it on her.

I put her to bed and just covered her with a sheet even though she said that it was scratchy. I slept on the couch. In the morning I was up with the sun as usual and had coffee and breakfast made before I woke Stephanie up. She said that she felt better and went into the bathroom to pee. I was pleased that she retained any extra liquid at all. I noticed that she didn’t close the bathroom door either.

She came to the kitchen table and ate bacon, eggs, and toast telling me that she would have do an extra hour in the gym to take it back off. She also drank two tall glasses of orange juice. That was good for her.

Stephanie asked me what I had for her to wear. Nothing! So she looked in my closet and in my drawers until she found a fairly new white T-shirt. I helped her put it on with nothing else but her boots. Then I took her to get her car. First I checked in with the Park Rangers. They made her fill out an accident report and a weaver saying that it was not their fault that she got burned. Then she followed me home.

She had me take her suitcases into the house but she just wanted to run around naked. That was fine with me. So I helped her off with the T-shirt and then applied some more apple cider vinegar to her burnt body.

That evening she took another bath but in just plain water that time to cool herself off. After that she offered me sex as long as I was gentle and she could lay still. I was so hard that I would have agreed to anything. Stephanie got on the center of my bed and then raised and opened her knees up for me. I got between them and was impressed at how flat she could get them. I hardly touched her anywhere, except with my cock in her pussy. I was up on my stiff arms and rocking on my knees as I fucked her. It was the first sex that I had had in about a year and it was even better than I remembered it being. Fucking down into her was hard to describe. She was moist, soft, and tight like her hand after I cum in it. I didn’t expect to give her an orgasm from just fucking her and she didn’t expect one either. So after I did cum in her I rubbed her clit until she had an orgasm. She really appreciated that and I sure appreciated her too. That night I slept in my own bed with Stephanie lying right next to me.

We didn’t get dressed or leave the house for a whole week. Then it was just to get bread, milk, and eggs. She abandoned her plans for the month and just stayed with me. Since she wasn’t paying for motels and meals I talked her into staying with me all summer long. We were a perfect match for each other. I loved her and she loved me. However when Labor Day got close Stephanie had to head back home to Boston. After all she had a job waiting for her there.

I missed her and waited every night for her to call me from a motel along the way. She cried a lot and that made me cry too. My dream girl had gotten away. I thought about flying out to Boston and waiting on her doorstep for her to arrive.

There I was waiting for her on her porch when she pulled into her driveway. I had a ring box in my hand and I proposed to her right there. Stephanie called her parents, her sister, and her school to let them know the good news.

Stephanie was right her sister really did have the perfect breasts. She made her show them to me and let me try them out for size. I got to cup them, squeeze them, and suck on them while Stephanie cheered me on.

Stephanie never did go back to work. Within the week we had a small ceremony in the city clerk’s office, her house was put up for sale, and her things were in a moving van on its way to my house.

On our drive home Stephanie told me that her sister was planning on coming out to see us for the week of Christmas. She too was a schoolteacher. Then Stephanie asked me if I would like a threesome with her sister when she came out. Hell yes!

The End
Desert Crossing

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