Desert Motorcycle Part III

Desert Motorcycle Part III

There's a text message on your cell. You see it is from him. As you bring it up you are both eager and apprehensive. 'God, what mood is he in now'? 'What am I into with this man'?

It just says 'call me' and a phone number. You wait, trying to decide if you want to, can continue this relationship. Facing the truth, you like to be taken, used and treated the way he treats you. He is very attractive too. Hard, that intense look in his eyes. He treats you like he owns you, controls you and never lets you be tender or loving but always the center of the relationship is hard, rough, completely fulfilling sex. You go wet just thinking about that night just days ago in the motor home. He fucked you for what seemed like hours. He did send you home tired, full of cum and a little sore.

You punch in the number, a couple of rings and a very gruff voice answers, '1st Sargent Fowler'.

His voice sounds so mean. Like he hates you for calling.

'May I speak to Major McFarland please'?

'Finley, is the Major in his office'? You hear a muffled reply then, 'So the motherfucker has a girlfriend'! 'She must be really hard up to go out with that bastard'.

'He left this if a broad called for him 1st Sargent'. A pause.

'He is not here but he left you a message'.

Meekly, 'yes, what is it'?

'You are to be at 12447 Longstreet, storage unit 148 at 8:00pm tomorrow night'. 'Going out on the town'. 'That's all it says'. 'Got that'?

'Yes, I have it and tha….'

He just hangs up on you.

'Wow'! 'A real date'! What should I wear'?

You spend an extra hour shopping during lunch the next day. You wonder where I will take you. The evening will end up in bed you are sure or will I take you in the car just like that first time in the desert. Thinking, 'I best wear a skirt'. You go wet just thinking about how I held you down on the hood of your car and used you so hard. How I stretched you violently and how it felt when I filled you with warm zizz.

You time your arrival as close to 8 as possible. Pulling into the RV storage yard and driving along till you see the space, big rolling door up. Yes. There it is.

You park, walk slowly inside. There are the two dirt bikes on their trailer. Another big street motorcycle is parked just outside too.

The door is open. 'Dale'. 'Are you in there'?

I come to the doorway, help you up the steps. You look to die for. Your hair up, beautiful low cut blouse, skin tight skirt, pretty strapped high heel shoes without pantie hose.

You are shocked. I have on a black leather motorcycle jacket, no shirt, black leather pants that button like a sailor's pants, big black boots.

'You look good cunt now strip'. My eyes hard and demanding you obey me.

'But I thought we were going out Dale'.

Stepping closer, menacingly, 'We are but not with you dressed like that now strip completely'. 'Don't turn away or look down'. Take your blouse off first then your skirt, bra and panties, shoes last'.

You undo your blouse in back, it messes your hair a little as you pull it over your head and lay it on the dinning table. Thinking, 'is he going to fuck me now and then take me out'?

I watch you. You look incredible. You are of what men's dreams are made. You look me in the eyes as you take off your skirt, your bra and the exquisite black lacy panties. Standing naked before me with only your shoes on. Your chest heaving a little, nipples perky and just begging to be kissed and sucked.

I turn, pick up the pair of black fishnet crotchless pantie hose I bought, toss them to you. 'Sit down and put these on'.

Once you squeeze into them I toss you the black leather halter vest. You look at it then slip it on. It has only one steel button in front. You feel like your breasts could pop out of it any moment as it cups and pushes you up high.

Now a black leather mini mini. Skin tight, barely long enough to keep your pussy from being seen when you are standing and hiking up to show you clearly when you sit.

Last I give you a pair of black high calf boots. You slip them on.

'Stand up and turn around'. 'Yeah, you will do nicely now'. 'Come on'.

I step out of the motor home, help you down and close and lock the door. No need to lock up anymore as the yard has security.

Walking you to the big black Triumph Rocket III I get on, hit the starter and it whines to life.

Helping you get on behind me I know you will stay tight against my back as your pussy is in full view of all unless you do.

I hand you a pair of dark sunglasses, tell you to keep a tight grip on me and we roll out of the yard, turn right on Longstreet and like a bullet shot out of a gun accelerate down the street. So fast you cannot help but gasp and scream as the front wheel lifts off the pavement we accelerate so fast.

Another turn and we rocket up the freeway on ramp. You feel the warm air blowing onto and a little into your slightly damp pussy lips. You decide this is kind of fun. An adventure. You have no idea what I intend to do but decide you are game. The outfit is not you but it is kind of fun too. You just hope your tits don't pop out and expose you to the world. The wind is destroying your hair that you spent almost an hour getting just right.

Out the freeway, across the county line and then exiting into a very industrial looking area.

Down a street lined with tall, razor-wired, chain fences, large parking lots, gates and large flat looking buildings then suddenly turning into a gravel parking lot by a seedy looking metal building with a big neon sign flashing XXXX on its roof.

'Oh my god', you think! 'Its a porn theater'.

I help you off, get a good look at your pussy before you get the skirt down. 'Fix your fucking hair cunt'. 'You look like a rag mope'.

I watch as you do your best to untangle it, get it at least presentable. You left your handbag in the motor home so no comb, no makeup. I came prepared, a piece of long red hair ribbon in my jacket pocket knowing you would need it.

Handing it to you, waiting while you use the mirrors to get your hair and makeup fixed as best you can. Thinking I am getting out of character a little but God, she is so beautiful!

'Keep the sunglasses on unless you want to be recognized by someone on the street someday'. 'You look like a bimbo that just got out of bed'.

If you fail my tests I may well just leave you here to get fucked by every man that wants you but if you pass then I will not have your identity exposed one bit.

You look like a dream walking. Yes, just the the very thing that a man's dreams are made of with a leather trim.

Trying not look so frightened you let me lead you to the door. Pay the sullen looking old hag for entry and step inside.

It is kind of dark, smells funny. There are two doorways. I shove you toward the one on the left. Make you push the door open.

Thinking to myself, 'the test begins'. 'I hope she passes'.

Stepping inside the room, there is a large white but stained sheet hanging from the ceiling, a woman sitting on the floor by the sheet.

She is not completely unattractive. A washed out blond about 25 wearing blue jeans and a halter top. She looks up at us. Not surprised that she will have an audience at all.

There is movement behind the sheet, 'you guys about ready'? 'I am going to take both of your bets'.

The woman looks us up and down. You can tell she likes what she sees in you. Thinking, 'dream on cunt'. 'No way are you going to touch this and give it some unknown version of Herpes or worst'.

She likely dances at some seedy strip club. Blows guys for a hundred bucks a throw in their cheesy VIP room while her old man cooks crank or worst.

The woman puts on a blindfold. One of those black things some people sleep with or wear on long plane flights.

A thick hard cock pokes through one of the holes in the sheet followed by two more.

I can feel you go tense against me. Whispering in your right ear, 'do you like those slut'? 'Would you like a taste of them'? You don't answer but I can feel you tremble. You are realizing this is some kind of sex game and the woman is a big part of it.

The woman feels around, finds the cock on her left. She feels of it making the guy behind it gasp. She pumps it a little then lets it go to move on to the next one to repeat the first touching, first testing. 'She has done it before', I whisper. 'She is searching for her man's dick'. You nod understanding.

I move my right hand down, slip it under the hem of your mini and push my fingers in till I can cup your pussy as she lets go of the last cock.

She sits for a moment, uses both hands to feel of those dicks again and then makes her selection. All the men behind the sheet are moaning and grunting as she touches each one.

She leans forward, holding the man on the left and kisses his knob. He visibly jerks behind the sheet. He is the chosen one. She reaches over and feels her way to the one on the far right and wraps her small hand around its shaft.

She now begins to suck the one in her mouth and pump the first runner up.

My fingers get to work on your slit and clit at almost the same time. As she pumps and sucks I have you shaking and moaning, legs spread slightly with my hot lips on your neck and my fingers doing a slow fuck in and out of your wet pussy. I have my cock pointed up in my pants. I lift your mini at the back to make sure you can feel it on the cheek of your ass.

The guy in the middle curses loudly, 'shit fire, damn I need a blow job bad'! His cock goes back behind the sheet and you can tell he is beating his meat.

Whispering, 'would you like to give him what he needs cunt'? You just moan softly, your eyes fixed on the action. I can feel your tension. You have to wonder. Do I want you to do it. Thinking, 'God, no telling what kind of STD he might have'! 'Jesus, do you get your dick sucked in this place'?

'Hey man'! 'Why don't you ask my slut here if she wants to suck your cock'?

You gasp. 'No no', not that'. You are doing OK so far.

This talk has caused the woman to stop and listen. The guy she was sucking tells her, 'get the fuck back to work bitch'! 'I was about to cum'!

She kind of smiles, squeezes him with her left hand then knowing who he is now, gives the cock in her right hand a good hard lick then literally sucks the cum out of it. The guy is cool, other than thrusting his dick out a little more does not let her man behind the sheet know he is getting a bonus.

She lets some of the cum ooze out on her lips then goes back to sucking the left dick. The one she is now sure she was supposed to select since it is her man's dick.

Keeping a grip on the right now softening cock she takes her time. The bet is won, the game over but for helping him deliver his load into your mouth.

I continue to finger fuck you pussy but slower now. Cannot have you cumming too soon. Still you feel so good, so hot and sopping wet I cannot resist kissing and nibbling on your neck which makes you press harder and try to get more of my fingers inside you.

Right hole dick now soft the woman moves her right hand to inside her jeans. We had not seen before but she has them undone and open enough to get her hand inside. She goes to work on her pussy hard and fast. She must be pretty hot now and needs a good cum.

Mr. in the middle is ready. His cock pokes out and grunting, thrusting, unloads on the girls right shoulder. Cum oozing down to make her right tit a little wet.

Her man lets out a loud gasp, lets go of every four letter word ever spoken as he spurts his load down her throat. She sucks him dry but in one last gesture of defiance spit part of his cum wad on the floor before picking up a tissue from the box nearby and wiping the big losers spunk off her shoulder and breast.

The men come out after tucking their packages away.

A big hairy biker recognizes me says to another man. 'Hey Frank'! 'This is the guy I was telling you about'. 'Say man'. 'Where is that hot little blond that wanted to suck every cock in this joint'?

'She's back in her titty bar getting paid to do it'. 'How do you like this one'?

The men look you up and down. If anything you are twice as hot looking as the strip bar bimbo is.

'Give me ten minutes and I will play the game with you and her'. 'I will put up my winnings from these losers on the chance of getting some of that cunt's mouth'.

The other men are eager too. The wagers would be doubled if you have to choose from 4 cocks and I can feel you tremble. You might know my cock or you might not. I have only fucked you a couple of times so far. If you make the wrong move I have fucked you for the last time too.

You gasp almost sobbing, 'No', 'no' Dale'. 'Don't make me do it please'.

I pause for a moment as if considering it. 'Thanks but no bet guys'. 'She is a slut but only for one man at a time I guess'.

They look disappointed but don't press it. Maybe the bulge in my jacket is a deterrent. That Makarov is small but still makes an impression.

I catch the look the girl gives the guy that got the bonus and he eats her up. Likely there may be some real trouble later if her man pisses her off again.

I pull you back, away from the entrance. Still holding you tightly against me.

Seeing there is not going to be any action with you the 3 men and the woman leave. I feel you kind of sag with relief. Too bad. You don't get off the hook that easily.

'Its my turn now'. 'Go kneel down in front of the sheet slut'.

You stagger a little from the push I give you, look at me pleading, 'no please, someone might come in'.

'Shut the fuck up cunt and get on your knees'. I am already opening the leather pants, my hard cock out as I get behind the stained sheet.

I grit my teeth as I push my dick though the middle hole. 'Suck it slut, suck it like that other cunt suck both those men'. 'Make it cum and quick if you don't want an audience'!

I feel you touch me. You fingers so gentle. Wrapping around me. Moving in half circles as I swell more.

Now the feel of your lips kissing me. I cannot help but groan in anticipation of the next thing you will do. I think I hear a faint whimper escape you as you start heading me. Sucking me hard and pumping me with your hand. It feels so good but I cannot help but hate what I am making you do. I would love you tenderly if I could.

'God damn that's good bitch'! Yes it is but what would you do if I fucked you right here, made you back up against this sheet, guide me then push to let me ram it deep inside your hot tight pussy? Might as well find out.

'Get up'. 'Turn around and bend'. 'Stick me in your wet snatch'.

Another whimper then you stop sucking me. I hear you move and then feel you take me in your hand. Gasping as I feel your guide me to your entrance.

Oh shit! Your pussy swallows me. You are sopping. I can feel you tremble but you push as much as you can in rhythm with my thrusts.

Cum boiling I feel you start to grind on my shaft. Thinking please don't let anyone come in now! Hearing you gasp, your ass raises and I blow up deep inside you. Cum feeling like it just gushes out of me into you deep.

More thrusts, getting me finished. Feeling you squeeze me on the out take.

Buttoning up. My dick sopping and nasty. Cum all over the leather.

Coming out you are leaning against the wall almost crying. I feel bad. Is this what you really want from me?

I hand you a handkerchief from my jacket pocket to dry yourself a little. Stay in character and just toss it on the floor when you offer it back to me.

I decide you have passed this test and it is time for the next one. Leading you back out into the foyer and then to the doorway to the actual movie theater part.

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