Disabled Mother In Law

Disabled Mother In Law

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Disabled Mother-In-Law

After my mother-in-law had a stroke two years ago my father-in-law died. She had been great to me over the years. She was sort of a prude through so it really took me by surprise when my wife asked me if I would have sex with her mother.

At first I was shocked. I had never looked at my mother-in-law as a sex object before. However over the years my wife had grown to resemble her mother in a lot of ways so in essence it would just be like having sex with my wife in about twenty years…only sooner. So I agreed. After all I had nothing to loose, my wife sure couldn’t be mad at me for cheating on her.

So she set everything up. All I had asked for were some nude pictures of her for my collection and apparently she had agreed to them.

On the agreed upon day my wife and I went to visit her mother. I was told that no one else would be there. On occasion one of her sons will take her to a doctor’s appointment, nurse aids will come in to care for her, and a physical therapist will visit her too. Apparently this was to be a free day.

It was a rather hot August day. When we entered the house there was my mother-in-law sitting in her wheelchair with an old lightweight nightgown on. The pattern was almost worn away from so many washings and the material was quite thin. It was shorter than she usually wears too, coming up above her knees. She apologized for her attire saying that it was hot in the house. It really wasn’t all that hot and in fact it was very refreshing after being outside just a few minutes before. I went along with her act.

My wife decided to get things started so she suggested that I take a picture of her with her mother, then without her in it, and then with me in the picture with her mother.

My mother-in-law Gretchen then asked me to take some pictures of her out in her garden. I pushed her out there while my wife held the doors open for us. The garden was quite overgrown but I was well aware that the garden was not the real reason for us being out there. The bright sun was turning Gretchen’s nightgown transparent. For a seventy-eight-year-old woman she was not in all that bad a shape except for the fact that her right side didn’t function entirely properly. She was able to stand if she could hold onto something so she stood near the gate. The sun was behind her and enhanced the shape of her body through that nightgown especially the nice V between her legs. Gretchen posed for several pictures then suggested other places for her to stand and to sit. I noticed that she was getting bolder for me too. Eventually she sat down on a bench, spread her legs slightly, and then adjusted her nightgown up a little bit too high. I smiled and started taking pictures of her exposed bush. I was pretty sure that I was the first person to ever photograph it. I zoomed in on it the best that I could and finally decided that I was there for a very specific reason, so I got closer to her and knelt down in the weeds. I moved the camera closer to her knees until it was between them for a picture. After her initial shock Gretchen opened her knees up further for me.

I think she was getting nervous about me being in there so close because she asked my wife to sit next to her for some pictures. My wife smiled and removed her panties first. My mother-in-law smiled too. So I took a few more pictures of the two women sitting there showing me their uncovered pussies. With nothing to loose I asked my wife to help her mother out of that nightgown. Gretchen allowed her daughter to remove it while I took pictures of the unveiling. Gretchen still had a great set of tits all though gravity had certainly taken a toll on them. After several pictures I asked my wife to remove her dress too and to sit near her mother. I could clearly see what my wife would look like in the future and I liked it. I set the camera on a fence post and hit the self-timer several times while I got in the pictures with them.

I went to my car and returned with two blankets, which I laid out in the middle of the garden. I helped my mother-in-law to them and then down onto the ground. She then asked her daughter to leave so that we could have some privacy. I reminded her that I had been promised pictures. Gretchen pulled me closer and whispered in my ear that she was a screamer and that she didn’t have a pillow to cover her face with. I just laughed and said out loud, “Hey honey your mom’s a screamer just like you.” My wife just laughed and her mother joined in too.

As I undressed, my mother-in-law confessed to us that I would be the third man that she would have had sex with. Gretchen then told her daughter and I about her boyfriend in high school. She gave him her virginity when she was eighteen years old, just before he went off to join the Army. Then she met her future husband, fell in love with him, and then they got married. She had my wife when she was twenty-one years old. Then fifty-seven years later I was to be her third lover. I felt very honored to be the lucky man. My mother-in-law was brought up in the days when a girl was pure and innocent until her wedding day. Apparently my mother-in-law was not all that pure on her wedding day. Somehow it made her more human to me. She had been faithful to her husband right up until his death and even a couple of years after that. I couldn’t help but wonder why she had picked me to be her lover. After all I was a married man and that must be against her beliefs. I would be committing adultery. Then I put those thoughts away for the time being.

I asked Gretchen if she had ever done ‘it’ outdoors before. She blushed and said she and her husband had done ‘it’ once on a beach while on vacation. She was much younger and prettier back then. She told us the name of the beach, where it was, and that she had conceived my wife on that beach that night. She glowed when she told us that story. That had been her one and only outdoor adventure involving sex. Except for a blowjob once at a drive-in theater but it was very dark and my wife was asleep in her bassinet in the backseat. She said that her six weeks of healing were not up but that she really wanted to give her husband some sexual relief.

As I got on the blanket next to Gretchen she told me that she might be too dry down there for me so I opened her legs up and put my head between them. She was astonished. She couldn’t believe that I would do that. Oral sex was not something that her husband or boyfriend had ever done to her. Her husband had required that she suck his cock clean after every sexual encounter, even if it wasn’t with her. What! That’s right my father-in-law had a few girlfriends over the years. That ‘holier than thou’ Christian. Of all the things! I guess it is always the quiet ones.

Gretchen told us that he had slept with both of her sisters and with both of his sisters too. Apparently he liked to keep it in the family. He would always make love to them in her marriage bed and then have her come in and suck his cock clean right in front of them. At first it had been embarrassing for her but obviously she had learned to accept it as part of her wifely duties. Somehow her husband had talked them all into coming over once a month for sex and not in the same week either. It had disturbed her that he had sex with his own sisters but it really bothered her when he had sex with her younger sisters. He had actually taken her youngest sister’s virginity when she was only sixteen years old. Gretchen still remembered the smug look on her youngest sister’s face, as she had to suck the juices off his cock afterwards. From that day on her sister came over frequently to baby sit the kids including my wife, have sex with her husband, and smile as Gretchen sucked his cock clean afterwards. Then one day her sister told her to lick her clean too. That put a smile on her husband’s face and he then ordered her to do it. That was the only time that Gretchen had ever considered refusing to obey her husband. Highly embarrassed Gretchen got between her sister’s splayed legs and started licking her pussy clean. She knew that was her downfall because after that it became her job with all four women. Up until her husband’s death she continued to suck his cock and eat the other women’s pussy after he had sex with them. During those last few years sex had become just a once a month thing for her husband and it did not include her.

I finished giving her oral sex after she had an orgasm then I slipped my cock into her moist pussy. Even at sixty-one, I could get quiet hard if I needed too. That was one of those occasions that I needed to be hard as a nail. I forced my cock in until my pelvis was up against her pelvic bone time and time again forcing her to cry out in pleasure. I thrust deep into her. I managed to hold her one leg up as I plunged into her all the way.

She sure was a screamer and I caused her to cry out three times that afternoon as I fucked into her. It was a great feeling to fuck her but even better to see her response. She said that it had been close to sex years since she had sex and an orgasm. Apparently she wouldn’t masturbate because as a little girl she had been punished for it.

When I rolled off from my mother-in-law my wife sucked my cock clean and then licked the very pussy that she had come out of. Her mother was astounded but my wife told her that she actually liked to eat my cum out of my girlfriend’s pussies.

Gretchen smiled knowing that she was now one of my girlfriends. She did not even want to know who my other girlfriends were.

I knew that Gretchen’s youngest sister and both of her sister-in-laws were still alive and that her two sister-in-laws were widows. I asked Gretchen to invite them over for sex with me. She just smiled and said that she would think about it.

We stayed naked in the overgrown garden that entire afternoon. I had sex with my mother-in-law three times that day thanks to my wife encouraging her mother to suck me hard.

The third time that I got hard it was with my cock in my mother-in-law’s mouth while I was thinking about her sister-in-law with the huge tits. Aunt Doris had always had huge tits. She was very short and pretty round but she had tits the size of a small watermelon. I could hardly wait to get a look at them bare. I wanted to tit fuck her too and cum in her mouth. Needless to say I got hard at the thought and fucked my mother-in-law thinking about fucking her sister-in-law.

We now visit my mother-in-law a lot more often. I changed the rules a little bit by requiring the other woman to eat my wife and my mother-in-law before and after I have sex with them. My wife cleans my cum out of them but in a sixty-nine where she gets some attention too. I have often fucked my three aunts from behind as they ate Gretchen’s pussy. My mother-in-law loves oral sex now that she is on the receiving end most of the time. Occasionally I get all three of my wife’s aunts to come to my mother-in-law’s house for a Daisy Chain and photo session. They even bring a dish to pass and we make a day out of it.

The three aunts had asked about bringing one of their daughters along since my mother-in-law had her daughter there.

Sure why not!

The End
Disabled Mother-In-Law

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