Emily and Tiffany Anne: Love Bunnies

Emily and Tiffany Anne: Love Bunnies

It was early morning and Tiffany Anne would be coming home from work any minute. I was sitting naked on the couch, softly stroking my bald pussy and watching a little TV while I impatiently waited for her. When I heard the sound of her car pulling up outside, I quickly turned the TV off and sprang to my feet. As soon as she had entered the door I was on her. No words were spoken; I wrapped my arms around her, looked lustfully into her eyes and passionately kissed her sexy lips. The way she kissed me back had my body just wanting to melt into hers. Our tongues joyfully played together in each other’s mouth; our breathing got faster and at the same time carried our moans for each other. She grabbed my bare ass and pulled me even tighter to her, juices from my already aroused pussy were running down my inner thigh. God, I needed her so bad!!!

After some very passionate, lust filled kissing and having our bodies, our breasts, pressed so tight together, I moved away from her just enough to slide my hands under and up her blouse. Braless, I found her hard little nipples with my fingers; she let out a soft moan, and tilted her head back. Leaving her neck exposed for my mouth to softly lick and kiss it. She loves having her neck kissed and if the passionate kisses we shared before hadn’t made her wet, this was sure to. My hands were happily massaging her breast as my mouth moved lower down her neck. I pushed her blouse up to where it was bunched up above her breast as my lips quickly grabbed her hard nipple. Softly kissing and then sucking it, before moving on to the other, which was also very hard. My hand slid down and I unbuttoned her jeans, while my mouth was busy on her breast. Slipping my hand inside, I was pleased to find her not wearing any underwear at all, and just as I expected, she was quite wet for me. She took a deep breath as my finger tips parted her folds and one gently slipped inside her.

My lips were slowly kissing lower, and I removed my hand from her jeans. I had only wanted a touch, a touch to feel her warm creamy wetness that I so badly wanted to plunge my tongue deep into. I crouched in front of her and while I was covering her tummy in kisses and licks, my hands were pulling her jeans down across her hips. She removed her blouse and it dropped to the floor next to me. On my knees in front of her, my lips had reached her waist and were moving below her panty line to her shaven area. Her hands were running through my hair, and urging me to go lower. Her jeans were on the floor at her feet, and as my kisses and licks moved lower, she stepped out of her jeans to spread her legs for me. I smiled up at her with a naughty smile. I knew what she wanted. I did as well, but I so enjoy a teasing my lover. I covered her pussy with my mouth and she immediately pressed into me, taking another deep breath. I plunged my tongue in her deep, tasting that cream filled center of hers, the cream she had made for me. Then in one slow long lick, I licked from her creamy pussy, to her clit, across her mound, over her bellybutton, between her breasts, up her neck, and found her lips with mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and we melted into each other as we passionately kissed, letting her taste her own juices on my tongue and lips. We kissed like we could never get enough of each other, like we hadn’t seen one another in years, the kind of kisses that make your head spin and you weak in the knees.

I started steering her toward the closest piece of furniture as we were kissing. It wasn’t really furniture it was the kitchen countertop. Once her butt hit it she quickly hopped up on it, and spread her legs for me to stand between. She then leaned back to the wall behind her, and my tummy was pressed against her wet pussy as we continued to kiss. I was kissing down her neck again as she was gently rocking her hips and grinding her wet pussy into me. With a smile I stepped away from her, her eyes so full of lust. I went to the refrigerator, reached in the freezer and pulled out a large ice cube. With a naughty smile on my face I reached out and touched her on the neck, just behind the left ear with it. Slowly traced it down her neck, over her shoulder, across her chest, onto her perfect breast, across her left nipple, between her breasts, on her right breast, across that nipple, up her chest, over her shoulder, and up her neck to the spot behind her other ear. Her wet little nipples were rock hard, and dying to be warmed back up as the water left behind by the ice cube ran down her body. With my tummy pressed back against her pussy again, my lips took the place where the ice cube had started, softly kissing and licking up the moisture left behind. When my lips reached her nipples, I spent extra time making sure to get all the water off them and warm them up properly. Kissing back up her neck, making sure to warm her up with my tongue and lips, our lips then found each other’s. A deep passionate kiss, as her hands reached out and started playing with my breast. Mmmmmmm, my nipples were so hard as she played with them and pinched them.

Stepping back again, I slowly traced a line down her body with the ice cube, starting at her neck, and ending at her bald pubic mound. Then tracing the cube up and down both sides next to her pussy, and finally ending with it pressed and melting against her clit as she took a deep breath. Where the ice cube had gone, my mouth had to follow, slowly kissing and licking my way down her body. Softly I licked her mound and then licked next to her pussy on both sides, ending with my lips on her swollen clit and softly sucking it. She was wiggling her butt trying to get me to lick the rest of her pussy, as I pulled away again.

Going to the refrigerator, this time finding some whipped cream in a spray can and a long carrot. The kind of carrot with the greens still attached.

Tiffany Anne looked at the carrot and quickly said, “Grab two, I have two holes!”

My jaw dropped. She is so hot and such a turn-on. I reached back in and grabbed a second carrot with a smile on my face and thinking how sexy and naughty. I shook up the can and sprayed two little clouds of whipped cream on her nipples, the third little cloud went directly on her warm wet pussy. No playing around, I licked the cream off of her boobs, starting at the base of each breast and finished the lick at her nipple. Once that was done I slowly toyed in the whipped cream on her pussy with one of the carrots, running it around her pussy, through her folds and covering the carrot with a combination of whipped cream and her pussy juices, finally bringing the carrot up to my mouth, licking and sucking it clean.

“I want a taste.” She purred.

I then did the same thing again this time dipping the tip of the carrot inside her, pulling it out and feeding it to her hungry mouth. She licked it and slowly sucked it clean. One more time I used the carrot to play in the whipped cream and her pussy. This time when I brought it to my mouth I bit that skinny little end off the carrot, making the useable part of it much thicker, and better to fuck her with. Then I finished licking the whipped cream off her pussy and plunged my tongue deep in her to make sure I had the last little bits. With all the whipped cream gone, I have finally gotten to Tiffany Anne’s cream filled center. She softly moaned, running her fingers through my hair as I licked deep in her pussy and my tasty treat. My face was covered in her juices, as I pushed her legs high in the air so that I could tongue that cute little butthole of hers. Some of that yummy juice from her pussy had run down to her butthole, so I cleaned that up and probed her little butt with my tongue. Her butthole nice and lubed up with my saliva, I took the skinny carrot and slid it in her butt. With a deep breath she immediately pressed her butt down to meet the carrot. I then went back to licking her cream filling while slowly fucking her sweet little ass with the carrot. My pace on the carrot in her ass was getting faster and deeper. I could tell she was getting close to orgasm. I took the larger carrot and plunged it in her pussy; she began rocking her hips to match my thrusts with the carrots in both her holes. My lips latched on to her clit and sucked it for all it was worth. In a matter of moments she was cumming.

“Cum for me baby, cum for me, flood my mouth with your juices!!” I said.

Still fucking both her holes and sucking her clit, she let out a squeal, arched her back, and curled her toes as she came. I pulled the carrot out of her and covered her pussy with my mouth, licking up her juices as she came while still fucking her ass with the other carrot. Her juices flooded my mouth, and I kept softly licking long after her orgasm had subsided, smiling at the look of satisfaction she had on her face and at how much I enjoyed pleasing her.

Once she regained her composure, and I had licked up most of her juices, she sat up. She reached out with both hands, grabbed my face and with a smile pulled me to meet her lips. Passionately we kissed, my tongue, lips, and face covered in her juices. Her kisses once again had me wanting to melt into her, and highly aroused. After cleaning her juices from my lips and face, she gently pushed me back, giving her room to hop off the counter. She took me by the hand and guided me to lie on the kitchen floor. She grabbed a bowl out of the cabinet, and reached in the freezer and put a handful of ice in it. Then she pulled a bottle of chocolate syrup out of the refrigerator, she knelt down next to me and we started kissing again. So hott, so aroused, so wet I was for her. She reached into the bowl and popped one of the ice cubes in her mouth. Her cold lips and tongue started kissing my neck. Mmmmmm, it sent tingles down my back, but felt so good. Lower she kissed and licked, over my shoulder, across my neck. My nipples were hard way before her cold lips and tongue got to them. But it felt so good to have her kiss, lick, and suck them, they turned bright red as she released each one from her mouth with a pop. She then kissed her way back up to my mouth, her cold wet tongue felt and tasted so good. During our kiss the last of the cube melted away. She popped another cube in her mouth and started kissing down my body again. In a staggered pattern this time that brought her mouth once again to my nipples, a good hard suck with a pop to insure that they stayed nice and hard and red. Her kisses continued lower, reaching my belly button, she swirled her cold tongue in it and licked it out. As her kiss reached my panty line, it began to tickle a little, which caused me to lift my butt off the floor and almost push my pussy into her cold mouth. Her kisses reached my bald mound; I let out a gasp this time instead of reacting to a tickle; I so wanted her mouth on my wet warm pussy. Her cold tongue softly licked around my pussy, but never touched it. Everywhere her tongue went, I tried to push my pussy toward it, hoping she would give it the lick it so badly needed. Finally she licked it, and when her cold wet tongue parted my folds I nearly came. My pussy was so wet and creamy for her, and it felt so good having her cold tongue in me.

Tiffany Anne reached in the bowl again this time pulling out two ice cubes, and inserted them in my pussy. Oh, they were so cold they nearly numbed me. She continued licking me as my hot pussy quickly began melting the cubes. Soon she was drinking the combination of melted ice and my juices from my pussy. With a long lick the length of my body her mouth was meeting with mine, her cold tongue and lips verses my hot tongue and lips, plus, added to it, the taste of my pussy on her mouth. I pulled her tight to me as she pressed down on me harder. I love kissing her.

She broke from our kiss and grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup. With a naughty smile she started squirting it on my breasts, down my tummy, and on my wet pussy. With both hands she smeared the chocolate syrup all over my breasts and tummy. My breasts looked like two scoops of ice cream covered in chocolate with cherries on top, and that’s exactly how Tiffany Anne treated them. Starting at the bottom of each scoop, she licked her way up, and gave my cherry nipples a little suck every time she reached them. Oh, it felt so good. Some of the chocolate had gotten on her face so, I pulled her to me, kissed her lips and licked the chocolate off her cheek.

She climbed between my legs as I spread them wide for her. She started lick where she had left off, working her way down my tummy, licking my belly button. The lower she went the hotter I was getting. She reached my chocolate syrup-covered pussy and started licking like an ice cream cone. I took a deep breath; yes, finally; I needed to cum! Her tongue never penetrated me deeply like I wanted, she was still teasing me. She pushed my legs in the air and with both hands I held them for her as she began licking the chocolate that had run down to my butthole, swirling her tongue around it and probing it. She reached around behind her and pulled the skinny carrot that was still in her ass out, positioned it at the entrance of my butt and slid it right in. As soon as I felt it I pressed down on it, in an attempt to help her put it deep in me. Her mouth then went to my pussy, and plunged her tongue deep in me, as she slowly fucked my ass with the carrot. She reached over and grabbed a couple more ice cubes from the bowl and inserted them in my wet pussy. Licking me some more as my pussy was flowing with my juices and water from the cubes. She grabbed the larger carrot and plunged it in my pussy. The fluids inside me spilled out all over, as she tried to lick them up. Her pace on the carrots in both my holes quicken and the orgasm I so needed was quickly coming.

“Make me cum, babe, make me cum!!!” I cried out.

Faster and deeper with the carrots she worked. Her mouth was sucking on my swollen clit. I was cumming, my head was spinning, as the waves of orgasm rippled through my body. Tiffany Anne removed the carrot from me and covered my pussy with her mouth, my body tensed up and the squirt gushed into her awaiting mouth.

“Yes baby, yes, flood my mouth with your juices, I want to drink from you.” She said.

Eagerly she licked and swallowed up my juices. Oh my god, I felt so good, such a powerful orgasm I had. She kept softly licking me till all my juices were gone–and my baby looks so sexy doing it. Then she pulled the carrot from my ass, and in an instant inserted it back in to hers. I smiled and laughed, as she lay down on the floor next to me. Holding each other we cuddled and softly kissed for the next several minutes and commented how lucky we were to both have such a hott and fantastic lover. Everything was perfect!!!!

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