Encounter with mother and sis Chp:2

Encounter with mother and sis Chp:2

Note: In the first chapter, mom and son gets it on. In the current chapter, the sister gets into the picture. All rights reserved. Copyrighted:damonhell aka kruz

Chapter 2

My plans to deflower my sister is already finalised. All that was left was to wait for her birthday to arrived. The week passed quicky, it was already the eve of my sis's birthday. She was going to be out till late with her friends. Mum and me took the chance to get together and have sex. We were at it till late in the evening, before we finally stopped in order to make preparations for our plan.

Everything was in order, all was left was for my sis to get back. She got back drunk as we had expected. She came upstairs and headed for her room. When she passed by mum's room, she was greeted by the sight of me pounding my mum doggy-style. The reason we allowed my sis to catch us fucking was because of what my mum told me while we were planning for all this.

My mum mentioned to me that my sis told her about she saw me masturbating once. Then they began talking about me. They discussed about how big i was in that department and one thing thing to another. My sis ask my mum whether she would do me if she had the chance. My mum told her she might and then shot the question back at her. My sis hesitated for a bit and told her she wouldn't. However, moments later my mum found my sis masturbating while screaming my name.

Knowing that, we had all this planned. It wasn't a fullproof plan, but i was the best we had. My sis continued to watch my mum and me fuck, she didn't say a word, just stood there watching. After i shot my load into my mum, i heard her rushing to her room. The plan was complete. However whether it was a success or failure, i had no clue at all. The next morning, everything was normal as always. Sis didn't said a thing at all. Mum made breakfast for us then left for work. Only the two of us were left at home. I was in my room after finishing breakfast when my sis came in and said she wanted to talk to me.

She said' I saw you last night with mum and i'm gonna tell dad about it.'
I said' No please don't. I'll do anything for you. Please just don't mention a thing to dad.'
She said' Alright. Sure. For starters, why don't you do to me what you did to mum.' With that the plan was a success. She thought she was in charge. Wait till she finds out she is the one trapped.

I began working her pussy. It was tight as hell, there was no way she wasn't a virgin. She was moaning from my licking. When she couldn't take it anymore, she begged for me to fuck her. She told me to be gentle as this was her first time. Talk about being in luck, being able to take my sister's cherry. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt, and slowly entered her. Man was she tight. She was even tighter than my previous girlfriends when i did them for the first time. I made my way inside her till i felt a barrier blocking me from entering. I held in there and ask her whether she was ready. She nodded. I pulled back and with one quick and strong thrust i tore through her maiden hood. She screamed at the top of her lungs, her hands were clincing onto my body. I kept my cock inside, allowing her to adjust to this new feeling.

Feeling she was ready, I gave her first fuck. I made love to her, taking it easy on her since it was her first time. I slowly fuck her cunt, allowing her to enjoy the sensation. Within minutes i brought her to her first orgasm. She was writhing as her orgasm ripped through her body. I fucked her through her orgasm. giving her a feeling she never felt before. After she stop cumming, i eased out of her and started kissing her. We were lock in a passionate kiss, fondling each other at the same time.

After she recovered from her orgasm, i entered her again. This time from behind. This time she wasn't gonna get a slow fuck like before, i was gonna fucked her hard and good. I gave in to her, making her moan and scream. She came numerous times from me fucking her. We went at it for hours, she was totally worn out from our fucking. We fell asleep from exhaustion in each others arms.

I got woken up by my mum. My sis was still sleeping, my cum still oozing out from her cunt. My mum was already naked, she was ready to unite the three of us. She went down on her knees and started blowing me till i got hard. She was tasting my sister from my cock, it was real taboo. I got instantly hard thinking of that. I asked her to eat my sis out while i fucked her from behind. She got onto the bed and started eating my sis's pussy. I entered her from behind, and started fucking her hot pussy.

My sis woke up to my mum eating her pussy, she was shocked but couldn't say a thing as mum was giving so much pleasure to her cunt. Our threesome began, i pounded my mum till she came. She position her cunt over my sister's mouth and asked her to eat her. They 69 in front of me, making one of my fantasies come true, seeing two women go at it. I entered my sis, and fucked her with long hard strokes. My mum was licking my cock as i fucked my sis. It was one hell of a threesome. We went at it for hours with them in different positions and my cock in different holes. We fell asleep exhausted from our escapade and dreaming of the adventures that'll happen in future….

to be continued

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