family awakenings, chapter 01

family awakenings, chapter 01

"Will you get off your ASS?!" Suzanne Davis mock yelled at her stepson, who was laying on her couch, watching cable television. She couldn't blame him really. He worked hard in construction on the week, and came and visited occasionally on the weekends. The work he did had chiseled his young body into a work of art. He used to live at their house, but recently had moved in with a roommate closer to his job. He shamelessly admitted he came over for her good food, to swim in the pool when he wanted, drank a few beers he "stole" from his dad… but he also did a lot of the chores around the house as well, so he was always welcome to come and use their stuff whenever he wanted. He worked on his cars here, and really appreciated the openness they gave him still at the house.

Tommy looked up at his stepmom, admiring her in the one-piece swimsuit she'd recently purchased, payment to herself for her continued workouts. She still wouldn't buy a bikini, no matter how many times her daughters begged her to do it. She had the figure for it, but she was a bit self-conscious about a couple stretch-marks and her slow climb to her middle years. "You going swimming?" he casually asked with a half grin.

"Very good, Tommy!" she said sarcastically. "What was your first clue?"

"Um, your gorgeous legs sticking out of a new suit?" He grinned back She tossed him a large beach towel and adjusted the sunglasses on her head. Her hair was light brown, parted in the middle and cascaded down to her shoulders. Her hair was quite thin, and bounced a bit as she walked. When it's wet, it plastered itself to her scalp, but she liked it, and kept her instructions to her hairdresser to keep it that way! Let her youngest daughter have the full head of curly, thick hair. She'd seen Shelly fighting with it for hours.

Man, he always loved looking at her. Suzanne enjoyed his company, and could see him looking at her legs with admiration. There was no secret he'd always thought she was pretty. Back when he was seven years old when she married his father David after a brief engagement, Tommy had said that he had the cutest mom in the whole school. Now Tommy was 23 and openly admiring his 37 year-old mother's figure. She giggled a bit, and wondered briefly when David had stopped noticing. Having a man, even a handsome stepson admiring you made a woman feel good. And it had been a long time since she had felt good like that.

So as she walked to the sliding glass door that led to the back yard, and the in ground pool that they put in a few years ago, she could feel his eyes on her backside as she walked. Grinning to herself, she gave a bit of an extra wiggle to her stride. He called out that he wished he had a swing like that in HIS back yard. She laughed as she tossed the towel in a lounging chair, and told him to behave, and put on his swimsuit. She hated to swim alone. He good-naturedly groaned about his suit wasn't dry from earlier, and it would be cold. She just rolled her eyes and walked toward the deep end of the pool. It was warm today, warmer than it had been lately.

She dove in and was instantly surprised by how cold it was. Beyond refreshing, it literally took her breath away. She finished up the underwater journey in the pool to gasp with exhilaration as she popped out of the surface. "Holy shit, that's COLD!" Tommy laughed as he walked out onto the patio. She turned to see him, and with his face in the shadows, she was looking at a VERY well-built man. Momentarily intrigued by what she was seeing, she breast-stroked over to the shallower end of the pool, never taking her eyes off him. As she emerged from the water, Suzanne’s skin tingled with the slight breeze, and she felt goose bumps immediately form. She didn't want to tell him how handsome he'd gotten. It would only embarrass him, but she still loved looking at him.

Suzanne couldn't immediately see Tommy's face, for the porch awning cast a deep shadow. Good thing, because he was slightly leering at her. That suit clung to her like a second skin. As she walked out of the pool, she was still doing a super sexy walk, and he could see that suit left nothing to the imagination. Her frequent workouts over the past few years as she worked hard at maintaining her shape had left her midsection with rippling abdominal muscles, and Tommy always felt that was sexy as hell on a woman. He slowly raised his eyes up as she wrung the water from her shoulder length hair, which brought her breasts up to a perfectly round position. Her nipples were very hard and were poking out about a half inch, and he could see her areola's as they too were affected by the cold. As she walked up the steps, he could see that her lower belly had an awesome shape and the full space between her legs was threatening to be invaded slightly by that clinging suit. "Holy shit," he thought to himself, "I swear I can see her clit on top of her pussy lips through that fucking suit!"

"It DOES look cold, Suz! Sheesh!"

"No kidding! Brrr!" she joked back. Suzanne walked back over to the chair that her towel was draped over. This part of the patio had a lot of privacy with the high fence and the neighbor's big palm trees that grew so well here in California. She bent over to get the towel and he gasped slightly. She didn't hear him as she said, ""OOO, too cold to swim. Feels great out here. I think I'll just lay out and get some sun! You might as well go back in, kiddo!"

Tommy had gasped aloud and cursed himself for feeling like a 15 year-old virgin. His lovely step-mother had bent over, and that suit was so clingy, he could see the bud of her asshole, as well as some serious camel-toe of her plump pussy that was so well framed in that material. His imagination took over briefly as he couldn't help but stare at this lovely vision. He had immediate thoughts of moving up to her, and running his thick fingers through her fat pussy, and hearing her groan and moving backwards into him, wanting more. His momentary dream continued as he imagining pulling out his hardening cock and pulling aside her suit more, exposing the darkened circle of her asshole as well as her moist pussy… imagined ramming his dick in and hearing her scream out with excitement. All this flashed in his mind in just a moment, and he felt the immediate thickening of his dick as it lengthened out. No way could his swimsuit possibly hide such a sizeable peace of meat.

When Suzanne noticed he didn't immediately answer, she glanced back over her shoulder as she stood up with the towel and saw the expression on his face. Understanding immediately that he had been checking her out, she grinned but that expression changed as she looked down and saw the full tent in his suit, sporting a bulge big enough that it threatened to pop the mushroom head out the top of his suit. His own suit was pretty clingy, and she could see the swell of his cock, the circumcised mushroom head, and thick balls below. "Oh my God," she thought. "He got excited by staring at me?" She turned her head back around, and glanced down, and saw how clingy her own suit was. She sucked her stomach in and pushed her pelvis forward, and she could see the full formation of her plump pussy.

She knew he'd seen that when she bent over. "The little shit got turned on by me?" She questioned, and then she glanced back again, and could see Tommy's cock straining against the pitiful cloth of the swimsuit. He was now trying to look elsewhere, apparently well aware of how turned on he was and trying to think of something else. She giggled a bit, understanding his frustration. "Shit," she said to herself. "Now you know how I feel, kiddo! Your dad hasn't touched me in months! No matter what I try!" But even as she said those words to herself, the vision of her being frustrated and a young stud standing next to her, a plan formed very quickly.

Before she could stop herself, while she was facing away from him, she reached up and moved the left strap off her shoulder, extracting her arm from the swim wear. She turned her head back to him over her right and said, "Since I'm going to get some sun, would you be a dear and give me a quick neck massage. I've been pretty tense for awhile, now." As she said that, she took the strap off her right shoulder and turned to face him. The suit was only being held up by her breasts. They'd succeeded in fighting gravity quite well over the years, and still were up to the job. But she didn't know how far down the suit hung, and he immediately could see the swell of her breasts, and could even see the top part of her dark areola of her nipple on her left tit. "Please," she pleaded, and pouted a bit for show. Then she looked up at his eyes, and knew he was staring at her breasts.

She breathed deeply and he watched – fascinated, as her boobs rose and fell, and the suit slipped down another half inch. Now both nipples were nearly in view. Suzanne had a nice sized rack, and those babies were capped with fairly large areolas, about the size of a quarter. Tommy had seen hints of them over the years, and he’d always enjoyed seeing her nip out in sweaters, thin shirts, etc. This was something totally different, however. Now, flushed with blood and hormones, they turned a lovely dark brown. As for her extended nipples, he couldn't see their color, but their shape was about the size of dime around, and they looked like larger versions of pencil erasers. He thought, “Looks like she could practically scratch glass with those suckers.” In fact, the only thing holding the suit up was her nipples! "Sure,' he answered her with a croaking voice, as he reached for the lotion on the table.

"Jeez, dude, get a grip, You're thinking of fucking your own step mom, for fuck's sake! Like THAT's gonna happen!" So even as he tried to dismiss such thoughts, the idea remained, and he kept thinking of stripping that suit off, sucking on those gorgeous nipples, having her suck his dick, slamming it in…

When he glanced over at the table to grab the lotion, he didn't see her smile broadly as she really took in the sight of his straining cock, made even bigger by her show. "Oh wow," she thought dreamily. "I really am naughty doing this to this poor kid, but it's just such a turn on. Oh well, even if that's all that happens, it's some fuel for some self loving tonight." In response, she could feel her nipples swelling even more, her face flushing, and her pussy began to get warm and moist. She thought, "if I don't watch it, I'll do something I'll regret later. But who's kidding who, this kid wouldn't want an old broad like me anyway."

So she sat down with her back to him, and felt her suit trying to slide off. She readjusted it a bit, and realized she had been showing a bit more than she'd originally wanted to, even for teasing the poor guy. But she found out she had to really sit with her back straight, or the suit tried to bulge out and slide off. Tommy poured a bit of the suntan lotion on her shoulders and neck, and she moved her hair over to her left shoulder to give him more access. Her hands rested on the seat on either side of her legs, and she sighed when he began to rub her shoulders. From the elevated position he was in, he couldn't dream he would have this very sight before him.

Suzanne's tits stood out proudly as she kept her back straight in an effort to keep the suit on. All this did though was show him the very thing he was trying not to seriously check out. As he began to massage her neck and shoulders, she cooed and tossed her head back. The hair and back of her head rubbed against his cock, but he didn't think she knew that.

"Oh Tommy, that feels WONDERFUL!" she sighed, and looked up at him with her head back. He grinned, and nodded his head in agreement. It felt good for him to massage her well-toned body. Course his mind was going nuts, as he kept stealing glances at her boobs. One time as she moved her suit bulged out a bit, and he could see almost her whole nipple… it looked almost painful the way he could see the skin stretched on it. He admired the deep brown color, and fantasies of massaging them took over his thoughts. "Yes Tommy, like that… a bit harder. You know I love it harder!" she murmured.

"Jeez, that's not what I want to hear," he wpmdered, as visions of slamming his cock into a wet pussy took over his mind. He forced it aside, and began rubbing her shoulder blades.

“Lower hon,” she urged, as she really wanted her middle and lower back massaged.

Tommy tried, but kept running into the fabric of the suit. It was tight enough on her that he had to break his massaging rhythm to use one hand to pull it out, and slide the other hand in… he couldn’t quite get a good mastery over what he was trying to do. "Suz, I can't get that far down cause of your suit," he said, his voice cracking a bit.

Suzanne sat up a bit straighter and looked over her shoulder. Was the kid trying to come onto her, she wondered. No, she could see he wasn't trying to, but her own thoughts were a jumble of erotic images of her climbing onto his hard cock, him eating her gushing pussy. She said, "Do you know how to give a good full body massage, from the head to the toes?"

"Sure, I guess so. Just put the towel over the lower part of you. You have any oil?"

She nodded and reached below her chair, and gave him another vision of gorgeous tit cleavage. He shuddered a bit. She stood up and handed him the lotion and smiled. "I'll hold you to it, kiddo. I love massages. Been a good while since I had a damned good one like that!"

"I charge extra," he joked, and she laughed aloud. Then she took her right hand and moved it inside her suit, covering her left boob. She glanced down and began to shimmy out of the material, using her left hand to assist. He saw her having a bit of difficulty, so he smiled and turned around. She graciously accepted his sense of honor and quickly stepped out of the suit. She flung it past him, and he glanced down, now knowing she was fully nude. He turned around expecting her to be wrapped in her towel, but she was standing there covering her boobs with her right arm and her pussy with her left. She was flushing furiously, and motioned to the lounge chair with her head.

"Where do you want me to lay down, sweetie? On the towel on the grass, or on the lounger?"

Stunned, he just wanted her to remove her arms, and wasn't thinking of massage in the slightest. "Whe-Wherever you want!" he finally uttered. "Can I start with the back… or can I work on the front first?"

She glanced up and saw his smile wide, his eyes wider. "Tommy! Stop!" She laughed, unable to take him serious.

"Please," he pleaded. She laughed and told him to stop again. She was getting very embarrassed, and not just a bit turned on. She saw his erection straining further, and she moved her hand slightly on her boobs, trying to keep them covered up. She succeeded in accidentally uncovering her right nipple, and he stared hungrily at it near the crook of her arm. Suzanne smiled sexily and turned to lie on the lounger, and Tommy felt like he was going to blow in his pants as he watched her sexy ass move. As she bent over to lie down, he saw her full pussy lips peeking out beneath her ass cheeks. "Holy shit! I really want to just fuck this hot woman!" he crazily thought!

She lay down and glanced over at him with her eyebrows raised. "Cool it down," she thought. "No way does he seriously want to use that gorgeous cock on me!"

"Hey c'mon, I'm burning up over here!" she joked aloud, and he grunted in response, pouring a liberal amount of oil in his left palm. When she felt his hands on her lower back, she adjusted herself on the lounger, her arms beneath her. With a bit of humor, she noted that her right hand was near her cunt, and she wanted desperately to frig herself to an orgasm. Now being covered up, she hoped she could get away with it. As he began to dig into her muscles and ligaments, she spread her legs slightly and slowly, oh so slowly, slid her right hand over and began to massage her clit, hoping he wouldn't know. Her breathing began to be very shallow, and she openly moaned her appreciation for his roaming hands. Tommy worked his way up her spine, moving out to her shoulders, the lats and he fought the urge to swoop under and just grab some great tits.

He was positioned basically on his knees on her right side but she said he wasn't reaching parts of her left area. With no other option, he literally straddled her, on the back of her legs, and his straining cock was just inches away from her gorgeous ass. Finally he couldn't help it. "God Suzanne," he muttered. "You have such a gorgeous body. I've never seen any woman have as nice a body as you. From what I saw, your ass is just fantastic, and your muscles just demand to be massaged."

She turned her head to look at him and smiled. "Oh honey, that's so sweet. I've worked really hard at staying in shape. Shame your dad doesn't like the result."

"Well, he's an idiot," he muttered.

Suzanne smiled and readjusted herself on the lounger. While she did that, he leaned forward to massage her upper shoulders, and the combination of the movements, brought his hard erect cock rubbing right between her soft ass cheeks, for he had accidentally moved the towel up with his movement. She gasped openly, knowing what just happened, and all resistance was nearly gone at that moment. Tommy was frozen in shock, for it felt so good he didn't stop it right away, He finally moved away and sat back down on his haunches, figuring either she wouldn't mind, or she would freak out, calling him a pervert or something. He reached forward and pulled the towel back down, and gave her ass a quick pat. “Sorry about that,” he murmured.

Suzanne felt her heart slamming in her chest, and with a foggy head, she turned a bit, raising herself on her left arm like in a push up, and twisted to the right. Tommy got a full on view of her left breast and nipple. He stared openly, and licked his lips. Suzanne couldn't handle it anymore, and plunged her right fingers deep into her pussy. She smiled as she said, "Hmmm, seems someone got turned on, huh? I'm flattered." She rolled her clit again, and shuddered slightly. She looked down at his throbbing cock and smiled.

Tommy's heart began to pound, and he reached forward slowly and tossed aside the towel brazenly. She gasped, and arched her back a bit. He moved his right leg, and she slowly moved her own right leg wider. Putting his leg back down, Suzanne slowly moved her left, and he smiled with her. He grabbed Suzanne's ass with one hand and he kneaded it sexily but what he did next freaked her out. With his other hand, he traced the outline of his cock, and she couldn’t help but follow his hand. Suzanne groaned and halfway closed her eyes. She sleepily watched him withdraw his hand, and grab her other ass cheek and pushed both hands towards each other, trapping her magnificent butt in each hand. He then moved forward, thrusting his big cock still contained in his suit between her ass cheeks, He groaned, "God you have an awesome ass. You're so fuckin' sexy, Suzanne!" He began to dry hump her with earnest! Suzanne responded by rolling on her upper right side, and she cupped her left tit and rolled the nipple with energy. She moaned aloud and smiled at him. "Hey, is this a new massage technique?" He grunted and grinned, and she suddenly said, "Ouch, that suit is rubbing me raw!"

He stopped and rubbed the red area between her ass cheeks with his still moist hands. "Sorry… but I have a cure for that!" She watched with wide open eyes as he sat forward, and with his thumbs, rolled the suit over his straining cock. Fully freed, it throbbed with the intensity of wanting to be buried in her hot pussy. It looked even bigger than she thought it was supposed to be. He was looking at her directly, and when he saw her eyes go wide, Tommy knew there was little resistance left in her.

Suzanne saw that big head throbbing and she instantly had a small orgasm. He rolled the suit past his swollen balls, and then reached forward and grasped her ass. He looked down as he did so, and grinned openly at her plunging fingers buried in her wet pussy. He looked up at her, and she smiled, a bit embarrassed, but continued her ministrations as he watched, mesmerized. Tommy leaned forward, and this time, his bare cock rubbed on her ass. He squeezed her perfect ass checks together, nearly trapping his cock and he went into a slow, sexy fucking motion. The sensation was incredible, and Suzanne instantly moaned with pleasure. God, she was so hot! Tommy reached up and around her right side, cupping her right breast, He kneaded the hardened nipple with two fingers, rolling it and flicking the end with one finger. She gasped openly, and thrust her ass back to him. "Tommy, oh please, stop teasing me! Oh honey… we really shouldn't be doing this. It's not right!"

Tommy was beyond caring right now, and he pulled back and grasped his cock firmly at the base and aimed the head lower. He teased her ass cheeks with it again, and slowly went lower, past her pulsating asshole. It hovered near her steaming moist pussy lips, and she knew what he was doing, and instantly spread her legs wide. Her fingers withdrew from her inflamed area, but she continued to roll her clit, slowly.

Inwardly she said, "Yes, slam that big fucker in! I don't care anymore. His father won't have sex with me… so I'll just fuck the shit out of this young stud!" But a tiny bit of resistance came out as she said, "Oh God… Tommy!…" She hoped her voice would trigger something in him, for she was so turned on she couldn't stop if she tried.

Tommy leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "You want to see teasing?" and then he purposefully flicked the mushroom head of his cock back and forth against her plump cunt lips and clitoris as fast as he could move it. The response was instantaneous as she gushed what felt like a gallon of nectar all over his cock. She moaned loudly, muttering words he couldn't make out. "What was that?" he teased back.

She rose herself off the lounger and twisted around and hissed, "I said ‘FUCK ME, you Sexy Motherfucker!’" and she tried to shove backwards, trying to impale herself on his dreamy cock. But he pulled back, and she moaned with denial. He reached down, and grabbed her left thigh, and lifted it up from the lounger. Turning her over, Tommy stared with fascination at her puffy pussy lips. Suzanne spread her flower with both her hands, and he groaned. She looked at him with desire and a bit of pleading there. Tommy smiled and slid downwards running his tongue down the side of her ass, along her thighs, and then began to lick upwards. Her breath caught in her throat and Tommy reached up with his right hand and lightly grabbed her exposed right nipple.

"First, I want to taste this hot pussy!" She watched with wide, disbelieving eyes that this was really happening. Thoughts of stopping this forbidden love were feeble and almost non-existent. Having made his bold statement, he touched her clit with his tongue, and flicked it just a few times. She exploded all over his lower face screaming his name, and he lapped it up like he'd never see anything like that again. Over and over she moaned, the first real orgasms she’d felt in months. Tiny multi orgasms continued to rock her world as she shuddered under his expert tonguing. She grabbed his head and ran her hands through his hair, shaking her head with apparent denial. For the next ten, she was hypnotized by this young stud’s performance. She saw the veins on his neck standing proudly out as he continued to eat her tasty pussy!

Finally, she stopped shaking, and he looked up. He could see her nipples sticking straight up, and he swore they were larger than before, swollen with desire. He scooted up a bit, and took the right one in his mouth, sucking strongly on it. “OOOhhh, yes baby!” she cooed, and she reached down and stroked his own nipples. After a few moments, he scooted up again and she sat up strongly, reaching for his swollen girth. “Your turn, big guy!” she said sexily.

He rolled on his side, and when she rolled out away from him, he also twisted further and sat back fully on the wooden lounger. She pulled his swimwear all the way off, tossing it aside and climbed up, straddling him, and grasped his cock at the base again. She said, “Sorry kiddo, I really want to suck this sexy cock, but it’s been so long, I gotta have this inside me now!” And with that, she aimed it and promptly sat down on his cock, impaling her hotness. They both groaned with the sensation, and she immediately began a rocking, humping motion! “YES, oh God, YES!!” All too soon, she gushed all around his throbbing dick and Tommy thrust upwards with a series of quick pulses.

“Suz… I’m going to cum!” he warned. He had one hand on her right tit, and the other cupping her gorgeous ass. He used it to help her raise and lower herself, while continuing to knead both sensitive areas.

She leaned forward and took his right earlobe in her clenched teeth. “I had my tubes tied years ago… Cum with me baby! I’m so close!”

That’s all it took. He shot off four quick powerful bursts, groaning. “NYuhhhh! GOD! GODDAMN it! OH fuck you’re so fucking HOT! Cuming in your hot pussy! Oh God I can’t Believe THIS!” She couldn’t believe it herself… normally she wasn’t so horny, but with the barriers down, Suzanne just couldn’t stop herself. And her body had a mind all of it’s own!

Suzanne was now slamming her mound down on his impaling meat. “Yes kiddo, oh YES! Oh Fuck! I should have done this months ago with you! OHHHHHHH!!!” He continued to pulse inside her and she felt their liquids pouring out of her inflamed pussy. “NYOOoooo, Yes, hun, Stay hard… stay hard for me!” Even after she felt his cock stop pulsating, he remained as hard as before. “YES, oh yes!” she uttered, and resumed her wild ride.

Tommy grinned and began to meet her thrusts and began to do his best to shove that prick as far inside her as he could. “Yeah, Suz, yes! I wanted to fuck you for so damned LONG!” And then he sat up and grabbed her ass and changed positions on her, moving her on her back in the grass, never slipping outside her in the process. She lay back and spread her legs as far as she could and he slammed it in deeply. Over and over, like a piston he pounded in her. He hunched forward and caught her bouncing right breast in his mouth and flicked the nub a few times, making her shudder. He continued to cup her ass as he slammed the full length of his sex into her as she scrunched up and watched his member reaming her hot pussy. She'd never felt so full in her life!

Suddenly he exploded powerfully, and it triggered her own response, and she moaned into his shoulder, biting it in the process. “YES baby, oh YES! I’m coming toooooo! NYOOOUUU!”

“GAWD DAMNNNN!!” he responded, continuing to slam into her. “Yeah baby! Oh My God this is SO fucking hot!” After a few more thrusts, he slowed to almost nothing, his face contorted with pleasure. “Damn woman, who’d have known?” he said with a grin, feeling his cock soften.

Suzanne looked up from the grass with a pleased smile, and gave her pussy a squeeze, drawing a gasp out of him. “Got any more in there?” she asked, not fully sated yet.

“Maybe… “

“Well, we have to be pretty quick if we do, because Shelly will be home very soon.” In response, Tommy began humping again, feeling his cock respond. By the third thrust, she was moaning again. “Oh God… yes!”

“Get on your knees!” he insisted, sweat standing out on his forehead, his pulse quickening. He pulled out and grasped his cock at the base, standing as he did so. In response, Suzanne sat up and Tommy massaged her tits. She grinned and pushed them together. Groaning, Tommy inserted his cock between them. “Yea! But next time. I want to see your ass quiver with me banging you.” She smiled and immediately got on all fours and before Tommy could do anything, she humped back against him, impaling herself once again.

“Oh YEAH baby, fuck that pussy!” she snarled, as Tommy put his fingers on her hips, and palmed her ass, squeezing. Soon they were at it again, Suzanne’s hanging tits moving painfully with her thrusts back meeting that monster cock going in. “Oh yeah, hun, I’m so close!” she murmured, biting her lower lip with the intensity. Tommy reached forward and grabbed her right tit, palming her nipple. It dug forcibly between his fingers. Suzanne moaned in appreciation as he moved the nipple between his fingers. Tommy saw Suzanne’s asshole and couldn’t help himself. He put his left thumb over it and began to massage it openly. She sucked her breathe in audibly, and looked over her shoulder in surprise.

Shelly Davis approached her parent’s home with dread. She looked a lot like Suzanne, just younger and with a heckuva lot more hair. Her eyes were a deep blue, where Suzanne’s were a light green, and Shelly's hair was darker, bruenette in fact, were her mom was more of a dishwater blonde. Her mom looked really good for her age, and Shelly joined her on their workouts. The result was Shelly had a great set of legs, nice abs, and no fat. Her stepdad complained that she was getting a bit too muscled, but she just blew him off. She still had a nice ass, and it turned heads wherever she went. Her hair was Shelly’s pride and joy, though. It was getting warm enough where she was tempted to go with a shorter bob cut, but knew her guy she was seeing was against it.

He was a junior, and she’d already gotten a lot of shit from her friends because of that. Her breasts were larger than her mom’s and her older sister Dee, who REALLY worked out a lot. She was a jock in a college north of here and Dee was proud that Shelly had pursued music. As a matter of fact, Shelly hated school, and was so damned happy that she was a week away from graduation. Being a senior and eighteen years old, she couldn’t wait to get out of the house. Her mom wanted her to go to school, her step dad thought a trade school would be better than joining some sorority, where Shelly actually wanted to join up with the military. Her mom knew her plans, and insisted that if she wanted to go to the service, at the very least go in as an officer. Shelly had friends that were going, and her grades were almost good enough to be accepted at the Air Force Academy. She had been in secret talks with a recruiter from there for the past few months. He called her cell this afternoon, and said it was all a go… however, she needed her mom’s signature, and hoped this wouldn’t be a major drama.

She let herself in the front door, and dropped her band uniform and her books in her usual spot. “Mom?” she called out, testing the waters. “Mom, I made a decision…” Shelly looked around and her mom wasn’t in the front room. Shelly knew her mom was off work early on Fridays, and she wasn't the type to go shopping unless her youngest daughter was with her. It was their "me" time, and Shelly looked forward to those times. Drinking coffee, talking about girl stuff. So Shelly looked around, went downstairs, into the laundry. Hmmm, that's strange, she thought. Where is she?

The covers on the couch looked like someone had been on there recently. Tommy had gotten to coming around a lot after work, and since this was Friday, she knew he didn’t have to work the next couple of days. She smiled while thinking of her gorgeous stepbrother, more than a little bit of affection for her him seeped in her consciousness. She’d had fantasies where they ran off together, mostly because she KNEW he wasn’t blood related.

A few months ago she’d caught him jerkin' his meat (Tommy was blissfully unaware he was being watched), and when he jizzed while watching the porno and stroking his big dick, she had enjoyed an orgasm of her own in the shadows of the hallway, her fingers plunging into her moist pussy in time with his stroking fingers. She’d snuck back to bed, and never had the nerve to talk to him about it. But ever since then, she'd dreamed nightly of going down on him, and thoughts of his engorged cock filled her senses. She'd caught glances of him in the shower, running into him with her ass, trying to turn him on. She'd worn loose fitting shirts, and had seen his bulge get bigger. One time she'd worn a really loose shirt that hung off her shoulder with no bra on and she knew he'd seen her nipples when she bent over to ask him a question. She almost reached out and rubbed his big cock, as he sat back to stretch, not even trying to hide it. She wondered if she was being teased WHILE teasing him. But there'd never been a good time to take advantage of the moments. Usually their parents were around.

These thoughts of her step brother had invaded her peace of mind. Even to the point where she hadn’t had sex with her guy but once. And it had been terribly unfulfilling. Thinking of Tommy were what got her though that short, dull night.

All of this flashed in her mind in a moment as she stopped dead in her tracks as she looked out the patio door to see her naked mother riding Tommy's huge cock with an energy Shelly could only envy. He was flat on his back, and she was riding him, facing away, and his hands were on her ass, helping her plunge her fat pussy over his engorged length. Mesmerized, she could only stare and watch with envy on the forbidden lustful act. As she watched her mom toss her hair and groan aloud with an orgasm, Shelly reached for her own pussy with nerveless fingers.

(to be continued)

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