Forbidden Fruit 2 The Beach House – Virgin no more

Forbidden Fruit 2 The Beach House – Virgin no more

The next day John got up early and started getting things ready to prepare lunch with Larissa. He had thought about her almost constantly since she had left. He couldn’t stop thinking how it felt to kiss her. How powerful it felt to kiss her while holding her on the edge of the rail. He never felt such an amazing sense of power over a woman. She felt so docile and feminine to him. Now here he was washing the vegetables and cleaning the house to make a good impression. He decided to change the linens on the bed, just in case,

Larissa also got up early. She took a shower and went through her swim suits looking for the one that she wanted to be seen in by this guy. She didn’t want it to look childish so the suit she selected mattered. She then was debating what she could wear and not look too suspicious to “the step mom” leaving the house. She didn’t want John to only see her in work out wear but she couldn’t really dress up very much either without drawing a lot of attention to herself. She decided on a sun dress that would be commonly warn over a swim suit and decided to go ahead and put her suit on now. It wouldn’t look too suspicious to wear a cover up over a swim suit if she were going to the beach.

She was anxious to head over to his home but didn’t want to show up too early and look over anxious so the morning went by slow for her. John stayed pretty busy getting the home ready so the time went by faster for him but he was as excited as she was. Besides the floral cotton and lace sundress Larissa put on a pair of beige wedge sandals that had an almost three inch heel. She hoped they didn’t stand out too much to “the step mom” but she thought they would make her look taller and more mature so she decided to wear them. She headed out towards the beach and to the fence line of “the community.” After entering “the community” on her walk to his home she saw the security golf cart making its way around the neighborhood. She had to hurry around a block to avoid running into the guard and it got her heart pounding as she didn’t want to get arrested for trespassing. She hurried to his home and was relieved when she made it to his front porch and was able to ring the doorbell.

John’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the doorbell and he hurried to answer. He opened the door and just stood back and took a deep breath as he got a fresh look at the lovely young woman he had met yesterday. She looked more beautiful then he remembered. Having ridden in the car with him yesterday with the convertible top down, her hair had been a little bit messy, but today, her hair was brushed out and one side pulled back slightly with a bobby pin and today she was wearing makeup. Her sundress had spaghetti straps that left her arms and shoulders bare and with the bikini top she had on under the dress it gave her full breasts a little extra lift accentuating her cleavage a bit more and he struggled not to stare at her there. The sandals on her feet with their three inch heel helped to define her leg muscles making them more noticeable to him today then yesterday.

“Hi,” he said for the first time she ever noticed he sounded a little nervous.
“Hi,” she said back.
“Come on in,” he said moving back from the entry opening the door wide.
“Thanks,” she said walking through the door.
“You look amazing,” he said taking a moment to look at her butt as she walked in past him.
She blushed but said, “Thank you. You look nice too.”
John had put on a Hilfiger short sleeve blue and white button down shirt, jean shorts and loafers without socks.
“I’ve got the vegetables and lettuce and tomatoes all washed so we can start preparing everything when you’re ready,” he said and started walking to the kitchen.
Larissa followed and looked at all the fresh vegetables he had out on the counter, lettuce, tomato, zucchini, carrots and squash as well as red and green bell pepper and white onions. “Wow you really did get a lot of groceries,” Larissa said. “Yep,” John said.

He found her an apron and brought it over to her, but rather then to hand it to her he pulled the top strap up and over her head then he took hold of each of the two waist straps one in each hand he then stepped right in front of her and put his arms around her and behind her and pulled her close to him so he could tie the straps. She blushed and smiled and let him tie the straps and then was a little surprised when he moved his lips to hers kissing her softly with closed lips for about ten seconds. He linked his fingers behind her back at her waist and pulled her hips up against him and held her tightly saying, “I missed you.” Larissa was a little caught off guard and she was more stiff with this kiss then she had been with any of the kisses yesterday. But it wasn’t very long before she had another chance as again he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips again with closed lips. This kiss lasted longer though and he only broke it for a moment and kissed her again this time pushing his tongue to her lips again hoping she would let his tongue penetrate into her mouth. With it being a new day and early in the morning and the passion of yesterday behind her Larissa was a bit more nervous and still a little stiff with the second kiss. When he continued to kiss her and pushed his tongue to her lips she had to decide quickly what she wanted to do. She didn’t want to reject him in anyway so after feeling his tongue slide over her lips she let them part slightly and let him push his tongue into her mouth. One thing Larissa learned for sure about John was that he was not timid as again like yesterday as soon as she gave him an opening he took full advantage and she felt him wrap his arms around her tightly and kiss her deep and passionately with so much confidence it was almost intimidating. His tongue chased hers around her own mouth and again he wasn’t hesitant at all that he might taste something gross, instead he swirled his tongue all through her mouth like they had been kissing and knew each other for years. His confidence and his aggressive nature overwhelmed her and she felt such a lack of control but he continued to kiss and hold her tightly till he was ready to break the kiss and when he finally did she found herself somewhat relieved.

“Wow I love kissing you,” he said, “I feel like I can’t get enough.”
She blushed overwhelmed by his confidence. “Thanks,” she said only a slight bit of shakiness in her voice.
He took hold of her hand and pulled her behind the kitchen counter. “Do you do much cooking,” he asked?
“No,” she replied.
He smiled hearing that loving the idea of teacher her how to cook. One of John’s favorite hobbies was cooking. It took his stress away when he was down and it gave wonderful rewards of getting to taste good food. He grabbed several of the vegetables and a chef’s knife and guided Larissa by the hand over to one of the counters. The counter had a wood block cutting board built into it and he placed the vegetables on the board. He then offered the knife to Larissa holding the blade and offering the handle to her. She took hold of the knife and felt him move in behind her.

“Okay let me show you the right way to use a knife so you don’t cut off one of those pretty fingers of yours,” he said and took a soft hold of her hand holding the knife. “First on the hand holding the vegetable you want to curl your finger tips under and have your knuckle flat to the blade of the knife. Now you are going to slowly move the knife up and down sliding it along your knuckles and feed the vegetable slowly further and further to the knife. As you do it will slice away at the vegetable,” he said helping her begin to slice pieces of the carrot off. He was being serious and careful and showing her the right way, at the same time he was using this as an excuse to make as much physical contact with her as he could. Her hair smelled wonderful and her body felt incredible. The thought of seeing her in a bathing suit excited him greatly and he hoped beyond hope that she had brought a bikini. He worked with her a bit longer till she had the hang of it. She understood the concept and he pushed a good amount of vegetables for her to chop up.

He began to cut up meat and put it into a sauce to marinate. He had some music playing and was dancing slightly as he was preparing the food. He sang to her as well and she began to laugh and have a good time. They worked together to prepare the food for cooking and the salad for eating. It took almost an hour to prepare all the food but they got it done and had a good time. He then started to clean up the scraps they had and put the meat into the oven to cook. He was dying to get her into her swimsuit so he hurried to get things cleaned up so they would have time to kill while the food cooked. He placed the salad into the refrigerator and then he got a bottle of white wine to open. He picked a sweet wine, guessing since she was young she probably had drank very little wine. He knew with himself when he first started drinking wine he liked fruity and sweet then as he developed his taste he liked more and more dry wine. He had picked a sweet German desert wine. He opened the wine and poured two glasses.

“Ready to give the hot tub a try,” he said handing her the glass of wine intentionally not asking her if she wanted it. Larissa thought about it and knew to get into the hot tub she had to be in her swim suit and she was a little nervous about that.
“Already,” she asked?
“Sure why not we have a while for the food to cook and we might as well relax,” he said and as he said it he pushed his glass up like to toast to see if she would touch her glass to his in a toast and then take a sip.
She saw him raise the glass and since she had never drank a glass of wine before, but she had toasted with grape juice she timidly lifted her glass. He tapped his glass against hers and said, “Salute,” and then took a sip of his wine locking his eyes on her. “Salute,” she replied and took a small sip of the wine.
It tasted odd to her as she had never even tried wine before but it didn’t taste bad. He grabbed her hand and guided her out to the pool area. He walked her to the pool bathroom and offered it to her to change in. She took him up on it and went inside although all she had to do was pull the dress off as she already had her bikini on underneath.

Her heart was pounding as she was a little nervous for him to see her in only a bikini but she took off the sundress and walked out to the hot tub. He was already in just his swim trunks and had the bottle of wine in an ice bucket on the edge of the hot tub and was sitting in the hot bubbling water with his glass of wine in hand. He stood up as she approached and she handed him her wine and unstrapped her sandals stepping out of them. He then set her wine on the side of the hot tub and offered her a hand to get into the water. She was wearing a white floral string bikini. It had red and blue flowers with green stems and leaves on a white background. The top had two full triangles, nothing tacky but yet not like a tank top either and the bottom was also two triangles one for the front and a larger one to cover her butt. Again she could have had on a suit with boy shorts so he was very happy to see the strings on each side of her hips and at her neck and back. She looked terrific and the top held her breasts nicely in place. They did not appear to be padded at all as he could make out the shape of her nipple slightly so her breasts were as full as they looked without additional padding. Her legs were shapely and her toe nails were painted neatly with a soft rose color. Her stomach was flat as could be with an inny belly button and he again loved looking at her tiny waist so thin compared to her full hips and breast. He was again stunned by the curves of her body.

She got into the water and was relieved to be under the bubbles as he was able to look at every inch of the front of her body before she got in. It was very hot water and immediately she had to blow air and said, “Whew.”
“Nice and hot,” he said still starring her down.
She made sure not to sink too low to keep her hair dry and he was glad at that as it kept her cleavage above the water line and her breasts seemed to float slightly. He handed her back her glass of wine, lifted his and lifted it to her then took a sip hoping to encourage her to take another sip herself. She did as he hoped and he sank down in the water so excited she was here with him. It wasn’t being in the water that excited him though it was the thought of seeing her out of it after soaking in the hot water a while.

John was looking at her and he couldn’t resist, he had to touch her. So he ducked under the water a moment while she watched surprised and he took hold of her ankle and lifted a foot and came back up above water. She giggled surprised at what he had done. He then began to massage her small soft foot. He loved her little feet, they were the smallest he had seen on a woman, and they were narrow and very feminine. The arch of her foot was very defined and each cute toe was small and round with each toenail manicured and painted neatly. He took his time and massaged her heel, the arch, the ball of the foot and each toe as well as on top of her foot and even her ankle. “Next,” he called out and she lifted her other foot up to him. She couldn’t believe he was doing this. She had never had a guy pay such detailed attention to her body. He made her feel so special like it was a privilege for him to massage her feet. He seemed to love it she worried he might think they looked funny she had always thought her toes looked small. He pampered her second foot like he had the first.

They had small talk for a while and the temperature of the water was hot for Larissa and she couldn’t stay in long. She got up onto the side of the hot tub leaving her feet in the water. This made him very happy as he got to look at her now wet body and even sitting her stomach looked still close to flat. Her body was unbelievable to him and he wanted her more then he had ever wanted any woman. He decided to copy her and got up on the side of the hot tub and made a point to suck in his gut to make sure he didn’t look fat to her.

She took the moment to take a look at him and she loved the look of his over six foot tall body. All his features were so much larger then hers of course including his hands and feet which looked big to her. His legs looked very firm and he had nice muscle definition in his legs. He knew better then to start to kiss her knowing if he did then and there he would want to go all the way with her right there.

So he decided to get up and go check on the food and disappeared for several minutes. She was just poking her head out of the pool area when he saw her and smiled and said, “Follow me.” She was surprised but followed him out onto the deck and he had set up lunch outside on the deck over looking the beach. The balcony of the master bedroom created a natural shade for the deck below to protect it from constant direct sunlight. She was still in just her bikini and that was his intent. He made a point today to remain in his swim trunks rather then to put on more clothing because he wanted her to stay like she was. “Have a seat,” he said hoping beyond hope she didn’t say she needed to go put her dress back on. To his delight she took a seat at the table. “Be right back,” he said and as fast as he could he literally ran to get the wine and their glasses. He didn’t want to take long to where she thought she should put on her dress. He made it back and sat down topping off her glass with more wine. He dished her out some food in a small portion and then himself.

She took a bite of the food and then said, “Oh my God this is so good.” He smiled very proud and tasted it himself and then just let out a grunt, “Ummmm.” They ate their food and he got to stare at her body. Being by the ocean it was a little bit windy and after being in the hot tub the breeze was a bit cool and John got one of his wishes. The cool breeze stimulated her flesh and the wet bathing suit added to the change in the temperature and her nipples responded to the cool air by tightening and hardening. John was delighted as he could begin to make out the shape of her areola and nipple as they both seemed to puff up and lift the thin material of the bikini top showing their natural feminine shape. His mind took a moment to fanaticize about what it would be like to suck on them. He had to make himself stop starring and again look into her eyes so she would not think he was some type of pervert.

They ate their dinner and to his delight she seemed to be enjoying the wine. He would only let her sip three or four sips of her glass before he would refill it so she would lose track of how much she was drinking. Normally he liked a pitcher of water with his meal but he didn’t want her to have any alternative to drinking the wine. Larissa was overwhelmed by this all and was enjoying the good food and the beautiful view of the ocean from the deck. She was enjoying the taste of the sweet wine more and after the hot tub and the sunshine she was very thirsty. She thought about asking for a glass of water but didn’t want to make him have to go into the house for a special trip just to get her water. Because of that she was drinking more then she ever would have intended and she began to feel giddy and relaxed. She found herself giggling more at things he said. But she was having fun and feeling good. She told him about seeing the security cart driving around and how she had to hide around a house by a garage to avoid being seen. She teased him that if she had been caught she wouldn’t have shown up and he would have had to rescue her from jail for trespassing. They both laughed at the idea.

As they finished their dinner he broke out a special surprise of strawberries and melted chocolate to dip the strawberries in. But he had a special idea for this. He slid his chair closer to hers and dipped a strawberry into the chocolate. He then lifted it to her beautiful full lips. She blushed and smiled and then took a bite. He took a bite of the same strawberry after her and then discarded the base of it. He then picked up another strawberry dipping it and this time circling it in the air like a parent would play with food with a baby and on purpose he touched it to the tip of her nose, then her chin before offering it to her mouth. As soon as she took her bite he leaned in behind the strawberry and kissed and licked the chocolate off of her nose then kissed and licked it off her chin.

He then took another strawberry and dipped it into the chocolate. This time on purpose he got as much chocolate onto the strawberry as he could, enough to where he knew it would drip. He then moved it towards her mouth but paused ever so slightly and tilted the strawberry just so. . . sure enough a blob of chocolate dripped and he was proud at with the accuracy it dripped landing directly in her cleavage getting a splash of chocolate on each of her breasts. “Aww Ohhh,” he said smiling. She looked down and was relieved that it had not gotten onto her swim suit as there isn’t much chocolate on the beach at the ocean so a chocolate stain on a swimsuit would not make much sense to “the step mom.” He moved the strawberry to her mouth and she took a bigger bite this time trying to make sure not to have it drip any more. It did however smear some of the chocolate on the outside of her mouth and he smiled in delight of that as well. He took the last bite of the strawberry setting the stem aside then moved his mouth to her mouth and licked the chocolate from her lips finishing with a quick smack kiss on her lips.

He then pointed at the chocolate in her cleavage and said, “No worries,” and lowered his face to her chest. Larissa was stunned to watch a guy lower his head to her breasts and then even more shocked to feel him lick the skin on her breasts. She had never even had anyone else touch her breasts let alone lick them. She literally let out quite a gasp of surprise and pleasure. His tongue felt warm and soft and he licked the inside of one breast then the other and then between them. He took his time and licked far more then was necessary. He did not leave one drop of chocolate on her skin. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol or just the feeling of what was happening but she was feeling very warm and aroused. He then slowly kissed up her breasts up onto her chest, then her chin and finally to her lips. Within moments he was pushing his tongue into her mouth and then their tongues intertwined as they kissed long and passionately.

Like before as he French kissed her John put his hands on the back of her head intertwining his fingers in her hair. To Larissa this gave him complete control of the kiss because she could not pull her head back or turn her head to the side meaning he completely controlled how long they kissed. She had never been around anyone like him and had never even imagined kissing someone would be like this but it aroused her like nothing she ever could have imagined. He seemed to have some type of incredible power over her and it was nothing she had ever experienced before. He again licked all through her mouth and around her tongue and then did something he had not done before. He made his mouth smaller but pushed slightly into her open mouth forcing her to open as wide as she could, he then sucked her tongue into his mouth and that felt incredibly intimate as he pulled her tongue far into his mouth with her mouth still around his.

They continued to kiss for a while like that before he finally pulled back and sat down and shook his head looking stunned himself. “I’m afraid if you stay here much longer, I’m no longer going to be able to contain myself and am going to have to be inside you,” he said. His words stunned her with how she was feeling. She had to think about what he just said and what he meant. She wondered if he wanted her to leave. She decided to ask, “Do you want me to leave?” He stood up with her question and took hold of her lands and brought her up to her feet as well and moved as close to her as he could stand looking down into her eyes. “No I want you to stay more then anything in the world, but if you do I’ll have to have you, I’ll have to be with you, I’ll have to have you as mine.” As he said this he realized how tiny she was with them both barefooted. At six foot three he was a full fourteen inches taller then her. She looked so small and beautiful and vulnerable and the moment he finished saying it he again kissed her passionately again taking her tightly into his arms.

Larissa was surprised how quickly he kissed her after saying those words she was trying to think what he meant. Asking herself what he meant. Did he mean sex? But the kiss distracted her, took her thoughts away. Again he kissed her long and passionately holding her so tightly it almost hurt it made her feel weak and that was so intoxicating. She felt so different then she ever felt at any other time in her life. She felt grown up and aroused.

When he broke the kiss he shifted to her side and picked her up in his arms with an arm under her knees and one behind her back. “Are you ready to leave,” he asked her? She shook her head no and was then surprised as he carried her to the stairs and started walking up them with her lifted up in his arms. But she then realized by that one shake of her head that she had just told him. . . had she really. . . had she just told him she wanted to have sex with him. Up the stairs he carried her past the second floor up more stairs until in his bed room. He carried her over to the bed then he set her feet on the floor and while still holding onto her grabbed the covers and whipped them down unmaking the bed. As soon as they were down he picked her up again and spun her around and laid her gently onto the fresh linens. He sat down on the bed next to her and kissed her again passionately.

Larissa felt the cold sheets on her skin under her after all in just the bikini she had a great deal of exposed flesh. The cool temperature of the sheets felt nice after being out on the deck. But that wasn’t at issue right now, what was, was the fact of what he had said and what he wanted. She was lying on his bed. He had said he had to have her and here she was lying on his bed where he had carried her. Up till that moment the reality of what he meant had not hit her. She had been playing grown up till then, swept up in the passion and arousal she had felt. But this was serious, this was for real, this handsome man wanted to have sex with her. She was sixteen and a virgin. She had not even thought about let alone considered the idea of having sex with someone. Yet here she was lying in a man’s house, on a man’s bed. And he was kissing her and touching her like she never knew someone could do.

John had forgotten about her age, about the fact that she was young. He had asked her if she wanted to leave and she had said no. He wanted this young woman more then any other woman he had ever been near. He was more aroused and driven to have her then he had ever been for anyone else. He had totally forgotten what it felt like to be young and inexperienced and na? after all he was 33 years old. Sex had not been a big deal to the last several women he had been with. They had experience and were wanting to find a husband and maybe some of them a father for their children. They had all asked him about his job and how much money he made. His conversations with Larissa were never about money or jobs or marriage. They talked about the ocean, the environment and food. He loved that about her more then any of the other women he had gone out with.

And kissing and holding her was so different from any of the other women as well. There didn’t seem to be any motive in her kissing. She didn’t seem to be trying to impress him like the others had. Her kisses were soft and na? and without purpose. He had never kissed anyone who had felt so vulnerable and timid. He had never kissed anyone who seemed to let him so overpower them, to control them to dictate to them how to kiss. And he loved how that felt. He loved how he felt completely in charge, completely in control.

He slid his hand down her side feeling her incredibly soft skin. He looked to see how incredible her body was, her tummy smooth and flat free of stretch marks, her legs smooth and shapely free from cellulite or varicose veins. He couldn’t remember seeing a body so flawless and it made him wonder if he deserved to be here on the bed with her. But it didn’t matter if he deserved it or not because he was here and so was she. He had asked her if she wanted to leave and she had shaken her head no. Now here she was on his bed. He kissed her deeply and slid his hand over her skin. He then moved a hand to the top edge of her shoulders and then pushed it carefully under her neck. He found what he was looking for the tie to her bikini top. He carefully took hold of it between two fingers and pulled. With the intensity of his kiss she didn’t even feel what he had done till he broke the kiss and slowly pulled the top of her bikini down exposing her breasts.

He knew by breaking the kiss she might get more nervous at being exposed but he had been waiting for this moment, waiting to see that part of her body that defined her as a woman, as a potential mother, something men didn’t have but always couldn’t take their eyes off of, beautiful, full, round, firm breasts. He wasn’t disappointed. Her breasts looked magnificent to him. He was right there was no padding in the top her breasts were a full c-cup and maybe even close to a d. With her youth they were still unbelievably firm and he carefully put a hand on the side of her left breast lifting it gently with her lying on her back and felt it softly. “Yes,” he thought to himself, soft and natural, not that too firm feeling of an enhanced breast like he had felt at the strip club. Each breast was full and firm pale white globes a bit more milky white from lack of exposure to the summer sun. Her areola and nipples a pale pink color, the areola about as large around as a half dollar and from her arousal puffing nicely above the smooth flesh of the breast. Her two nipples each lifted noticeably like brand new pencil erasers and he could see the tiny center opening to her milk ducts. “Ohhhhh,” he thought he would be so jealous of anyone who she allowed to nurse from those perfect breasts.

He smiled at her softly and then very slowly brushed the tips of his fingers over her left breast. He felt the top and the sides and the bottom of the globe. Her skin was so pure and soft and smooth. He continued to circle the pads of his fingers around it slowly working closer to the center. He was careful to trace his finger over just the areola careful not to touch the nipple at first. Stimulating it that much more feeling it harden just a little bit more. His soft touch making her get goose bumps and she got little bumps on the areola too. He found this natural and lovely. Then he couldn’t wait any longer and carefully took his thumb and index finger and took hold of her nipple. But he didn’t just touch it, as soon as he placed his fingers on it he pulled gently with them and he was rewarded by her letting out a soft moan.

Larissa was stunned by all this, she had never had anyone else ever even look at her breasts this close let alone touch them. She had always been self conscious of them especially since they began to develop when she was young and since they were larger then most of the other girls her age. Yet here she was laying on this guy’s bed, letting him untie her top and expose her breasts to him. She felt so nervous and couldn’t believe this was happening. Maybe she should have left when he asked her to. No boy she had ever kissed had his self confidence. They would never have touched, or looked at her like this yet here she was with her breasts now exposed and him touching her like it was no big deal. She felt herself trembling again.

After pulling gently on the first nipple he moved his fingers to the other breast again tracing them around it like if he were examining it for flaws. He saw her eyes following his fingers watching him touch her there. She was breathing hard and trembling again and hew knew that was because she was nervous but she hadn’t told him “no” and unless she did he was determined to do everything he could to arouse her. Again he circled this areola with his finger careful not to touch the nipple till he was hard and then finally taking hold of it and gently pulling it up causing her again to moan. The sound of her young voice letting out a moan was so exciting to him. So many woman he had been with were different, some loud some quiet each slightly unique. But he loved a woman who would let out natural sounds of pleasure. Hearing those sounds excited him that much more.

He then leaned back down and kissed her again. His kiss thanking her for letting him explore her perfect breasts. He took his time with this kiss and like he had before took hold of her head with both hands and kissed her hard and deep reminding her of his confidence, of his control. She was stunned with the aggressiveness in his kiss and like before it overwhelmed her with emotions. A kiss that was deeper and more passionate then any other she ever had, a kiss of such confidence that reminded her he had no doubt or nervousness in his mind. His mouth and tongue pushing so deep and thoroughly into hers that she could not break the kiss without turning away, yet his hands holding her head on each side keeping her from moving more then an inch. She could not imagine a more powerful kiss and she just accepted his will unsure she could do anything to stop it if she wanted to.

This time when he broke the kiss he stayed where he was but moved one hand away. That hand moved down onto her tummy and his fingers traced over the skin on her belly. He smiled softly at her and she felt his fingers slide around her flesh like an ice skater would slide over ice. He moved them round and round until eventually his index finger circled her belly button. When she finally felt it trail away from her belly button it slid to her side. She felt a tug at the bow of her bikini bottoms and her heart skipped a beat as she realized what he was doing.

Just as she was thinking of protesting, of telling him “No,” she was stunned as he maneuvered his body on top of hers his knees pushing between her legs and he was lying with his weight on her. As he got on top of her he looked her in the eyes and said, “I have to have you,” and again pushed a hard kiss to her lips. He knew she was young and he knew she was nervous and he intentionally didn’t want to give her the chance to tell him, “No.” So he kissed her hard and deep and took firm hold of her bikini bottoms and pulled them away from her body. He kept telling himself, “Go slow take your time.” But he was finding that harder and harder to do as he was obsessed with her now.

Larissa was shocked that she felt him get on top of her and shocked at what he said and what that meant and she was surprised by his kiss again so passionate and controlling that she couldn’t express to him that she wasn’t sure if she wanted this, she wasn’t sure if she was ready for this.

But his kisses didn’t slow. He didn’t give her a chance to say, “No.”

She felt him push his swim trunks down and he wiggled and squirmed on her to do that, but he kept his body on hers and his mouth firmly to her mouth. Her mind was racing and she grew more nervous then she ever had been in her life. She came over there to learn to cook lunch with him. She liked him and his car and his house and how he made her feel. But before yesterday she had hardly kissed a boy and now she felt this man on top of her, so confident and in control.

She then realized that she was a little girl in an adult world and she was so far in over her head when she felt his thing touch hers. John was more aroused then he had ever been and he knew he had to be inside her. Her beauty, her na?t?her complete submission to his will was the most arousing and sexiest thing he had ever experienced and he couldn’t wait anymore. He moved his cock to her sex and reached down with his right hand sliding it half way down her left thigh, he pulled and was successful at lifting her leg helping to open her a little bit more to him. He then pushed and he felt the head of his cock push between her lower lips.

He heard her let out a little moan, and he considered breaking the kiss just in case. But it was the last thing he wanted to do and he kissed her harder and pushed again. Larissa let out another groan and she knew she had played along much too far, this wasn’t a make out session or a kid game of let me see yours and I’ll let you see mine, she felt John push his sex. She wanted to tell him she was a virgin, she wanted to tell him she didn’t think she was ready but he was kissing her so hard she couldn’t tell him anything and again she felt him push and her eyes shot open wide as she felt something touch inside her further then even her finger had ever felt before. It hurt and she groaned.

John pushed and heard her moan, and he loved the sound of her even as he kissed her so deeply. He tried to tell himself to go slow but his body wanted just the opposite and he pushed again. Larissa felt his push feeling him touch her deeper then she knew she could feel someone and she knew she was going to lose her virginity. She knew John would be her first. She knew he would be the one and only guy that she could ever give her virginity to. He would be her first sex that every other experience would be compared to. She thought about her dad and her mom always warning her to be careful and she thought about the fence at the beach the entry to “the community” she had violated and she felt him suddenly push hard and she felt something tear and break inside and she knew she was no longer a virgin and she let out a hard groan and began to cry because it hurt and because of the emotion of it all.

John was stunned by her tightness and stunned more by her jerk and her groan and what he felt. He didn’t realize it till that moment as he had never had that opportunity before he had just popped her cherry. John had not had sex till he was nineteen and in college. So he never had been with a girl who was still a virgin. He had never been a player and he could count the number of his sex partners on two hands. At 33 he had long stopped thinking about the possibility of being a girls first and he was surprised himself that this was Larissa’s first time. He felt a rush of cold go through his body and felt guilty for not breaking the kiss, giving her a chance to say, “No.” But there was no going back now.

She was so beautiful and sensual that he had forgotten that she was young and that she might still be a virgin. Well she wasn’t anymore. He had deflowered his first virgin and for every ounce of guilt he felt, that guilt was slowly turning to excitement. It added to her beauty and allure. He was the first and only man she had been with so far and he would be the first person inside her. He looked at her softly and stroked her hair and pushed gently deeper. God she felt tight like nothing he had ever imagined. He firmly but gently continued to push slowly working his cock deeper inside her.

Larissa was overwhelmed with what was happening. She had never even thought this would happen or prepared herself for it. But there was nothing she could do now as he was already inside her. She liked him and he aroused her and excited her like no one else. She just didn’t think she would have been ready for this. But that didn’t matter now she was no longer a virgin and as he lay there she felt him touch her deeper and deeper inside each a new feeling a new sensation. It still hurt but it felt even more intimate then his kisses. His sex was touching deep in her body. No one else had ever touched her like that and it felt. . . more personal then any other touch from any person she had ever felt.

John was stunned with the tightness of her sex. It felt like she was gripping his cock as tight as she could. It had been a long time since he had had sex with a woman who had not bore children. Now he was with his first virgin. No one had been inside her before and certainly no baby had come out of her. He was sure she was the tightest sex he had ever had and that just aroused him more and he worked harder to push inside her.

Knowing she was a virgin and this had to be important to her he finally broke his kiss and moved his lips to her ear and whispered, “God you feel wonderful. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” He kissed her on the nose and chin and wiped the tears from her cheeks. “It’ll be okay you’re fantastic,” he said looking her in the eyes.

John had felt jaded by women and especially the women he had been with since his divorce all of them seeming to want commitment and marriage. He had been choosing his words carefully but she was young and nothing like those women and he was her first. He thought about it and what it might mean to her and he took a deep breath and hoped it wasn’t a mistake but he decided to say it and he certainly felt it this moment he moved his lips to her ear again and said, “You are so, so beautiful and . . . I love you.”

Larissa was aching between her legs and deep into her tummy and she was scared she had made a huge mistake. He was so heavy on her and pushing deeper inside her and he had changed her life forever. She was nervous and unsure but then stunned with what he whispered in her ear. He had said he loved her, it made all the guilt and the pain go away he wasn’t just doing this for lust. She smiled and for the first time ever she moved her kiss to him.

John was surprised and pleased by this, for the first time ever she had initiated a kiss. It made him feel better about what he was doing and he began to slowly work his hips now in and out. He had wanted her more then he had any other woman and she felt tighter then he ever could have imagined. He was overwhelmed by her purity and it excited him more then any other women he had ever had, he was the only man who had been inside her and that gave him a rush like no other. He tried to go slow because he wanted this to be special to her. But it was so hard as he was so excited. He made his strokes long and deep and he still had not worked his full cock inside her. He reached down with his other hand and pulled her other leg up determined to force his full cock completely inside her, he needed her to feel all of him and he wanted to feel completely inside her.

He saw and felt her legs and she looked so incredibly sexy and he couldn’t resist, he lowered his lips beside her ear again and then said, “Open your legs wider baby,” and as he said it he pushed on the inside of her knees pushing her legs out. She did as he asked and let him guide her knees out wider and he loved her flexibility. “That’s a girl,” he said and forced his cock deeper on the next four strokes and he felt his cock fully inside her. He pushed his hips down on hers as hard as he could and whispered in her ear again, “You’re mine forever baby.” He held there inside her like that a few more minutes enjoying her tightness then he began to stroke a few more times knowing he wouldn’t last long before. . . He knew he wasn’t wearing a condom, he doubted she was on the pill since he was her first and she probably had not planned for this, he thought about pulling his cock out to lesson the risk of pregnancy but. . .she was a virgin and he was her first he had to help her experience it all. . . all the aspects of sex, of lovemaking, he couldn’t disappoint her. . . he pushed down against her as hard as he could feeling his groin tighten and then begin to explode insider her. . . he pulled back and thrust inside her again squirting more of his seed into her womb. . . and again. . . the tightness of her sex pulling on his cock and squeezing it milking his cum inside her. . . and one last time he exploded into her unprotected womb, as huge a rush now as leaning her over the rail, dangerous and satisfying not asking or considering her opinion spraying his bodily fluids deep into her body. He pushed as hard into her as he could and then collapsed dead weight on her body spent and exhausted like he had never felt before, controlling another person like he had never controlled anyone before. He remembered for a moment long discussions with other women, “are you on the pill,” “do you have a condom,” but with her they hadn’t discussed it, he hadn’t asked her opinion he didn’t offer to pull out he simply forced his fluids inside her and he loved it.

Larissa was overwhelmed from the moment he asked her to open her legs till she felt him guide them wider, through the moment he pushed deeper inside her touching her someplace she didn’t know she could feel, feeling him press down on her so hard it hurt her hips and then stunned when she felt him squirt deep inside her. How stupid and immature she felt for forgetting the consequences of doing this, that he would cum, that he would put his sperm insider her and that could get her pregnant. How had she not thought of that sooner? She had talked about it in health class and heard all the warnings in school yet here she was feeling a guy squirt his fluids deep into her. Yes he had said he loved her and even that she was his forever but did he really mean it, what if. . . she didn’t want to think of it. It couldn’t be undone she had his fluids inside her now and he was now laying on her so heavily. She was no longer a virgin, she had just had her first lover inside the walls of “the community.” She wasn’t a 16 year old girl inside these walls, she was now a woman.

John fell asleep laying on her like that and began to snore. He felt heavy to Larissa and his body was so hot lying on her but she was tired too and not strong enough to get him off of her. She had time to think as he slept how much her life had changed. How much she had changed. She had ridden in his beautiful car and was inside of his beautiful house. He was the most confident person she had ever met and he had made her feel different then anyone else had ever made her feel. And he said, “I love you.” It was like a fairy tail. Like everyone said, her first time did hurt, but it was the most intimate personal feeling she had ever shared. She couldn’t feel that way by herself. He was so confident and oddly controlling but it excited her more then she could understand. Even now needing to go to the bathroom slightly, she could not get up and get off the bed. Not unless she could magically lift over 200 pounds but she weighed just under 90 pounds. She finally tried to slow her thoughts and closed her eyes to get a little rest and maybe got a few moments of sleep.

After almost 45 minutes John woke up feeling so completely drained. He quickly realized he was lying on the beautiful young woman he had just had the best sex of his life with. It wasn’t the wildest or craziest sex he had had but for basic lovemaking it was the most aroused and satisfied he had ever felt. He was just stunned to think she had been a virgin and he would forever be her first sexual partner and that was so exciting to him. He never would have dreamed that at 33 he would find a virgin to sleep with. Yet here he was with lying with her. As soon as he moved she opened her eyes looking up at him and he looked down at her and smiled. He gave her a quick short kiss on the lips and said, “Hi baby doll you were wonderful.” She smiled up at him realizing that it was for real she was no longer a virgin she had had sex with a guy in his home in his bed. It was very overwhelming.

John then realized he had all his weight on her and he slowly shifted off her to the side but kept his upper body holding onto her. “I need to go to the bathroom, how about you,” he asked? Larissa nodded in reply. John slid off the side of the bed completely naked and picked her up in his arms loving looking at her beautiful naked body. As he lifted her he saw the evidence of her virginity on his sheets and it confirmed his suspicions. He carried her in his arms to the bathroom taking her all the way in standing her up in front of the toilet. She sat down but then blushed looking up at him and he realized she was uncomfortable with him standing there. He blew her a kiss and stepped out of the bathroom closing the door behind him. He hurried to the downstairs bathroom needing to go himself. Larissa finished up and returned to the bedroom looking for her bikini. She put it back on and then headed downstairs meeting him halfway down the stairs.

“Where are you going beautiful,” he asked? “To find my dress,” she said, “I think it’s in the pool area.” “Allow me,” he said and hurried back down the stairs into the pool area and found her dress. He hurried to bring it back to her and she was at the bottom of the steps when he returned. He handed it to her and she pulled it up over her head and down onto her body. He realized he was still nude. He still pulled her to him and kissed her softly on the lips. She was surprised and relieved that this kiss was tender and soft and not all consuming like most of his kisses had been. “I need to get going,” she said and he looked disappointed. “Must you,” he asked to which she nodded her head yes.

“When can I see you again,” he asked? “When would you like to,” she replied. He let out a laugh and said, “Right now, tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night, every waking moment of every day.” She laughed surprised and pleased by his response. “Tomorrow,” she asked? He looked up thinking and then realized it was Sunday. “I can’t,” he said, “I have to go back to the city for the week.” “How about next weekend,” he asked? “Okay,” she said nodding. “Friday night, dinner,” he asked? This time she had to think about it, could she get away in the evening. “I’m not sure I can but if not Friday then during the day Saturday,” she asked? “Okay Friday night about six o’clock for dinner but if you can’t then Saturday at ten in the morning,” he said. “Okay,” she agreed and he walked her to the door.

As they got to the door he stopped her taking both her hands and facing her towards him. “Larissa that was the most wonderful lovemaking I have ever experienced and it meant a great deal to me as do you,” he said. She smiled and reached to hug him and they hugged each other tightly. “Thank you, I loved it too,” she said nervously searching for the right words. “I’ll be counting the days, and hours and minutes and seconds till I see you again,” he said and she giggled. “Me too,” she said overwhelmed by all this. He kissed her one more time, this time a bit more passionate and longer but not his normal intense all encompassing kiss. She liked this kiss because it felt tender and loving. “See you soon,” he said. “See you soon,” she replied and he opened the door for her and watched her leave.

Larissa walked home in a fog in her mind overwhelmed by the day. She had changed so much in just a few hours no longer a virgin and having did the most adult thing she had ever done. She had made love with another person for the first time without having taken any precaution and she felt very different. She felt she needed to walk quickly until she made it through the fence out to the beach and outside the walls of “the community.” Once outside she was able to walk slower and take it all in and she felt happy and sad and so many different emotions all at one time. But at least he didn’t tell her he never wanted to see her again. She walked the rest of the way home in a fog and entered her father’s beach house with no fanfare. She saw her brother playing video games on the TV and she told him she would be right back and headed to her bedroom getting a change of clothes and then to the bathroom and got protection for her bleeding. She dressed and returned to her brother and began to play the game with him returning to the 16 year old girl she was. But she knew she would never be the same again.

John got dressed and began to clean up the house. He felt like he really was 21 instead of his 33 as he stripped the bed of the sheets soiled with their virgin sex. He shivered and thought he would never forget that day as it was one of the best sexual experiences of his life and he looked forward to being with her again.

Both Larissa and John could not stop thinking of one another and they both dreamt of their lovemaking. It would be a long week till they saw one another again. The one thing they were both very well aware of was that she had given him the one thing that every woman could give to just one man and that was her virginity. She was a virgin no more and they would live the rest of their lives knowing that he had been her first.

To be continued.

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