Fourteen Year Old Girls

Fourteen Year Old Girls

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Fourteen Year Old Girls

There I was surrounded by six of the prettiest fourteen-year-old girls that I had ever seen. I was not even scheduled to be working that week but it seems that Judy had a woman’s problem and couldn’t do it. Women’s problem my ass, Judy probably got drunk and was shacked up with some guy somewhere…that fucking slut.

So anyway, there I was surrounded by the six cute girls that were expecting to spend a whole week in the mountains enjoying Mother Nature at her finest. At least Joy was still there to help me out even though she was only sixteen years old herself.

I vowed to get even with Judy somehow.

I loaded everyone into the transport that I tow behind the six-wheeler that I strapped all of their equipment into. The cabin was full of supplies that I had taken up the day before. After the three-hour trip and two rest breaks we arrived at the cabin. I checked in with my boss to let him know that we had arrived okay. I was to check in every evening about dark after that and call if there was an emergency.

The cabin had twelve bunk beds along one end, a big picnic table in the middle, and a kitchen area on the other end. There was a wood stove inside for cooking as well as a pit outside for cooking. Water was obtained from a spring fed stream that gets tested twice each summer to determine its pureness. There was also an outhouse down a path for their use. The cabin was right on the east shore of a very isolated lake. There was a short dock, a few canoes, and even a rowboat.

After we arrived and put our stuff in the cabin Joy took the girls down to the shore for their swim test. That is something that we always do to determine their swimming ability. The better they swim the more privileges they are given.

I was shocked when Joy stripped naked and jumped into the water. She swam out to a marker and back twice making four trips using free style, sidestroke, backstroke, and breaststroke. Then she climbed up on the dock and faced me. All I could do was stare at her very naked body.

Joy said, “Oh! Judy always requires all of us girls to be naked during swims.”

I replied, “Well if that’s what she required, continue.”

Joy had one girl at a time, undress and then swim the course like she had. All six girls passed with flying colors and were standing naked in front of me. I had a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit.

Then Joy said, “Well aren’t you going to undress and take the test too?”

I replied, “It might be a little embarrassing.”

Joy smiled, looked down at my crotch, and then said, “Any more embarrassing than standing here naked in front of a man for the very first time?”

I looked at each girl. They were standing up straight with their breasts out and their hands at their sides not covering anything. Their nipples were all very stiff and they were all smiling.

So I decided to go for it. I took off my T-shirt, my shoes and socks, and then my shorts. I don’t wear underwear in my cut off blue jean shorts. My cock sprang out straight and hard as the girls stared at it. I jumped in, swam my four laps, and climbed out to stand on the dock facing them. My cock never went down even in the cold water.

Joy had us all pick up our clothes and carry them back to the cabin. That was where she announced that the week would be clothing optional just as Judy had planned. Joy said that if a girl felt that she needed to get dressed that it was all right especially if they needed to wear their panties to hold a sanitary napkin in place. Then Joy asked if any of the girls used tampons and they all raised their hands. Joy asked if any of the girls were having their periods and just one girl raised her hand and said that it was almost over. Another girl raised her hand and said that she should be starting her period in a couple of days. Then Joy told them that she too was on the last day of her period and then opened her legs up and pulled a blue string out from between her pussy lips. The other girl did the same thing and pulled her string out so that it was visible too. I just smiled but then again my cock twitched and they all noticed it.

Joy sat back, opened her legs up very wide, and then using her fingers she opened up her pussy lips so that I could see the white cotton tampon embedded in her hole. My cock twitched and pre-cum appeared on the head. Joy motioned me to come closer and I did. Then she grabbed my cock, slipped her mouth over the head, and sucked up that drop of pre-cum. I was shocked but I had certainly wanted her to do that.

Before I could recover from the initial shock Joy pulled me closer, removed her tampon, and put my cock in its place. She may have forced my cock into her pussy but I kept it there and I fucked her with all of the other girls watching me do it too. The audience helped spur me on to record results. I had a hold of Joy’s ankles and was thrusting every inch of my cock deep into her. She was certainly enjoying it from her verbal announcements to that fact.

Joy said, “Oh God that feels so good. Please don’t stop. Timmy never made me feel like this. Oh God I’m cumming again.”

I felt like a super hero, as I pumped my semen into that sixteen-year-old girl while six fourteen-year-old girls watched me do it. Joy screamed out in ecstasy as her final orgasm took over, she shivered and shook uncontrollably, and then she passed out for a good minute. Then she smiled up at me and thanked me for the best sex that she had ever had.

I listened as Joy told the other girls all about Timmy and the three times that she had allowed him to fuck her. Timmy was Judy’s eighteen-year-old son. Then Joy told me about a recent campout where Judy had insisted that Joy let Timmy fuck her while Judy herself had let the other six boys fuck her all week. Joy had explained to Judy that she had been a virgin but that Judy threatened to get her fired if she didn’t let Timmy fuck her. Reluctantly she gave in and allowed him to take her virginity and then fuck her that week. She also had to suck his cock once or twice each day too. She liked giving him blowjobs better than getting raped. Joy also knew that each boy had fucked Judy at least two or three times each day too and that she was glad that she only had to let Timmy fuck her. She then told the other girls that I was so much better than Timmy had been that they should think about letting me fuck them that week.

Five of the girls were virgins but the sixth girl had let her brother fuck her several times. He was sixteen years old and had been really good to her. It had become a regular Saturday night event when their parents were out bar hopping. She told everyone that after they started having sex together that they got along much better than they ever had. Then she told me that she would like to be my next partner whenever I was ready again. Of course her stories about incest with her brother had me hard and they all knew it since my cock was sticking out again.

So I just walked over to Cynthia. She had laid back on her bunk just like Joy had with her legs wide open for me. I looked at her small womanly hole and wondered if I would fit in it. I should have wondered why I was going to fuck that fourteen-year-old girl in front of witnesses, but I didn’t. At that moment all I wanted to do was fuck her and the thought of her brother taking her virginity just made me jealous. Then I smiled at the other five virgins knowing that I would be getting all of their virginities. I just needed to fuck Cynthia into a sexual bliss that she had never experienced either.

Making Joy sexually happy had been quite easy since she had considered her other three times to be rape in the first place. However here was a girl that willingly gave herself to her brother almost every Saturday night for the past three or four months. Then I wondered if I would be too big and hurt her, too aggressive and hurt her, or last too long since I had just cum so recently…and hurt her. If she cried out in pain I could be done…done fucking these girls…done with this campout…and done with life as I knew it, behind bars.

With everything floating around in my big head I managed to slip my little head into her. Her pussy was tiny, very moist, and very tight. At first I thought that she had been lying about letting her brother fuck her, then I realized that he was just a kid too and that his cock was probably not as big as mine was. The look of pure pleasure on her face told me to keep going. I inched my cock into her and she accepted it all, right up to the last little bit when I hit her cervix. I had never been in anyone that deep before but I knew enough to lower her legs, straddle them, and then fuck her like that so that I would not keep bottoming out in her. Soon she opened her eyes, smiled up at me, and then asked me if she could put her legs back where they had been. She said that she liked the feeling of being completely full. She told the other girls that my cock was bigger around than her brother’s cock has been and that I was stretching her hole out nicely. She also told them that I was longer and that I was hitting something deep inside her and that I was sending tiny electrical shocks through her body and that she loved the feeling. I re-arranged her legs and started thrusting into her with a bit more force and speed. As I had expected my cock was in no hurry to get out of that girl. Cynthia experienced three orgasms that afternoon with my cock buried in her before I filled her with cum. She announced that she had never had an orgasm with her brother’s cock in her and that she always had to masturbate afterward for her own relief.

Joy then confirmed that she had not had an orgasm with Timmy either but that she had with me too.

With shouts of, “I’m next. No me! I want him too.” I had to settle them down. I explained that I had to pace myself or that I would get worn out and no one would be getting any sex.

Once again Joy said, “That’s not necessarily correct. Judy taught me to satisfy her when we were out together. I’m not a lesbian but I can help if any of you need me.”

I smiled and realized right then that I needed Joy’s help if I were going to survive the rest of the week. So I said, “Great. Thanks Joy. I certainly would like your help and I think that all of these girls should learn how to make love to both a man and a woman. This could become our sexual awareness adventure week.”

Without any hesitation Joy took my place between Cythina’s legs and started to perform oral sex on her. It was strictly one-way with Cynthia receiving all of the pleasure. After Joy got her pretty well cleaned up I had them get in a sixty-nine and then had Cynthia pleasure Joy at the same time. My cum went from both of their pussies to both of their stomachs in a very exciting way. I had the other four girls that were not having their periods try it too. Although I had singled her out Debbie enjoyed having my finger in her bloody hole and on her clit as I massaged her tiny breasts and we watched the other six girls trade partners. Once Joy had tasted them all and they had all tasted her it was time to fix something to eat.


That week in the wood was by far the best week that I had ever experienced. I got to make love to all seven young girls at least three times each, transform five virgins into women, and watch some of the best girl on girl action that I had ever seen.

During that week none of us got dressed at all and everyone was willing to have sex with everyone else at any time, day or night. They all became very good at giving blowjobs but just to get me hard enough to enter them properly. No one wanted me to cum in their mouth and to miss out on me cumming in their pussies.

After returning home each girl wrote to Joy when her period started to let us know that Mother Nature had been on our side. Little Debbie was the last girl to check in as expected so it was a frustrating four weeks for me.

Joy told the boss about Judy letting the boys fuck her, Timmy raping her, and then Judy was dismissed. However the boss certainly liked the idea of sexual adventure weeks and asked Joy and I if we would mind teaming up and taking out groups of three boys and three girls with the express interest in having sex. Joy tried to talk him into larger groups but I reminded her that most of the other girls would probably not want to be fucked by more that three boys and me for a whole week.

Surprisingly the boss had no problem filling every week with willing girls and boys. He even charged the parents more money for that adventure and gave Joy and I raises too.

The End
Fourteen Year Old Girls

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