Gluteal Cleft

Gluteal Cleft

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Gluteal Cleft

What exactly is a gluteal cleft? Well it is the gluteus maximus muscles above the location of the anus. A number of slang terms exist for the gluteal cleft, such as “Buttcrack”, “Builder's Bum” and “Plumber's Crack.”

Well my fourteen-year-old daughter is the queen of gluteal cleft. I even call her “GC” which coincidentally are her initials too. Gloria Carol is very pretty, very busty for her age, and way too sexy. She is a few pounds overweight but it only enhances all of her attributes.

GC has bigger tits than her girlfriends have and she shows off a nice amount of cleavage too. She has a round belly that kind of hikes her miniskirts up a little higher in the front. Her ass is full, slightly flabby, and in her low-rise jeans she has an absolutely wonderful gluteal cleft.

If her mother were still in the picture GC would never get away with dressing the way she does. However, her mother is not in the picture, thank God.

I on the other hand like her sexiness, her cleavage, and especially her gluteal cleft. When we go shopping for clothes I will pay for just about anything that shows off her delectable body.

GC is the envy of all of her girlfriend and they come over all of the time to try on her sexy clothes and borrow them if they can make them fit. Since GC is larger than they are, her clothes don’t fit them properly. I have gotten a lot of great views of the smaller girls when the tops show off an entire breast, the skirts fall down their legs, or when they try to adjust her thong panties up into their gluteal cleft.

It is quite normal for my daughter to have another girl sleep over on weekends. I often fantasize as to what they do behind closed doors. Sometimes I just stand quietly outside her bedroom door and listen to them giggle.

Finally one Sunday afternoon after the other two girls had gone home I asked GC what they had done after they had gone to bed. I only asked because they really had a good time from what I had heard.

GC thought about it for a long moment. She was obviously trying to decide whether or not to tell me the truth or make up a lie. Then with a nice smile on her face she said, “Well if you really want to know I’ll tell you but just like you always tell me…don’t ask if you don’t want to hear the answer.”

I replied, “I understand and I really want to know. What were you girls doing last night in your bedroom?”

GC replied, “You won’t get mad or punish me will you?”

I looked at her and said, “No, I won’t get mad or punish you. I swear.”

GC then smiled at me and said, “Okay. Well we got naked and had sex.”

I just kept looking at her wanting more information.

Eventually she continued, “Susan and Mary really like my big tits and my puffy wet pussy. They spent hours sucking, kissing, and licking my tits and my pussy, going from one to the other. I got to do the same to them too. Susan has the most adorable tiny tits I ever sucked and Mary has the sweetest tasting pussy yet.”

I asked, “How many of the girls have you done this with?”

GC smiled and answered, “All of them.”

My mouth dropped open and I just stared at her.

GC said, “Don’t worry Daddy. We aren’t really lesbians but we don’t want some boy just fucking us so that he can tell all of his friends about it either. None of us want to get pregnant either. But we sure like the way it feels if someone else gives us an orgasm. It’s ten times better than doing it yourself.”

I replied, “I sure know what you mean. I get tired of jerking off myself.”

GC asked, “Do you want me to do it for you?”

Now that was an offer than I had not expected.

GC continued, “I’ll even let you look at me naked while you jerk off if you like. I don’t mind because I know that you won’t tell anyone.”

Wow, the offers just keep getting better and better.

I asked, “Will you really let me look at you naked while I jerk off?”

She smiled brightly and answered, "Sure.”

Then she started taking off her blouse. I let her remove it then I stopped her. She looked so good in that lacy little bra that was putting up a good fight to house those big tits of hers. The low-rise jeans she was wearing had the perfect butt crack too. It was an incredible gluteal cleft.

I said, “Would you mind if I just looked at your ass while you dance to your favorite music. Put on your headphones too if you don’t mind.”

GC replied, “Okay but shouldn’t I at lest remove my bra so that you can get a good look at my tits too?”

I had to admit that I really wanted to see her tits so I said, “Okay, you can remove your bra. That would be nice.”

With her bra removed, her headphones on, and the music blaring in her ears she began to dance for me emphasizing her ass.

I slowly dropped my pants and my underwear to my ankles and sat down in my favorite chair. I had my cock in my hand and was stroking it as my daughter turned around and smiled. She gave me a “thumbs up” and turned back around so that I could admire her gluteal cleft. As she danced she backed up into me as if she were doing a lap dance. I was so excited that I just started stroking my hard cock for all I was worth. As the moment of release approached I closed my eyes and concentrated. Just as the first shot erupted I felt something nice and warm wrapped around the head of my cock. It was GC’s lips. She was sucking my cock while I masturbated it. It was absolutely wonderful.

GC said, “Susan’s mother says it is a crime to waist a good load of cum and that it is a woman’s duty to get it inside her body somehow. However, rubbing it into your tits works too.”

I was still coming down from my experience when GC removed her jeans and her panties. Then my daughter sat on the couch opposite me, placed her feet up on the edge, and then opened her knees up wide. Then she started to masturbate.

I asked, “Do you want me to do that for you?”

Now that was an offer that she had not expected.

GC said, “Okay if you want too.”

So I moved over to the couch, turned her sideways so that she could recline, and then I slipped my hand between her legs. She was very responsive and opened her knees even wider for me. As I slipped a finger in her fuzzy pussy she cooed for me. She was very wet too. When I hit her clit she cried out, trembled, and had an orgasm right away. I just smiled thinking that my finger excited her that much. I knew that her butt crack certainly excited me that much. As I continued to explore her womanhood with my fingers I leaned in and sucked on her nipples. She kept telling me how wonderful that I made her feel and that I was much better than herself, Susan and Mary, or even Susan’s mother. Susan’s mother had made love to my daughter too? That I would have to pursue further! Meanwhile I was sending my little daughter into heaven over and over again until she begged me to stop. Eventually I did, but only after I wanted too.

When she recovered sufficiently I asked GC about Susan’s mother. It seemed that it was Susan’s mother that had taught my daughter, her own daughter, and Mary how to please themselves and the others.

Boldly I asked, “Do you think Susan’s mother would let me fuck her?”

GC smiled and said, “Of course she would, she likes cock even more than she likes cunt.”

I was going to scold her for her language but then again I realized that we had crossed over into another stage of our relationship. After all, my fingers were still in her dripping pussy and she was completely naked. I also knew that it would happen again and often.

GC said, “If it is okay with you I think Susan’s mother would let us watch you two fuck. She likes to teach us stuff about sex. Then maybe you could fuck us three girls too, if you want too.”

I just smiled at all of the possibilities.

The End
Gluteal Cleft

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