Grandpa Goes Blind Temporarily

Grandpa Goes Blind Temporarily

Grandpa Goes Blind Temporarily

I turned sixty years old this year and I started having some problems with my blood pressure, my cholesterol, and just plain growing old. Then I lost my vision.

My granddaughter Eleanor was visiting me at the time. She had just turned sixteen and I had taught her to drive. In fact she was here celebrating the fact that she had just passed her driving test.

Now Eleanor is a cute little shit. I had enjoyed teaching her to drive because my car is standard and she has to shift and push in the clutch. While driving she was not able to pull her micro mini skirts down and I often saw her panty-covered pussy for most of the lesson. She likes to dress sexy and she knows that I like to look so it was always a treat to see her with a sexy bra showing and especially braless with her small hard nipples showing. She would wear low cut blouses, short tops, and even unbutton a few more buttons than her mother would allow, just for me. During every lesson she would show me more and more. That last week before she took her test she wore a see through blouse without a bra for me. It was white and completely transparent. She could have been nude for all it covered. Eleanor knew that she could give me erections any time that she wanted too.

So anyway when I lost my vision Eleanor was right there with me. She called my eye doctor only to get his answering machine saying that he was on a two-week vacation. Eleanor became my seeing eye girl and led me around very nicely. So I had her drive me to another eye doctor that does cataract operations, only to find out that she was on vacation too. However her receptionist listened to my symptoms. I told her that it was as if someone had smeared Vaseline all over my glasses. I could see large areas of color where trees and sky should be but not much else. She said that I may have a detached retina and made a phone call. The next thing I knew I had an appointment in a bigger city about an hour away.

Eleanor drove for awhile but about halfway there we got hungry and pulled into a Burger King. She was helping me out of the car, into the restaurant, and through the line. She unwrapped my sandwich and dabbed the corner of my mouth with a napkin. It all went very smoothly, then I had to pee. Eleanor simply took me into the lady’s room. She made sure that no one was in there and stood me in front of the toilet. I really couldn’t aim the stream at the bowl all that well so Eleanor simply held my cock for me. Before I finished peeing I was half-hard. Eleanor seemed to enjoy it a lot more than she should have and so do I. She even wiped the head of my cock with a piece of toilet paper before tucking it back in for me. I told her that I could do it but she really wanted too.

At the doctor’s office Eleanor filled out the forms, showed them my medical card, and positioned my hand on the paper so that I could sign the form. Big deal so a blind man can sign a form that he can’t see, so what!

Anyway Eleanor took me down a long hallway and into a room to sit. A nurse asked me questions then two interns came in to check me out. One was more knowledgeable and was telling the other one what he saw in doctor’s language. After the second one examined me they then told me what was going on. Next they returned with the head doctor to confirm their findings.

The final conclusion was that a blood vessel in each eye had ruptured and blood had gotten inside my eyeballs. I was unable to focus through the blood. The good news was that I did not require surgery and that Mother Nature would heal itself, given enough time. I was given an appointment for two weeks away.

So Eleanor phoned her mother and told her everything and asked permission to stay with me and care for me until my next appointment. Of course my daughter said that it was okay for my granddaughter Eleanor to stay with me.

On the way home Eleanor stopped off at her house and packed a suitcase. I sat in the living room until she was ready. Then we went to my house.

Eleanor fixed us dinner then informed me that it was bath time. My beautiful sixteen-year-old granddaughter filled the bathtub, undressed me, and helped me in. When she started washing my crotch I protested but she said that it was her job. I protested more. Finally Eleanor suggested that I could wash her naked body in exchange and then got in the tub with me. I couldn’t see but I sure could feel everything. So for what felt like an hour I fondled my naked granddaughter. I felt her breasts, her nipples, and her fine pussy. Her pussy was certainly among the finest that I had ever felt. She had a fine patch of pubic hair on her pubic mound and the rest below that was shaved clean. I fingered her clit, her pussy hole, and even her asshole. I slipped a couple of fingers in her pussy and she really liked that. Eleanor said that she was a virgin and that she loved what I was doing to her.

That was very good because I had done the same thing to her grandmother and to her mother too before taking their virginities. Eleanor was going to be my third virgin but she was also going to be the fifth generation of women in her family that I have fucked. Yes I had fucked my wife’s mother and grandmother many times each before they passed away. Since my wife died my daughter has come by two or three times a week to provide me with sex. Now it seems that it is Eleanor’s turn. How could one man be so lucky?

Feeling up Eleanor was special. Without my vision I was trying to memorize her pussy with my fingers. Her outer lips were swollen and puffy, her inner lips protruded slightly, and her clit swelled up so that I could hold it nicely between my forefinger and thumb as I rolled it slightly. My other hand could feel her flesh tingling as I made her orgasm with my thumb. It was Eleanor that wanted to get out of the tub and go to my bed.

In bed my granddaughter made herself my present even though she was already unwrapped. I lay next to her with my eyes closed and compared her pussy to her mouth. Really! I slipped two fingers into her moist pussy and pressed my thumb against her outer pussy lip and massaged her inner wall. Then I slipped those same two fingers into her mouth, placed my thumb on her cheek, and massaged the inside of her cheek. I went back to her pussy and this time I felt up against her pubic bone trying to stimulate her G-spot and went back to her mouth feeling the roof of her mouth. Back in her pussy I felt down against the softness in the bottom along her rectum and then against the soft flesh under her tongue. Next I compared the firmness of her clitoris against the firmness of her tongue.

When I reached into her opening as far as I could to try and touch her uterus she knew what I was up too. Eleanor suggested that I use my cock to check the depth. She wanted my cock to be the first one in her pussy and the first one in her mouth.

As my cock entered my granddaughter’s virgin pussy I was sorry that I could not see the expression on her sweet face.

As I fucked Eleanor for the very first time I imagined the look on her mother’s face as I had fucked her last week, my wife’s face when she was still alive, and her mother and grandmother too. Eleanor was the last of five generations of women to let me take them sexually. Being blind I realized that my other senses were heightened. I could smell her fragrant pussy over her subtle perfume. I could feel her breasts tense up every time I rammed my cock down into her. I could hear her erratic breathing as she neared orgasm. I could even taste her salty tears as I kissed her cheek just as I climaxed inside her pussy. Then after I finished I felt her pussy milking me dry like an experienced woman.

When I woke up Eleanor was in bed with me. I held her breast for a while and ran my hand down her stomach to her pussy. It was both wet and crusty. I realized that I had fallen asleep and that Eleanor had not cleaned up after giving me her virginity. I was just playing with her clit when she woke up and asked me if I wanted to do it again. Of course I did, I was blind not dead.

I easily slipped back into her wet pussy that second time. Eleanor kept giving me words of encouragement as I fucked into her. I swear that I gave her more cum that time than the first time.

When I woke up again I slipped two fingers in her pussy and sucked on her nipple until she woke up.

Eleanor said, “Grandpa! Again?”

I replied, “Yes! I have needs!”

Eleanor kissed me and said, “Mom can you believe that this is the third time? You were right! He gets hard every six hours and fucks for a half hour with each one being better than the last!”

I heard my daughter’s voice from the foot of the bed say, “I told you so!”

Eleanor stayed with me for that two weeks and took care of my every need especially my sexual needs. When my vision returned Eleanor and I had a threesome with her mother. It was NOT my first time. In fact it was my forth time. I had a threesome with my daughter and my wife, my wife and her mother, and with my mother-in-law and her mother.

I was one very lucky man!

The End
Grandpa Goes Blind Temporarily

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