Harry Potter and the Sisters Black chapter 2(full chapter)

Harry Potter and the Sisters Black chapter 2(full chapter)

All four of them appear in an alley not far from #4. The small party makes their way to the Dursleys household. Quickly, they enter through the kitchen door. Harry enters first and immediately assaulted by his uncle.


Vernon's about to continue when there's a pair of pop's next to him, he turns to find himself looking down the end of a pair of wands being held by two gorgeous women, one blonde, the other raven haired.

Just as the sisters are opening their mouths, Harry says, "Don't cast anything on them."

Both of them have rage clearly etched on their faces as they slowly lower their wands and Bellatrix snarls, "You pathetic Muggle, you should thank Harry because if we'd had our way, you'd be a toad right now."

Just as Vernon's setting himself to start up again, Dumbledore walks through the door. "Ah, I see you've met Harry's new protectors. Allow me to introduce you, the blonde is Narcissa Malfoy and the other lady is Bellatrix Lestrange."

At this point, Narcissa speaks up, "Actually Albus, it's Black now. Bellatrix and I talked earlier, as soon as it can be arranged, I'm going to divorce Lucius and she plans to be rid of that idiot who calls himself her husband."

"I'll arrange the paperwork immediately if you would like."

"I would appreciate it."

Albus then directs his attention back to the rather large man standing in front of Harry. "In case you haven't ascertained as much already, I am Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Harry's school."


During Vernon's triad Albus' face grew very grim, finally having heard enough, the headmaster cast a Silencing Charm on the fat man. "Tell me Harry, how long has your uncle been like this?"

"With the freak thing Albus?"

"Yes, let us start with that, although I suspect that there's more that needs to be discussed."

"They've been pushing the title of `freak' on me for as long as I can remember."

His eyes aflame with rage, Albus turns towards the Dursleys, "I was well aware that Harry was less then welcome in this house, but for you to treat him in this manner is entirely reprehensible. I'm glad that the two ladies will be staying here to keep an eye on things, but rest assured, I will be watching." There's a soft pop and the ancient wizard is gone.

Vernon once more opens his mouth, but finds himself still unable to speak.

Harry addresses himself to the sisters, "Ladies, do either of you know a good Enlargement Charm?"

Before either of them can respond, Harry feels a hand come to rest on his shoulder and the sisters have their wands out, "Expelliarmus" and "Stupefy" fly over his shoulder and there's a larger crash behind him. He looks behind him to see his uncle lying in a heap against the wall, he hears a pop and suddenly Bellatrix is standing over him, "Avada-"

"STOP," Harry voice seems to reverberate with power.

Bellatrix freezes mid-incantation.

"You will not kill my uncle, is that clear?

Bellatrix seems to shrink in on herself as she meekly nods her head.

Harry takes a deep breath to calm himself, "Bellatrix, do you know the spells needed to enlarge a room?"

Her voice is barely above a whisper, "Yes master."

Harry walks over to her and gently tilts her head up, "Bellatrix, would you please go up and enlarge my room enough that the three of us can live there."

Bellatrix nods her head again before walking to the door of the kitchen. Harry then turns to Narcissa, "Now, why did you two attack him?"

Narcissa looks down at her feet, "I apologize master, but he had his hand raised and was preparing to strike you. We merely wished to protect you."

Harry nods his head, "Very well, you're forgiven, but do try and be less_ enthusiastic when subduing my relatives please."

Narcissa looks up at Harry and her face lights up like a Christmas tree, "Thank you master. We'll be more careful in the future."

"Alright, would you mind waking my uncle up?"

Narcissa contemptuously casts the spell to awaken Vernon.

Vernon sits up with a gasp; he opens his mouth and then scowls at Harry.

"As you can see uncle, my protectors are more than capable of dealing with you. Now, if you promise to behave in a civil manner I'll have Narcissa here restore your ability to speak."

Glaring at Harry for a moment longer, Vernon nods.

"Narcissa, cancel the Silencing charm on him please. If he becomes aggressive though, you're free to do anything you wish to him, barring lethal force and the Unforgivables."

Narcissa says, "Listen up you damn muggle, I may not be able to use the Cruciatus on you, but there are many other ways to cause you pain." With that she cancels out the spell striping the fat man of his voice.

Vernon clears his throat but Narcissa interrupts him before he can speak, "Consider your next words very carefully muggle; if you offend my master at this point, I might well turn you into a rabbit and make hasenpfeffer for dinner."

Vernon's face is white as a ghost as comprehension breaks through his bigoted head. "Boy, I hope you will continue to get your chores done."

Harry's smile is positively evil, "It shouldn't be a problem Uncle Vernon, now that the ladies are here and can help me out by using magic."

Vernon's world suddenly starts to spin at his nephew's words just seconds before he passes out.

Narcissa looks at Harry with pride written all over her face, "And you call me cruel, master?"

Harry grins in response, "Would you please take my uncle up to his room and get back down here quickly?"

"Of course master," Narcissa says before casting Mobilicorpus on Vernon and directing him out of the kitchen.

Harry heaves a deep sigh and is just about to sit down when he hears is aunt shriek from the living room. His wand is in hand as he sprints to the aide of his aunt. When he arrives, Harry almost breaks out laughing as he sees what set Petunia off.

At the bottom of the staircase is Bellatrix, holding his aunt at wand-point, with Dudley staring at her stupidly. Unfortunately, Bellatrix seems to have left her robe in his room.

"Bellatrix, what's going on here?"

The ex-Death Eater swallows nervously, "My apologies master. I'd completed the assignment you'd given me and was coming to see what you wished me to do next, when this female," she indicates Petunia, "starts verbally assaulting me about my attire."

"Speaking of which, I thought I told you to put on robes?"

Bellatrix looks down sheepishly, "Yes you did, but I thought it was just so that the fat bastard wouldn't have a heart attack. Well, I say Cassia transporting him to his bed so I thought you'd enjoy it?"

Harry holsters his wand and then reaches under his glasses to massage his eyes for a second.

"Ok, Aunt Petunia, in case you didn't know, this is Bellatrix. Bellatrix, this is my aunt. Now Bellatrix, whenever you leave my room, I want you to wear something more concealing, at least for the moment, understood?"

Bellatrix timidly nods her head.

Without warning, Harry thunders, "Is that understood?"

Her voice barely above a whisper, Bellatrix says, "Y-y-yes master."

Harry nods his head, confused at his own actions, "Now Aunt Petunia, I would appreciate it if you would not attack my_" Harry has to consciously repress the urge to use the word `property', "guardians. Next time I might not be around to curtail their reactions."

Petunia Dursley is looking at her nephew in utter shock at his verbal explosion and thus she can only nod her agreement.

"Very well, now Bellatrix, please go get something more appropriate on would you. Also make sure Narcissa doesn't make the same mistake as you did."

The raven haired woman quickly disappears up the stairs, barely making a sound.

Now, what do I do with my relatives? Harry thinks. He suddenly has an image in his mind of Petunia, bent over raising her skirt to show a shaven_ Stop it right fucking there! Harry blushes at his accidental wordplay.

"Aunt Petunia, would you please see to dinner. I need to speak with my guardians concerning their behavior while in this house."

Petunia contemplates for a moment, before Harry continues, "Unless of course you want them roaming through the house in the maids' uniform all the time, maybe even when you have company."

The female Dursley blanches at the implications and says, "Supper shall be ready in an hour. If you aren't there then you don't eat."

After momentarily considering threatening her, Harry shrugs his shoulders and walks upstairs. Walking to his room, Harry finds that the locks have been removed.

Harry opens the door and surveys the room; the interior space has been almost quadrupled and two efficiency cots have materialized. Harry suddenly casts eyes on spectacle in the middle of the room; Bellatrix is standing in the middle of the room, naked, on her toes with her arms shackled to the ceiling. Harry just stands in the doorway for a moment as all the blood rushes from his head to another part of his anatomy.

Narcissa looks at the door from her position, kneeling in front of Bellatrix.

"Ah, master, I was just finishing preparing my sister for you."

Harry steps into the room and closes the door, "What the hell is going on here?"

Narcissa stands up as Harry comes closer.

"Prepare her for what?"

The pretty blonde's face lights up as she says, "My dear sister disobeyed and angered you master, now she must be punished."

"Punished how?"

"Well, that's really up to you master, but we were thinking that since you can't use magic to put her in her place, a simple hiding would do the job."

Harry's jaw falls open, "Say what?"

Narcissa walks over to Harry and holds out a leather strap about three feet long and a half an inch wide. "We were thinking that you would wish to use this on her. It's a replica of the one our father would use to discipline us when we were children." At Harry glance she says, "It's illegal to use Dark Arts on children. Not even the patriarch of the most noble and ancient house of Black would risk bringing down the wrath of the Wizarding world for blatant abuse of a child."

Out of no where, Harry's overcome with rage; he quickly grabs the strap, takes a step forward and brings it down with all his might.

There's a sharp crack as Bellatrix shrieks. Narcissa smirks for a moment as she leans against the wall, glad that she'd already cast the needed Silencing Charms. Her smirk quickly disappears as she contemplates her turn in the chains.

Still almost blind with rage, Harry brings the strap down on Bellatrix's back again; leaving a bright red welt.

As Harry raises his arm again, he says, "Listen up you stupid cunt. You can wear that slutty outfit in here, but if you ever fucking wear it in public without my permission I'll whip you black and blue." With that Harry brings the strap down a third time, leaving three bright marks on the back of the former Death Eater.

Harry drops the strap as he steps in front of Bellatrix. He glances at Narcissa as he undoes his trousers and lowers both them and his pants to his knees.

With a casual wave of her wand, Narcissa releases Bellatrix, who instantly falls to her knees, panting.

Harry reaches out and grabs two handfuls of raven hair. He pulls Bellatrix's face to his crotch and presses his engorged cock to her lips.

She opens her mouth and lets her master enter her warm mouth. When her master hits the back of her throat, Bellatrix relaxes her throat and allows her master to keep going, until her nose is pressed against his crotch.

When Harry's all the way in Bellatrix's mouth he simply holds her head still and relishes in the pleasure of being deep throated. He suddenly feels a strange sensation as Bellatrix starts to hum deep in her throat and when she brings a hand up to gently massage his sack Harry looses it.

Harry almost pulls Bellatrix's hair out by the roots as he shoots his load down her throat.

After Harry releases her head, Bellatrix drops her head down and places a kiss on each of his feet, "Thank you for disciplining me master and for allowing me to bring you pleasure."

The shock of those words combined with the physical exhaustion is too much for the young man with messy black hair, and he falls to the ground, passed out.

Harry awakens a few moments later to find himself being gently lowered to the ground by Narcissa, "What the hell just happened?"

Narcissa helps Harry stand up while the still kneeling Bellatrix redoes his trousers.

"You just disciplined my sister master, I'm at a quandary as to whether or not I look forward to my turn."

Harry's head spins again for a moment before he fully returns to his senses. His stomach churns as he recalls his actions against Bellatrix.

Sensing his distress, Bellatrix speaks up, "Master I meant it when I thanked you. I did disobey you and your punishment was very light when compared to my old masters."

Harry leans into Narcissa before he says, "Do either of you know when Dumbledore is supposed to arrive?"

When both ladies indicate a negative response, Harry says, "Narcissa, would you please pop over to Hogwarts and talk to the headmaster, it's critical I speak to him at once." As he sees Bellatrix's disappointed face he says, "What's wrong Trixie?"

Bellatrix's eyes flash for a moment before returning to the more docile expression, "I'm just sorry that you keep choosing my sister for the vital tasks."

"Trixie, need I remind you that you are still a wanted fugitive?"

Sheepish doesn't even come close to describing the look on Bellatrix's face, "You are correct master, as it should be, I had completely forgotten about that. Thank you for reminding me."

Harry smiles, "Well Trixie, do you know anything about cooking?"

"Just a bit master, we'd normally just have a house elf do it, but I could in a pinch."

"Well, would you please get properly dressed and see about making food for us and my," at this point Harry's face bends into a contempt filled sneer, "relatives?"

Bellatrix jumps to her feet with a joyful look on her face, "I'll get on it at once master."

Both of the sisters quickly don their robes, after quickly altering them to display the chocker on their necks and leave the room.

Harry sits down on his bed, fully intent on thinking over the events of the past twelve hours.

However, he's barely been seated on the bed when he senses a magical discharge in the kitchen,

Harry's wand is instantly in his hand and as he stands, he suddenly finds himself in the kitchen.

In the doorway is a female of average height with bubblegum hair holding a wand currently pointed at the former Death Eater standing by the stove with her wand in hand.

Both of the women's mouths are open, ready to cast spells when Harry bellows, "EVERYONE FREEZE!"

They both instantly stop as they're attention is drawn to the young man in the room, "Now, please put your wands away ladies."

Tonks speaks up first, "But Harry, she's a Death Eater."

Harry sighs, "Tonks please take note of a few things. First, she's not attacking me; second, I'm standing the same room as her and I'm not attacking her either. Now, what does this tell you?"

Tonks looks at Harry for a second, completely taken aback by his attitude. "Ok Harry, I'll bite. What should it tell me?"

"It should tell you that she's not a danger to me. I don't know if either Albus or Mad-eye told you, but I can throw off the Imperious so you can trust me."

Tonks is just about to speak when an elderly gentleman appears behind her and places a hand on her shoulder, "Please lower your wand Nymphadora."

Tonks turns her head and glares at Dumbledore, but holsters her wand and Bellatrix puts her wand away at Harry's nod.

Dumbledore says, "Miss Tonks, if you would like, you may stay and keep an eye on Miss Black."

Tonks gives Dumbledore a strange look, "Thanks, I think I will." With that Tonks strolls over to the kitchen table and takes a seat.

Dumbledore enters the kitchen followed by Narcissa, "Is there someplace we can talk Harry?"

"Perhaps my room sir?"

"Very well, please lead the way. Oh, and Miss Tonks, I trust that you'll hold your tongue until I return."

Tonks nods her head grumpily.

The two males quietly walk to Harry's room, and Dumbledore doesn't even arch an eyebrow at the chains hanging from the ceiling.

With two waves of his wand, Albus produces two comfy chairs that are facing each other and takes a seat. "Now, what is so critical, you felt the need to have Miss Black summon me immediately?"

Harry sits down and takes a moment to collect his thought, "Prof_ Albus, what, exactly, are the side effects of the spell I used on the sisters?"

The twinkle in the old man's eyes decreases slightly, "Well, as I believe I said, the sisters are now mentally linked to you. This of course gives them the inside track on your needs, wishes, and desires. I suspect however that you have more pressing concerns."

Harry takes a deep breath as he stands back up. He starts to pace as he says, "Can the link be used the other way, such as my being able to gleam knowledge from them or be affected by what they're thinking or feeling?"

Tentatively, Albus says, "I suppose so, why?"

"Because, since that spell was cast, I've lost control of my anger twice and I also believe I Apparated when Tonks and Bellatrix were getting ready to go at it in the kitchen."

"Hmm_ Perhaps it would be better if you started at the beginning."

With a deep sigh, Harry sits down and tells Dumbledore the events of the day, when he's finished he says, "I know I'm panicking easily Albus, but with everything that's happened, I don't even know what to think."

"I don't consider it panicking Harry. I'm just glad that you still trust me enough to come to me when you're in need of information."

Harry grins, "Who else could I turn to? You're the most powerful wizard on our side so if I want the information, I really have no other choice."

"Regardless, I still value your trust. I'm not quite sure how much of this can be attributed to the spell and how much is simply you being a young male of not inconsiderable power."

"How so Albus?"

"Well, you see Harry, the Apparation could only have come from the ladies, unless Tom passed it on to you, but the pouring of magical energy into your voice is something that you could easily do on your own if you were properly provoked."

"So, do you have any advice?"

"Yes, sit back and enjoy the ride my boy."

Harry can't conceal his surprise, "What do you mean sir?"

"Harry, my boy, those ladies only concern in life is your happiness. From what little I've been able to find so far, the two should worship you. If I'm not mistaken, they're plotting some type of scheme to please you in some variety."

"Ok, Albus, why don't you go back and keep digging?"

Albus stands up, "Very well Harry. I've sent an owl to Cornelius about getting the restrictions on underage magic lifted. After the fiasco at the Ministry last month, I imagine he'll do whatever it takes to get and hopefully stay in your good graces." As Harry's face darkens, Albus continues, "Please be very careful what you say to the press Harry, Fudge might well be an incompetent idiot who thinks about his own position first, but he's not a Death Eater, no matter how he might act, nor is he an active threat. Always remember that replacing a leader in a time of war is never pleasant, easy, or without complications. If you pushed the issue, I have little doubt that you could have him removed from office, but I implore you to let me handle him. Also, if you would tell you guardians not to kill him, I'd appreciate it."

Harry looks at Dumbledore for a moment, "I won't say anything to the press about having him ousted; however, I also won't endorse him. As to the ladies, why would the kill him?"

"Because he's caused you pain and he's upset you. Remember Harry, they are now more fanatical in their devotion to you then Dobby is."

"Great, well, why don't you send one of them up on your way out Albus, I'm getting a headache."
Albus calmly walks down to the Dursley's kitchen to find the sisters in a whispered conversation while Petunia is standing at the stove. "Excuse me Miss' Black, but Harry wished to speak with one of you immediately."

Two soft pop's later, the sisters are gone. "Remember Petunia, the sisters will do what ever Harry says, if you cross him, anger him, or if he's just feeling particularly vindictive, they will exact blood vengeance for him, unless he specifically tells them not to. I'd try and start making what amends you can soon," with that he Apparates out.

Up in his room, Harry's surprised to have two people Apparate in. He looks up just in time to see the sisters ditching their robes and kneeling in front of him.

"What do you wish our master," says the kneeling blonde.

Harry massages his temples for a moment, "First, I forbid you to go after Fudge unless he's physically attacking me, understood?" When the pair nods, he continues, "Second, do either one of you know anything that'll help with a headache?"

The sisters look at each other, and then turn to face each other. They each hold up their right hand in a fist and place their left hand under it, palm up. They lift their fists up and bring them down twice, as they bring them down a third time, Narcissa suddenly flattens her hand while Bellatrix keeps a fist.

Narcissa smirks, "Paper wraps stone, I win."

Her sister says, "Don't gloat, just go have fun and help our master."

Narcissa crawls over to Harry who has a dumbstruck expression on his face. As she starts to undo his fly, Harry asks, "What are you doing?"

Smirking up at her master, Narcissa reaches into Harry's trousers and pulls out his flaccid prick. "Very simple master, never believe a woman who says she doesn't want to have sex because of a headache. Intercourse actually helps get rid of the pain." With that, she drops her head and takes Harry's flaccid cock into her mouth. He starts to stiffen as Narcissa's talented tongue goes to work, slowly and deliberately licking every square millimeter of the flesh in her mouth.

Harry moans as Narcissa pulls back on his engorged prick. Harry clenches his fists in the bed sheet as the blonde runs her tongue along the underside of his shaft.

As Bellatrix watches her sister give Harry a blow job, she suddenly smirks mischievously. She reaches behind her and quickly undoes the corset before slipping it off.

Harry's eyes bug out as he watches Bellatrix remove her top, most of his attention is drawn back to his crotch as Narcissa gives his cock a rather hard suck, but he still has enough presence of mind to watch as Bellatrix walks towards her kneeling sister. He's captivated as she reaches down and quickly removes her sisters' skirt; he gasps as he realizes she's not wearing any knickers.

Narcissa can't help but wonder what her sister is up to as she feels Harry's cock jump in her mouth. When she feels her skirt being removed she has a very good idea as to what's about to happen; and she's proven right.

Harry looses it when he sees Bellatrix kneel down behind Narcissa and give her bum a long lick.
Narcissa feels Harry's cock swell as she feels a tongue run along the curve of her bum, before coming into contact with her soaked snatch. As he shoots in her mouth, Narcissa is careful not to swallow. After her master is spent, Narcissa let's Harry slip from her mouth, careful to not spill a drop. She then turns around, grabs her sisters' head and forces her into a deep kiss where she shares her prize with Bellatrix.
After a minute or so of kissing the sisters break apart to swallow their part of the prize. Narcissa looks towards Harry, "Are you feeling better master?"

Harry thinks for a moment before saying, "Yeah, the pains not gone, but it's manageable. Thank you."

Narcissa blushes, "It was my pleasure master. Now shall we see about food?"

"Good idea; Trixie, would you please pop down to the kitchen, fill three plates, and bring them up here."

Bellatrix is up in a flash and says, "Gladly master." She's about to Apparate when her sister reminds her about her masters' orders about attire.

With a sheepish look, Bellatrix quickly dons her robe and Apparates down to the kitchen while Narcissa quickly transfigures some discarded toys into a dinning room set just as a fuming Bellatrix pops back into the room.

"Master, are you quite sure I can't hex those damnable Muggles?"

As he sits down, Harry says, "What did they do now?"

After the food is arranged and the sisters sit, after Bellatrix removes her robe and puts her corset back on, she says, "That fat walrus was awake when I went down there and he tried to grope my arse; and when I swatted his hand away, he tried to molest me, but I Apparated out before he could."

Harry's eyes are darkened with rage, how dare his uncle try and touch his property with out his permission. "Thank you Bellatrix, I will speak to my uncle soon."

The rest of the meal passes in relative quiet, the ladies not speaking until spoken to and Harry trying to comprehend his reaction to Bellatrix's news.

Finally, dinner is over and Narcissa gathers up the dishes and pops down to the kitchen, returning moments later to find her master glaring at her.

"What did I tell you about proper attire when leaving this room?" Harry's voice is deadly low.

Narcissa blanches, "You are correct master, in my haste I forgot. What punishment do you wish to deliver or have delivered?"

Harry rubs his chin for a few moments while the internal debate rages. Finally, he reaches a compromise. "Strip bitch." Harry's appalled at his language as he watches Narcissa quickly disrobe.
When Narcissa is naked, she again kneels at Harry's feet. "The first part is very simple, you're forbidden from wearing any form undergarments for the next two days. The second part is that tomorrow, you are to act as aunt Petunia's personal aid. You'll do what she says, except neither of the male Dursleys are to touch you. Understood?"

"Yes master; will there be anything else master?"

Harry suddenly has a maniacal glint in his eye, "Yes there is. For tonight, you are forbidden from standing on two legs. You are to remain on your hands and knees until I wake up tomorrow."

"It will be as you wish master."

"Good, now go lay down."

Narcissa crawls over to the foot of Harry's bed and curls up as she lies down.

Harry looks at his clock, almost midnight. "Well Trixie, I'm going to bed. See you in the morning."

Harry quickly collects his night clothes and quietly heads to the bathroom where he changes into the clothes he brought, along with taking care of other bodily needs, before he heads back to his room.
Harry barely manages to get into his bed before he collapses into sleep.

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