His dream come true.

His dream come true.

It was the lovers first night alone together. They had been in love and apart for so long. So long that every moment they spent together was filled with passionate cuddling or kissing. Their makeout sessions had never took him as far as he wanted to go with her, though. Tonight, he wanted all of her, and that's what he intended to get.

He didn't take this night of making out for anything different than he had in the nights passed. He wanted her, and she knew it. The only thing unknown was just how much she wanted him. Their passion soon turned to a heavy lust…they kissed and groped each other wildly. His lips met her neck in unison with his hands meeting her chest. He slowly and passionately caressed her through her shirt, while gently sucking on her neck. He could feel himself getting hard, feeling her perfect tits in his hands. She hadn't noticed the tent in his boxers yet, for her eyes were closed….almost clenched tight. They both knew what they wanted, and it was the same thing.

He worked his hands on her sides and around her bellybutton on the outside of her shirt. He reached the end of her shirt, then made his way back up to her chest on the inside of it, feeling her soft skin. He ran his fingertips on the skin above her naval, and moved his hands around to her back, in hopes to get her bra off without much trouble. He started to pull her bra off out from under her shirt, and to his suprise, she hadn't stopped him. He pulled it out from under her shirt and threw it beside the bed. He quickly moved his hands back up her shirt to feel her uncovered tits for the first time. He cupped them softly. They were perfect handfuls. He began to use his fingers to caress her nipples, but it only lasted a minute. He decided he want to see what he was doing. He broke there kiss and began to pull off her shirt, then his.

He saw her tits and immediately put his mouth to them. He sucked on her nipples and played with them with his tongue. He moved his hand up her thigh and felt her pussy her pants, and he could feel the wetness through the material. His touch sent a shock through her. She playfully moved his head from her tits and pushed her hands passed the waistband of his boxers and grabbed his cock. Her eyes widened at the feel of his length. She yanked his boxers down, relieving his cock of it's confinement. His hard tool jerked with the new freedom it was given. She reached out to grab it, but he stopped her. She knew what he wanted.

She laid back on the bed and let him remove her pants, then her soaked underwear. He took his time and slowly worked his hands from her ankles up to her knees, massaging her legs. From her knees he moved his hands down her thighs right to her pubic bone, and back up, teasing her. He only barely avoided touching her georgous pussy lips each time he moved his handback up. He looked at her face, her eyes fixated on his hands. Then without warning he began to massage her clit, using her own cum for a lubrication. This drove her crazy, and he knew it. He then moved his head down to her cunt and kissed her right on her pussy lips. He stuck out his tongue and moved it up and down, from the bottom of her slit back up, stopping only to nibble on her clit every so often.

He felt her legs shaking on her shoulder, so he decided to lick around her inner thighs. She wanted his tongue back on her cunt badly. He moved his hands all over her ass, caressing the meaty flesh. His hands left her ass and moved to her slit, and he slowly moved his index into her hole, still licking at her thighs. He moved his finger in and out of her pussy. Pushing it all the way in then pulling it all the way back out and tasting his finger each time. He then moved his head back down to her snatch and replaced his finger with his tongue, moving his tongue in and out of her pussy while rubbing and pinching her clit with his finger. He look up at her. He saw her biting her lip and rubbing her tits. He knew she was about to cum. He began to work his fingers fast over her clit, and he bobbed his head up and down, trying to get his tongue as far into her pussy as he could.

Then he heard it. She moaned loudly and began to say "Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!" in between each of her now rapid and heavy breathing. She wrapped her legs around his head and began pushing her pussy against his face, hard. He felt her hot cum coming out of her with his tongue. He let it all run right out of her hole and onto his tongue, cleaning up her pussy after she had came. She tasted so sweet, he continued licking up the cum around her pussy and her clit.

She opened her eyes and looked down at him. "Fuck me." is all she said, and that's all he needed to hear. He stood up and grasped his cock. He could've came right then if she had asked him to. He moved up to her, she was still laying on her back. He worked the tip of his cock up and down the slit of her pussy, over and over again. Then he reached the whole and slowly started pushing it into her pussy. He got the head of his cock in, then pulled it out of her pussy and put it in again, a bit quicker, using her left over cum and his spit as lubrication. Soon he had half of his cock in her pussy. He pulled out a bit and then thrust into her…hard. He felt his balls against her ass, and didn't even need to look down…he knew he had his full length into her. He then lost all control of himself. He began to fuck her wildly, putting all of his cock into her then back out in quick, hard thrusts.

After a bit of this, he began to get tired, so he picked her up and held her against him, his cock still buried in her, his hands on her ass, and her legs around him. He began to lift her up and down on his cock while he turn around to sit on the bed. He sat down, her still stradding her. He kept moving her up and down by her ass on her cock. Before he knew it she was doing it herself, riding his cock….her tits bouncing up and down right in front of face. He began to caress them and suck on them. He then laid back, and let he sit on it. Watching his cock go in and out of her tight pussy as she bounced up and down. After a few minutes of her bouncing on his cock, she fell onto him and kissed him, letting him fuck her as hard and fast as he wanted. He fucked her pussy for a few minutes, then warned her he was going to cum.

She got up off of him and he got up off the bed. She got on her knees right beside the bed and took his cock in her hand. She jacked him off fast, but stopped, and lick the tip of his cock, sending chills through his body. She then took the head of his cock into her mouth. She could taste her cum as well as his pre-cum on his dick. She loved the taste. She moved her head from his cock and a long stream of his cum lead from the tip of his cock to her lip. She moved her head back to his cock, letting the cum run onto her chin. She worked his cock a little deeper into her mouth with each bob of her head. Her tongue snaked around the underside of his cock as she took it into her throat. His hands moved to the back of her head, and he pushed his cock deeper into her throat, nearly gagging her. She then started jacking him off, keeping the head of his dick right inside her mouth.

After only a couple of minute of feeling her hands work up and down his shaft, he was nearing his orgasm. He then took his cock in his own hand, and used his other to tilt her head back. She looked up at him, and she knew he was about to cum. She used her hands to his balls and caressed them as he jacked off, the head of his cock resting on her chin. Then without warning, he came. A long warm stream of cum shot across her lips into her cheek, the rest he managed to get into her mouth. He filled her mouth completely with cum, then ran his finger along her cheek getting the cum that he shot on her face and put his finger into her mouth, feeding her his cum. She played with the cum in her mouth, sticking her tongue out so he could see what he had done. Then she swallowed it all in one gulp.

She got up off her knees, and kissed him deeply, letting both of them taste each other. Then they both fell onto the bed in exhaustion, soaking the sheets with their sweat. He kissed her again, on her cheek, and wrapped his arm around her, and they both fell asleep.

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