Honey Dew pt 5_(0)

Honey Dew pt 5_(0)


Paul ranted and raved about Beth’s call. He was furious and at one point blamed Dena. “Bitch! When I told you who was on the phone, why did you suck my cock?”

Dena straddled him and put his face into her chest. She wasn’t wanting to fuck this time. She had to calm him down. Paul layed his cheek on her tit and asked, “What am I going to do?” Dena stroked his head and thought. “Didn’t you tell her there was a bad connection? Call her back right now. Tell her you’ve been trying to reach her, but could not get through.” The old Paul resurfaced. Sucking her tit hard, he told her how brilliant she was.

The voice mail picked up and Paul cooed into the phone, “Honey, it’s me. Connection is much better now.” Of course, his hand was connected to the large tit next to him. “I have no idea what happened earlier. You were breaking up and then the phone died. This is funny as hell, but while you were talking to me, I was hearing some couple fucking! I pictured us and got a hard on thinking about it.” Dena jerked his balls when he said that. “I’ll call you tonight from Hong Kong. I love you, Baby.”

Hanging up the phone, Paul pinched Dena’s clit. “Payback”

Dena tit slapped him across the face and said, “Someone’s feeling playful again.” She sucked his cock, making it hard and slid it inside her. Flying over Hawaii, they fucked. Flying over the South Pacific, Dena titty fucked him. He was eating her pussy over the Sea of China. Coming into Hong Kong, he was fucking her ass.

Cain woke up and was at first confused. He didn’t recognize the room. Looking over, he saw Beth sleeping and remembered it all. He wanted her again, but knew they had a busy day. She needed her rest. As he rose to shower, Beth rolled over. “Hey Sexy Guy. Good morning.” Paul gently kissed her forehead and stepped away. He stepped back to look at her. Beth thought he was trying to sneak out. “Oh. I see”. she said. “I misunderstood yesterday, I suppose.” “Oh no, Beth! You didn’t misunderstand a thing! All I wanted just now was to look at you. I can’t keep my eyes off of you.” She smiled and pulled the sheet off her. “Well, before we get started?” she asked. Cain rubbed her pussy and smiled. His cock was already at attention and ready to go. He slid into bed next to her and pulled her on top of him. Beth rode him hard. There wasn’t time for anything sweet or romantic this morning.

Downstairs, Beth checked for messages. When Paul’s came on, she started laughing. “You’ve got to hear this!” She put the phone on speaker and played the message again.
“Like I don’t know HIS voice!” she laughed. “Cain, I hope this doesn’t upset you, but I’ve heard the man when he has sex. That was him on the phone.”

So, what are you going to do?”

“I’ve got his business itinerary. I’m going to show it to Daddy and confirm it’s legit. He’s using Daddy’s name on these trips. I think I’ll let Daddy handle the business end of Paul….or the end of Paul’s business dealings! You and I are going to Hong Kong.”

“We are? When you decide that?”

“Oh, I think the minute I heard him fucking that whore yesterday.”

“What in the hell are we going to do in Hong Kong?”

“Surprise Paul with the quickie divorce papers I’m gonna get in the Caribbean in a few days. Wanna go to the islands and relax?”

“I’d go to the moon with you. But how can you get a quickie divorce? Aren’t there property laws and shit?”

”Cain, have you heard the word ‘prenup’? Daddy insisted on Paul signing one. There’s one stipulation in it. If we are still married after 5 years, it becomes null and void. I don’t why Daddy thought 5 years was long enough. I need to get this divorce NOW because our 5th anniversary is in 3 weeks.”

Cain pulled her to him and loosened her robe. Running his hands over her, he said, “You amaze me. This time yesterday you were drinking coffee with me and missing that asshole. This morning I woke up in your bed and am standing here freely touching your nakedness. You were able to turn off whatever you felt toward ‘him’ with no problem. Can I ask you, though, why am I lucky enough to be here now?”

“Because Cain Straton, you’ve been my friend since you started working here. I may have been married, but I’m still a woman. I liked what I saw in you physically. I loved what you saw of you deep inside. I couldn’t cheat on Paul. But now, it’s not cheating. It’s not revenge. It’s starting over and I want to start over with someone like you.”

She kissed him and dropped her robe. Climbing on the island in the center of the kitchen, she said, “Here. I want to do it here. I don’t care who sees or hears us.” Cain removed his robe and began kissing her neck. Her fingers ran along his back showing her pleasure. As he kissed the first tit, her nails slightly dug in his back. Yeah, she wanted him to take his time. He was licking her clit when the phone rang.

“Bet it’s Paul! Let’s answer.” Beth said, almost like a giddy girl.


”Hey Honey Dew! Did you get my message last night?”

“I’m so glad you called. I heard the same thing you did and had no idea what was going on! Honey, I was afraid you were with Dena.”

“Silly woman! I told you, you’re all I want.”

”I know. I just missed you. I didn’t get a chance to tell you that Daddy can’t fly me out to see you this week. Steve needs the other jet for something.”

“Damn! Good thing I remembered the oil. Makes jerking off so much easier! I miss you, Honey Dew.”

“I know you do. I’m gonna have a nice surprise for you when you get home.”

“All I want is my wife naked and a week of endless sex.”

”Interesting you should say that.” The phone was on speaker so Cain could hear. He almost laughed out loud. “That is exactly what’s been on my mind; a nice, thick cock to ride to be exact.”

“You can ride me all you want when I get home.”

“Paul, I hate to go, but I’ve got a lunch date with Leza and am running late.”

“OK. It’s late here and I need to go to bed.” Of course, Dena was in his bed waiting.

“Call me when you get a break from meetings.”

“I love you.”

“Me too.”

Hot damn! She bought it all! The best news is she won’t be out here! Daddy can’t let her use the jet.” Paul was ecstatic when he got off the phone with Beth. Looking at Dean wrapped in a towel from her recent shower he knew exactly how to celebrate. He pulled the towel away kissed her belly while squeezing her tits. He ran his tongue to her pussy, put his hands on her ass, pulling her tighter to him and started licking. Dena leaned into his tongue and squeezed her tits. She still couldn’t believe her luck as he licked her to orgasm. She let his hands guide her as he turned her around facing the wall, pulling her hips out toward him and spreading her legs. His cock pounded her pussy until cum ran down her legs. Dena felt Paul pull his cock out. He moved her to the back of the chair and bent her over it. He ran his cock from her wet pussy, up the crack of her ass. Everything was wet. Dena moaned as he began rubbing her clit, and felt the anticipation of what she knew was next. She relaxed as she felt his cock going into her ass. Paul continued to rub her clit as his cock moved about her ass. Dena sucked on her nipple, adding to her excitement and pleasure.

“I’ll be back downstairs in about an hour. I’m gonna shower and call Daddy” Beth said to Cain.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Go get a change of nice clothes. I want you to go to Daddy’s office with me. Daddy needs to know what you saw in the pool house.”

Pulling him close to her still naked body, Beth added, “I also want him too see the man who is making me live right now…..and whom I hope makes me live for a very long time.”

Dropping to his knees, Cain said, “There’s something I need to finish before you go shower.” He pulled Beth’s pussy into his face and began munching again. Without saying a word, she climbed back on the counter and spread her legs. The pool man outside rubbed his cock as he watched Cain fuck the boss. Cain sucked on her bouncing titties as they came together.

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