Horseback Ride

Horseback Ride

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Horseback Ride

As soon as my sister walked in the door I told her that we had to talk. She said okay but that she really had to pee first. I paced the floor waiting for her to come back out to me.

When Emma reappeared she looked great. My sister was something special. She had just come back from a night out with the girls and she was dressed to kill. Her short tight cotton skirt was black in color and just barely covered any panties that she might be wearing. Her little white half top just had a big knot tied under her heaving breasts. She was wearing black four-inch high heels too. I could even see her areolas and her nipples through that white top quite well. At twenty-five years old my sister was at her sexual peek and I was just her horny little fifteen-year-old brother. I was also the babysitter for the evening.

I had almost forgotten what I was going to tell her. Then thankfully she asked me what I had been in such a hurry to tell her. So I told her that her daughter CeeCee and I had been playing and that I had given her a horseback ride when she told me that I wasn’t doing it right. Then she had me stick my hands behind my back and stick my thumb up her pussy. She made me give her a ride like that for about a half an hour before she would go to bed. I told her that it wasn’t any of my doing and that CeeCee said that her daddy always gives her rides like that.

Emma smiled at me and said that everything was okay and that her husband did give their daughter rides like that every night before bed. She said that Emma likes to sit on the saddle horn. Then Emma told me that our father had done the very same thing to her when she was that age. He had?

Emma apparently had more than enough to drink and it had made her pretty outspoken too. She proceeded to tell me all about our father thumbing her pussy every day when she was little like CeeCee was. Then he would kiss her nipples every night after she started to develop. Finally when her periods started dad would fuck her every night too. I was only nine years old when Emma got married so I never knew anything about that but I did know than mom still kisses my cock and sucked me off every night when I go to bed. Apparently our parents had decided a long time ago to take turns with us kids.

As we talked Emma placed just one of her legs up on the couch and leaned back against the far end. That opened up her legs really wide, raised her short skirt up to her waist, and exposed her white cotton panties with the yellow stain in the crotch along with a fresh wet spot.

Emma said that she needed another drink so I followed her into the kitchen while she poured herself a big glass of red wine. As she sat back on the couch to take a sip she spilled some of the red wine on her white top. Then she just simple untied it and rushed back into the kitchen to wash it out. I watched as my older sister’s tits jiggled as she walked. I followed her into the kitchen and she didn’t mind at all if I could see her bare breasts, if she even noticed. I realized that dad had seen Emma’s breasts every day when she was growing up and that her husband had probably seen them every day since then so she apparently didn’t mind if I saw them too. After she finished washing out her top she put it in her washing machine and picked up her glass of wine again. Emma saw me looking at her tits and asked me if I liked them. I sure did and I told her so too.

I followed her back into the living room and onto the couch. As she sat back down with one leg up and the other one down again my eyes looked right at her white panties. Of course she noticed and looked down at them too. Then my very sexy drunken sister asked me once again if I liked what I could see, namely her panties. I sure did and I told her so again. Surprisingly Emma told me that I would really like what was underneath them. Then she stood up and removed her tiny little black skirt and then her stained panties. Emma held them up in the air and looked at the stain. She told me that there hadn’t been toilet paper in all of the stalls in the lady’s room at the bar she had been at and that she figured that her cotton panties would soak up the last few drops. Then she pranced right into the laundry room and threw them in the washing machine with her top. Shyly I asked Emma if I could have them. She just smiled at me and took her stained panties back out. Then she watched me as I sniffed them and put them in my pocket to take home.

Soon we were back on the couch. Emma had that one leg up again and she was drinking her glass of wine. She kept looking at my eyes. I was focusing on her tits and then on her pussy. Then she asked me if I wanted to play house. No I didn’t want to play house. That was what CeeCee had wanted me to do most of the evening. Emma’s way of playing house was for me to pretend that I was our father. She said that I could put my thumb in her pussy, kiss her nipples, and then fuck her as often as I wanted too. I did just that, I fucked my sister three times that evening. Her husband was away on business so she let me sleep with her too.

I couldn’t believe that I had lost my virginity to my beautiful older sister. The first time that I fucked her had been way to quick but Emma said that was perfectly normal. The second time was a lot better but that third time was the very best. I got to kiss Emma and suck on her nipples until they were tender and then I got to kiss and thumb her pussy too. Emma didn’t care what I did to her so when I was ready I slipped my cock into her wet pussy for that third time and slipped it in and out at a nice slow pace. She loved it and I gave her another orgasm that time. Being a horny teenager gave me the advantage of stamina. I was able to fuck Emma for about fifteen minutes that time before I cum in her again. She was wonderful to fuck and she let me do it to her too.

In the morning CeeCee jumped in bed with us and woke us up. Then CeeCee pulled the covers off from her mother’s breasts and started sucking on one of them. Emma told me that it was just her mommy daughter time and that that way they kept up the bond between them. Emma told me that I had sucked on my mother’s breast until I was seven but I don’t remember that. With her encouragement Emma had me cuddle into her other side and suck on her other breast. There we were the three of bonding that morning. After a while Emma sent CeeCee down to watch television until we came downstairs to fix breakfast.

Emma told me that I could fuck her again but that I had to wait until she had peed first. So together we went into the bathroom where she let me watch her pee and watch her wipe afterwards too. Then she watched me pee and even held my cock and aimed it for me. Then we went back to her bed where she got on top that time and faced my feet. I watched my sister’s ass as she thrust her hips down toward my feet sending my hard cock deeper into her pussy. As she leaned into it I watched her little brown puckered hole wink at me. Watching her fuck herself with my cock was hypnotic. I reached out my finger and touched her asshole just as she moved back forcing the tip of my finger into her butt hole. Emma told me that it felt good so I did it again and again. She told me to stick it in her pussy to get it lubricated so I went back and forth fingering her pussy with my cock still in it and then fingering her asshole with it. Soon I had my middle finger all the way into her ass and then I let her do the work. Emma fucked herself on both my cock and on my finger and she loved it. When she was telling me that she was cumming between clinched teeth I started pumping my cum up into her. Wow! That was the best yet. And it was just Saturday morning. Mom said that I could stay with Emma all weekend as long as I made it to school Monday morning and I was going to take full advantage of it. I wouldn’t give CeeCee a horseback ride but I did give Emma one when CeeCee wasn’t watching us. Boy it sure was fun.

Saturday Emma and I took CeeCee to the park to play. Emma wore the same outfit that she had on the night before but in different colors. This time her tiny skirt was red and her top was pink. I was the one that asked her to wear another pair of white cotton panties for me. She smiled and told me that she would wear them and that I could have them latter too if I wanted them. I wanted them that was for sure.

At the park I watched CeeCee and Emma play together. Emma showed her panties to everyone in the park that day, male female young and old alike. She never once tried to cover herself up from their prying eyes. I knew that every man there wanted to fuck my sister and I also knew that I would. She looked so pretty as she played on the swings and the slides. She climbed the ladders and crawled through the tubes with her daughter. CeeCee finally wore Emma out so that she was ready to go home and take a nice hot bath.

Back at the house Emma got a bath ready for her and CeeCee and then undressed. She handed me her panties and I put them in my other pocket. Emma told me that I really should put her panties in zip-lock bags with a note inside reminding me of who they belong too and when I had gotten them. She said that I might like to write a little story about how I got them too. She said that her husband had a pretty good panty collection of his own and that that was how he does it. So I went down to the kitchen and got two plastic bags.

I got a pen and some paper and went back up to the bathroom to watch the girls take a bath while I wrote my two notes. Emma and CeeCee played in the bathtub for a while then Emma let CeeCee wash her breasts and her pussy. Oh how I wanted to do that for her. Then I watched as the girls dried off and Emma put CeeCee down for a well-needed nap.

Emma wanted to hear what I wrote to put in with her panties. She didn’t get dressed either and I read it to her while we were in bed together. She gave me some pointers about my writing and then I made love to her. She asked me if I wanted a blowjob but I told her that I get them all the time from mom and she laughed. She also hoped that I wasn’t so turned off to blowjobs that I wouldn’t let a nice girl give me one if she wanted too. I told her that I had wondered about that too.

She showed me a couple of panties from her husband’s collection. She knew that he fucked around and she didn’t mind. She said that she had been brought up knowing that her father was fucking her and her mother so she just assumed that every man needed more than one woman. Those panties belonged to a girl that he had fucked while Emma was in bed with them. Wow! The other pair was also from a threesome that they had but Emma had eaten that other girl’s pussy out after her husband had fucked her. Then it was time for me to relieve my erection and fuck my sister again. Just as I was cumming in her CeeCee came in and jumped on my back and started to play horse ride. Emma told me not to stop so I didn’t and CeeCee enjoyed the ride.

That afternoon we played school and I got to test CeeCee in her knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. After that I got to test her on animals, birds, and dinosaurs too. CeeCee was in kindergarten and doing very well.

After dinner CeeCee was ready to calm down and go to bed. Emma and I were ready for bed too but not to go to sleep. That weekend I fucked my sister all that I wanted to and she let me. Monday night at bedtime Emma was all that I could think of, as I was cumming in my mother’s mouth once again.

The End
Horseback Ride

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