I'll do anything to belong

I'll do anything to belong

It was a game we had. My girlfriend and I would go out on Saturday night and see who could make the most men cum. We usually didn’t have to look too hard for “victims” as word got around pretty fast we would fuck and suck anyone with a cock. We would walk into a bar and before too long we would both be in an alley or in a men’s room with a cock in one of our holes.

Our parents were rich and busy – they hardly noticed we existed. Our gardener had introduced us to porn when we were nine when our parents were not home and we had begged him to take our cherries when we were eleven as we did not get any physical affection and we could see that porn stars did so we were determined to live like porn stars to ensure we got lots of affection. The game started after the gardener dared us to fuck all the men at a party he took us too and the prize was to spend a night being cuddled by him or one of his friends. We really were starved of affection.

In between cocks we would go back in for a drink and talk about our latest “cock”. We loved the fact our faces and clothes were covered in cum and yes we looked a mess by the time we left, cum drying on our skin and dripping from our cunts and asses.

Even though we were only 12 when we started this game, we had no problems getting into bars and clubs because we certainly brought in lots of business and besides all the manager had to do was offer us to the cops and all was well.

Now we did all this because it was fun. We didn’t know about prostitution and we certainly didn’t want to upset anyone but apparently we managed to take care of so many men wherever we went, the local whores were not getting enough business. This is where the problem began.

We arrived at one of our usual haunts and before we even got to the bar we had each been approached by men wanting to help us with our game. I am 5’4 blonde and almost flat chested. My friend Heather is the same height with red hair and small budding breasts. The man in front of me was about 30 and over six foot and really well built. “Hey sexy need help tonight?”
“sure” I smiled as I walked to the bar. I was wearing a long full skirt and a loose top.
“follow me”
I stood at the bar and waited for my usual drink of white wine and then lifted myself onto the high bar stool turning to face my new friend. He knew what to do – he had watched me for a long time. He moved between my open legs and with my long skirt for cover undid his jeans releasing his cock which he shoved into my young naked cunt waiting under my skirt. We pretended to talk while he fucked me but everyone knew what he was doing. I liked it with no foreplay – the pain increased the pleasure.

I had started fucking in the bar when it had started snowing outside. It saved time too and I could get more in which meant I usually won the game. I would do almost anything to feel looked after. I felt the cock inside me speed up and felt my own orgasm approaching – this was a good start to the night. We came together and then he quickly withdrew, tucked his cock back into his jeans and he was gone, leaving a lovely warm stream dripping from my cunt. I turned to find Heather and realized she was ahead of me as she was in a booth sitting between two guys in such a way I knew they were both fucking her. Damn I wanted to win. She was good at taking guys up the ass so she could get ahead quickly – I didn’t really enjoy anal sex unless it was really rough so I didn’t usually take two at a time unless I was somewhere I could give one a blowjob -staying inside was going to slow me down. I decided to explore the men’s room as soon as the guy fucking me had finished. (forgot to mention another cock had taken the first one’s place – black guy about 40 )– grunting away – I hardly noticed when he came as I was plotting my next move but noticed the gush when I stood up – he must have cum about a gallon – I giggled as I dripped on the floor as I walked to the men’s room. This place was full of guys over 30 who loved to fuck young girls. I wondered if they fucked their daughters. I wished my father would fuck me – at least that would prove he knew I existed.

My walk was worth while. As soon as I entered I was pushed to my knees and a cock was soon in my mouth and another forced into my soaked cunt. They fucked me hard and soon I was rewarded with more cum being deposited into my cunt and then my mouth was full as I opened it to allow cum to drip down my chin and then swallowed the rest.
This happened twice more so I had made eight guys cum in me and I had only been here for about half an hour. I walked back to the bar to see how Heather was doing.

Cum was literally pouring out of me and my face was covered as I sat at the bar.
“Good night tonight Kelly” The barman observed.
“ I want to win” We both laughed. He knew he would get to fuck us both before he went – he loved to be last for some reason. He even liked to drink from our cunts – not sure why.
“Where’s Heather?” I asked. He shrugged and nodded towards the booth I had seen her at previously. Heather was looking my way with a pained look on her face and behind her a guy looked to be fucking her – but why the pained look? She was really in pain. I Got up to go over and see what was wrong. “No “ she mouthed. “get out of here.”

No way I thought. I was not going to let her win. I noticed there were about ten other huge men in the booth with her and realized she would quickly get ahead of me. I was not going to allow that to happen so I turned to go back to the men’s room. Before I got very far a man was standing in front of me.
“ You have to stop stealing my business slut
“work for me or you will get what you friend is getting”

He was tall and ugly. Probably around 50 and very intimidating. “I am too young to work – I don’t need a job I stammered “ I had no idea what he was talking about. He grabbed my arm and turned me toward Heather who was crying and writhing in pain. What was the man behind her doing – Heather loved fucking so I couldn’t imagine why the pain.

“She said no as well and look what is happening to her – you either become one of my whores or you get the same”

“Whore? What is that?” “What are you doing to her”

“You have no idea do you” He said “ A Whore does what you do but the men pay her and then she pays me – so you giving it away is ruining my business – so sign up or you get ruined for life – got it?”

“Ruined for life – what do you mean?” “ I don’t need money – daddy is rich – please what are you doing to her?”

He took me to the booth and pushed me in. I was grabbed and sat on a guy’s knee and my face turned to Heathers’ cunt. I screamed as I saw the man behind her was not fucking her but had both arms inserted into her cunt and ass and was forcing them deeper and deeper so they were buried to the elbows. He was a huge black man and his arms were enormous so I could only guess how big his hands were. I was scared for my friend but also aroused by the site of the two black arms coming out of her white white body.

My arousal must have shown. “You like that do you you dirty slut?” The ugly man asked.

“No “ I said but I was just about having an orgasm and I realized I was rubbing myself on the hard cock which was suddenly released between my legs and despite being horrified with my lack of concern for Heather – found myself frantically arranging myself so the cock could fuck me while I got off on Heather’s torture.

The man pulled his arm from Heather’s ass, leaving it gaping open and some cum from previous cocks poured out or her tortured hole. I was so turned on I was riding the huge cock in my cunt harder and despite myself felt an orgasm as the arm was replaced with a large wine bottle. Heather cried in pain as I came and came – what sort of friend was I. I was so turned on. The wine bottle disappeared inside her and then a hand went in to retrieve it – forcing her anal cavity to be forced open further to accommodate both bottle and large hand. The cock inside me came and withdrew – I needed another so I moved to the next lap. This cock was huge and I gasped as it forced its way into my cunt. Heather was being tuned over so she could see me and her pain increased as she saw the pleasure I was deriving from her pain. My clother were pulled up so she could see I was happily fucking away while she suffered.

I felt so guilty but suddenly another feeling overtook me as I felt the cock withdraw from my cunt and ram to the hilt into my ass. The pain was intense and I thought I would pass out but to my surprise I orgasmed and realized the pain added to my already intense pleasure so I forced myself to fuck this huge cock in my ass, the pain of my dry anal passage causing me to cum again and again. The cock inside me came and the cum stung my insides adding to my pleasure.

I finished coming and looked up to see the horror on Heather’s face. I felt ashamed but I couldn’t help it. The pain, watching the torture, it turned me on so much – I really was a sick slut.

The men were laughing. I began to cry. I had hurt my friend so much.
“well sluts – you start work at midnight or the next thing to enter your young cunts will be a knife – got it?”

“and I think our little blonde friend here will find a special kind of client to her liking – those who like to hurt little girls. – Take them outside”

We were dragged to a van and forced inside. Once inside the torture of Heather continued. She was stripped and her small breasts twisted and bitten. She cried as once again a huge black arm was forced into her cunt and forced in and out of her making her scream. The men were watching me and despite myself I eagerly started fucking the cock that was offered to me – once again aroused by my friend’s pain.

The arm was removed from Heather’s cunt.
“You do it slut”
I hesitated. What kind of sick fuck was I. I wanted to force my arm into Heather’s cunt even though I knew it would hurt her. I wanted to hurt her. I slid my arm into her gaping cunt. She looked at me with sadness and horror. But I wanted to hurt her – the pleasure it caused me was so incredible. I forced my arm in which wasn’t hard after the large black man and then clenched my fist inside her – I wanted to hurt her so I punched at her insides faster and faster making her cry louder and louder until I felt myself build to the biggest orgasm I had ever had and then I felt the shame and removed my arm sobbing uncontrollably. I had hurt my best friend and had the best orgasm of my life doing it.

“This is going to make us a lot of money boys – hold off until we get them to the studio and bring those other dumb fucks we found earlier. –girls you are going to be stars and you blondie will have a long career – female torturers are worth a lot and you like pain as well so you will be looked after.”

“What about Heather “ I said. But I already knew she was of limited use to them.

“She can either start working for us fucking old perverts or she gets to be the star in our next film” I didn’t know what they meant but somehow I thought working might be the better option but Heather thought differently. “Will you let me go if I do the movie” She asked.

They all laughed – “sure sweetie – we won’t have any use for you after that.”
My stomach turned – I know I should have warned Heather she was in danger but my cunt was dripping thinking of what they might do to her and the memory of my orgasm when I had fisted her was still fresh. I knew too these men would look after me but would turn on me quickly if I tried to defend Heather. I wanted them to look after me. I smiled reassurance to her while I anticipated the orgasms ahead and knew I had entered a life from which there was no return. A life where causing pain to others would ensure my pleasure and survival.

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