innocent youth

innocent youth

It was the last day of term before the school summer holidays. Dean James and Matthew sat anxiously at their desks in the classroom. They were waiting for the bell to go to sound freedom for the next 7 weeks. Silence fell like a blanket over the classroom. The second hand on the clock moved steadily and reached its destination. Bang on 3pm the bell rang and shattered the silence.

Every student in the school piled out of their classrooms and funneled through the school gates. Dean James and Matthew started on their walk to the bus stop. James suggested they should do something this weekend. Matthew jumped in and suggested to go swimming.

James said “no I mean something for the whole weekend.

“I know how about lets go camping down at cliff point.” Dean mentioned.

Cliff point used to be a popular campsite however, due to lude acts it was closed and had a rusty security fence surrounding the area including the woodland.

“But it’s all locked up how can we get in” James motioned.

“There is a gap in the fencing. Are you guys up for it?” James asked. Dean was well up for it but Matthew wasn’t too sure.

When they got to their homes they all spoke to their parents. Dean and James’s parents were both fine with it but Matthew’s parents were concerned about the weather as it was meant to rain, and with their moddy coddling over their precious son they decided against it.

Later that evening, the boys went onto their communal chat room, Matthew said he couldn’t go and too save embarrassment told a lie and said his parents were going to take him and their family out to the beach for a picnic and sheepishly left the chat room.

Dean and James carried on discussing their plans, arranging who was going to take what. Dean was going to take his 3 man dome tent. James would bring the snacks and sneak a bottle of vodka out the house, to go with the vodka they also planned to get some soda on the way their to mix their drink. James parents had offered to take dean as well. So both boys now hand transport.

The next day James’s parents arrived to take dean. Dean said bye to his mam and dad and carried his rucksack with ease to the car and put it in the boot of the vehicle. After a short distance James’s mam got out and went into a nearby shop and bough 2 2litre bottles of cola and asked James and dean if it was enough and both boys’s silently nodded.

When they reached the site the boys got their gear out of the car. James’s mam said ok boys have fun. If you need anything just call us ok. Ok mam said James and the car drove off. The boys put their rucksacks on and James led the way to the opening. The campsite was surrounded by woodlands and has a river running alongside of it. As they got through the first lot of fencing they started fighting their way through the trees. The sweat started to drip from every pore of their bodies, the heat was intense but it looked like storm clouds in the sky.

As they reached the opening they noticed it was more than big enough, first they chucked through their bags and then crawled through themselves and dean crawled through the gap. James stood back and watched as dean bent forward, he was getting aroused at the sight of his friend’s ass and imagining what he could do with it. He could fell his cock starting to swell as the blood rushed too it. He had to stop thinking about it, otherwise dean would notice.

Once through they walked around trying to find the best spot. There was one spot shaded with tree’s which would provide cover from the oncoming weather, and they decided to pitch the tent there.

Once the ten was up both boys’ started to unpack their stuff they laid both their sleeping bags side by side. Dean unpacked some sandwiches which his mother had prepared for then and James unpacked a multi pack of crisps, some cookies and sweets, finally was a bottle of vodka. James said don’t worry my parents won’t miss it and then pulled out two plastic beakers.

Dean pulled out a Polaroid camera and said we should take some pictures and show Matthew what he’s missing and took a picture of the vodka. “How many pictures do you have left” 18 dean said. “We should go out and take some pictures of the campsite for memories as well.” James suggested. No sooner had they reached the river it started to rain. Both boys ran as fast as they could back to the tent. When they got back to the tent it dawned on them how wet they actually were.

James started to get undressed and dean turned his back and started to take his shirt off and jeans. As he sat there in his boxer shorts. James asked “what’s wrong” dean replied “I have no spare clothes” then panic hit James as he realized he didn’t have a change either, then decided it would be best to get into their sleeping bags.

“How about a drink?” suggested James? Dean Greadily said yes and they both commenced on the vodka. James knew that dean was straight but he wanted him so badly he was willing to do anything. So as James set himself to pour the drinks he made sure to give dean at least 3 times more vodka than himself.

As the afternoon turned into night the rain was still hammering down and shortly after dean passed out with the alcohol. James seized his opportunity as dean laid encased in his sleeping bag snoring. James slowly and carefully undid the zip on the sleeping bag knowing not too wake fan. But with the way how dean was snoring he’s probably sleep through an earthquake.

James opened the sleeping bag and drew his attention to the flaccid bulging dean’s boxers. Temptation and curiosity got the better of James as he lifted up the waistband just enough so he could sneak a peak, and there it was. The cock of his friend the person who was going to be in a tent with him all night. James took it to the next step he looked at deans thick but not that long only approx 3inches if that cock. James thought well here goes he pulled dean’s boxer’s a couple of inches below his testicles. There was very little pubic hair. Either dean been trimming it or had just reached puberty. Dean’s sleeping meat was too good of an opportunity to miss.

James lent across and took deans soft fleshy piece into his mouth. It was the first time James had ever given a blowjob, and he only knew what he saw from his parent’s porn collection. James wrapped his thumb and fingers round the base and took every inch of dean’s cock in his mouth and lightly sucked, whilst cupping dean’s testicles with his remaining three fingers. James hoped dean would wake and would want more however on the other hand he didn’t want dean to wake, in fear that dean would stop him.

Suddenly something strange happened deans cock started to grow inside of James’s mouth. James moved further up from the base of dean’s shaft as he couldn’t take it all in his mouth. James’s was astounded by the size. It was at least 7inches long. James though I have to get a picture of this and took a Polaroid photo. The light of the flash was enough to wake dean. Dean rubbed his eyes and looked at his enraging hard-on and looked at James with the camera in his hand.

“What are you doing” murmured a drunken dean.

“I’m giving you a blowjob. Now lie back and close your eyes” James said

“Why you doing that?” dean responded.

“I want you, I need you and I’ll do anything to have you”

Dean threw his head back and told James to carry on with a smile on his face. Dean moaned in pleasure he knew it was wrong but was enjoying every moment of it. After some several minutes of constant sucking, dean felt a strange feeling. It was a good feeling and he sharply realized what it was. He was Cumming, he tried to speak but the pleasure was too intense and took his breath away. Before he knew it he shot his load into James’s mouth. He grabbed hold of James’s head and forced him to swallow his cum. James started to choke after swallowing and sat back up.

“Enjoy that?” James asked.

“Yes” dean said with a reluctant smile on his face.

“Is there anything else you want from me?” dean asked.

James blushed and said “there is one thing I want, I want to be fucked by you” confused and slightly naive dean asked “how”

“I want you to fuck me up the arse”

Dean astonished with how honest James was he asked “what with, I can’t get it up for a while at least.” James got undressed completely; his cock looked hard but was not as big as deans, which put a smug grin on dean’s face as he looked at it. James got onto his knees and lent forward onto his elbows resting his head onto his forearms.

Dean positioned himself directly behind James and spat onto James’s asshole he then squeezed three of his youthful fingers up James’s arse. The pain of the stretching was burning, James’s sphincter. James’s pushed himself passed the pain and was starting to enjoy it. Dean looked down and noticed his cock had got hard again. He took his fingers out of James’s now gaping asshole and got James to lower his hips. Dean positioned himself carefully and slowly eased his thick heavy pulsating cock into James’s virgin ass.

His arse was that tight it felt at first it was pulling back the foreskin all the way down dean’s cock. As dean started to thrust James reached for his own cock and started wanking himself off. As he drew near his arse clenched making it tight for dean. Dean carried on and “said I’m close” he heard James say “cum, please cum” with that dean shot his cum again for the second time. As he was about to take his cock out he could feel James wanking. Dean pulled his cock out of James ass hole and wrapped his mouth round James’s cock. As soon as James felt deans mouth around his cock, the hot tongue on his shaft he came into dean’s mouth. Dean tried to swallow but began retching and dived for the door of the tent. He opened the tent door and tried his best to get the cum out.

End of part 1

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