Jane, A Wonder 5

Jane, A Wonder 5


It was 2 in the morning, pitch black yet peaceful this night. For the longest while, I couldn't sleep. Me and Jane hadn't had sex in 5 days because her period started. Mood swings and all that junk could stop her in the middle of it so I didn't take my chances. Around two days ago this insomnia started. I couldn't pass the hours masturbating because then I'll moan and she might wake up. Then there was the matter of cleaning the cum up without making too much noise.

So I was just waiting for morning to come and her period to be over. I thought of going out with my guy friends, but whenever I tried to make plans with them they had other things to do. Dan usually had to do his daily wash of his nehru jacket and Mark had to go on a date with this girl who he won't tell me about. Probably Gina. They had this whole fling in Hawaii that I don't think stopped. When they did have a free schedule, I had to stay with Jane because it was lonely being by herself. So pretty much I stayed in this house, bored.

Before I knew it, morning came and I had the same old day and the same old insomnia-filled night.

However, the next day was a little different. Jane's period was over and she was more chipper and happy. Damn, that was long. Too bad me and the guys went bowling today. NOW they have time! Jeez. After what seemed like forever, we were done bowling and I went home. To my surprise, Jane wasn't there. I saw a note on the table. "Alex, I went to Gina's. See you at 11!" Great. Let's see, it's around 7 now, so I had four hours to wait. Maybe I could masturbate today. This could be the first porno I've watched in weeks. The first I watched was when I turned 18 and I put it on when I was all alone.

I decided to watch "Leslie and Bobby." This one had a 3 minute intro which I pumped to, building myself up. Finally, we got to see Leslie's tits. They were small, but I was pretty horny so it was like they were hot air balloons to me. After 1 minute went by, we finally got to see some action from Bobby. He massaged Leslie's cunt, and she moaned. She was biting her lip to keep from screaming. Two minutes of this and I felt an electricity of pleasure and I moaned. 10 minutes into the porn and precum soon started. I moaned harder, though I could never moan as much as Jane. This was about the time Bobby started pounding Leslie's cunt. 1 minute afterwards spurts of cum went flying. However, I didn't stop pumping until the video was over. The pleasure sometimes messed my hand up, making me have to build myself up to cumming again. At the end of the video, my cock went limp.

Well, that took care of 20 minutes. What should I do now?

I decided to play the waiting game. I thought of me and Jane, me and the guys going bowling, and Mark and Gina. Mark and Gina? How'd they get in there? Oh jeez.

Jane finally came home around 11:15.

"Hey handsome, what's going on?" she asked.

"Nothing really, just doing stuff."

"Man, I need a shower. You know Gina's exercise videos, right? She made us go through the whole set! I'm drenched and need to cool off."

Well, there goes another 20 minutes.

Soon, she came out wearing a black Victoria's Secret bra and and an equally sexy thong. Almost drooling at the sight, I ran into my room and came out naked.

We went into the bedroom.

"I've been waiting for this all week!" She yelled, taking off her undergarments. Holy crap. I almost went into shock, seeing my naked girlfriend in front of me.

In the speed of light, I got my clothes off too, exposing my erect dick. It was throbbing to Jane's hard tits, and a wet, recently shaved pussy.

"You like?" She asked. "Me and Gina shaved our cunts." Jeez, they were sure stocking up on sex stuff. Lesbian Couple? Nah.

"Cmon! Follow me!" Jane exclaimed.

She led me to the shower. Doesn't make much sense because she just got out, but I'm horny, I'd better roll with it!

I got the shower at a good temperature, and then we kissed. Our tongues were dancing with eachother. She was moaning, and I couldn't take it anymore. I stuck my dick in her cunt.

I started pumping my slick dick into her tight pussy. She was very wet, excluding the shower. I pumped harder and harder as she moaned harder and harder. I was about to cum, but that didn't stop me. I went harder than ever. The pleasure was so intense, I was moaning louder than ever.

"AAAAAAHHHH! OHHHHH!! SHIT!!! FUCK YEAH! FUCK YEAH! FUCK YEAH!" were her moans, more like screams. That turned me on incredibly. I couldn't keep going. I came. At least 10 spurts pounded her pussy with gusto.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" She screamed to my cum going into her. Her pussy was squirting a hell of a lot, and our cum was forming into a mixture. She was about to climax. She was digging her nails into my shoulders, which were healing from the first time in the shower.

"OHHHH GOD!!!!" she was yelling. After the mixture went down the drain, and my mouth was on her cunt, she squirted. Man, I was thirsty for that pussy juice. That sure quenched it.

To my surprise, she bent down and put my 6 of my 8 inches into her mouth, pumping the other 2. My throbbing dick was screaming for more, but I was in heaven now anyways.

I felt a shock of pleasure creep up my pubic bone. In literally minutes I felt pre-cum starting to come.

"Oh shit," I said as I blasted a buttload of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all as she was silently told.

My cock was limp. Dammit. Suddenly, this devious look fell on my face.

All I said to her was, "Your turn." I started to lick her swollen pussy lips like dripping ice cream. She was tremoring and moaning with each lick up and down. After many tries disguised as licks, my tongue squirmed into her sopping wet pussy. She was literally whimpering by now. I new she was about to cum, so I took advantage of this and teased her clit with my tongue. She was moaning for me to just lick it. I was tired of teasing, so I did. She had that sound of a sigh of relief as she started squirting.

Oh man, that's the stuff.

Time to get my fingers into action. I stuck two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. I could tell I was getting her G-Spot because she was moaning.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she was yelling with each time I moved my finger slightly, finding another spot to explore.

"Holy shit," she said.

I took those two fingers out and made a gentle slap of her pussy to set her over the edge. I could tell she liked that cuz she got wetter.

I guess I found a new technique, I gently slapped her pussy a few times until a fountain of pussy juice was headed down the drain. I knew I had to catch it or else I would miss it. I had my mouth on her cunt just in time for most of her orgasm.

We finally both went limp. We put on towels, and our usual clothes.

"Periods can be hell, can't they?" said Jane.

"At least we have a hell of a fuck afterwards," I said.

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