Julia's unexpected visit

Julia's unexpected visit

It was 3p.m. Johan, a long, lanky young teenager in a
blue sweat shirt and shorts went alone up the garden path
to Mrs. Calder’s house, leaving his friend with his
bicycle to wait uncertainly at the lampost outside. He
was the same age and dressed in white with a white
baseball cap. Johan had been here three times before. He
had told his pal in lurid detail what had happened each
time but his story had met with total disbelief.

Julia had already spotted the boy coming up the path
and the front door opened before he got there. "What do
you think you're doing, coming out of the blue without
letting me know first?" she said crossly, for she did not
approve of unexpected visitors. "For all you know my
husband might be at home!" But a glint of interest in her
eyes told Johan that she was alone and that he would
not be turned away.

"I… I was just passing and I thought that maybe you…
might be… well, in the mood."

She laughed suddenly at his confusion. "Come in then. I
don't like unexpected callers, Johan, but it's nice to
see you just the same…" She gave him a teasing little
smile. "And, who knows, you might just be in luck."

Even in her high heels she was a good deal shorter than
Johan. In the hall she looked up him with eyes that were
already beginning to get heavy. "Are you randy then?" She
looked at his crotch. Just the sight of her and the faint
scent of her soft dark hair was making his penis stiffen
in his trousers. Julia laughed and led him into the
living-room. "I don't have much time but we can play a
bit if you want…"

"I can't stay long either," said Johan, trying to be
casual. "My pal's waiting on me outside…"

Julia began to get a hint of what was going on. Her
eyes became suspicious but also curious. "Do I know him,
or not?"

"He lives in London and he's only staying with us for a
few days…"

"And you've told him things about me, about us, haven't

"No, Julia, really I haven't. I only said I had to
speak to you…"

"Liar!" said Julia, crossing to the window. "Where is
he? Is that him with the baseball cap?" Johan said it

"Hmm…" she mused. "And how old is he?"

"Same age as me." She could hardly believe such a well-
proportioned body could belong to a boy so young. She
turned to face Johan again.

"Now don't lie to me. The two of you were planning to get
it off with me, weren't you?"

Johan looked at the floor. "It doesn't matter… I'll be
going… I… I just thought you might like to do it with
the two of us."

"Well, maybe I would," she said cautiously, having
already decided to capitulate. Johan looked at her
expectantly like a dog waiting for a bone. She laughed.
"Go on then. Fetch him in and then we'll see…" The boy
grinned at her and went to fetch his friend.

When he came into the living-room Julia smiled at
him. He was even better-looking that she had at first
thought. He took his cap off as she looked him over
admiringly, letting her eyes linger briefly at his crotch
where she detected a faint bulge already.

"Hi, my name's Julia. What's yours?"

"Alexander," he said simply, his eyes admiring her
slender body in return.

"Listen, Alexander, you needn't think I don't know that
you two are just here to flirt with me and try to get it
off. I don't mind having a bit of fun with you, but get
this straight: I'm a married woman and I don't fuck with
young boys. Johan knows that well enough…" He nodded
solemnly in confirmation. Having made the rules clear,
she pointed to the big three-sitter couch. "Now sit down
there both of you while I fetch something to drink."

Johan winked at Alexander as they watched her go to the
open kitchen, swaying gently on her high heels, her dark
blue skirt swinging softly round her slim shapely legs.
"You're right! She's really gorgeous!" Alex breathed.

"And hot as hell as well…" Johan whispered. "If she
let's you neck with her then stroke her legs whlle you're
kissing her," he advised. "That turns her on like
anything… before you know it she'll have your cock out
in her hand. You'll see…"

When Julia returned, Alexander moved to make room for
her and she sat down between them. Although she looked so
cool, she was excited inside and Johan felt a soft tremor
run through her slender body as she leaned against him,
lifting her face up to him with a soft laugh. "If you
boys want to play naughty games, you'll have to get me in
the mood first, you know…"

Johan responded by bringing his lips down on hers. They
parted almost immediately and he shivered as her tongue
snaked out between her teeth and into his mouth.
Alexander watched them as they necked. The kiss became
hotter and more passionate as Johan cradled her in his
arms and she slid her bare arm up round his neck, panting
softly through her nose. He could see her jaw working
slowly as her tongue explored his pal's mouth. Johan's
hand soon went to her breast and she squirmed
voluptuously. Her slim legs began to coil and slither
slowly, her pale transparent stockings rasping softly.

Alexander began to perspire as he watched the two
petting, his penis hard and aching with arousal. Finally,
unable to keep his hands off her, he reached out and
trailed his fingers tentatively up the leg nearest him.
Julia gave a little snort of approval and
encouragement and he began to stroke her stockinged legs
pushing her skirt back from her smooth knees.

Johan had his hand inside her silk blouse now and she was
panting heavily through flared nostrils. Alexander's
breath caught in his throat as he realised she was
fumbling in Johan's shorts and hunting, blindly,
feverishly for his penis. He hadn't really believed what
his friend had said about her being hot for young cock.
But there she was after one kiss and a feel masturbating his pal, slender fingers curled round his prick, jerking him eagerly and rubbing his knob against her silk blouse to stimulate him.

He was dying now to kiss her too and get the same
treatment. He reached out and tugged at her shoulder. She
turned her head towards him, pushing back a soft thick
wave of her dark shoulder-length hair. Her eyes were hot
and gleaming with pleasure. "D'you want a kiss too,
then?" she whispered huskily.

Without waiting for a reply, she twisted round, snuggling
down into the crook of the arm. He slid his arm round her smooth
shoulders and turned her expectant softly parted lips up to him. As their mouths blended and their tongues protruded and met, twisting slowly in copulation, he
slipped his hand inside her open blouse and tweaked the
hard nipple he found sticking out through the embroidery
of her thin bra. She moaned and took her mouth away, her
hand falling into his crotch.

"Have you got a nice big one, Alex?" she panted softly,
looking at him with hot eyes as she unzipped his pants.

"Have a look," he said simply, shivering as she freed his
pulsing muscle.

"Uhh… big… hot dick…" she breathed and began to
masturbate him gently but firmly.

"D'you like that? Mmm?" she purred. He merely shuddered
in response as she stripped back his foreskin and slid
his knob to and fro against the cool silk of her blouse.

Johan in the meantime was now jerking his own cock in a
fever of lust as he watched them. Unable to bear it any
longer, he scrambled up on his knees behind her and
pulled her head round to him. His quivering erection was
level with her face. He arched his hips, touching her
chin and mouth with his hot slippery glans.

Julia moaned softly closing her eyes as she felt the
slimy heat of his knob slide over her lips. Immediately
she had an overwhelming, irresistible urge to take his
cock in her mouth. It smelt warm and salty-sweet and she
longed to suck it off. But it was too soon: she wanted
them to play with her a bit longer, until she was totally
consumed with desire to see and feel them spawning all
over her. Shivering with the effort to control herself,
she let the boy explore her face and soft hair with his

Finally Johan pushed the knob against her thin-lipped
mouth again. "Suck me, Julia…" he moaned. "Let Alex see
how great you are at sucking cock." With a husky little
laugh that became a soft moan, Julia tilted her head
so that the other boy could see her and slid her mouth
slowly down Johan's pulsing erection. He threw his head
back. "Awwh, Jeesus!" he gasped. "It feels so

Julia's eyes rolled round to see if Alex was
watching. Then, closing them, she slid Johan's cock deep
into her throat and began to fellate him, her dark hair
swinging softly as her head bobbed slowly back and forth.
But she did not continue long for fear he would
ejaculate. With a soft slurp she pulled her slack mouth
off him and twisted round again to Alex reaching down to
circle his cock with her fingers again.

"Would you like to put yours in my mouth too?" she asked
breathlessly. "Shall I give it a little suck as well?

He brought his mouth against her ear under her thick soft
hair. "I want to fuck you," he whispered hoarsely. She
squirmed half in protest, half in arousal.

"No, sweetie… let me jerk you off… I love doing
that… and I'll suck you off too afterwards… I can
make it really nice for you, I promise… and you can
come on me – all over me, wherever you want… But I'm
not going to fuck with you. I've told you already, I
don't give boys rides…"

"Yes, but you'll want to do it with me," he whispered
hotly. Julia laughed breathlessly.

"And how do you know that?" He nuzzled her throat and
tweaked her nipple again, making her gasp and twist in
his arms.

"Because my stiff young cock is just the right size for
your hot little cunt – it'll suck better than your mouth
when I fuck it." She laughed with pleasure, stimulated by
the almost poetic obscenity of his words. She opened her
thighs a little to let him grope up into her crotch under
her skirt, then she closed her eyes and moaned softly as
his fingers probed under her warm slippery knickers and
twisted up into her.

"D'you see?" he panted. "Your cunt is hot and wet and
hungry for my hard young prick…" Julia squirmed
with arousal.

"Stop it, Alex…" she pleaded. "Let me go… Maybe I
will want it… but I'm not doing it down here… So
let's all go upstairs to the bedroom… you can both get
undressed… and play with me on my husband's bed… that
turns me on… Then we'll see…"

She let the boys kiss her and fondle her in turn as they
went upstairs. In the softly carpeted bedroom, where the
Calders had twin beds, they continued to kiss and feel
her while they removed her blouse and skirt. Suddenly
Julia pushed them away and, closing the white gauze
curtains, made them strip off completely for her. When
they were naked she sat on the edge of her husband
Henry's bed and began to masturbate them, a cock in each

She held Alex in her right hand. His cock was rigid. She
looked up at him, squinting slightly. "Shall I suck it
now? Mmm? Uhh… suck your horny young prick until it
comes?" She stroked Johan's erection and turned briefly
to Alex. "I love it so much, cock in my mouth… Johan
wants me to suck him off…" – she looked up at Johan
again – "don't you, darling?" Trembling visibly with
excitement, he moved closer to her. "Ooohh, yes!" he

But before he could reach her face Alex pushed Julia
down on the bed on her back and climbed over her. "Fuck
her in the mouth then while I'm in her cunt…" Julia
moaned, but did not resist. She had known all along she
wanted this boy to fuck her. It was probably not the
first time he had shagged a woman her age. And she rarely
had the chance to get it at both ends from two such
horny, good-looking boys… Suddenly she wanted Alex's
young prick in her more than anything. She squirmed
lasciviously on the bed below him.

"Are you going to see if it fits then?… Are you going
to stick your cock in me?" she panted wildly, squinting
at the throbbing erection he now held over her. When he
said nothing, she lifted one high heel up on to the bed
and opened her thighs, offering herself lewdly to him.

He leaned forward, and fingered her slot. It was warm and
soft and moist. Julia gasped with pleasure as he
teased her, holding her thin white panties to one side
and running his finger up and down the slippery flesh
between her cunt lips and over her swollen clit. "Cute
little cunt you've got, Mrs. Calder…" he panted as it
gaped hungrily. "Do you want me to fuck you now in your
hot little hole?" She moaned and twisted, lifting her
hips, trying to make him enter her. But he still held
back. "Say it then!…"

"Yes… oh yes, I want it…" she moaned, excited
tremendously by the game. "Fuck me with your hot young
prick… God, I want you in me, Alex…" She sobbed and
stiffened as she felt his glans begin to rub where his
finger had been.

Suddenly he pushed through her lips and slid into her.
She squealed with pleasure as she felt the ridged muscle
ripple and surge along her tight love tunnel. "Ooooooh…
ohh-hh, yesss…!" she gasped. The bed started to creak
as he began to thrust to and fro slowly. Her cunt was
clutching him like a warm velvet glove at every thrust.
Desperately he tried to control the urge to abuse her
wildly and squirt sperm into her.

Julia expected him to come, like most young boys,
almost as soon as he entered her. "Don't come inside
me… please…" she panted hoarsely. "Squirt it over
me… I want to see it… uhhh… feel it on me…" But
he stayed in control and squeaking with delight Julia
hooked her cool slim legs round him. Panting and sobbing,
she let her body flow with his as he rode her steadily,
sending waves of pleasure rippling through her.

She knew from his restraint that he had done this often
before and began to fantasise about him screwing some
other hot, adulterous housewife, or maybe a teacher, or
even an aunt

In the meantime Johan had climbed on the groaning,
shaking bed and was now kneeling beside her head as he
watched his pal shafting her. She twisted her head to
watch him masturbating, shivering with vicarious
excitement. Suddenly she wanted him in her mouth. "Fuck
me in my mouth, Johan," she whimpered. Eagerly he lifted
her head up, twisting it into his groin. She sobbed as
his penis seared hotly across her face missing her mouth.
He clutched it with one hand holding her head with the
other and guided the throbbing cock between her lips.

"Mmmmpphhhfff…" she snorted with satisfaction, gripping
him tightly in her mouth as Alex, who had paused to
watch, began to shag her again.

Almost immediately Johan sobbed and pulling out of her
mouth squirted over her white embroidered bra and between
her tight little tits. "Awwwhhh…. yesss… dirty!!" she
wailed as the warm spunk spilled over her. Alex, too
excited by what he had seen to hold back now, began to
pump and piston his cock to and fro in her cunt. He was
going to come and so was she… "Ohh fuck!… Make…
make me… come…!!" she gasped, her body taut and
quivering as she strained towards orgasm.

She was far enough now to know she would come if he
ejaculated on her. "Squirt it on me!" she squeaked. Alex
moaned and withdrew. Her whole body was galvanised,
jerking as if electrocuted as he squirted a long stream
of hot sperm in a greasy white trail extending up to the
underside of her bra. Julia writhed mewling on the
bed as he continued to spurt helplessy on her twitching

The three lay for a while panting. Julia could see
that the cocks of both boys were still half erect. They
were far from finished with her and in spite of her
orgasm she was far from finished with them. She was still
panting softly with arousal and could tell from the
hungry ache inside her and the crawling sensation in all
her erogenous zones that she was in heat. Already she
wanted more – more cock in her, more sperm on her…
"Lovely dirty horny boys!" she breathed hotly.
"Ooooooh… just look at me! My God, you two can really
squirt!…" She turned to Johan. "Fetch me a towel,
darling – and some nice stockings from my drawer."

Johan knew from past experience what she was going to do
and his prick stiffened in expectation. When she had
wiped the sperm from herself she summoned Johan and
watching his excited eyes she stripped back his foreskin
and draped one of the frail transparent nylons over his
glans. He shivered as she gently rubbed the dry, sandy,
gossamer-thin stocking round his knob. "Awwhh,
Julia!" he gasped throwing his head back in ecstasy.
Julia laughed with pleasure at his reaction, feeling
his cock steadily pulse to full erection again between
her skilful fingers.

"That's how we make horny young boys stiff again," she
said to Alex who was watching fascinated by this perverse
form of masturbation. "Shall I do it to you too,
darling?" she asked, eyes flirting hotly with him.
"Wouldn't you like to feel my pretty stocking rubbing on
your knob, mmm?"

Alex moved forward, gasping as she repeated the
stimulation process on him with another stocking. She now
held a boy in each hand. Johan was clutching her forearm
and trying to make her jerk him faster inside the
stocking. Julia laughed and released him. "You've had
enough, dirty beast!" She continued to stroke Alex's
penis gently through the stocking. "When I'm wearing
stockings he always wants to fuck between my legs like a
randy dog and squirt his come all over them… But that's
all he's getting now," she laughed.

"Look at the beautiful hardon you've got!" she said to
the randy Johan. "Would you like to fuck in my pussy as
well, sweetheart?"

Johan had never fucked a woman before and had always
fantasised about shagging Julia. In no time he was
between her legs and she was panting in expectation as
she assisted him in finding her hole. She gave a long
shivering sigh as she guided his throbbing prick into
her, lifting her hips from the bed as he groped at her
buttocks through her skimpy knickers. She flushed hotly,
trembling with excitement. She was in the grip of
uncontrollable lust now. She knew these boys could do
anything they pleased with her… she would perform any
obscenity they wished in order to make them ejaculate on
her again. She wished they had ten cocks each and that
she had holes for all of them…

"Stick your finger in me…in my arse," she panted hotly
as the boy began pumping his cock to and fro in the soft
clutching sleeve of her cunt. He slid his hand up the
back of her panties and fumbled in search of the puckered
hole. She squirmed wantonly as he found it and pushed his
finger against the tight rubbery ring of her anus until
it yielded. "Aawwh… yesss!" she gasped, hooking her
legs up round his back as the finger slid into her up to
the knuckle. "Fuck it… fuck it with your finger…
while… while you're shagging me!" she instructed
breathlessly. His young cock began to surge to and fro
inside her. She responded eagerly to his irregular,
inexperienced thrusts, squirming on his finger as her silky
legs slithered round his naked body, urging him on.
"Uhhh… yess… ooohh… yess…" she chanted as he rode
her and the bed groaned and creaked and squeaked in

She desperately wanted cock in her mouth again. She
arched her throat up at Alex. "In my mouth too… uhhh…
fuck… all my holes…" She squealed as he grasped her
hair and leaning over her stuffed his penis into her
slack mouth.

"Mmmgghhhmmmppphhhfff…" she gurgled, stiffening and
quivering as Johan's finger twisted in her anus,
feeling the surge of his own cock in her cunt. In a
paroxysm of lust her anal and vaginal muscles clenched
simultaneously making him gasp. Alex sensed her impending
climax. "Go on… give it to her… she's going to come,"
he panted, clutching Julia's head to keep his cock
embedded in her mouth. Johan began to fuck her wildly
while Alex pushed his cock back and forth between her
teeth until he reached her gullet and felt her throat
muscles contract, squeezing his glans distantly like a
warm slippery hand as she sucked and gulped at his cock.
The bed groaned and squeaked as the boys abused her
wildly at both ends. Julia seemed about to choke on
Alex's cock. With muffled squeaks she snorted for air,
her body quivering tensely, her cunt gaping like a hungry
mouth round Johan's cock as he thrust it into her as far
as it would go.

Suddenly she gurgled and collapsed in a sobbing series of
violent convulsions, her cunt clenching and retching as
it discharged the warm juices of another orgasm round his

He had never been inside a woman, let alone felt one come
round his cock. It was all too much for him. With a sob
he slid easily out of her hot wet clutch and squirted on
her naked twitching belly and down over her wet knickers.
Julia mewled with pleasure round the cock in her
mouth as she felt the warm slime pulse out over her. All
her energy seemed to be drained now as she lay panting
and trembling softly letting Alex use her mouth. She knew
from the twitching spasms of the cock surging between her
teeth that he was on the brink of ejaculation. He would
come in a moment himself without her having to do
anything to bring him off.

"Jesus! I'm going to… to come!" he gasped. She gave a
little moan of satisfaction and released him. The boy's
cock reared up and squirted into her dark damp hair. She
lifted her face. "Awwhh yes…" she moaned. "Squirt it on
me… squirt in my face." Alex directed his cock at her
and squirted over her nose and down her cheek. She
squirmed with pleasure.

"Awhh, yes… so filthy… Do it on me… shoot your sexy
sperm on my face…" He continued to spurt over her till
her face was a glistening mask of spunk.

They all lay exhausted when it was over while Julia
fingered the puddles of slime on her body. "Well, what do
you think of that then!?… A respectable housewife
letting two randy schoolboys fuck her at both ends
on her husband's bed!? Uhh? Isn't that simply awful?"

Her eye fell on the bedside clock and she started up.
"My God, it's nearly half past four! Get a move on,
boys… my husband will be home soon and he'll murder you both if he sees what you've done to me!"

"Can we come back another time?" Johan asked as she went
to the bathroom to clean up.

"Yes, darling… I thought you were both fabulous…"
she called. "But the next time phone me first.
You were lucky today but there are other boys I like, you
know, and I don't want to be disturbed if I'm having fun
with someone else…"


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