We had only met once and immersed ourselves in a brief flirtation outside a club one night. We went for a walk, breaking all my rules as I abandoned my friends in the club for twenty minutes. He seemed a sweet guy, lots of fun with sexy blonde hair that looked perfect for holding onto whilst he fucked me with his tongue. Maybe that is why I broke my rules and took a walk, because from the minute he introduced himself, I wanted to have him in my mouth and from that initial thought, I couldn’t stop fantasising…

We hadn’t walked too far before finding ourselves in a deserted close beside some private parking area. He pushed me up against a wall in a secluded area and ran his hands over my hips to hold onto me closely, leaning in so far until I made the move to kiss him. I could smell his aftershave, intoxicating and sexy… I held onto his strong arms and our lips melted together, tasting the vodka on his tongue and on my own, teasing his lips with my tongue until he grew more frustrated and pressed his mouth hard against mine, pinning my body to the wall behind me… He was young, maybe nineteen but he knew what he was doing and seemed desperate to touch my breasts, so continued kissing my neck, kissing down to my cleavage.

My minidress covered just enough to leave my nipples hidden, but still show my breasts – shapely and inviting. I don’t dress up like a slut. I like to leave a little to the imagination, however it wasn’t long before he was tugging my ‘easy-access’ dress down over my chest and feasting on my nipples, moaning against them.

I ran my hands over the crotch of his jeans, feeling his cock harden under my touch. I had to physically push him away to get what I wanted. I wanted cock, swallowed into my mouth, fucking my throat. I could feel him throbbing through his jeans and boxers and it took me no time to get his cock out and into my mouth. I looked up and down the secluded close and leaned back against the wall for support, using his hips to guide his throbbing cock between my wet pink lips. He tasted good, felt so big in my mouth and throat and I couldn’t get enough, feeling my nose tickled by the little hair he had over his crotch. I loved it – his cock looked huge and caused me to make wet slurping noises as he thrust himself in and out of my wet mouth. He was trying to keep quiet, but he couldn’t help moaning ‘Oh yeah baby, take it… oh my…. oh… I want you so bad baby’.

I fondled his balls, and he went crazy… That’s one of the great things about fucking with younger men. They are so used to young girls who don’t have a clue about their own bodies, let alone anyone else’s. I always want to make the effort to go above and beyond and I know it works because my cock sucking skills have always been complimented… and making a little bit of an effort can cause a huge reaction because they’ve never had that interaction before, that ‘if it feels good, then do it’ attitude. He was mumbling incoherently about taking me home, letting me finish the job at home. I was growing frustrated… I had left my friends and knew I would be getting texts from them soon, but desperately wanted him in my pussy… I would have bent over right then and there and taken his cock. I was so wet; his eight inches would slide up there easily.

My phone was buzzing at my feet and I was beginning to feel his balls tighten. I wanted more; I wanted sex, against that wall, right then and there. I looked up at him with wide eyes and asked him if he would like to fuck my cunt. His response ‘Yes, but not here like this… I want to get you into my big bed and take you all night’. Damn him for tempting me with more than a five minute shag. I responded by getting hold of his cock again, massaging the base with my fingers and sliding around five inches into my mouth, flicking my tongue over the head until he was moaning that he was close.

My phone continued to vibrate at my feet and I had to think quickly. I knew I could make him come now, go back to my friends with cum on my breath and then meet him later for my own treat.

I held his balls as they tightened and took all of him into my mouth, sucking hard. He started to moan, pleading with me not to stop, moving his hips quicker, fucking my face. I felt his cock twitching with anticipation until his moaning grew guttural and he was simply moaning ‘fuck… yes’ and depositing cum deep down my throat. I swallowed, not missing a beat and held his cock gently in my mouth, letting his orgasm subside and the last of his cum flood my mouth.

He was holding the wall above me for support and I went to answer my phone.
‘Where are you?’ I could just about make her out over the music.
‘Just needed some fresh air…’ – Not a total lie
‘You weren’t in the smoking area. You alright?’
‘Yeah, yeah, great…’ – At this point, I felt a hand up my skirt, rubbing the lips of my cunt through my panties, pushing them to the side and running two fingers along my slit and into my pussy. I gasped and then said ‘I’ll be back on the dance floor soon’ before hanging up abruptly.

I turned round to see him licking his finger and I walked up to him and put his fingers in my mouth, telling him ‘I’ll be even wetter later… Can you wait for it?’ He seemed fixed on my face, still holding his fingers close to my mouth. I licked at the tip of his finger one last time and let go.

I took his phone from his pocket whilst he buttoned up his flies and entered my name and number. I wanted to have the power on this one to insure that I got what I wanted.

He set the details, saying we would meet around ten minutes after closing, away from the taxi ranks and we would go back to his, a short walk away.

I pulled my dress up over my tits and licked my lips, kissing him gently and walking away, swinging my hips as I did to make sure he was watching…

I got back to my friends and continued dancing, not letting any of them in on the secret… At closing, I walked with my friends until we parted ways. At this point, one of my friends falls over a raised paving stone and falls head over heels. We got her up but her knee was bleeding and split open. She had given herself a scare and was drunk and crying out of her. Sure enough, who had to take her to A+E for stitches? Oh yes, my own fault for teasing the boy because karma came and got me, didn’t it?

I got home just after 6.30am, beginning to nurse a hangover, desperate for sleep and an orgasm. He had called whilst I was in A+E, leaving a voicemail. I felt awful but I didn’t have his number so what could I do?! I text the number back, remaining flirty and explaining, hoping he hadn’t waited too long…

I removed my dress and panties and pulled the duvet over me, letting my hands wander to my clit, rubbing in circles until I began to tense up, feel my body go rigid and then spasms of my orgasm hit as my clit twitched under my touch. It wasn’t enough to satisfy me… but will I get another chance with the blonde stranger? Xx

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