Katerina's Visit Continues

Katerina's Visit Continues

Katerina’s Visit Continues

For the last three days, Katerina’s visit had been a whirlwind of sexual bliss for both of us. She had come across the country for a “weekend” visit after we had become pen pals. She had confided in me that she was attracted to older men (which I obviously qualified as, being older than her father), and later told me that she had a fantasy of being someone’s “sex slave”; to be used and told what to do, sexually, without having any control. Now, she asked if she could stay a “few more days”, and I readily agreed.

Being a “sex slave” is a dangerous fantasy, because in the hands of the wrong person, she could be in serious danger. I had already determined that Kat is a submissive and that suits me just fine, since I am a Dom. I am not into S&M, as some in the lifestyle are, though I can understand that particular approach. But I am not above using a little corporal punishment, humiliation or bondage as part of my control training of a sub. Katerina had experienced the pleasure side of the training, and now it was time for her to experience a darker side. I was curious to see where this would lead us, and what her reaction would be.

Katerina had asked to borrow the car to run up to the mall, and I used her absence to retrieve some of my “special toys” from their hiding spot, and placed them so they would be convenient. A lot of women use dildos and vibrators to stimulate themselves during masturbation, and if they have difficulty with orgasm, that is an excellent way to achieve satisfaction. But if a woman can climax easily (and Kat can cum VERY easily and is multi-orgasmic), then I prefer not to employ such devices in order not to interfere with, or deaden, their natural response. But other tools can be helpful, in an indirect way.

Kat walked in from her shopping, carrying a small bag, and when I asked her what she bought, she just responded “You’ll see”, then grinned and headed for the bedroom. A few minutes later, she came out wearing a tiny orange-red string bikini…the operable word being string…that had only a small triangle covering her slit and two even smaller triangles covering her nipples and areolas., Not only did it leave nothing to the imagination; it added a whole new dimension to my indecent thoughts. With her tiny body and smooth olive skin, she was stunning and would make any man’s tongue hard. She showed it off by dancing around in her bare feet, and then with her back to me, started to spread her feet and legs, almost to a split position, with her ass facing toward me and bent over, looking at me through those delicious legs. I could see her slit, clearly, outlined by the thin fabric, and my cock couldn’t help but grow hard. I grabbed my digital camera and took several shots, this time, not worrying about hiding her face. She was dressed after all<G>.

I pulled her onto my lap, and kissed and fondled her and got her worked up by finger fucking her, but then I quit. “We’re going to a party, later, and I don’t want to spoil your appetite” I told her, mischievously. She pouted a little, but I had made it clear that while she was with me, I would be in control of her sexual outlet, and she could ONLY cum if I gave her permission. For now, that would have to wait for later. She continued to prance around the house the rest of the afternoon in her new little “nothing” bathing suit, trying to tempt me, but I held out (grin).

That evening, she wore the little black dress and thigh high black stockings, again, along with the high heels and the pearls I bought her. Of course, she wore no panties beneath the dress. Just as we were about to go out the door, I stopped her, and had her lean over the sofa and spread her legs for me. I lifted the dress, and parted her butt cheeks to check her little pink anus. It was nice and moist, and I produced one of those “toys” I had retrieved earlier; a small “butt plug”, which looks like a baby’s pacifier, but without the handle ring. This one had an insertion tip that looked like a small spinning top (picture the Ace of Spades) and was made out of soft neoprene. I inserted into her rectum, and told her we were ready to go, with a smile.

“What is that?” she asked. “I can’t go out with that in me…I’m already so horny I can’t stand it, and that will drive me crazy” she pleaded.

“Sorry. Part two of your training begins tonight, and it’s time you learned what the life of a sub might be like. It was YOUR idea to be someone’s sex slave, remember?” I reminded her.

She finally stopped protesting and headed for the car. She kept squirming in the seat on the drive over, and once, I reached under her skirt and found she was soaking wet. I was worried about her leaking through the dress, and had her blot herself with a tissue before we got there. At the party, Kat was a knockout; there were a mixture of people, from Kat’s age to older than me. She stayed close to me during the evening, but once, when I left to get drinks, two guys tried to hit on her, but she brushed them off. At least twice during the evening, she whispered that we should “find someplace private” or “can we leave early”, but I told her no both times. Finally, she pulled me close, and said she was having “mini” orgasms from the feeling, and she was afraid she was going to have a full blown climax any minute and was worried she would embarrass me. I figured that was enough stimulation for the moment, and we made our goodbyes and headed for the car.

Once inside the car, I leaned over and kissed her, and began playing with her breasts and her nipples. I slipped my hand under her dress and let my finger slide up her soaking slit and then whispered in her ear “Kat…cum for me now, sweetheart”. She exploded in a shaking orgasm. I held her until she was recovered, then we headed for home. I let her unzip me and start suckling my cock as I drove, but I wasn’t quite ready to cum, yet. When we got home, I had her strip of everything except the pearl necklace and earrings, the stockings and the high heels while I undressed. Then I had her bend over the bed, legs spread in a “presentation” pose, and I gently removed the butt plug. Then I took the next toy, which was a set of medium sized ben-wah balls, and slowly began to insert them into her open, wet rectum. They were about ¾ of an inch in diameter and there were five on a long nylon string, about three inches apart. Another foot of string hung out of her anus after the last ball was inserted. Katerina gasped as I was pushing them in, but did not protest; she knew this was part of the “training”, and that I wouldn’t hurt her.

When they were in place, I put the head of my cock against her slit, which was dripping with moisture, and she pushed back against me immediately, inserting my cock into her vaginal opening. I began a slow, deep stroke into her pussy, while gently running my hands over her hips and back. I was waiting for the first little quivers of her climax, and it wasn’t long before I felt her start to cum.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked her softly.

“Y…y…yes, please” she whispered.

“Hold it just a little longer, my love…a little longer” I instructed her. I was trying to teach her that her climax was mine to reward, not hers to take.

Finally, when I knew she could hold no longer, I whispered “Give me your cum, Kat”, and she immediately climaxed, again, her whole body contracting. As she began to orgasm, I slowly began pulling the ben-wah balls from her ass. “Pop…pop…pop”; one at a time, as her spasms hit. Each one only intensified her pleasure.

“Oh…my God…ohhhh” she screamed as she continued to cum even after all the balls were out, and she collapsed on the bed, covered in a sheen of perspiration. I had seen her have several powerful orgasms over the past few days, but I think this may have been one of the strongest, yet. Whether it was the toys, or the whole evening’s stimulation, Kat was learning that being under another’s “control” for sexual release could have great benefits, if the Master is the correct one.

I let her recover, and then I carried her to the shower, and once again, picked her up, and had her put her legs around my waist and slide down on my cock. I braced her against the wall, and began to fuck up into her. She buried her head in my shoulder, and I could feel her clinching her cunt muscles, trying to milk me. I slammed into her as hard as I could…I was more than ready to cum. I had been keeping Kat aroused all day, and at the same time, I had been seeping pre-cum and had a hard on most of the time. I was into a case of “blue balls” and needed to cum. I felt my climax rising, and pulled her legs as far apart as I could to get and as deep into her as I could and exploded a load into her. Goblets of semen fell onto the shower floor, dripping from her pussy, and we both just stood there under the running water, gasping for breath. We finally got out, dried off, and fell into bed, exhausted. I already had plans for the next day.

The following morning, we got up, and when Kat went into the kitchen to make coffee, I got ready for another surprise for her training. She was wearing the usual tee shirt that just came to her crotch area, and nothing else. We had a couple of cups of coffee, and I poured her a large glass of juice and fixed her a bowl of cereal. I was trying to get as much liquid into her, as possible. When breakfast was done, we both put the dishes away, and Kat headed for the master bath to go to the toilet. I knew she would have to pee after the liquids, and was counting on it. I followed her closely, and once she was inside the bedroom, I grabbed her around the waist, and she thought I was playing or about to have sex with her.

“Wait…wait…I have to go potty. I’ll be right back” she told me.

“No, no my lovely. I need you to stay right here” and I carried her over to the shower and started the water running.”

“But I need to go to the bathroom…please let me go, before I wet myself” she pleaded.

I grinned at her, and said “In just a minute, my dear” and checked the water temperature. It was warm enough.

I pulled her into the shower, and stood behind her and began to tickle her vulva and just tweek the tip of her clit with my nail. This not only causes sexual arousal, but this is the tip of her urethra, and increased her need to pee. I whispered into her ear “Pee for me, Kat” and continued to tickle.

“No!” she said. “I can’t do that…oh my god”, as a few yellow droplets hit the shower drain.

“That’s it, my love, a little more. Pee for me, love” I whispered, as I spread her lips with two of my fingers, and a slow stream began to spray. I directed it toward the drain, and encouraged her until finally, a full stream sprayed onto the floor. Now, I am not into “golden showers” or pissing, or water sports, but to have a woman pee while you are watching her is one of the most intimate of surrenders, and now, Kat had surrendered to me. I knew this seemed like an extreme form of humiliation, but after all, I had fucked, sucked and kissed every private part of her, and she me, and this was simply a mild form of control through humiliation. “Good girl, good girl” I whispered in her ear as she finished.

“I’ve never done anything like that before…” she cried.

“I know…and you probably never will have to, again. But I needed you to do it for me. I am your Dom…do you understand that?” I asked her.

“Yes…I suppose so” she whispered. I began stroking her back, and kissing her neck, and when I touched her pussy, found she was soaking wet, again, and NOT from urine. I carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed and then pushed her legs up over her head, almost touching her shoulders. As a dancer, and being so slender, she could do this, easily, and it opened her pussy completely for me. I slid my cock up and down her slit as she moaned, and just as she started to feel little twitches, I entered her and began to stroke slowly and deeply. She came, squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles, and I continued to stroke in and out. I didn’t last long, and started pumping cum into her insides. I was so deep, she seemed to be in pain, but kept urging me on. Finally, I collapsed onto the bed beside her and we rested awhile.

We spent the day just enjoying each other’s company; I knew she would be leaving, soon. We didn’t make love again that day, but just kept touching and occasionally, kissing. We were both saying goodbye, actually. I would have loved to keep this tiny woman as my own, but that was completely impossible. It was my job to prepare her for her “dream guy” that she would no doubt meet in the near future. He would be the lucky one.

The next morning, I set up a massage table in the bedroom. Katerina asked me what I was doing, and I just smiled, and told her I was going to give her a special massage, later. It had now been over twenty four hours since we had last made love, and the teasing and flirting had been almost non-stop. We were both turned on. We made it through the day, and then had a light dinner. Finally, I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the massage table and stripped her naked. I put a sleeping mask on her, so she could not see anything, but could only hear and feel. I got behind her head and pulled her arms over her head, and fastened them there with a pair of padded cuffs. She started to giggle when she felt this, but I said nothing. Next, I pulled her legs up and slipped a heavy pillow under her lower back, which elevated her pelvic area perfectly. I pulled her legs apart, and fastened each ankle to the corners of the table with more padded cuffs.

Among my toys, I have a number of makeup brushes; a computer dusting brush made of very fine strands of nylon, bobby pins, and assorted other small objects. I laid these out on a table next to the bed. I started with the dusting brush and began to stroke it over her face and neck and working my way down her entire body; being careful to NOT touch her nipples or slit with it. The soft, tickling sensation caused her to squirm.

I took two bobby pins, and spread each one and placed them over her hardened nipples, causing a gentle, but persistent pinching, arousing them further. Then I used one of the makeup brushes to begin to brush it over each swollen nipple; the sensation was causing her to moan. I used the same brush to stroke her pussy lips, again staying away from her clit bud, but her hips kept bucking to feel more pressure. I blew gently onto her opening; it was sopping wet. I took a can of compressed air that I use to clean my computer, and pointed the long nozzle at her clit, and from about two inches away, sprayed a stream of the chilled air onto her clit. She jumped at the sensation. I only let this go on for a second, just to get the shock.

I took a sharpened pencil (but with the tip dulled) and just using the weight of the pencil, pulled it gently down her body, from her throat to her navel, and then paused. She was panting and sweating lightly. I let the pencil continue downward, and just trickle over her clit, causing her to jump, again. Her body was so sensitive, now, every sensation was magnified. I removed the bobby pins from her nipples, and knew they were even more sensitized, now that the pressure was released and the blood flowed back into them. I took an ice cube, and rubbed it on each nipple, then very gently, licked them dry. Using the makeup brush once again, I began to stroke her pussy lips, this time making contact with her clit, and with just this gentle pressure and my whispered suggestions in her ears, she climaxed, bucking against the restraints and soaking the table with her juices and perspiration.

I released her from the bonds, and kissed and held her for a long time. Once again, she had experienced nothing like this before…and probably never would, again. I made love to her, slowly and tenderly before we fell asleep.

The next morning, I took her to the airport for her flight home. Just another dad; seeing his daughter off. But then, I wasn’t her father. I was her mentor; her friend; her pen pal; her secret lover; her Dom. I would have loved to have her stay, but we both knew that was impossible. She had tears in her eyes as we hugged one last time, and she walked towards the boarding gate. I’m not ashamed to admit I was a little foggy eyed, myself. I hoped she would find the man of her dreams, soon.

But then again, she’s only a four hour flight away.

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