late for work_(1)

late for work_(1)

Damn it, I'm already late for work and there's a mob waiting for the elevators. We shuffle in, packed in like sardines. I made my way to the back, second in from the wall. Fifteen floors, this is gonna suck. The doors finally close and we begin our ascent. I shift my weight from side to side, lose my balance and bump into the person behind me. So sorry, I barely hear "no problem" over the drone of the elevator and the small talk. First floor and two people leave. Great, people shift and I can't move. Second floor…..damn, is every floor lit? Whoa….what the hell is that? No, can't be…stop thinking about it. Holy shit, the person behind me has to be a guy, I can feel him rubbing his crotch against my ass!! Third floor, doors open, more people leave. This time, I press myself back and I can hear him gasp. I feel his hand come around my waist, pressing me into him. Oh my God, this has been my wildest fantasy and could this actually be happening?

Fourth floor and I can feel his hand move down to my pussy, pressing and kneading against my skirt. So trying not to moan out loud, I'm so wet now. This is crazy, there must still be 10 people on this thing. Skipping the fifth floor, he's pressing harder against my ass, he's really fucking hard now. No one's looking, I double check. No one even seems to notice this guy's grinding the hell out of me. I feel his other hand make it's way to my blouse, cupping my tit, squeezing. Fuck, I want him to bend me over so bad. The elevator stops at the sixth floor, 5 more people leave. It's now me, Mr. Happy to Feel Me and 3 others. His hand leaves my mound and makes it's way to my waistband, sliding his hand back and forth to make it's way into my panties. I'm breathing heavier, how can't these people hear me? Oh fuck, his fingers made their way to my pussy. I spread my legs a bit more, oh yeah baby, he's in…sliding his fingers along my lips, coating them with precum. I'm soaking wet now.

Eighth floor, two more leave….he's furiously fingering me now, teasing my cunt then moving up to my swollen clit. He moves his other hand from my tit and I can feel him fumbling to unfasten his belt, his zipper. Oh yes, his cock is free now, can feel him sliding it against me.

Eleventh floor, now it's just him and me. He moves me forward, keeping me pressed against him, never missing a beat playing my clit. He hits the emergency stop button on the panel. Oh yes, I want this cock inside me, now. I'm pulling his pants down, he tugs my skirt up to my waist, he's unbuttoning my blouse, pulls my bra up over my tits. His lips move to my nipples, stiff with excitement already. I can feel his tongue dancing and flicking against me, nibbling on me, sucking hard. He finds the seam in my panty hose and rips the crotch open, then pulls my thong to the side. I can feel his rock hard cock sliding against my wet throbbing pussy. He turns me around, my back to him, moving me to face the back of the elevator, bending me over the railing. He's got his cock in his hand now, he's guiding it in very slowly, inch by inch. I moan, no one to hear me now except for him and he's breathing heavily. He's still fingering my clit, his other hand on my hip. Then I feel him move away, taking his cock out already. No, this can't be over, this is too fucking hot and I haven't cum. I start to protest, but he hushes me.

He takes his fingers off my clit and places his hand on my back, gently guiding me to the floor onto my hands and knees. I can still feel him behind me, his cock so fucking close, teasing my pussy. He takes both tits in his hands and squeezes. He moves to my nipples, flicking and pinching, rolling them between his fingers, making them even harder than before, making me moan louder. That must have been what he was waiting for, for me to let him know I was more than ready to take in that cock. He slams that bitch into me, I can feel his balls slapping against my ass as he pounds away at my cunt. Oh yes, pull my hair while you're fucking my brains out. Fucking bang away, you dirty bastard. Ride me hard, fill me up and let me feel you explode.

Oh my God, I'm so close….harder baby, fuck me harder. Ride my ass and make me scream. Oh yes, I'm gonna cum, keep pounding baby….yes, yes, that's it…..right there. That's it, I can't hold back, I can feel myself let go. I cum hard, moaning loudly, practically collapsing with him still pounding away. I can feel him tense up, he's ready, I know it. Come on baby, cum inside me. Tell me how good it felt to have my pussy clenching that fucking cock. Let me feel it. Oh yeah baby, moan for me….I want to hear you and feel you cum inside me. He explodes and I can feel his heat deep inside me.

Suddenly we're aware of the alarms going off. I can feel him pull his limp cock from my pussy. He tells me to hurry, get dressed. I'm soaking wet, get dressed? I laugh and get myself together. We'll wait to be "rescued" and I smile at him, noticing how big a grin he's wearing. Guess I'll have a good reason for being late today, but what excuse will I give them tomorrow?

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