learning how to make love

learning how to make love

It was only one month ago I had the most exciting moment ever. It started one day at school, when I was listening to a manatory sex ed speech about do's and don'ts. I'm pretty sure we all have gone through it at least once.

It was after that I started to think that girls where more than likeable. Like most kids my age, 12, I was slightly interested in knowing more. So I waited for my dad to get home. When my father got home I decided to ask him about sex. "Hey dad what can u tell me about sex?" I questioned. He started rubbing his beard thinking for about a minute then replied

"Son, sex is about touching a girl or woman in a very" he paused. Then he tapped his head saying "Tommy, come down to the basement after dinner and I will show you what sex is about. But don't ever tell your mother." So around 7pm I quietly went in the basement. It was the first time I have been in there.

My father let me watch five hours of harcore woman on woman, voyuer, man on woman and home videos of him and mom. At first I thought it was gross to see my dad and mom naked. "Well son I have to go to bed. I have to be up early tomarrow." My dad said keeping his back to me. After he left I watched another video.

The video started at some ladies feet. Then the camra slowly panned up her legs and stopped at a pair of purple lacey panties. The woman had bad case of cameltoe, then the cam started going up again. This time it zoomed out and showed her from the breast down.

Her breast had to be about c-cup and her nipple were very puffy and red. It was when she pulled down her panties and started touching herself, I felt my pennis getting hard. I looked around the room to see if anyone was here. When it was clear I unzipped my pants to relase my fully erect pennis. I was still young so it stood about 3 inches.

I cupped my hand around it and stroked to her hip thrusts. Just as I was about to cum. The camra zoomed out showing the woman's face. My cock deflated instantly when I saw it was my mom. But yet I was not turned away. That night I could not sleep after what I saw. Well that morning I was up early, about five, and I notice my little sister, kristy.

My sister was walking around naked. She has long black hair that falls to her tiny butt. Her tiny boobs are on bigger than my palm. This was the first time I saw her naked. It gave me a hard on just like last night watching my mom on video. My cock was sticking out of my boxers so I covered it with my hand.

I prided my eyes away trying not to be caught with my bonner. So I dashed to the kitchen. Only to be caught off gaurd, I saw mom squirting breast milk in a empty jug. She looked up and saw me standing there with my cock hanging out. "Tommy come closer please." Mom said touching her tounge to her lips.

Her eyes drifted down to my cock. I slowly aproched my mom trying hard not to stare at her d-cup breast. They got this size when my sis was born. And in a way I was jelous that sis got to touch them when she was a baby. When I got in arms legnth mom pushed my face to her nipples.

"Drink my son. I know you want to." She said with a smile. "But what if dad finds out about me touching you?" I said neverisly. "He never has to know." She replied. With her resuring words I reached out and took her breast in my mouth. As I suck warm, white breast milk ran down my face. Mom put one hand on my head and leaned back with a sigh.

I used my other hand to slide it down her body. And stop it at her pussy like I saw in the movies. "Put your hand down my panties and rest your hand on my pussy. Then use your middle finger to push it in side." She said with excitment in her voice.

As did what she said, mom started to thrust her hips like in the movie. After five minutes she got very wet, at that moment mom pushed me down between her legs. "Start licking you damn dirty boy!" she shouted. It was like I was not myself anymore. I started lapping at her clit like a dog chewing on a bone.

"This is what sex is about my son. Those movies your father showed you is a mans point a vewiew. Not a womans." Mom said as she cum on my face. It was so sudden that I fell backward. And I hitt my head on a very silky soft object. When I looked up I saw the most silky pussy I have ever saw. Sopping wet from touching herself by watching me and mom.

"Sis? What are you doing here?" I asked, "to learn about sex too. Mom said I could pratice on you." Kristy said with a red face. I could not belive I would be able to fuck a ten year old and not get in trouble. Mom grabed me and lead me to the couch were I laided down. Kristy slowly crawled on me and sat on my face. "Eat me big brother just like you did mom." She demanded. With out thinking I started rubbing her tiny boobs with my hands and started licking her pussy.

Kristy reach down and held her lips open for me. At that time I felt mom grab my cock. She lowered her head and drooled on my cock. I cumed really quickly and mom chuckled. My cock went limp after wards. I slide my hands to my sisters hips and started rocking her abit. "I want your cock son. Try to hold your cum in this time." My sister laughted at mom's comment. "I will try mom. Why is kristy not wet like you?" I asked.

"She is too young." Mom snaped out before sucking my cock. Kristy watched what mom was doing and tried to copy. It took seveal minutes before sis got it right. Little sis made me cum in time. But when I did it was in her mouth, when it happen I closed my eyes. So when I open my eyes mom was rubbing her pussy against sis's pussy.

"Why are you doing that?" I said breathless. "To get her wet to fuck." Mom said. then mom look at kristy and said "watch and copy." That's when mom grabbed my cock again and push me inside her. Mom sighed out of plesure. Mom put her hands on my stomach and thrusted up and down. When I sat up she moved her hands behind my neck. I started licking on her breasts. My mom moaned and sighed till I came inside her.

After fucking mom I grabbed kristy and bent her over the couch. Mounted kristy and slamed my cock deep inside. Kristy screemed realy loud and started crying. Mom planted a kiss on kristy and said "the blood and pain is temperuary." I grabbed kristy's tiny hips and thrusted. I pounded in and out of her tight pussy. Mom spread her legs and pushed sis's face in her pussy.

"Lick out all the cum." Mom demanded. I could see her little tounge dart in and out. Mom starts to moan again. After mom starts, kristy starts. I contiued till I pumping my cock in kristy till I saw cum oozing out. As I pumped my cum in my sis, I leaned over her and kissed mom with tounge.

This is how I learned about sex. I lived a moment that most people fear. And I get to have sex every day after dad leaves for work and my showering has become more exciting with kristy joining me. But that is another story to be told later.

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