Lexi's Summer Camp Tease

Lexi's Summer Camp Tease

So there I was, sitting in his truck questioning how I got myself there. Trey was the hottest guy at camp for the past 3 years I had been attending. Now we were both councilors in training, and we had the privilege to travel off camp on Sundays.

Camp Verona was filled with eager kids being dropped off by their more eager parents on the first day of camp. About one thousand kids ranging from ages 8-17 filed in and separated into color coded groups one by one and that was when I saw him. Across the sea of kids he smiled and waved at me as he started to make his way towards me. He was pretty tall, around 5'11" and very athletic. He had a breath-taking tan and gorgeous, deep, green eyes. Wearing only his blue camp shirt and Abercrombie khaki shorts he was finally standing inches away from my own body.

"You look great," he began, "I tried calling you over winter break, Lexi."

I watched him look over my own body, feeling more self-conscious than ever. I was only about 5'7" so he was still towering over me. Even with the height difference, anyone could tell I was still dominant in the conversation. One glance is all it took from my deep blue eyes and he melted.

"Well, I guess I'l be seeing you around!" he said as he ran off. Then looking down at my own blue shirt tied above my belly button I realized he would be my co-councilor. His body was enough to intimidate the rest of the guys at camp, but never me. I was usually described as "untouchable". And I was, at 5'7" I was all legs. I had a lighter tan than him but it still complimented my perfectly colored blonde hair. I was long, limber, and flexible from years of gymnastics, which also benefited to my nearly perfectly sculpted body.

Later that night we were briefed about our Sunday breaks, seeing as how the next day would be our first day off. The usual – do not do anything that would embarass Camp Verona. After the meeting was done with I was walking to my assigned room when Trey appeared outside of my door.

"I'm sorry but I am under strict orders not to let you enter until you agreed to go on a date with me for tomorrow," Trey said slyly with a knowingly grin.

As for me I gave him my usual roll of the eyes and shot back "In your dreams, Trey." Then as I tried to enter my room he jumped in front of the long wooden door, blocking me from entering.

With a bored laugh I said "Okay, whatever." He was the hottest guy at camp, that had to say something for him. My answer was enough for him as he slipped away into his own room, next to mine. I opened the door and closed it in a fast motion, half waiting for him to jump in front of me again. That night I got no sleep, wondering if I was lucky to have such a hot guy in the palm of my hands or if he was just pathetic and I was sinking down to his level on my first Sunday out of camp.

Nonetheless I woke up and got dressed up for the day, wearing my favorite white tank top, short jean shirt and white kitten heels. I even curled my hair for the event. Just as soon as doubt started filling my mind my roommate Kaia reassured me of how "lucky" I was.

"I hear your going out with Trey! Oh-my-gosh! Your SO lucky!" Kaia said, overly excited as if it were her own date, but of course, it wasn't. At 5 foot and 170 pounds and acne erupting in places unthinkable, she could hardly get a date with anyone. Then a knock on her door interrupted her bitchy thoughts. Trey was at the door. His shaggy light brown hair and green eyes shined as his sun kissed chest was left bare for their outing. As she glanced at his toned abs he instinctively flexed.

"Hot," Trey said, "you deserve to be seen, lets get out of here."

I laughed and decided I was defiantly lucky. Not only was he over the top hot, but he seemed genuinely interested in me.

So there I was in his brand new white Dodge Ram pick-up, compliments of his super-rich Dad. We were hardly out the camp's driveway when he reached down to my inner thigh and started rubbing. Thank God I got a wax before I came to camp I thought to myself. It was a well known face that I was miles away from being a virgin, so this came to no shock on my behalf.

He then leaned over and kissed me on the neck. Very talented also, he never missed a beat on the road. I decided to move closer to him, I am after all a teen girl, I have raging hormones.

"I want you, now." I whispered into his ear surprised at my own words. Then just as soon as I was going to predict that he would pull into a cheap motel in the desert, he pulled my hot pink thong off to the side and started teasing my clit with his index finger. I gently moaned as he glanced over and grinned at the sight. I mean, how many times does any man get to see Alexia Marie Delosantos moan in pleasure by using one finger? Not much.

"Pull over, please Trey," I begged, "I really want you." But he wouldn't stop driving. Instead he slid his finger out of me and back onto the wheel. I was confused, and soaking wet. How could he tease me like that? I was the teaser, it was like he already knew my game. Not a big surprise, I had dated 2 of his friends, and he probably heard some talk.

After reasoning that, I decided to step up my own game. I sat on top of his lap and tilted my head off to his left shoulder. I gave his as naughty of a reverse lap dance as I could without tearing off the steering wheel, and the best make out session that I would without crashing his truck when he finally gave in. Cleopatra Motel, conveniently located right where I was about to explode in my soaking thong.

Of course being the gentleman he was, he paid for the room. I took his hand after and led him inside room number 2, a suite, Cleopatra herself promised. Cheesy red and pink walls complimented the faux pink fur that covered the king sized bed. I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him as I kissed him passionately. I grazed my fingertips against his abs, again flexed. I could feel the shivers going up his body as he asked using only his emerald green eyes for my permission to take off my shirt. I gave him a coy, half-smile and he began to slowly inch the white shirt up my body. I could feel the material rubbing my body one last time before he took over. I had, underneath, a lacy, hot pink bra that obviously pleased him.

"Lexi, damn." I knew he was impressed, I had a light six pack and boobs that hardly fit my body. I wore a 30 C cup, which was a hard find. I bit my bottom lip as I felt in between my own legs to get to his zipper. Slowly i parted the zipper and took off his shorts. Then I stood up and just as slowly, un-zippered my own skirt, teasing him with every notch. As they fell to the red carpeted floor he obviously could not take the teasing anymore. He walked over to me and un snapped my bra in the kind of speed that made me wonder how many times he had done this before. I couldn't wait any longer either, I peeked inside the top of his boxers before throwing them to the floor with one swift motion. I actually had to try not to smile as I saw how blessed he was in length and width.

He could tell because a second later he whispered, "I've waited for this longer than you could imagine." Then he grabbed the side of my thong and almost tore it off. He grabbed my hips and guided me to the side of the bed. I was on top of him, 2 inches away wondering if i should further tease him, or give in and lower myself down upon him. I had no choice because a second later he rolled on top of me and took control.

"You want me inside you, Lexi?" he asked me.

"You know it," I tried to whisper as casually as possible, "Trey, your so …" I had no time to finish my sentence because he was already pressing himself inside of me. I let out a small moan as he went deeper and deeper into me. Once he completely filled me I let out a long moan of pleasure and he kissed me. It wasn't like any quick, messy, sex kiss. It was like a kiss from a story book. But that wasn't important to me, I wanted him so bad and he was giving it all to me. With every thrust, and every inch of my tit he touched I felt wanted, needed, and complete. Finally he started going faster and deeper and I took in the sight of him. His tan looked darker than before and rock hard dick slipped in and out of me. His shaggy brown hair covered his left eye but the right one turned the deepest green and never focused off my body. My blonde hair scattered across the bed, my boobs bouncing up and down with every thrust, my abs flexing as I took every inch in, it was too much for me.

"Oh, Trey," I managed to let out, "I'm coming." And with that I let out one last moan as I climaxed and felt a wave of multiple orgasms come over my body. Moments later he collapsed on top of me and let loose inside my tight pussy. We both lay there panting for about 10 minutes before he realized he were out past our 4:30 curfew. Quickly he went limp and we got ready together without speaking a word. Once I was back inside his Dodge Ram he looked at me intensely as he went in to kiss me.

"Trey," I stopped him, "what are we doing?" I asked. With that he drove back to Camp Verona silently as I thought to myself about what a great way I started off the summer. Then I ran through a mental checklist of all the hot guys at camp this year. Talan, the 21 year old full-time councilor. Mike, Trey's roommate. As we pulled into the gravel driveway we were unpleasantly greeted by the camp owner and his wife. I looked at Trey one last time, knowing we were going to get scolded all night, but it was worth it.

This summer, Camp Verona would be changed, all by Alexia.

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